(2016-05-16) Fight the Sentinels
Fight the Sentinels
Summary: Nightcrawler, Polaris and Havok fight Sentinels with the help of Graviton to clear them off his Sky Island
Date: IC Date (2016-05-16)
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NPCs: Graviton and Sentinels featuring Master Mold (off camera)
Scene Runner: Havok
Social/Plot: Plot

There he is, his buddy, and Kurt was just walking in along the ceiling to get his own bowl ready. Alarms go off and Alex is coming up with ideas. Reaching tail down to tap his compatriot. "First, if I'm sidekicking it, its Blue Boy," bamf, in the jet, "And Secondly, no, that's it, if I have to side kick, its Blue Boy, not Quick Lad. Totally not my style. "I'm driving." He ported into the back, so he can cheat port into the pilot seat. Fire engines, "Buckle up!" If Havok is trying to get into the pilot seat, he's at least close to get buckled in before … presto! tackoff!

En-Route, the dynamic duo of Havok and Nightcrawler are briefed on the situation. Giant robots (Sentinels) attack the sleepy hamlet of Cowartberg, upstate New York. No one knows why they showed up, but that they are there and fighting another hero team.

Havok says, "I wonder if it's the Avengers? Probably not, they're too busy fighting Kang or Ultron. That's when they break the horizon and see the giant robots standing around in a Home Depot parking lot surrounding someone who huddles beneath several piled up cars. They cannot see who it is, and Havok ponders to himself wondering if it's Wasp.

Polaris' EMP is amazing. It flashes from her core to create a parabolic expanding dome of electromagnetic energy that expands rapidly in all directions. Most of the time Sentinels are shielded. Most of the time. But this time, the EMP is so great, that she takes down 4 of the 8 which are closest to her.

However… and I do mean However. There is a rub. The EMP was so powerful that not only does it take down 4 of the Sentinels, but also the city's power grid and everything electronic therein. Plus, the big problem (aside from her just expending the last bit of her endurance) is the X-Jet that streaks toward the scene suddenly goes dead. All of the electronics are fried and no Nightcrawler, the ace pilot of this adventure, no longer has control.

Havok exclaims, "What the crap?!"

Out of control, that's no good. All the other stuff, EMPs, Sentinels, the Avengers goofing off with Ultron or something 'more serious' cause it threatens the whole wolr dna not just mutants … that is forgotten. No, Kurt reaches a tail to tap Havok again. "You explain this to Scott," he says, because they are going to port out. "And hold on, I have to multi-port so we don't splat." Distance, line of sight, falling in the sky. If Havok doesn't mention parachutes, it will be the crazy ride of all those teleports to hit something safe …

EMP's are not Polaris's friend as it turns out, and the green haired mutant sinks to the ground to catch her breath. White eyes fade back to her normal green finding herself tapped at the moment, at least she has the cars for cover as she waits for back up. Hopefully the sentinels are down, but as she peeks through the cars she curses and pounds a fist against the metal. Then there's the plane coming down. "This is not my day." She groans and drums up the last of her reserves and pushes through the fatigue to stumble away from her cover and try to get clear of potential plane wrecks with a drain of color from her face recognizing the shape.

"Dammit to…" and Havok goes with Nightcrawler. Albeit they are still at speed. There were no parachutes - piff, x-men don't wear parachutes. And it's suddenly a crazy bamffing f'ing ride of explicatives throughout a black moddled sky while they try and slow down. Havok has a foul mouth, and it's likely that everyone hears it down below.


#5 and #2 begin flying upward toward the various bamf traces. #1 and #8 begin to reach downward toward the area that Polaris is, their hands glowing with stun energy.

"Two on one?! Fellas." Polaris stumbles back and looks up hearing Havok and Nightcrawler's names. She looks at the Sentinels then back to her fallen teammates. "Run! Nightcrawler, get you both away!" She yells, shaking out her hands and trying to drudge up the energy to keep fighting.

Well, there goes the element of surprise. "You take left, blast the one on the right," cause the one closest to Havok may just try to develop something to for his blasts, so a little cross fire. Ands its asked questioningly, "I'll drop you off, try to catch the jet and turn it into a spear?" To blast the one he plans to put Alex on. Trust Kurt, it all works out in his mind. It involved hopefully doing some damage, then picking up his friend. With some slowing of momentum and the upward move of the sentinals, maybe splat death can be avoided. His main concern now is living their meeting with them, then dealing with ground later of course.

"Drop me… dr…" Havok says as he's trying to catch up with the disorentation that the wild teleportation generates. "Spear is…" another bamf and then answers, "…good. Do it." Bamf again, then he asks, "Is that.. it's Lorna?" he's still not going to be able to get a shot off, too many bamfs. When he's on the ground and steady, then he will.

Polaris is a beast. Her force field holds strong when the Sentinels grab for her. They do no damage to her and one even stumbles to fall upon its side just to her left with a horrendous crash that crushes a few vehicles. The other two, flying Sentinels cannot get a bead on Havok/Nightcrawler while they port around, but they make for great targets for Nightcrawler's idea.

Watching Kurt and Alex continuing to port around, Polaris shakes her head. She's clearly worried for them. "They took out my team, run!" She urges and reaches out to lift a car to smash the downed Sentinel at her side into submission. It means dropping her shield, she's just been fighting to long, she isn't fresh like the other two.

Kurt drops off Havok with a Sentinal, briefly, enough to port to a jet and port it nearby as a spear for said sentinal. Lots of luck with what he's doing. When he ports off the jet, he leaps up first, and onto the sentinal, just below Alex, using his ability to scale walls and ceilings to build some more revesrse momentum (after their falling), "In bound … for …" He think she heard Lorna mentioned, and he bamfs again to the ground this time. "Call the plan boss," he says, not porting anymore, even he needs a little rest for his stomach after all that, but not too much. There are a lot of Sentinals here.

Havok says loudly, "Take down the one standing over Lorna!"

Havok then blasts his fiery plasma toward one of the Sentinels that descends toward him. The plasma rips through the Sentinel's shoulder, but doesn't destroy or halt its progress.

A Sentinel's head is bashed in by the vehicle that Lorna uses to attack it. Destroyed, out of commission.

The sentinel that stands over Lorna is however reaching to grab her again. It misses (white result).

Nightcrawler will easily guide the X-Jet with his teleportation angles toward the sentinel of choice, it will make impact, knocking the sentinel back into the wall of Home Depot, destroying it completely, as well as the X-Jet.

The sentinel at her side taken down, Polaris ducks and takes a moment to catch her breath. "Fucking Christ Havok, alias much?!" She yells and stumbles forward to get some space between her and the sentinel. Her eyes flicker between all white and green trying to keep her power up so she can get ready to strike again.

Nightcrawler teleports again onto the back of the other sentinel. He grabs the head of the robot and then teleports away, taking the head with him. The Sentinel then begins to freefall from the sky toward the parking area and street. Nightcrawler appears next to Polaris, holding the head. "Freuline, tis goot to lay eyes upon you."

Havok blasts again, this time, the plasma blasts right through the core of the descending, and final Sentinel. The robot crashes down behind Havok who tries to look cool while walking away, albeit still dizzy from the teleportation(s). He stumbles over a parking lot concrete parking stop.

All around, robot parts, robots, and debris clutter the area. Polaris' team is no longer there as they were taken by the other Sentinels early in the battle. So it's just Nightcrawler, Havok and Polaris as well as several bystanders who are off in the distance trying not to get hurt. But the battle is over.

"Thanks Kurt." Lorna says softly and leans over to kiss his cheek before sitting down tiredly and pressing her hands to her head. She looks towards Alex, watching him now with an unsure expression. He could either be happy to see her or pissed they came to her rescue it's anyones guess until he speaks.

If the elf could blush, he would be bright pink. He smiles, "You are quite welcome, Lorna." Then he looks about and says, "I'll look for anyone who may need assistance while you two get reaquainted." then he bamfs away.

Havok brushes himself off and has gained his footing as he approaches. He sees Nightcrawler port away. When he is within earshot, he says, "You okay?" in a concerned tone. One which might imply that she could be injured or worn from the battle.

"My head is going to kill me tomorrow." Lorna offers and presses her lips together as she looks at him. "You're a sight for sore eyes. I owe you and Kurt, they might have actually caught me this time." She tells him and hauls herself to her feet with a soft groan.

He doesn't close with her. Instead he keeps a comfortable distance of 10 feet. He's also keeping a professional tone as he moves to business topics, "Your team was captured, which way did the Sentinels take them?" <north>

"Umm…" Lorna looks about to get her barings quickly. "North bound." She tells him and wobbles a little shaking her head. "Damn, that EMP took too much out of me." She breathes and looks down, raking her hair from her face.

He doesn't move to brace her, but there was a start which was quelled. "Then we're going to have to see about extracting information from that." he states indicating the big head near to them that is still intact. "But that's going to take Forge or Hank. Plus, it looks like you couldn't do another battle and that's probably what we're going to get into."

Watching him, Lorna nods softly. "Let me tag along? Until I get my team back?" She asks, leaning over to pick up the head with a grunt. "I hate these ceramic constructs, they really throw off my game." she comments, shifting her weight and looking at Alex, following his lead. "If I had to fight again, you know I would. The longer the trail runs cold the harder it will be to find them."

Over the com, Havok relays, "En route, thanks Forge." and then states on the local channel for Nightcrawler to hear, which Polaris can hear him aloud. "Forge is en route. He's bringing the transport so we can take back this head. Oh, and the authorities are nearly here. I'll handle them. I still have the Avengers ID Card that I like to flash around. One of these days it's going to get me in trouble."

Over the com, Havok relays, "En route, thanks Forge." and then states on the local channel for Nightcrawler to hear, which Polaris can hear him aloud. "Forge is en route. He's bringing the transport so we can take back this head. Oh, and the authorities are nearly here. I'll handle them. I still have the Avengers ID Card that I like to flash around. One of these days it's going to get me in trouble."

"Yeah? Missing running your own team?" Lorna asks finding a wrecked car to lean against. "Thank you though, for the assist. Eight on one aren't my favorite odds in any situation." She rubs her head, the headache starting to build from pushing herself so hard.

"Nice, no way I was taking everyone back," returns Kurt, who bamfs nearby to return to where he recalled seeing them before witty remark and disappear schtick. "Cause I want to keep the head." He'd spend time porting back to the Mansion with that thing, leave Havok to hitch hike. "Loran, /alter freund/, you okay?" SHe is rubing her head, and talkaing about eight on one, he'll take the course of concern. Sidemouth to Havok, "You're on your own, even if you're not okay."

Seeing Polaris resting against a vehicle, he's comfortable that she won't be falling down anytime soon. Havok glances around the battlefield and looks at the destruction. His blue eyes narrow in the sunlight and he sighs with a slight shake of his head to her question, "Right now, no.. Not after…" and his voice fades off as he reflects back to events of the prior year. That's also a good time for Nightcrawler to arrive to distract him and pull him back to the present. Havok also offers no further commentary. His blue eyes continue to survey the area.

"I'm alright Kurt, just pushed myself after my team went down and you lovely men came to assist." Lorna smiles wanly and watches Havok. "I didn't think I'd see you with the X-Men again any time soon." She sighs and draws her hair over her shoulder.

You paged Nightcrawler with 'I'm really not working on that. I sort of expected Lilac to knock it out. But she's been dragging her feet with it.'

"We won, get the head back to the mansion … then we enjoy some cold ones." As if to help with the distracted look from Havok, Kurt offers something to look forward to. "Right," grins the blue elf, keeping his good spirits, looking towards Lorna as if the thing about X-Men was for him. "There I was, wandering the Bavarian country side. But alas, I could not be alone, it was too quiet. I missed mein freunds, and here I am. Should I be scouring for your team?" In the wreckage and aftermath of 8 sentinals.

There are so many conversation options to share, but Havok opts to keep it professional. "That's our next op, Kurt. When Forge gets here, he's going to hack this head and find out the location of her team. They were taken by the other 5 Sentinels that were here before. Apparently the Sentinels were out en-force and.. Any idea why, Lorna? Why here?"

What Polaris knows is that they responded to a Sentinel incursion at Home Depot. There may have been a mutant in the building, but she saw no evidence of it when her team arrived.

"We came to them. They had to have been after someone, nothing clear." Lorna admits and crosses her arms, still recovering from the fight. She looks to Kurt and offers a smile. "You're a sight for sore eyes yourself." She tells him and nods before watching Alex again.

"And I'm soft on the eyes too, it has been said," chuckles Kurt to Lorna. "You will come stay with us, ja, until Forge can figure something out." Cause her team is gone, its a safety precaution and all. He crosses that bridge real quick then shakes his head, looking at the wreckage as well, "Nein, 5 gave up so soon, en-force, I would bet one target in mind." He'l turn more to Havoc, "We can check records, see how was around here." Living, quietly, more its said to Alex to look at the records, he has more access to that stuff. A shrug, in curiousity, Kurt crouches to near all fours for the moment as they loiter around.

Havok agrees with Nightcrawler, "When we get back. We just need to get out of here asap. And yeah, Lorna, you'll stay with us until we get things square."

Above a X-Transport aircraft begins its final approach. The craft is bulkier than normal X-Aircraft and has a large bay for cargo. The ship is piloted by Forge (of course) and Havok spots it. "Let's give him room." and then starts to move away, "Lorna, can you move some of these cars so he can land?"

"Yeah." Lorna nods and turns around. She must mean the cars, not agreeing to staying. Bracing herself, she pushes them out of the way rather than lifting them and moving. Once there's a clear spot to land she sits down again, trying to save her energy. She isn't going to bicker with Alex about his decision making. It doesn't seem as abrasive when Kurt offers.

Definitely not abrasive like Alex, Kurt would also go help move cars, but he's pushing his porting limits with that head trick. So he waits for Lorna to do that. "You know …," he begins while she's moving cars, but changes track, initial thought forgotten. "I am thinking steaks with the beer tonight, no brauts." As that's more his flavor at least. When she is back, he grins to her, "/Sehr gut/, it will be good to catch up with you." He is less focused on mission and more on friends are here, he'll be friendly.

Just as Forge sets the X-Transport down first responders arrive on the scene. Police and fire with ambulances roll up. There are a few spot fires and the such that will need attending to. The rear bay doors open on the transport and soon Forge will emerge with a wench device.

Havok says as he steps away toward police/fire. "I'll handle the authorities, you all get that head loaded. Then we'll clear out." - he's definitely staying all business, all the time.

Sighing, Lorna waves to Forge and gets to helping haul the head onto the ship. "Sounds great to me Nightcrawler." Lorna nods and gestures to the wench-not Alex, the one off the plane. "Let's get your prize on board huh?" She tries to joke. Her eyes are still tight worrying about her people, but sooner this is done the sooner they can get a beat on them.

"Enjoy that detail," grins Kurt to Alex regarding the authorities. He moves along near Lorna more then nods, "Arrgh, it be Arrrghs," the prize, he'll pirate it up a little. "No damsels on this mission though, I'll have to file a complaint." Her eyes staying tight though, he before he ports to wench the head to help Polaris with it, he says, "Forge will work fast, it'll be sorted out soon." Her friends, the target they came for, whatever her worry is. Then bamf, wench-o-matic, get the head on board, fly the team +1 back to the mansion.

The head is loaded with ease, Forge has mad engineering skills. During that time, Havok addressed the emergency crews and flashes around his Avengers ID badge (which will likely be taken away soon - he loved flashing a badge when he was with X-Factor in Washington DC) and finally sees that the group is ready to depart. He breaks from the first responders and jogs over to the transport that Forge is powering up for liftoff. Havok will then enter the back as the ramp begins to rise.

While departing, Havok says, "We should be back in about 20. Kurt, if you would, do the searches you were talking about for locals. Forge will start extracting the information. Lorna, I know things are stressful right now. Your team is missing. But we'll find them, and the best thing you can do is take a nap. You're exhausted. You'll need to be ready to fight - because it's going to be one. If there were 9 Sentinels on the scene, then there's probably more back at their base. This battle is going to suck ass. So, when we get back, your room is just like you left it. I'll brief Scott on the mission and see if he has any input or can lend us some assistance."

Lorna looks up at Alex and nods a little bit. She bites back a question and smiles at Kurt. "Damsels imply romance anyway-and messy ones at that. You're not missing out Kurt." She slides into a set and buckles in, arms crossing over her chest to close her eyes for a little while.

The flight goes quickly, they land in the X-Hangar and everyone goes their seperate ways. Forge will unload the head and get to work on information extraction.

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