(2016-07-02) Domino Dancing
Domino Dancing
Summary: Domino and Havok get caught up on her situation.
Date: IC Date (2016-07-02)
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Sitting behind the desk with shuttered windows to his back, Alex Summers is wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. His feet are bare and he seems to be writing in a yellow pad with a blue pen. The door is partially open so he can be seen from the hallway (facing the hallway). There is a laptop to his left on the desk, closed. And a few other pens of different color scattered around on the desk. His left hand holds his head, elbow on the desk, right holds the pen.

If not for a friendly little tip, Neena may have never caught up with Summers. Different schedules, different locations, they may as well be operating on different timelines these days. But, it would seem that this whole 'timeline' business is what's brought everything down to this moment. Without any knock on the door or forward warning she sweeps right on in and offers a "Bang" in greeting.

Looking up from his yellow pad, Alex's blue eyes fall upon the milk colored girl and he smiles. Pleased to see her, he lays the pen down on the pad and sits up straighter. In a pleasant tone he asks, "What's up spot? Long time no bang pow boom pew foom."

His eyes will follow her movements to see if she approaches the desk or moves around behind it to greet him formally. But he's also curious about their initial encounter and he's summarized it as 'elseworld Domino', not 'his Domino' by the way she and Nocturne acted. As well as a few others around the house.

Such a suspicion may well be proved by the look on Neena's face, and that there is no familiar greeting to be had. "Yeah, about that…"

The door is fully nudged closed with the toe of a boot before she takes a seat, across from the desk. For an instant she looks blank, unsure of what to say, then she forces a smile into place. Fleeting, as it may be. "Something tells me you guys have this stuff figured out. Protocols, quarantines, checklists, a unique color code. I'm completely in the dark here. Everyone knows me, I know nobody, and the whole thing's really some kinda FUBAR. If this place wasn't known to the public I'd think I was in Wonderland."

"Well, you are, Alice. And I'm your Cheshire Cat come to give you the keys to the kingdom." states Alex with a broadening grin of pun-ville. He then leans against the back of the high backed leather chair and says, "But all kidding aside. I figured as much. You didn't act like my Domino so I guess you're one of the newbies to this reality. And yeah, it's figured out for the most part - now if everyone else would get on the same page and play by our rules. So, I guess you need to be briefed in on what's up, right?"

It's enough to get a low groan and a rolling of pale blue eyes, Dom muttering a "Here we go…" Then back to 'normal,' she asks "There's rules? There better not be a quiz attached to this meeting. So..what, is this where you get on your soapbox about power and responsibility and all that fun stuff? Did the previous me ever tell you to stuff it? Just so we're on the same page, and all." It's followed with a lopsided grin, she's actually trying to be good-natured about the whole situation. What else can she do! "But yeah, I guess. So what's relevant?"

"Considering, we used to date. Yeah. She told me to stuff it often.. and take a flying leap, and shove it up my ass.. and so on. But, that's neither here nor there." Alex starts off with the more fun answering part of the situation then segues back into the serious. "So yes, there are rules… but I'm not my brother. So I'm not going to go into the whole song and dance. You're a big girl, you obviously know how to handle yourself. So no need to tell you how to behave. But I will let you in on what's going on here and now…" <pausing to allow you to react before he goes into the details>

It's for the best she isn't drinking anything at the moment. Havok would be wearing most of it. "We -what?!-" Neena nearly jumps. This brings up more questions than it answers! The part about him having a brother gets pushed aside, something else she doesn't yet know. Not so important, that!

A quick breath is released, a pale hand coming up to rub at a pale forehead. "This is gonna be a real trip…"

Then for the next few minutes he will explain the nature of the school, the nature of the world (in regards to mutants and human interactions/oppressions), the rest of the world (avengers, FanFour, Street peeps, Mystics), and then space.. which he only briefly touches upon. He then details the X-Men and their role in all of it - of which he's leading one of the subteams which is colored (X-Men Black <for the lack of a better title right now>). Then he takes a breath and settles back into his chair to let her absorb and process.

There's mission briefings..then there's stuff like this. Any single subject on its own could have been a huge deal, the proverbial main course. That he runs through all of it, with a straight face, is rather troubling.

"So all of this here, you people and your powers and your fancy jet, you're not even the biggest player?" It sure makes Dom's recent skirmishes with the Russians seem insignificant. "And you know about all of this because..what, when worlds got mashed togehter you were part of the 'prime' reality? I mean, enough had to have remained consistent for any of your intel to still be useful."

"We're still gathering intel on that… from what we've learned, and this is from the mouth of Reed Richards himself. Something bad happened last year. Then there was a huge mashup of realities - that 99.99999 percent of us don't remember. Then the Reed of this reality fixed it. However, not all of us made it home to what is called Earth-616. That's this reality. Some of us, like you, found your way here by some accident or mishap or who knows. And now you're sitting in front of me. So my intel isn't 100 percent. But it's a lot stronger than if I were in another reality being the lost Lucy. But, as I said before, you're Domino, regardless if you're our Dom.. and you belong here with us. You're a mutant, you fight for freedom, and fight evil. So you're on our side and if you want a place to hang out and work with like minded people, you're in the right place and very welcome to stay."

"There's actually a -number- for this reality? Who has the time to figure out half this crap!" Some guy named Reed Richards, apparently. As for having found this timeline by accident all Neena can think about is coming to in the middle of a waterfront warzone.

Oddly enough, the strangest part out of all of this is that Alex lumps her with the rest of the Institute. One of the actual, honest -good- guys. Which..just has her thinking about what happened to the last mutant she came across the other day. There's a reason why she's looking a little awkward, rubbing at the back of her neck. "Riiight…" comes her hesitant response.

"Sooo..not getting into a lot of detail or anything..? Your Domino has had a lot more time to ..shall we say, 'evolve as a person' than I have. I'm not real big on sharing personal information but I don't know who the hell else to tell this to, I've been ..involved with special ops training since the beginning and I've only had the last five years and three weeks off. The former due to being an icecube, the latter due to being here in good ol' 616. I'm kind of a 'shoot first ask questions never' sorta girl. So, you just may want to reconsider that offer of yours."

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