(2016-07-22) Battle in Battery Park
Battle in Battery Park
Summary: Manifold and Havok meet while fighting the Wrecking Crew
Date: IC Date (2016-07-22)
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NPCs: The Wrecking Crew
Scene Runner: Havok
Social/Plot: Plot

Its a normal afternoon in Battery Park, or mostly normal. The Wrecking Crew was in town. Maybe they'd done something already, maybe someone was on their tails, FOOOM'ing away at them. THey were leading a chase to Battery Park though. Why there, it would hole them in, no bridges, no subway in the park. They seem destined for it though, the park. The middle of it. One keeps looking at a watch, saying two minutes, the counting out a minute. They are nearly there.

The proof appears, a man in a long cloak teleports into the park. A sinister look around and a nod at the wrecking crew. Seconds later, concentric rings appear nearby, and Manifold comes through the wrinkle of space he created. "The chase ends here, you cannot escape," says the man with thick aussie accent. The cloaked man grins and shakes his head. Ah, the wrecking crew arrives, and one clobbers Manifold. The cloaked man says, "Good to me, we will leave a trail he cannot follow." And mists start to rise, his own version of teleporting. THe crew heads for him, this seems planned, on their part.

"STAND DOWN!", comes the elevated voice of the mutant known as Havok. But he doesn't even bother waiting for them to stand down what so ever. Instead, he emerges from behind the statue and with his arms spread he releases two individual blasts of plasma toward members of of the 'Crew. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

He continues walking and will do the same again in the next round. He's intent on taking them out well before there's a chance for them to get organized.

The crew served its purpose, Thunderball had hit Manifold with his ball on a chain. He is out and not pursuing the man in the cloak. But the arrival of Havok sets things out of alignment too. Thunderball and Bulldozer are hit by the foom. Thunderball is sent to a knee, but Bulldozer seems to take it full blast and is knocked over and away from the group. As if on his first mission with the team. The man in the cloak sends his mist to absorb the next foom, or teleport it. To a spot behind Havok, Manifold realizes enough what is going on, and mist and circles compete to redirect that next blast from the other mutant.

The Wreckers moves up, as if to use crowbar against foom, "Ah, a fight, who's this, certainly not Thor!" THe only one he considers a worthy adversary it would seem. THunderball, trying to recover, thinks about it and moves towards the man in the cloak, not wanting a fight it would seem. In the end, the foom being ported about, connects with Piledriver.

Havok is saved by Manifold's wrapping wrap of his own blast. Even though it's more than likely Havok would have absorbed the plasma to redirect it another time. Either way it's all good.

He drops to one knee to get elevation on his next attack. His arms once again light up and he focuses his blast toward the Wrecker himself. One blast high, the other low. Both blast intentionally focused toward the Wrecker to catch his feet and his torso. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

Havok yells, "I SAID, STAND DOWN!".

Its an impressive thing, Havok's blast against the crowbar of the Wrecker. If not for increased strength from the artifact itself, the Wrecker would of lost it and eaten that blast. Though it sends him hurtling over that seawall. Leaving the cloaked figure and Thunderball.

Manifold gets back to standing, closing the portals left open and orienting on the mysterious figure. Thunderball says, "Leave them, get them later." THe mystery figure then opens a portal, and starts to go. Appearing near the other mutant, Eden says, "Clean up, or chase?" As in, go after the other porster, or deal with three of the wrecking crew. Even now Bulldozers is shaking off his jitters to stand up, Wrecker and Piledriver are doing no such thing though.

"Crew." replies Havok to Manifold, and adds, "They're wanted criminals. There's a reward for their capture and heck, I could use a new pair of shoes."

Another targeting dual blast toward Thunderball is released from Havok's arms, also at an upward angled attack. Again, his intention is to knock him into the drink. The transit authority or Mandroid Police should be here any minute for cleanup and no one will drown.


The last foom of doom (justice) connects with Thunderball, but the mysterious cloaked figure snags him with a whips of mist, a tendral grabs at him as he is knocked away from that spot and the two poof.

"Reward," ponders Manifest, "And the city is safer." He leaps over and runs towards Bulldozer, doing a quick port. Then turns to walk towards Havok again. "The authorities here, they will let us question them? I want to know what the man took?" The cloaked man, its mostly understandable; his words, even with the Aussie accent, mate. As if punctuation, Bulldozer falls out of the sky from where he was ported too.

Havok spots the nature of Manifold's power and he smiles as Bulldozer is caught in a teleport hole/drop. Havok stands again and he answers, "I'm sure you can ask them anything you want… whether they answer or not is up to them. There's no toture allowed by civillians in this country. You have to be a member of some government agency to get away with that."

Lifting a hand, Manifold brushes the circles at his shoulders on that uniform he is wearing. "This is too bad, I need to find that bloke." But he waits, even as the sirens may sound from distance, the trash collectors coming for the collected trash. "You belong to this Agency, mate?" A curious look around, then over Havok's uniform of choice, "Y're one of those Avengers?" Though, Australian speak, a few vowels go missing, and the syllables blur together as if there are hyphens in some places, no one can type it phonetically, but it all makes sense.

"No to both. Though I used to be an Avenger. I'm back to being an X-Man again." Havok watches the usage of the portal and the way Mani is doing things and of course the unmistakable accent, and he says, "You wouldn't happen to know a guy named Gateway, would ya?"

"The F," he says, looking offended. "Some bloke shows up with accent and hair like this and, he's just friends with Gateway." Then Manifold smiles and shakes his head, "Just chasing your tail mate, ya, I know him. He taught me all I know, and then some. Great guy, miss me mate." A pause as he rubs at some face scruff, "X-Men, that's the other group? I think I wanted to meet them, after I caught up with the Avengers. We're in the same boat, mate, used to be an Avenger. They only needed intergalactic taxi service, weres fella out, now what I mean?"

Havok chuckles at the cultural jab, but he was spot on with the guessing. "You know, mutants all seem to run together. Thing is, way back, Gateway was our taxi service. Some of us X-Men were living in the Outback. He was our neighbor and our silent mission provider. If it weren't for him, we'd have been trapped out in the desert fighting off Reavers till the cows came home." then he catches up with the rest of the remarks and says, "You know…. if you're in the market for finding a place to land here in the states, being that you used to be an Avenger too. Maybe you've got an interest in being a taxi service for the X-Men. I mean, you're clearly more than just a taxi… considering what you did to Bulldozer there. And on the flip side, we could help you out with your cloaked figure."

"Ah, that's Gateway, helping those in need. If mentioned X-Men, but I ended up with Avengers, mate." As if taking in the desert and the Reavers, and letting it click into place. Manifold nods at the thought. "And 'xactly the reason I want t'see them X-men, the mutant thing. Figuring I'm one of them, they'd know more." A glance over to Bulldozer, "Yea, more than a taxi, I could help with that, but I can do more, need a good outfit for doing that more part. I'd like to meet you and your X-Men, see about joining the outfit." He's in for what the other man has to say, "Manifold's what the call me."

"Havok's my callsign." Havok states in reply while glancing to Bulldozer again. Then is distracted by the arrival of the authorities, Mandroid Armor and such. "After we give our statments, we'll be allowed to go and we'll talk more to arrange a meeting with the rest of the group and our fearless leaders."

"Havok, fitting," grins Manifold a look over shoulder at the men, all downed or swimming from the blasts of plasma from Havok too. "Right then." He agrees, casually waiting for his time to make statements. A little more story about chasing the cloaked figure of course, then the battle with Wrecking Crew. It invovles a lot of that bloke, or that fella, as he doesn't know their names so much. "You need to get anything, or you gonna take a lift?" He doesn't know what the other is doing her, but he's already offering to close the distance to wherever Havok needs to go at least.

After all the questions/statements to the authorities; Havok comes back around and says, "I've got a jet parked on the other side of the green. We can take that back to the base if you like. You're cleared to head back with me."

Jet, other side of green, "Sure thing mate." And he focuses, a circle opens before them, it leads to right next to the jet even. "Lead the way, would be good to travel without." He look up around, using his powers. "Say, look at that, it come with a shake dispenser?" The fancy jet. He could of asked for mini bar, but the guy went for shakes. He's all along for the ride at the moment with Havok it seems.

It's actually a smaller version of the X-transports. A two seater jet for small jaunts around the country or over the pond. The canopy opens as Havok approaches and a ladder descends, "It's not the Blackbird, but it'll get us there in two shakes."

"I'm sure it will," he agrees about it getting them there, then he follows on up, letting Havok lead the way up the ladder. "Imressive, for a machine." As if, he still relies on people power, and mutants, they have lots of people power. "So, you're the leader of this outfit, the X-Men?" Maybe he thinks there has been changes, at least since Gateway last told him about the group. All things considered, there could of been drastic changes.

"Kinda. Sub team leader. Right now the Professor is heading up the show. All that means is I run a squad of X-Men in the field. We all train together, fight together, and do missions we're assigned." He powers up the jet.

"Sounds good, boss," returns Manifold, buckling in as Havok powers up the jet. Then clicking belt, and looking around, with a grin. Enjoying the space for the moment it seems. "Is this Professor, s'good as they say? GOod mentor, even if he's not been too familiar with the potential student?" As if Eden has made himself a life long learner and that is a bonus to sticking around right there.

"The best. We.." then he pauses in his statement as he lifts the jet off the ground and has an interesting flashback to something that he may or may not have experienced. He finds himself in deep thought as he pilots the jet northward and engages the cloak.

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