(2016-08-24) Meeting of Minds
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Summary: Peter, and Matt talking about who he will represent, and contract information
Date: 2016-08-24
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NPCs: Miss Wei
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After talking with Serenity, and her being so happy he is giving her the chance she may need to become popular some time has passed. He has been busy in his lab inventing things, and hasn't had a chance for some fresh air in a while. Thankfully the visit from MJ was just what he needed as he woke up early the next day getting in his best suit with the tie she gave him, and called the car around to drive him to the one name Serenity mentioned in their discussion which he needed to follow up on a Matt Murdok. He didn't have to use his Shield contacts to find his location, as Spoogle (Peter's private Google he wrote up for him, and his workers) worked just fine though he still needed to work on the name.

His personal secretary Min Wei went with him as she was more experienced in leagle things, and after a quick breakfest it was almost noon before they arived outside the office of Mr Murdock. Peter smiled to himself, of course he had read books, and books about law but he had never practiced, or taken any bar exams of course so he was a bit jealous of the man who from what he had read on was quite successful at actually doing it. Taking one last deep breath he knocked on the door putting on his serious game face on, though he wasn't an actor he was a scientiest so how well that would work would depend highly on who was viewing it. Though in this particular case yet he didn't know yet it was not needed.

Despite what Peter Parker might have read, Nelson and Murdock doesn't give off the vibe of being too terribly successful. Up there on the third floor in a hallway that's lined with insurance agencies and accounting firms, the door at the end of the hall has a distinct noir sort of feel to it. Especially considering the cracked window in the entryway that proclaims the name of the law firm, only now the spider-web thin cracks of it trace outwards from a point of impact near the bottom right corner. No real telling how long ago it happened, but definitely could use some repairs.

But then when the knock sounds, a voice from inside lifts to call out, "Come in!"

And when the door opens the interior perhaps doesn't entirely allay concerns that a customer might have, though it's definitely… homier than one might expect. There's a waiting area, a few couches, a secretary's desk, and a few potted plants that definitely could use a bit of water. The only point that might draw the eye, however, is the tall man with the mirrored-lensed glasses that is currently sitting at the desk with a stack of folders around him and one of them open before him.

Lifting his head to turn towards the doorway, Matt Murdock offers an easily granted smile and lowers his hand from the text he'd been reading. "Please pardon our mess. How can I help you?"

The sound of who enters though you can hear him just fine is… a bit wierd. His vitals sound good, perfect condtion though light, as one who is still growing, and though maybe a bit nervious seem to in order. It wouldn't take long to realize his steps are quiet, then further hidden behind the steps of the older louder lady as he times his footsteps with her own in a way that seems to help hide his presence. Outside to Peter he doesn't even realize he is doing this as his basic agility even toned down alows him to walk in a way to match her pace so he does it without even realizing he is doing it. Not trying to hide himself heck not even realizing that he would be heard he just does it because of habit, and maybe a bit of meekness. The lady speaks up first, her tone is serious and buisness like, she has delt with Lawyers before and though she doesn't dislike them she does dislike anyone who could be in a postion to take advantage of Peter so sounds a bit more stern then she means to. "We are here because a client of yours is now working for a subsidiary of our company. A Miss Monroe said that you were her lawyer, and we are here for two reasons.. The first being to give you the paper work that we will need her to sign, as well as the non-discloser about any intellectual property of said buisness."

She moves forward ignoring the mess, and the look as she moves forward to put the papers on the desk infront of him. "My boss also included a brail version for you on top. Of course we wish for her response to those papers before we continue further with the deal that was arranged."

Behind her quiet as a whisper in the wind the boy seemed to of moved to the corner of the office. He had placed his hand in one of the webs to cox out the little spider that he saw, as he knew exactly what kind it was just a normal house spider for flies he turned it around gently, then put it back without harming it so it could go back into hiding as the woman that came with him spoke. He had not said a word yet, but seemed to be intrested in the small place that was Matt's office for some reason it reminded him of home, well at least before they moved him. The lady doesn't mention the second thing yet, as she waits for Matt to respond first.. it seems she is reluctant to say what it is as she would sound like someone who is embarassed to ask something but is thinking about how to word it.

Gaining his feet as she approaches, Matt Murdock offers an open smile to them both, curiously turning his head to 'look' in Peter's direction only to shift his attention back to Ms. Wei as she approaches. He extends a hand to accept the briefs from her and touches a fingertip to the header as he tilts his head to the side just so.

The smile returns easily and he tells her, "Forgive me, I've been terribly rude." He extends a hand towards her, "Matt Murdock," Sure he perhaps knows her name as well, and perhaps can construe who the young man is in the corner considering that it might have some connection to this 'Parker' company. Yet he does keep to the polite form.

And should they introduce themselves as well he'll wait til that's done, and with a decent round of hand-shaking if they so wish. But it's then that he'll offer them a few more quiet words. "It's true, I am currently Ms. Monroe's lawyer, though at the risk of offering an impression of something less than perfection," His lip twitches slightly as if offering that as a faint self-deprecating joke. "I have engaged the services of a Mr. Klein who is an entertainment lawyer currently based in Los Angeles. He works for Klein, Lawler, and Grey and will be much more helpful in getting you answers quickly."

There's a pause, and then he asks gently, "How is Ms. Monroe handling things? I was exceedingly pleased to hear of your helping her."

The lady does shake your hand, and so does the boy.. He has a strong grip, but he is very careful as he shakes your hand the stress of it can be heard as his heartbeat picks up a little as he grasps your hand shaking it quickly and letting go. The lady introduces herself, "I am Min Wei, personal Secretary of Peter Parker with Parker Industries, and now Parker Records" the boy when he shakes your hand gives a small. "Hello.." not giving his name though it doesn't seem out of rudeness it seems more of a personal greeting that one would expect in an informal meeting. He backs up again, and Miss Wei clears her throat, and Peter continues.. "Oh sorry… Peter Parker, of what she said." and gives a small smile he seems relaxed a bit unlike the lady with him though from the sound of it she is holding her hand out, as she continues. "I should get those papers back then, I do not wish to put you into further conflict as this is no longer your deal."

A small chuckle comes out of Peter, as he moves forward again.. "That wouldn't happen to be Cameron Klein would it? As if there is there might be a conflict of intrest, though one I can not get into further." If it was the Klein he was thinking he also worked for Shield, which was partnered with Parker Industries which would mean bad news if it was found out later though he can't tell this man about the secret organization.

The boy continues, "I know you are busy, and though normally I would be happy to just get her a good lawyer there is the second reason why I came." he looks at the man for a long moment before he continues. "It seems she trusts you which you may not know, but is a rare thing. I wanted to meet that person to be honest to see what you would say personally.. Though I did not expect this to be honest." he sighs, and shrugs. "Listen.. she is doing well, and I think she might just make it in this buisness if she can keep herself from self-destructing. Is there anyway you could stay on, I know people have prob offered to throw money at you before so I will skip that.. Maybe a renovation, or a cleaner." he gives a light chuckle again. "Parker Industries is on the front edge of technology.. Some things to make your life easier so you can do more should not be an issue."

Stamping the papers on the desk a few times to straighten them, he hands them back to Ms. Wei and gives a nod. "No problem." He smiles, but then his head turns slightly towards Peter. The tall man looks past the young man, slightly over his shoulder and as if he were looking far off in the distance. "No, Jacob Klein." His brow furrows, "He's fairly prominent in the entertainment industry. Handled the MGM acquisition a few years back."

For a time, Matt just considers Peter. It's not terribly obvious, how the man listens subtly to the pulse of the blood rushing through his veins, the resonance of his heart, the strength in his bearing evident. His nostrils flare slightly as he takes in the melange of chemical scents that might still cling to him as he creates a mental 'picture' of him.

And yet all it may seem like to Peter Parker is that the blind man is simply holding his thoughts for a bare moment as he listens to the young entrepreneur's offer. Another turn of his head, those mirrored lenses in his glasses casting Peter's reflection back to him, heralds a few words.

"Mr. Parker," His smile is an open thing, a touch lop-sided. "I have no qualms being available should you need me. No retainer or recompense will be necessary. At least for now. If she starts rampantly suing everyone maybe we'll talk. But I am really just a defense attorney. And hopefully… well, she'll never need my services again."

"However, I'd love to check in on her from time to time, if that's alright."

The boy nods, and though he is disapoainted he seems to take it in stride. As the lady takes the paperwork, and starts heading out the boy doesn't seem to follow though she doesn't seem to notice till she is at the door. The boy, has reached into his suit, and you can hear the crinkling of folded paper as he pulls out a printed sheet he speaks up. "Well I do thank you for your time, I am glad to hear she has friends other then me to be honest I am so busy at the lab I often do not have time to talk with her. To be honest I just was hoping to get her another friend to work with, but I do understand." he looks at the paper, and his heart beats a little faster.

"There… was something else then I wanted to speak with you about." the woman seems surprised as apperently he did not tell her about this. "This.. is more personal then buisness. I was looking up old friends, and I came across this." he lays the paper on your desk so the edges lay on your hand. "It is in brail, but it is a police records of one Gwen Stacy.. She is currently being chassed by the police. I apologize about the picture I didn't know what to do with it so I just left it, but the rest should be avaliable to you." he frowns, but continues.. "I don't know where she is at, but I want you to take her case. She is a good friend of mine, and these charges of murder are untrue. I need your help for when I find her."

The paper would say about the same thing, she is currently on the run from her charges of murder, the victim though is wierd.. It says she is charged with the murder of Peter Parker. Peter continues, "This has nothing to do with Miss Monroe, but if she is willing to trust you then you can not be all bad. She needs help, and I can not do it, as I need to keep out of it for well… public reasons but I can't just sit back and let her treated like this."

That causes the man's brow to furrow as he tilts his head to the side, as if trying to get a different angle on perceiving the young man and his partner. He lifts his chin as he listens to Peter Parker speak and then he reaches forward to accept the slip of paper. His fingers curl around it and he draws it up, thumb drifting along the side to let him get the bearing of which direction is up, and then he touches his fingertips of his free hand along its header… then down through the body slowly.

"Gwen Stacy. Homicide." He gives a nod, "Very well, Mr. Parker. I have a few contacts at the police department. If I get word that she's brought in I'll do what I can for her."

The tall man sets the paper down and then takes up his small three-sectioned cane from the desktop and begins to unfold it. "If you wish we can arrange a retainer." He perhaps surprises Ms. Wei by turning his head directly towards her. "We'll send a bill to your offices if that's acceptable."

Once the cane is locked into place he rests the tip upon the ground and then starts to step around the desk, the cane making soft clicks as he moves. "And if I come upon her beforehand for whatever reason I will contact you immediately."

Peter nods, and smiles holding a hand out to him again.. "Thank you.. Really. I can fix just about anything, but things like this make me powerless.. It is quite frustrating." he seems to be truely gratefull as he isn't lieing about any of that, not even a half lie. Though again if you shake his hand that same nerviousness would pop up while he does so, it seems to be something about grasping hands like that that makes him nervious. Though Peter knows it is because he could very well crush someones hand without much effort accidently if he was not very careful, and because of that it makes him very nervious.

Turning he starts walkin away again the woman with him doesn't seem surprised to be looked at, though it isn't because she suspects anything, when you do not deal with the blind a lot someone just looking at you when they talk does not seem surprising maybe later when she thinks about it, it might seem wierd, but for now she just nods, and adds. "Though you can locate Mr. Parker at the office this is his bill to pay not the companies." Peter just shrugs, and smiles at him so may sound like one who is smiling as he whispers.. "Anything to help a friend right… Try to take it easy on me, while I may have a lot of assets.. personal profit is not really my thing." and chuckles as he walks away again, and again this seems to be the truth. As of course it is the truth, as most of his money goes back into the company, or to help others. He was personally supporting several charities from his own pocket, though he still had some rainy day funds just incase something like this happened.

As he reaches the door, he turns.. "And could you not have anything to do with Gwen on the bill… I am not paying you to help her.. I am paying to help me it is just a case you decide to take or something on those lines." This prob shows why he doesn't lie often.. he isn't that great at it as when he makes up an excse to lie about it you can tell like there was a bright flashing light that said lier over his head. "Though please do contact me.. I would like to know if there are any updates, I do understand if to help her you can not at times. Good day Mr. Murdok, and good luck."

Murdock's handshake is firm but not aggressive as he gives Peter a nod, "I'll do all I can, Mr. Parker." With that said he steps around the desk, the cane clicking as he follows along with them to the door, moving to open it for them on their way out. Another nod is given to his partner and he adds, "I'll be in touch."

Then, having said that, the door closes behind them and he stands there for a moment. Two, as he considers what has just occurred, but then eventually he turns back and shuffles towards the desk once again. Though now his thoughts are following a different line than they were before.

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