(2016-07-19) Flight 708 - JFK to Heathrow
Flight 708 - JFK to Heathrow
Summary: Pete Wisdom shows up on Amanda's flight to Heathrow. She makes up an excuse to have him moved to first class.
Date: 2016-07-19 10:10 AM
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Amanda Sefton has years of experience as a flight attendant. That's why she always gets assigned to the first class cabin. It also means she sees every person who boards as they get on the plane. After joking that she'd be where he was on purpose the night before, Amanda finds herself amazingly unsurprised to see Pete Wisdom boarding her flight but she's near the cockpit doors and possibly not noticed initially since she's much less noticeable with her lovely hair done up to go with her standard blue flight attendant uniform.

It's amazing how a little hair and costume change can almost completely disguise almost any number of people, here. It's almost as though folks are drawn with the same faces or something…

But here was Pete, no checked baggage and nothing but a carry on to accompany. Dark blue eyes cast a glance Amanda's way as he stepped past, on his way to… the emergency exit seating. A little bit of extra leg room for the price of carrying every person's life in his hands.

He seemed cool with it.

Everyone just loves when the flight attendant's do the instructions, right? Though the flight attendant in coach is the one doing the pointing through the instructions, it is Amanda up in first class whose voice comes over the speakers as she reads the script that describes the various things people, especially those in the emergency exit row, should be aware of. After the instructions are completed a young black flight attendant begins to make her way through the passenger cabin to make sure everyone's seatbelt is properly fastened before takeoff.

Pete Wisdom would do the standard thing after the fight attendant passed; he'd watch her walk and lament the unflattering slacks that were now required wear. He knew the spiel, he just wanted to fall asleep and get home. Or go over all his notes. Or maybe make a crass joke about the mile high club to Amanda.

Takeoff goes as expected and the initial round of drink offers from the flight attendants has been made when Amanda Sefton walks back from the first class cabin speak to the woman taking care of coach at the moment. There's a brief conversation and then Amanda disappears behind the curtain again. The attendant makes her way down the aisle to Pete and leans toward him slightly before saying, "Sir," to get his attention.

Pete Wisdom got a bloody Mary, because why not? When approached, be looked the attendant in the eyes and smiled. "Yes?" he asked, polite and professional. He may be a dirty man but he kept it to himself like God intended.

The attendant smiles politely then glances down at the paper in her hand, "Just to confirm, are you Mr. Wisdom?"

Immediately suspicious, Pete rose a brow. "I am," he said. "Is something the matter?" A perfectly valid question.

The attendant nods, "The airline has authorized us to offer you a complimentary upgrade to first class for this trip, Mr. Wisdom. We're so sorry to hear you did not enjoy your last trip with us. If you'll just follow me, Ms. Sefton is waiting to escort you to your new seat." No doubt the airline is soon to receive a bevy of complaints from all the passengers seated close enough to hear this in hopes that they will also receive free upgrades on their next trip.

Ms. Sefton. Maybe Pete should ask about the mile high club as a thank you. Getting to his feet he would move to the forward cabins, and whisper in Amanda's ear, "Nobody else is qualified to help with the emergency exits. Bunch of idiots on this air bus. But I suppose I owe you dinner at least."

Amanda Sefton escorts Pete forward to the first class area and seats him in the row nearest the flight attendant station where their own seats are for takeoff and landing. "I'm sure we won't be needing those emergency exits in any case. Didn't anyone ever tell you flying is the safest way to travel?" She gives him the very professional smile of an experienced and well-trained flight attendant before asking, "Is there anything I can get to make your flight a more pleasant one, Mr. Wisdom?"

"Mm," Wisdom thought. "Perhaps a pillow if you please, petal. And another bloody Mary. It'll wear off by the time we land. What're you doing after, by the way? Return flight?"

There's a glance to the nearby passengers in first class, one of whom is amused by Pete's presumption since he couldn't get up the nerve to ask a similar question of Amanda. She chuckles and rather than answering says, "I'll be right back with your pillow. The drink too. Would you like a blanket as well?"

"Oh, no thank you, no blanket for me," Wisdom sighed as he settled into his first class digs. As, before, he would watch Amanda walk to get his stuff.

Stupid unflattering skirt.

It only took Amanda a moment to collect Pete's pillow and pour the second Bloody Mary she'd expected to be ordered from the same person who ordered the first one. When she brings them to Pete, she leans over to place the pillow behind his head which gives her the opportunity to murmur quietly, "The flight is landing at Heathrow at 10 pm and I have another flight back to New York tomorrow, but that's not until 2 in the afternoon."

"I can put you up for the night unless you've already made arrangements," Wisdom murmured in her ear as she was about to pull away. "The Shangri-la at the Shard, by the London Bridge. Stay there all the time." He let her pull away, and smiled. "Of course, my office is in the same building. So. Win-win." His smile was a wide one.

Amanda Sefton arches a brow in his direction for a long moment before saying, "That's very interesting, Mr. Wisdom. Do let me know if you need anything else. We want to make this flight a better experience than your last one." She has a magicked up notice from the airline of the complaint back at her station just in case anyone questions the ruse. Paperwork is important these days. She walks away to check on the other passengers. There aren't many people in first class this trip which is why Amanda was able to pull the trick of upgrading him in the first place.

<Around 7 hours later 10:10 PM in London>

The landing's all said and done. Right now, Pete was waiting with his carry-on for the flight attendants and crew to do their final check/clean-up of the plane before they themselves disembark. The flight was long and uneventful, and he had just a bit of a crick in his neck. No complaints, though. Amanda was a peach. He was sitting in one of the chairs, resting his feet on the top of his carry-on suitcase, looking… well, bored as hell.

Despite the length of the flight, Amanda is still laughing with her fellow flight attendants when they finally disembark and head for the terminal. Though she expects Pete to be around she isn't looking for him there, expecting him to be outside perhaps.

Pete Wisdom was waiting right there, in the terminal, at one of the many seating areas. He got up as she walked past, to follow politely and at a discrete distance so as not to draw attention. Of course there were employee only zones and whatnot. Pete's player had no idea if there were designated changing areas for crew. So… he'd simply follow!

Flight attendants are very alert to being followed in airports. It's not as uncommon as it should be for them to be approached by passengers on the plane and then again after they land, so Amanda notices when she picks up a tagalong. She excuses herself from her companions and drops back to walk alongside Pete. "Being followed by a passenger is something that has many flight attendants calling airport security you know."

"And as soon as security sees my identification," Wisdom said, "I've got more authority than most politicians and military in this country." He just didn't wave it around like some enormous phallic title. "Thank you for the coddling, luv." He'd suddenly lean forward and plant a light peck on Amanda's cheek. "You're nicer than the version I remember you from here." Was that a compliment or a tease? It could certainly be both.

Amanda Sefton hmms as she gestures for him to lead the way, "Well that's good to know. Did you know her very well? Or do I just not know you well enough yet?" The peck on the cheek puts just a hint more pink in said cheeks.

Pete Wisdom gave a little shrug. "I didn't know her that well," he admitted. "She was more into spending time with Kurt, anyway." He noted her blush, but he was… a gentleman. Sort of. "Where you headed?" he asked.

Amanda Sefton smiles faintly, "Well that makes sense. If their history was anything like mine, she had a thing for him since they were both young." She considers, "Normally I just stay in one of the rooms at the traveller lounge here in the airport if I am leaving the next day, but your offer sounded interesting."

Pete Wisdom nodded. "I'd be a good bloke and put you up for yourself. Offering to stay with you might be a bit out of my league." And Pete also had a… girlfriend? to consider. He hasn't even mentioned her name, though. Maybe she was fake?

Amanda Sefton follows him out of the airport, "Well no doubt you've got someone to go see anyway. If she can dance the tiganza she must be quite a girl." It clearly doesn't even occur to Amanda he'd make up a fake girlfriend.

She wasn't fake. But Pete was honestly at a impasse as to whether he was official with her, or if they were just lovers. "Believe me, Sefton," he told her. "If… I could, I'd probably ask you to bed." That was a compliment, in tone and delivery, even if the statement itself might be crass. "But… I've got a history. And I don't want you hurt." Awww. "So. Let's say dinner, or are you just tired?"

Amanda Sefton gives him a pleasant smile even if there might be something strained around the eyes for a second, "You're welcome to call me Amanda if you like. Any friend of Kurt is a friend of mine." It's stated as a casual fact. Something that just couldn't be another way. "It's sweet of you to worry about me, but I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself." It could just be that's a sore spot. "And anyone would be tired after being on her feet in even one-inch heels for a seven hour flight, but I also hate the meals on airline flights so I could stand a late dinner."

"First, do you have more comfortable shoes. I didn't mean to put you off with my statement. Just. The people I end up with tend to end up crazy or dead." Kitty died for a while, didn't she? Or she was lost in space. Or something.

Amanda Sefton nods, "I can have more comfortable anything if I want, but I happen to have a pair of comfy shoes in my bag. And you didn't. A girl gets protected a lot when she's dating an X-man. When she's perfectly capable of protecting herself it sometimes becomes grating. Besides. You have a girlfriend remember? Nothing's going to happen between us worth mentioning."

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