(2016-07-23) To the Pig and Whistle!
To the Pig and Whistle!
Summary: Pete takes Amanda out for a drink at the Pig and Whistle
Date: 2016-07-23
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Luckily, Amanda had just gotten home from a flight so she doesn't have anywhere to be the day after calming the Hulk. She gives herself the luxury of a long lazy morning in bed, not waking until almost time for lunch.

Wisdom had done the diligent thing. He did his clothes. And Amanda's. If she let him. He'd run a shower for himself. Right now he was up and in her bathroom. He was dressed, and combing his hair.

Getting that dust out.

Amanda Sefton didn't have as much dust on her as the rest and she waved off Pete's offer to do her clothes. She has plenty of clean clothes and can conjure more if she wants them. She wakes and glances toward the bathroom to see Pete. She grabs a robe from a drawer in the nighttable beside the bed and sits up to slip into it. "I can clean that for you," she offers.

"If you're willing, and if it won't knock you on your arse," Wisdom said. "So. Are you doing all right?"

Amanda Sefton ties closed her robe then walks into the bathroom to press a friendly kiss on his cheek. "It's really sweet of you to worry about me, Pete. I told you I'd be fine in the morning." She steps back to take a good look at him then gestures with a slight flare of her hand. Little breezes ripple over his body and carry away the little grains of dust still clinging to his body.

Pete Wisdom didn't blush as she kissed his cheek. He was about to reach over to her for a hug, when he was interrupted by the remaining dust coming free from his person. "Ooh, that tickles," he said, not in a friendly or flirty way.

Amanda Sefton takes the little breeze over to the trash an and lets the dust fall in before lowering her hand. "Didn't mean to tickle you. Sorry."

"Better a tickle than torture," Wisdom teased. "I just wasn't expecting it. Could be worse. You look good in that robe." And less, but he wouldn't make comment right now. "Thanks for calling me sweet. Had to make sure you were okay after all that to-do. So…" he paused. "What happened then, anyway?"

Amanda Sefton steps back and flashes him a wink, "Did I call you sweet? I'm sure I didn't mean to. That might ruin a man's reputation." She turns to the mirror and picks up a brush to begin working on her hair. "What particular part are you asking about? I assume you understood the building falling down."

"What caused Banner to go green, is what I'm asking," Wisdom said, as he… wondered how much room was in the bathroom. If only for shared space reasons. Then he'd politely slip out of the bathroom, but sort of hang out, smiling at her. She can see him smiling in the mirror's reflection.

Amanda Sefton gives one last swipe of the brush through her hair then shakes her head and flips her hair back with a quick motion of her head. There was plenty of space since the mirror on its own was big enough for three ladies to do their makeup and hair at once even though they were rarely home at the same time. "I got dropped off in Harlem by my taxi even though that's not where I told him to go. I wasn't there more than a minute when I saw him but I have no idea… Actually. There was a gunshot. Not loud but something."

"A gunshot? Fuck!" Wisdom suddenly snapped. "Was probably Domino, if I know her right." He frowned. "But she's not from here. I don't know her right." All the more reason to assume. "Are you sure it was a gunshot?" Sure, ask a woman who was just coming out of a cab to reiterate every thing she heard, Pete.

Amanda Sefton shrugs, "I don't hear them every day, Pete. I know it sounded enough like it might be one to make me want to duck. The Hulk certainly thought Domino did it. He was chasing her." She turns and makes her way back out into her bedroom.

Pete Wisdom watched the woman walk, and… after she was in a position where Wisdom wouldn't watch her sway just so, he would move to accompany her. "Are you okay? I was only there for the aftermath. I'm sure it would've been rather scary."

A pause and Wisdom asked, "Want to go out to pub?" There are few better ways to really wind down from a rough time than going to a bar and eating bar food and drinking.

Rather than just magicking up an outfit, Amanda walks over to her dresser and pulls out a pair of jeans. It's the only hint she gives that she perhaps isn't perfectly recovered yet. "It was very scary. There was steel flying around. If a steel fragment came flying at me, I'd be as dead as the next girl, mystic shield or no. I really didn't want to get closer but I didn't have a clear enough line of sight otherwise." She pulls on her jeans then drops the robe so she can slip into her shirt. "A drink sounds nice."

Pete Wisdom may look. May not. If she were aware, she'd see that no. He wasn't looking. When she was all well and dressed, he smiled. "What sort of bird are you? Beer, spirits or non-alcoholic?" he wondered.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "I can do any of that, but I usually settle on a glass of wine." She slips into some shoes then makes her way over to slip her arm through his.

It was at this point where Pete would kiss Amanda on the cheek. "All right, then. Onward!" he said… before letting her lead. Out of her apartment, at least, but he knows good pubs. He's even still allowed at some of them!

Amanda Sefton chuckles as she locks up then makes her way out to the street with him, "Well on to your favorite pub then, shall we?"

"My favorite pub's in London," Wisdom responded once they hit the pavement. "In Manhattan though? Hmm…"

"Well my favorite pub is in Germany, but I do live here now so I have a couple here as well." Amanda winks at him, "Can't go hopping to Germany every time I want a drink outside of my apartment."

"Then one of the Pig and Whistles it is," Wisdom said. "There's like, four in Manhattan." As he walked, he asked, "Would it be too forward to put an arm around you proper?"

Amanda Sefton grins, "I think a hug would be alright even if you'd like. You did keep me out of police custody and take care of me."

"I just meant like an arm around your waist, instead of just your arm," Wisdom added before he paused. To give her a warm hug.

Amanda Sefton returns the hug before pulling back and leaving an arm around his waist. "You may put an arm around me, yes. I don't think it's too forward after the past week."

With her arm around his waist, Wisdom would do the same, fingers splaying just along her hip, and tummy. "Well, if you insist," he teased. "Pig and Whistle is a basic place. Irish pub. Tend to have football on when it's in season. Good bar food. Decent taste in beer. There's one not too far from here."

"Dancing. I should make time to go dancing sometime soon. Perhaps before I end up pulled into another massive situation. Being a hero's rubbish." Amanda's hips sway as she walks beside him, bumping his hip lightly with every stride."

"Be careful. I'm not a bad dancer," Wisdom told her. "Frivolity's easier to do back home, though." He smiled at her. "I'm sure you'd feel the same way, but I can go home." His smile faded.

Time to change the subject.

"You ever have any experience with Skrulls? Or vampires?" he wondered.

Amanda Sefton bumps his hip extra hard for a moment, "Don't go all morbid on me. You never know. Here might be better than home in some ways." There's a little sigh. Some ways maybe.

Amanda hadn't been with any of the people she called friends in a while before getting dragged here. For just a moment, dark memories floated up before she shook her head to dismiss them, "No Skrulls or vampires though I know about vampires. All gypsies know about vampires. I've done dire wraiths though."

"Well, come to England regularly. Skrulls and vampires cannot ever enter its borders." A pause. "Thanks to me." Another shadow seemed to come over his face about it all, though. "Skrulls are aliens that have mutable shape. They tend to infiltrate before conquering. Can look like anybody. Some can even mimic powers," he added. "But you know about vampires. So there's that." As she bumped his hip, he'd swat her bottom. Flirtatiously, and very, very lightly. "Careful there, you're liable to make a man fall!" More flirting?

Amanda Sefton laughs, "I don't believe it. You're lighter on your feet than to let a little hip bump bother you." She dismisses the comments about Skrulls and vampires. She doesn't want to talk about those things right now. "Do you miss it when you're away on business? Britain I mean?"

"Of course I do," he told her. "But then I also tend not to think about it. So many people are ruled by their pasts. Nobody takes responsibility for themselves these days." Was he complaining? Of course he was. "It seems the modern thing to be is always looking behind." Wisdom shook his head. "No use in that, I don't think."

Amanda Sefton glances sideways at him, "Some things are worth looking back at and some things aren't. And other things won't let you look away, not forever. But mostly I agree with you. Speaking of things that should not be looked away from for too terribly long… I don't suppose you happen to know if Margali is still alive here?"

"I've no idea. What little information I do have on her was… well, letting you to rule in Limbo." He frowned. "Monarchs. You've got Limbo. Braddock has Avalon." He shook his head. "Ah, but no. I have no idea if she's alive, or sort of wandering in the afterlife, or whathaveyou." He gave her hip a little squeeze. "I don't quite recommend looking for her. I'm sure even talking about her like this might be feeding her more power than she deserves."

Amanda Sefton blinks. That news stops her cold in the street to stare at him. "Limbo? What do you mean I've got Limbo?"

"It was a long… long time ago. When you first became Magik? Or wait. No. Was it Margali that left you to rule Limbo, herself?" He frowned. "I apologize. Knowing so much, it's only natural to cross the streams from time to time. I should probably find this out."

Amanda Sefton takes a step back, mentally recoiling at the notion. "Magik was Illyana Rasputin, but she died and Belasco took over Limbo. My mother kept telling me I was destined to fight him. You mean… she actually did here?"

"I would really… really… *really* have to go over my notes. But your mother deposed Belasco. But then you deposed your mother. I think the status quo returned and it's back in Belasco's hands." He sighed. "I can take you to work and show you? Since this… well, sort of directly involves you." Which was a better offer than what Pete would give people.

Amanda Sefton frowns a moment then says, "I think it would be a good thing. There are mystical things that need a caretaker. Believe it or not, my mother was one of them. If she's gone…" She sounds deeply troubled now. "Spirits tonight I think. Wine is not going to do the trick." She turns to walk quicker in the direction they were headed. A drink is a priority.

"Spirits tonight," Wisdom asserted. "Who knows where any of these folks might be?" he wondered. "What with the alternate reality nonsense." He sighed. As she hurried, he'd follow after. Both because he wasn't quite so insistent, and so he could watch her walk.

Amanda Sefton nods ahead of him, "Right. That means I will be spending a good bit of my free time scrying for people and hoping very much that I find them."

Since they weren't precisely the people she knew, that meant scrying for them like they were strangers. Oh wouldn't that be fun. Finally she stops in front of the pub they were headed for.

The Pig and Whistle! On a Saturday night? Well. It was hopping. "This is going to be awful. Should've just bought boxed wine or spirits and taken them home," Wisdom furrowed his brow. But he held the door open for her.

Amanda Sefton is all smiles again as they walk into the bar. Logic might say she can't have gotten over it that quickly, but the persona she projects certainly says she has, "Don't be silly. No one wants boxed wine at home. Certainly not in my home."

"I suppose as not…" Wisdom lamented as he realized it was, right now, standing room only. Tweens, younger professional folks, and social butterflies were all here gabbing their fool heads off. Wisdom was looking more annoyed as the moments passed. "I'll leave it to your expertise to get us drinks. Goldschlager for me, if you please. I'll pay." No wonder he's ordering Goldschlager.

Amanda Sefton gives him a wink, "A pretty woman always gets faster service from a male bartender which this looks to be. She makes her way to the bar and instantly gets the bartender's attention as pretty blondes with enticing blue eyes are known to do. A smile is beamed at the man as she orders Goldschlager and a Sex on the Beach.

The spy in Wisdom had him on the alert. Better safe than stupid. But his eyes kept being drawn to Amanda's jeans. He found himself blushing. Stop thinking like that, Pete. He would head towards one of the (thankfully) open windows, for a bit of air. Pete may be fine with heat, but stuffiness is still stuffiness.

Amanda Sefton gives the bartender another smile when the drinks come quickly. She slips him a tip then takes the drinks over to Pete, offering his. "Heat bothering you?"

"No, just the stuffiness." He'd accept his shot and nurse it, very, very carefully. Goldschlager's a strong cinnamon schnapps. "What'd you get?" he asked her.

Amanda Sefton gestures with her cocktail, "Sex on the Beach." She sips it carefully since they are standing instead of sitting. "I think I'm feeling better. What about you?"

"Nah," Wisdom sighed. "Too many people," he admitted. "But that's okay," he said, as he reached over to take one of her hands and just… hold it.

Amanda Sefton looks down at his hand and smiles faintly before looking up, "Why did you suggest a pub if you didn't want to be around people?" She lets him keep hold of her free hand as she sips her drink again.

"Get you out of the house. Get you away from home and away from brooding," he said as he sipped his own drink, very carefully.

Amanda Sefton laughs off the implication, "What makes you think I brood, Pete?"

"Luv, we all do. Every single one of us who deals with things that most of these folks will never experience, or even barely hear about." Wisdom's smile was one of solidarity, though.

Amanda Sefton nods toward the room, "I was going to retire from the whole racket you know. Go back to being one of them."

"I don't blame you," Wisdom said. "I can't retire. Not yet. Still got too much to do, especially after the recent stuff." Some would say he's done his part and then some. But no. If there's one thing Pete has above pretty much all other things, it was his duty.

Amanda Sefton squeezes his hand lightly, "Some people never get the chance. Things keep drawing them back. Like getting dropped off in Harlem just before the Hulk knocks down a building. That was unexpected."

"Indeed. If he was shot, though." He sighed. "I don't really have jurisdiction. But if Domino did it, well. She's in some shit. And I'll need help with her." Wisdom downed the last of his shot before making a face. "Guuh," he grimaced. "That's so strong. Not that I mind, but, oof." He then shook his head a little. "Consequences. We have too few."

Amanda Sefton drinks a little more, "Because lovely men like you whisk us away from the police before they can ask questions. Thank you for that by the way. I know you needed my help, but it was really nice not to get arrested."

"I'm talking about Domino. Shooting any one of us is a mistake. If she did shoot Banner, then that was just sloppy. And she needs to be in a room with him for five - maybe fifteen - seconds, alone. For him to thank her." Wisdom's brow furrowed low. "I like her. But this isn't her. Er, the her that I knew."

Amanda Sefton frowns, "I would not suggest putting them in a room together unless said room is very very far from my apartment even if I might agree with her needing consequences. I could arrange some you know. I could put her in a fairly nasty pocket dimension. Margali once made one that emulated hell for Kurt."

"I'm talking an Adamantium-lined room. At least one molecule thick of Adamantium. That should be enough," Wisdom growled. "Somewhere far away. Like the Marianas trench." He frowned. "It wouldn't be proper if you did it. And we don't even know if it was her. But if it was. He deserves his own justice." And she deserves to pay for that building."

Amanda Sefton gives him the smile of a girl whose drink is beginning to hit her who doesn't drink anything stronger than wine on a regular basis. "Proper is very important to you, isn't it?"

"Nah. Well. Sort of." He cleared his throat. "I've given bastards what-for for certain injustices. And others have given me the same." He still has a mild few scars on his cheeks and under his eyes from various punches that bore rings.

Amanda Sefton cannot help a bigger smile as it occurs to her that she thinks she understands why Kitty liked him. Thankfully Pete is not a mind reader since Amanda is not so stupid as to say it out loud. "You're a good guy, Pete Wisdom."

"No," Wisdom stressed, lifting a finger Amanda's way. "I just do what needs doing, when there's no time for any other option." Like shooting his girlfriend in the head. "How are you feeling? One more drink? Or should we stop by a place on the way home and grab a bottle? It'd be terribly rude of me not to walk you home." And a single shot of schnapps isn't going to put Wisdom down for the count, anyway.

Amanda Sefton finishes off her drink, "I actually have a bottle of wine at home. Probably a couple other things my roommates brought in. They are on the other side of the world at the moment."

"So it's okay to drink their wine?" Wisdom suggested, as he tried to maneuver both himself and Amanda out, to begin the trek back home.

Amanda Sefton grins, "Well it is if I replace it. Besides, the wine is mine anyway." She sways a little more than before as they head for the door.

Willing to let Amanda lean on him on the way back, Wisdom would help lead her up to her apartment room. "Should I join you, or should I play the gentleman for one more day?" he joked.

Amanda Sefton gently tugs him inside. "Joining me for a glass of wine does not make you ungentlemanly."

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