(2016-07-20) A Musical Get Together
A Musical Get Together
Summary: Angelica, Marie and Kendra meet in the local music store and have a little chat.
Date: 2016-07-20
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Rogue is 22 years old and she's working her way toward a teaching degree at a nearby college (mostly online courses). She spends most of her free time in Salem Center or traveling to NYC for the weekend atmosphere.

On this day, she's located at one of her favorite places in the town, the Music center. Inside the building the young woman is seated upon the top of a wooden table back near the guitar area. She's got her legs crossed up beneath her, her leather longboots riding up past her knees covering up her dark black pants. She's got a guitar sitting on her lap and she's strumming the strings softly. She has a headset on her head, perhaps listening to something and playing along with it.

Angelica is 18 years old, and she more or less has her life already set for her. In fact, her life has been out of her own control since she was 13. She never really got to choose anything for herself, but it all worked out. Judging by the quality of her clothes, she's not suffering a want of money.

She happens to be visiting Salem today, for one errand or another, she's not usually open about such things. However in her time off, she's taken to visit the Music Center. She's always been an artistic soul, and while she mostly sculpts and paints and such, she does appreciate music as she does all art. Walking inside the store, she looks at everything on display, until Rogue catches her eyes. Not only for the music, which has a certain soul to it, but for the devotion to that music. Lost in the moment, Angelica doesn't realize she's taken to staring at Rogue while the older girl enjoys her music.

For her part, Kendra enjoys her first day having removed herself from the hospital by being absolutely nowhere near it. Salem Center is about as far as she can get from Manhattan and still reasonably expect to get /back/, an besides—a music store is a perfectly mundane way to beat the heat. She can use with some "mundane" right now.

So she steps into the music store and looks around curiously, giving the woman playing the guitar a smile and a nod; both are small, both both are sincere expressions of friendliness, too, so hey. Since she hasn't shopped for musicin an actual store, especiallyin years, she really came in mostly for nostalgia and air conditioning. So she begins to wander almost aimlessly, right-hand fingertips lightly dragging along the front of the glass counter, looking with more simple idle curiosity at the items therein.

Rogue is just playing some chilled and relaxed tune on the guitar, nothin loud or obnoxious… though plenty of that goes on within this store when kids or people come in who think they're a lot better on the test equipment than they actually are.

With the head phones still on its assumed she can't quite hear as well as usual, but she spots both Angelica and then Kendra. She offers them both a sweet smile while she keeps on playing, though she's simply quietly humming along with her music, not looking to sing in the store where business goes on… well, not all the time anyway. After a few more moments she stops playing and reaches up to drop the headphones down off of her head and onto her shoulders, squishing her wild punk-style hair around her neck.

"Howdy, ya'll." She says to both the newcomers. "Sorry if I was being annoyin' or whatevs."

Rogue is just playing some chilled and relaxed tune on the guitar, nothin loud or obnoxious… though plenty of that goes on within this store when kids or people come in who think they're a lot better on the test equipment than they actually are.

With the head phones still on its assumed she can't quite hear as well as usual, but she spots both Angelica and then Kendra. She offers them both a sweet smile while she keeps on playing, though she's simply quietly humming along with her music, not looking to sing in the store where business goes on… well, not all the time anyway. After a few more moments she stops playing and reaches up to drop the headphones down off of her head and onto her shoulders, squishing her wild punk-style hair around her neck.

"Howdy, ya'll." She says to both the newcomers. "Sorry if I was being annoyin' or whatevs."

Angelica has been quite enraptured by Rogue's pseudo performance, even though it's clear the girl was playing for herself. So she missed on any gestures from Kendra, while investing all of her focus on Rogue. When the punky haired girl takes off her headphones, Angelica's warm smile lights up, "oh my, not at all! You were sooo cool! I like what you did with your hair too! Are you in a band?" Angelica asks, all excited.

"You weren't," is about all Kendra can get out, and she arches her left eyebrow as she smiles at Firestar. Ah, to be that young again. Not that she's an old biddy or anything, butalmost twice their age by the look of them. They couldn't be past college age, and Kendra hasn't been that age ina while. She makes her way back, enjoying the atmosphere as much as the selection, since she's not one to really carry a tune, herself.

Rogue slid her gloves back onto her hands as Angelica spoke to her and it made her grin with amusement. She softly shook her head then and let the guitar lean back against her torso in her lap. She draped her arms over the top of it. "Nah." She replied to Angelica with a soft smile on her red painted lips. "I don't got time for a band… though I dabbled with it some when I was younge'ah. Too busy now though." She said in her thick Mississippi tone. "I work at a school near here and play for some'a the kids here'n there, when they ask. Though I try hard not t'be like… ya know… a creepy camp counselor about my music playin'." She flashed a wicked grin then.

Rogue's green eyes then swept over to the older Kendra and she nodded once to the woman. "I don't work here, but if ya got any questions I can try'n answer'em for ya. The crew at this place is good friends'a mine. Which is why they let me try out all their best gear." Another little grin then indicating her positive mood.

"See? Even she says you were great," Angelica does a bit of interpertation on what Kendra saying that Rogue wasn't annoying means, but she seems to always take a positive outlook. Or she just uses someone else's opinion because she doesn't feel like hers means too much. "You sure you don't have time? I think you could do well, you got the looks, and you play with such soul! It was beautiful!" Angel continues to be quite the cheerleader for Rogue, even though she just heard her for the first time.

Angelica's grin widens as Rogue mentions a creepy camp counselor, she experienced a few summer camps when she was much younger, she knows what that's like.

"Oh! I got a question, what was that thing you played call? The music? Did you just make it up? Because if you did, you really need to be in a band." Angel totally hijacks the answers offered to Kendra.

The fiery-haired girl's comment makes Kendra grin. "Even" she, indeed. "There /are/ a lot of bands around that are always looking for guitarists," she says, interjecting into the conversation a bit. More than a bit, really, but. "Craigslist and social media might add to whatever the—the crew, here, can give you in the way of leads.

Rather showing her comparative age, there, and she realizes it, but c'est la vie. At least she's reasonably sure no one uses MySpace anymore-if that was ever even a thing, here. Still learning the ins and outs of how this world differs from hers. She'd thought the worst of it were the obvious differences—but she'd thought wrong, and was swiftly learning the devil really was in the details.

More grinning was had from Rogue at the compliments from the other and she shrugged her shoulders some inside that leather jacket she had on over her shoulders and rolled up to her elbows. "I'm sorta in a team already which takes up a lotta my spare time, when I ain't studyin' for school. So it'd just be nigh-on impossible to deal with a band and their inevitable trials and tribulations."

With that said the young Southern Belle on the table pulled the guitar off of her lap and sat it aside, she reached for the album that the song she was playing came off of and handed it to Angelica. "I just come in here now and then, find something I can keep up with and just try'n play along with it. Helps kinda ease my nerves after a rough day." She glanced then toward the store's front. "And hey, its bette'ah than goin' t'some bar and gettin' piss-faced, ya know?" She grinned at both of them then.

"I usually aim toward more classic stuff, but that song just has a… peace about it, like a quiet rive'ah." A soft shake of her head then. "I don't know." She said with a little smile. "What're ya'll up to today?"

Angelica looks rather impressed when Kendra mentions the different thing an aspiring guitarist might do. She really didn't think there was another beyond, be in a band with your friends. "Wow, I guess you could do some of that…" she offers to Rogue, before blinking at the familiar if weird thing that Rogue just mentioned. "A team? Like a sports team? Or a…music team? Are there such teams?" Angelica seems a little bit confused, as uncounciously, she starts shuffling a little back from Rogue and Kendra.

"Wow…is this yours?" Angelica asks, studying the cover of the album she was just given. Then Rogue mentions going to bars and Angelica gasps, "you're over 21? Wow…I thought you were still in high school! Like…a senior, you know?"

"I'm almost afraid to ask how old you think /I/ am," Kendra says with a tone somewhere between rueful and amused, tapping lightly on the corner of the counter. "ButI'm not 'up to' very much. Justtrying to have a relaxing day, you know?" Naturally there's more to the story, because there always iseven before adding in things like garish costumes and strange abilities, no one's an island, and everyone has their reasons. Still, she doesn't elucidate on hers just yet, letting the others get their comments in. After all, she can very well imagine what might require one's nerves to need easing, especially in a city such as this, so though she doesn't hide her interest in the Southerner's comments one bit, she doesn't make a pest of herself eitheryet, anyway.

Rogue grinned at Angelica and she sat up on the table where she was perched and let her leather encased feet and legs drape down off of the table. She put her hands on either sides of her thighs and shook her head. "Shit. I've been goin' t'bars since I was fourteen." She told the younger girl, showing off a bit maybe. Though its hardly anything to be proud of! "And yeah, I bought that. But you can keep it. I don't need it. I just like t'support physical music media, or whateve'ah."

The young Rogue then swept her eyes back to Kendra and she measured the woman up visually, gave her an ocular patdown! "I'd wage'ah that you're about… twenty nine?" She asked then, softly tilting her head allowing her dark curly locks of hair to drape down her shoulder as she stared curiously at Kendra then.

Angelica seems a bit nervous at Kendra's comment, as she looks away from Kendra whille muffling out the words, "I wouldn't do that…I'm sorry."

But Rogue soon steals Angelica's full attention as she stares at her in awe, as if Rogue was some kind of long since heralded hero that she just seen for the first time in person, "since you were 14!? Wow! That's amazing! How did you get in? Did you lie? Did you sneak? Did they just let you?" Angelica is fascinated by this, as it seems about the bravest thing in the whole wide world. At least in normal every day life, she certainly hasn't ever tried it. Embracing the album cover to her chest, Angelica seems radiant at being handed a gift, "shut up! Are you serious? I can really keep it? I'll be sure to listen to it a lot! Thank you! You're the best, what's your name? My name's Angelica, but friends call me Angel."

Both reactions make Kendra grin anew, and to Rogue, she points upward.

"Rather kind of you, butnorth. By ten years." A small shrug of her left shoulder, then she follows Angelica's lead. As she offers her hand first to the fiery-haired woman and then the Southern belle, she says, "And my name's Kendra Culpepper. Idon't have a nickname to offer." Her handshake is firm, tight without being crushing; confident, really. Granted, she, too, is curious about this under-aged bar-hopping, though she keeps whatever old-fogey sorts of comments on it to herself. She feels old enough as it is half the time.

Rogue's head straightened and her eyes went open for a bit in surprise at Kendra's revelation about her age. "Whew… well ya keep fit, so thats whats gonna keep your appearance young." She flashed the older woman a grin. "And as far as'a nickname goes, based on your last name I'd immediately slap a 'Coldplay' on ya, but most people conside'ah that band to be basically cance'ah, so I'm not sure I wanna throw that one at ya, even if it bounces firstly into my head." She grinned slyly then and looked to Angelica.

"Marie, is my name. Well, part of it anyhow. Its a mouthful in its entirety though. So most folks just call me Rogue." She reached up then to rub the back of her neck beneath her wild mane of punkish-styled hair.

"I ran around with some bad folks when I was that age, they got me int'a anywhere they were goin'. Afte'ah that, well… a little charm and a friendly smile getse ya int'a most places. Well… the ones that aren't quite so uptight at least." She shook her head then toward the teenage girl. "But don't listen to that kinda advice, thats me not bein' a 'respectable role model' like I'm supposed t'be nowadays." Another sly grin then and she swung her legs lightly off the edge of the table.

Angelica looks at Kendra quietly, clearly not feeling as comfortable as Rogue next to the older woman. She does shake hands with her, although unlike Kendra, Angelica's grip is very weak and non-assertive. She does nods in agreement with Rogue's assessment of how fit Kendra looks, she never would have guessed as old as Kendra just said. Then again, her understanding of ages might be a bit skewed. 30 after all is super old in her book, she'll learn better in time. Everybody does.

"Marie? Are you French?" Angelica asks Rogue, fascinated, she took some French in high school, so asks politely, "can you tell me the whole mouthful of your name? French is a lovely language, I'd love to hear it." No doubt, Angelica has noticed the southern accent Rogue clearly has, but figures her family might be French. "Rogue? That make a kickass name for a band or artist too. You can totally perform under that name!" Angel thinks for a moment, and then mutters quietly, "if you're going to be a bad role model again, can I come with you?"

While she tries to be a live-and-let-live sort, Kendra obviously would agree with Rogue about the state of role modelsbut then again, she isn't the mother of either of these. Still, she can't help but say, "I'mcurious about your name, too. I doubt I could say it all, though, especially if it involves any Creole…" Creole being rather incomprehensible to outsiders in general, of course, and she is certainly no exception to that. Even the symbiote would shrug its shoulders in confusion—if it had shoulders to shrug, of course.

Slipping her hands into her back pockets, she turns to lean back against the counter, though still looking at the other women. The lack of commentary about role models would be all the commentary she'd allow herself, which was probably more than enough as it was, anyway.

Rogue looked between the two of them and she laughed a little at Angel's last question, getting a shake of her head in response though… there was an Elder with them afterall! "Nah, probably not a wise thing t'do." She told the younger one before glancing to Kendra when the woman leaned back casually on the counter. "Ah, no. I'm not quite that deep south in my origins." A nod then to Angelica as well. "I am fluent in French though. My aunt taught it to me, she and my mothe'ah used to speak it exclusively to one anothe'ah when they were growin' up togethe'ah. My mothe'ah died before she could eve'ah pass it on, so my aunt took it upon herself to do it." She smiled faintly then, a bit in-thought internally. She shook those thoughts away then and laughed a little shortly again.

"Oh, and yeah, its just Anna-Marie Elizabeth D'Ancanto-Carlyle. Not all that complicated, just… sizeable. Ain't neve'ah enough room on forms when they tell me to throw the whole eff'in thing down." She flashed a grin then.

"Awww…" Angel seems quite disappointed, Rogue seemed like the sort to have adventures everyday, and she was hoping to get a taste of it. Angelica looks saddened to hear some of Rogue's story, though that sadness breaks very quickly when she's awestruck by Rogue's full name, "damn! I guess I'm just plain Angelica Jones then…I'm sorry," she gasps all of a sudden, her cellphone buzzing, "I need to go to make my bus on time! Nice to meet you," she starts for the door, before awkwardly looking back and adding to Kendra, "I mean both of you! Bye!" She then rushes out the door.

A short laugh, and one of sincere friendliness, comes from Kendra at the long name; she wouldn't be able to reproduce it on a dare, and she's sure of it. She's about to say something to that effect when the younger girl takes her leave. "Uh-huhnice to meet you, too," she says, lifting her right hand in farewell. A beat as she looks to Rogue, arching her left eyebrow, then she says, "Iexpect that that's the last time I see her. I don't think she likes the company of people over twice her age." A small shake of her head, out of simple sincere amusement, then she refocuses her attention on the other woman more fully. "And you speak French? I never did learn that, though I've been meaning to.

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