(2016-07-17) Pokemon and Bamfs
Pokémon and Bamfs
Summary: Kurt runs into Pete Wisdom while playing Pokémon GO with his bamfs. Amanda shows up as well and the awkward meetings commence.
Date: 2016-07-17 11:40 AM Eastern
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NPCs: Kurt's Bamfs
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

Central Park. The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, respectively. It was getting close to noon. The place was rather packed, with people resting, meeting, luncheoning, etc. But this was Central Park! People were on the move!

Wisdom was here. He wore his full suit… that is, except the jacket. That he had folded up neatly beside him. No gun under his shoulder today. Sunglasses were on, hair was parted neatly. He was sitting right beside the fountain on the little seating zone surrounding it. Pennies were in the water. The angel was staring down at Wisdom, as if offering succor… or judgment.

In his hands was some white wrapping, barely concealing the pastrami sandwich he got somewhere on the Upper East Side. From where? Pastrami Queen, best in the city. The Brit knew good food, and knew New York had it. Resting atop his folded-up suit jacket was a bottle of water. Gotta stay hydrated in this heat and humidity.

All in all, it was a lovely day. Children were playing. Lovers were snuggling. Pokemon Go fanatics were wandering about in droves. There was even a pair of kids dressed as Iron Man and Captain America, playing 'civil war.'


"Got it!"



"You were too slow." Appearing in a cloud of brimstone is a blue mutant, fuzzy, and be-tailed, clutching a cellphone in three-fingered hands. "Pikachu! Und a training center." He's landed atop of the fountain, five little 'naked' blue bamfs clinging to different parts of him. Tail. Back. Side. Legs. All those little chubby gremlins also hold cellphones, and they're more than a little disappointed.

Grumbles come from those around, if not a few people who were approaching said fountain now moving away with concern upon their faces. Those that actually -notice-, that is.

Kurt teleports once more, out of courtesy, and lands on the ground, yellow eyes focused on his phone for a brief moment before he finally lowers it, a pointed, toothy smile on his face. "Everyone else around, I have."


Though she was just there the night before, Amanda lives close enough to the park that going there for a walk is convenient. At the moment she's walking up across the mall toward the Terrace and its fountain. The brimstone laced teleports definitely catch the eye of this particular park goer. She slows but continues approaching.

The sudden 'Bamf!' and the exclamations of the little monsters had Pete on his feet, mouthful of pastrami. He spun about, pointing the non-sandwich-laden hand at Kurt. His eyes were wide. "You!" he said, in between chews. "You - auuugh," he had to take a moment as the sulfurous odor cast down. "Augh. You. You're here! Good! Kurt! Quick question, mate. Gonna sound silly. This is your reality, right? We did a lot of hoppin' through in Excalibur. But you're from… *here*, yeah?" Get that important detail across before he'd tell her his ex was looking for him.

Damn this Pokemon Go! Kurt prides himself for paying attention, for actually being aware… so how could he miss the fact that…

"Mein freund! I'm sorry…" Beat. "What are you doing here? When did you arrive?" The phone, now, is put away, much to the pleasure of the little bamfs that teleport from Kurt's various body parts and into the surrounding trees, perching and 'bamfing' like little excited blue squirrels. It'll give them a chance to catch the big bamfer!

A three-fingered hand comes out in gesture to forestall the questions, or maybe an attempt to make sense of them. "Ja… this is me. My home." Kurt's tail droops and his voice lowers, "Dr. Richards committed the best und worst of sins." The creation of a world and the picking and choosing of souls that survived and did not. "It is me." Kurt takes a step back and crosses his heart with a gestured 'X'. "Swear."

The disappearance of the little bamfs stops Amanda for a second. She couldn't see them at first due to her distance from them but the leaving gets noticed. She quickens her pace toward the fountain. Who knows when Kurt might just disappear again after all.

"All right mate. Two things. It's bloody good to see you. Your ex is looking for you. And - three things - if you need anything. I'm trying to clean this sodding messy cage and get all the dimensionally-displaced prats home. Or settled here, if that's their choice." Earth was open for refugees, after all.

Pete then took another bite of his sandwich. Can't let a good thing go to waste.

Pupilless yellow eyes peer at Pete for a long moment before Kurt straightens again, his tail wrapping lazily around his ankles. "So you are you as well." A statement. He nods slowly; business first, even if it's quickly taken care of. "Some of us at the school are not us… but they are us." In case that needed to be said? "But, if they settle here, what happens to the souls of those we both knew?" Lost? It's actually weighed heavily on his mind.

Though, to the second, Kurt's brows rise and he takes a seat on the side of the fountain, phone now forgotten even if the buzzing of the app can be heard. "My ex?" Should he have the courtesy to ask 'which one'? "Is she alright?" Regardless of who it may be!

The chittering of the bamfs is easily heard, and to see Amanda, one, two take off from their perch, only to attempt to alight upon Amanda's shoulders, tails swinging freely, one on each side, proudly holding their cellphones to show her their finds. "Bamf!"

Amanda Sefton laughs softly as she examines the pokemon on their phones. "I once had a doll that looked like you." She takes the bamfs landing on her shoulders in stride as if it were an everyday occurrence instead of something without precedent. Finally she is close enough to hear the conversation being had at the fountain, only just. She slows her approach again now that she can see Kurt is talking to Pete.

With the sudden commotion, and the bamfs doing their little thing (Pete liked them about as much as he liked Lockheed), he spotted Amanda. He said, without missing a beat to Kurt,

"You can ask her yourself."

To Amanda, Wisdom gave a little smile, lowering his head so he can peer at her from past his sunglasses. "I believe you two have met." But Pete, sly spy that he is, knew that these two… haven't, yet. Then he took another bite of his sandwich. And glared at one of the little imps who looked at it. "Mine."

Those bamfs -should- feel familiar to Amanda. They are essences of Kurt, born of almost the same stuff as the big bamfer himself. Constructs of Azazel and given a new lease on 'life' because of the blue elf. They're a little different too in that Pete is quite right in his opinion. They're imps that only reaaaaaally want what they want. Mostly.

One bamf leeeeeans in to see if he can't grab the sandwich from Pete's hand with grubby, grabby hand, and is 'waved' off by the spy's declaration. A grumble sounds and he teleports away to perch on the fountain again, the phone in hand.

Kurt looks up and sees Amanda, though he now wears a quizzical expression. His voice is low, "I only saw her… a couple of weeks ago? I think?" They can go some time without seeing each other, and in the next minute, it's as if they'd never passed any time away. Such is their relationship. Their life.

"Mein Gott…" is murmured again, "Does that mean…?" Kurt is a smart one, though it could mean that Amanda was just checking up on him to be sure he was okay? And he's been around here and there…

So, a wave is in order, a concerned expression is followed by, "Liebling. Ist everything okay?"

Amanda Sefton hasn't seen Kurt in some time since in her reality Kurt had never called her to help Excalibur find Brian Braddock when he was lost in time. She does a remarkable job of hiding just how hard it hits her to see him again. After a long pause to drink in the welcome sight of him, she offers the blue elf a smile then gestures up at the bamf on her shoulder, "He reminds me of a doll I had once. Hello there, Kurt."

The problem with being a spy is sometimes you don't know everything. If Kurt had only recently seen this reality's Amanda, and the present Amanda hadn't seen Kurt in quite some time… the Brit focused on his sandwich. Observant. Jotting stuff down in his head.

So, two mutants and a sorceress hang out at the Bethesda fountain, accompanied by little blue imps. It's no wonder people are taking pictures. Or are they hunting pokemon?

As for Kurt, Amanda's never been out of his life. Not really. The second place he went upon 'being rescued from Heaven' was Amanda's apartment with his bamfs after he'd been dead for three? Four years?

Kurt gains his feet once again, and in a couple of steps, he's standing right before her before he extends his arms to give her a hug. One of those enrapping, fuzzy, complete with tail hugs. She's not 'his' Amanda, and for a second, there is distinct loss, but that's coupled then with a need to comfort? "Liebling." A soft chuckle sounds, "Like one I gave Kitty to give to little Illy. That is what they are. Bamfs." Kurt's little army.

Soon enough, Kurt looks back at Pete, his expression sobered. "We have to find a way."

Amanda Sefton wraps her arms around him when he hugs her and holds tight until he turns to look at Pete. Then she steps back to look at him again, "Well I guess I don't have to scry you out after all."

"We're *working* on it, me old China," Wisdom said to Kurt. "Gotta get Reed and Braddock and some others in on it. But we're trying. That's why I'm in New York. Everything's tits-up. Gotta… well. Like I said. Gotta clean up the mess. A pity you're German. Otherwise I'd make you work for MI-13." He was clearly teasing in that last sentence.

Pete then glanced to Amanda, and offered a hard, sad sort of smile. "Everything you dreamed of, hey? Like Disney World."

Kurt offers Amanda a lopsided smile and leans to press a light kiss to her forehead. "I am never far, liebling. You know that." Even while dead, in heaven, she wasn't far from his thoughts. One of the many reasons he fully believed he just wasn't finished.

Once she steps back, his tail moves to wrap about her waist in contact, while he looks to Pete. Kurt chuckles and shakes his head, "MI-13 is not ready for the likes of me, yet," he teases right back. "Und you wouldn't want me. I look good in a tailored suit too. All the ladies say so."

It's natural for Kurt to know that Pete and Amanda do know each other, though… it only adds to the 'different'ness of the entire situation. "Tell me that I was not some jerk? Please?" is murmured to Amanda.

Amanda Sefton slides one arm around Kurt when his tail goes around her waist. She winks at Pete and teases, "He looks much better than you in a suit." Kurt's question is awkward for her since she knew and understood why he was being a jerk. But, the answer is yes. He was a jerk to her the last time she saw the him she grew up with. "And what if I cannot tell you that? What should I say then?"

Pete Wisdom finished off his sandwich, before crumpling up the wrapping in a hand. "MI-13 was ready for the likes of Captain Britain and Blade. We could handle you," he teased in turn. "We could use a little humor, even," Wisdom seemed to have trouble swallowing. Whether it was the last bite or admitting that Kurt's chipper attitude was useful was up to debate.

But then things got serious between the two, and he gave them a little space. Staring contest with a bamf. Pete cheated, since he had sunglasses.

"Smile und nod," Kurt rejoins. "Und lie to me. Or, if you want extra flowers sent, tell me how horrible I was." As if Amanda could actually get away with lying to him? Ha!

Now, it's to his friend and former teammate that Kurt brings his attention. "If it accepts Brian, perhaps I'll stay away?" Pfft! Well, it was a difficult relationship there. Him and Meggan. And Brian and Meggan. And Brian wanting to kick Kurt's fuzzy tail?

"I am actually searching for a path since I returned, mein freund. Perhaps this path is better than the one I am currently on?" Kurt shakes his head and takes a deep breath, "Even if I do not join your organization, you can count on my aid. I promise."

Amanda Sefton teases rather than remain serious in the company of a third party, "Maybe I will tell you how horrible you were then. A girl can always use more pretty things I say. Still, I might just have missed you anyway." He might not be her Kurt, but then who knows if her Kurt ever wanted to see her again.

Kurt is all for levity. Things do have their places, and he just can't find it in him to remain morose. It would just eat away at him. And, if this Amanda isn't 'his', he doesn't have the heart to even begin to explain everything to her. Or the time.

"Tell me, liebling, und you may get ice cream on a day like this too. But only for the real bad things. Like, cold feet on a cold night." That last bit, of course, Kurt is teasing right back.

"Pete, mein freund, join us. I think an ice cream parlor is in order for this day."

Amanda Sefton looks from Kurt to Pete and teases, "He's going to buy me ice cream for someone else being a jerk. Isn't that sweet? He liked to teleport in above the hot tub so it would splash me when he fell in."

"Well. Ice cream is sweet. Kurt's being cute." Wisdom smiled a little. "But since I've been invited," he sighed. "I guess I *should* accompany…"

If Kurt could actually blush, he would. HE likes doing that, enjoyed it… and his Amanda and he would laugh. Once he got yelled at, that is. Kitty, too, used to accuse him of leaving a ring around the pool of blue fuzz. "The fiend," comes instead, but it should be obvious to both of them that there certainly is nothing even vaguely resembling seriousness or apology within.

"Ice cream it is. Mitt whipped cream, I think. So, sundae on Sunday?" Kurt's got his tail still wrapped about Amanda's waist, but now, he offers his arm to 'escort', and his tail falls. "Banana splits for all?"

Amanda Sefton accepts Kurt's arm in escort and reaches over for Pete's arm as well, "Two handsome gentlemen escorting a lady for sweets. Don't we make a pretty picture together."

Slipping his arm through Amanda's, Wisdom slung his jacket over his shoulder. Making sure his sunglasses were on properly, he smiled. "A pretty picture, pretty as a picture. Eugh, that's enough cleverness out of me. Let's go get ice cream."

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