(2016-07-25) A Day at the Met
A Day at the Met
Summary: Amanda goes to the Met expecting that Pete might join her. She leaves a trail of ribbons for him to follow like breadcrumbs. Pete joins her for a friendly discussion as they walk through the exhibit.
Date: 2016-07-25
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When Pete arrives at the Met, it's a busy day, but if he looks around with the attentiveness of a spy he just might notice that there is a braid of pink and gold ribbons hanging on the wall near one of the exits from the lobby. Walking over to said braid would show another braid in view off in the distance.

Pink and gold ribbons? Was something being celebrated? Breast cancer and something else? May as well explore. There were many floors, and so much to see. And it was air conditioned in here, which made the business-jacket-clad Pete far more comfortable than outside. Sunglasses were folded up and put away in his breast pocket. He wasn't wearing a gun in a freaking museum, either. But right now? Explore, and follow the ribbons!

Following the ribbons eventually leads Pete into the Egypt exhibit. When he reaches the final ribbon, he finds an Amanda Sefton standing where she can examine a stone covered in hieroglyphs just a little distance away from said ribbon.

The Egypt exhibit was not hard to find. Due left when entering the building. There were so many things to see. Numerous sarcophagi, the occasional mummy, dioramas, artefacts and all sorts of things. Wisdom recognized Amanda from her hair and her jeans, and he would approach. "'Lo," he greeted. "Fancy seeing you here, petal."

Amanda Sefton turns at the sound of Pete's voice and offers a quick smile, "I wasn't sure if you'd want to join. I've been all over the world, but I don't spend a lot of time exploring New York. I figured I'd take the opportunity since I have to be around for consults on the repairs to my apartment."

Pete Wisdom grins. "There's stuff from all over the world right 'ere. It's actually pretty stellar, I must admit," he said. "Are you holding up okay? What happened to Banner?" May as well get the important stuff handled. "And sorry about your window. Better a broken window than a broken you."

Amanda Sefton nods, "I lost sight of him after he broke through the windows of that car and I changed him back to his normal self. It's alright. With the door ripped off and the sofa torn in half, the window wasn't really much worse. Fortunately, my phone still works." She reaches over to take Pete's arm and draw him along with her to the next thing she wants to look at.

When she took his arm, Pete slid in to give a kiss to her cheek. "I'm glad you're okay," he said as he walked with her. "What're all these ribbons for?" he wondered aloud, as he made stride alongside his lovely friend.

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "Oh you didn't guess? The ribbons are the same colors as the light my teleport gives off. I hung them up as I walked in in case you followed. It's a big place. I was worried someone might take them down but they tolerated me."

"Interesting notion," Wisdom said. "So you knew I was coming? Or just had a feeling?" Sorceresses. They did make him nervous. But Amanda was so nice. And so lovely. And it seemed there may be suppressed feelings, or desires. For now.

"Well, I'm glad you left me a crumb trail to find you, luv."

Amanda Sefton squeezes his arm lightly, "Well I did leave a note saying I was going to be here. I considered the possibility you might come. It's not going to take long to fix my apartment. The building's insurance covers the broken door and window. My insurance covers the broken things. I just have to shop for replacements. So I won't be taking up space long."

"Good. I'm glad your insurance covers things like… uh… Hulkings." Wisdom gave a hard sort of smile. "No, think nothing of it. I already had to fight you to settle on the couch instead of you in my bed and me on the couch."

"They probably wouldn't have if I'd mentioned I brought him to the apartment voluntarily. I left that detail out." Amanda smiles a little wryly, "As for the bed, it's your bed. You belong in it."

"I can't argue there but you're my guest. Hospitality dictates I treat you well," he retorted. He smiled at her, before looking out at some other exhibits.

Amanda Sefton walks along in quiet for a few exhibits. "So does this mean it's your job to track down Doctor Banner? Because I might just feel sorry you if so. I admit freely that the man scares me."

"He's beyond my immediate capabilities. The idea is to convince him to help us find a way to get him - and you, if you want to - home." Wisdom sighed. "It's… hmph." He sighed. "It's a very tough situation."

Amanda Sefton asks quietly, "So if I went back would that mean the Amanda who was here before would be back? Or is that one of the unknowns?"

"That's an unknown. We're also trying to retrieve the lost folks from here," Wisdom added. "It's… messy."

Amanda Sefton stops to examine a sarcophagus. Her voice remains very quiet, "I think Kurt would like that. If I went home and she came back."

Pete Wisdom frowned a little. "Maybe he would. I wouldn't mind it if we got the folks we needed back here. Or if some would be gone, and stay gone." Pete can immediately think of more than a few people he'd like on that list. "I can't speak for Kurt, but… I like you, Amanda." Awww.

Amanda Sefton brushes a quick kiss on his cheek. "Thank you, Pete. I appreciate that. And everything else you've done for me since I got here." Even if that list does include asking her to teleport Banner when she was exhausted.

Wisdom did something… stupid. Well, stupid later, maybe. But the arm he had in Amanda's let go, sliding down to then reach hand in hand.

Hand holding. How lewd.

"Sure. What're mates for, yeah?"

Amanda Sefton glances down at their hands then looks up at the exhibits again, "You didn't have to treat me as a friend. You didn't know me. It was very kind of you."

Pete Wisdom shrugged. "You're a lost person looking to find a new place. I'm no skintight. But I'm not… *not* a hero, sometimes. I'm certainly nothing like Captain Britain." Though Pete is noble, in his own right.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "I don't know who Captain Britain is, but I like you, Pete." Her fingers twine gently through his.

Pete Wisdom blushed, just a little. "Cor. Gotta bring you back to London, then. You need to learn about real heroes. And if you worked with Excalibur in your world, then you *should* know Captain Britain. If there's one thing I know Brian does, it's… well. There was a whole multi-dimensional corps of Captain Britains. It's a little nuts, really."

Amanda Sefton pauses a beat. "Oh. Was that something she did? Work with Excalibur?" She pauses, "Kurt was with them. My Kurt I mean. I went to talk to him, but no one was there. I ended up on Muir Island instead with Moira and Sean. That's where …" She trails off and then shakes her head, "Well that's not worth talking about really. Suffice it to say, I never had the pleasure of working with Excalibur."

"Bunch of tossers, really," Wisdom joked. He gave a light squeeze to her hand. "Are you… holding up okay? Do you miss anyone?"

Amanda Sefton's voice becomes more quiet. "I don't miss anyone that I wasn't already missing. The reason I was looking for Kurt at the lighthouse that day is that we hadn't talked since the day he let me walk out angry and then when I came back he was gone."

"So, you and your Kurt had a nasty break-up?" Wisdom asked, before he let go of her hand… only to give her a firm hug.

Amanda Sefton is surprised by the hug and it takes her half a second before she returns it, turning gratefully into the warmth of him against the chill of her memories. "I didn't know words could hurt like that until then."

"Sometimes words cut deeper than any blade, Amanda," Wisdom said. "I know." And he thought of Kitty. He kissed the top of the blonde's head. And he was sorely… sorely tempted to kiss her.

He wouldn't pull back if she kissed him.

Who knows, if they were talking somewhere private, maybe Amanda might have done just that, but they're in the Met where she is pretty sure that sort of thing is frowned upon, at the very least by the other patrons trying to look at the exhibit they are standing in front of.

She stands there in the hug for a minute longer then pulls away when she realizes they are in someone's way. She reclaims his hand and starts walking once more. "If it had been someone else who said it, I don't think I would have batted an eye, but coming from him it was a dagger. You know how that is, I'm sure."

"Of course I do," Wisdom said. As he walked, he thought. He thought long, and hard. "I don't like suppressing things too much when they're easy enough to talk about." He swallowed. "But I don't want to sour what we've got." He squeezed her hand, and slowed down, but still kept walking. "I like you, Amanda. But I'm already involved. I don't know your feelings on… open dating. Nor do I know the feelings of my current partner. But if I know her like I do, she's not the type to get heartbroken." Mostly because she was more analytical and computer-like than any of Pete's other friends or liaisons.

Amanda Sefton admits softly, "I get very strongly attached. I have also found myself to be quite jealous at times. I would not want either of us to hurt the other or have a misunderstanding about such things."

Pete Wisdom nodded. "Good. Good to know. I wouldn't want to give you a promise I couldn't keep." He squeezed her hand again. "Thank you for being honest and forthright. I'm extremely attracted to you. Don't you worry, though. I won't try to sneak into your couch at night." He was better than that. Even for a crass, snide… Brit, he was better than that.

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, her melancholy apparently broken, "Oh good. There's not enough room on it for the both of us."

"You do know it unfolds into a guest bed, right?" Wisdom joked. "So how are you doing? Any favorite exhibits here?" he wondered.

Amanda Sefton smiles widely at him, "I do have a favorite exhibit. Whichever one I am in at the moment. I feel much the same way about countries at times."

Pete Wisdom grins. "That's… actually a very clever sentiment. I applaud your enthusiasm, Amanda."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "All part of the wanderlust. Sometimes I just get the urge to be going. It kept me taking long assignments on trips around the world. Always a different destination of course. Oddly my mother never felt it. She didn't mind staying put for however long. She would always ask when I was going to stop wandering and make myself a life."

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