Amanda Sefton
Amanda Sefton
Claudia Schiffer
Name: Jimaine Szardos
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Germany
Age: 29
Aliases: Amanda Sefton
Origin: Mystic
Origin Earth: 7211
Present Location: Mobile
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Gypsy Magic
Portrayed by: Claudia Schiffer

Over the years, 616 Amanda has fought beside the X-Men and saved many of their lives and had them save hers in return on occasion. She dated Nightcrawler and double dated with Piotr and whoever he was dating at the time.

She spent some time on Muir Island and earned their respect. She was a member of Excalibur for a time then became the Mistress of Limbo. Only to later be chased out of Limbo again.

If someone has known Nightcrawler, there is a decent chance that they have met Amanda at least once.

Most people who have known her think highly of her and though this Amanda is not that Amanda, she is similar enough that many will think she is unless told otherwise.

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