These are the current active factions on the Mux. They include an active PC who is willing to coordinate and run events for the faction. Factions not shown here are most likely available for play depending on an active player to take a character on that team.

Starting a New Faction

Factions can be added easily to the wiki, but one should have a faction approved and in play before making a page. The process for doing this includes having at least three members interested in contributing to the growth or continued mutual RP of the faction. There should be at least one official log, posted on the wiki, in which the team idea is discussed, proposed and/or agreed upon by all three members as well. Then the IC or OOC team leader should submit a +request on-game so that staff can approve and set up +team information.

Staff will monitor Factions for continued activity and use.

Quick note on new faction page

You must enter them manually here, copy and paste another faction. You must supply the link for the image, otherwise staff will provide one for you.

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Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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The X-Men

Add a Faction

  • Name the faction where team name is all lowercase and use the '-' instead of leaving spaces.
  • Must be a real PC faction, do not clutter up faction page with hundreds of factions full of NPCs.
  • Once added, edit this page under the faction section, copy and paste the table with the facbox and fill in the appropriate information.
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