(2016-07-26) A Call to Wisdom
A Call to Wisdom
Summary: Douglock calls Pete Wisdom who invites him to Amanda Sefton's apartment.
Date: 2016-07-26
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NPCs: none
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Social/Plot: Social

Doug internally emulates a cell phone and connects to the cellular network. He then sends the signal to dial the number Sage provided him to call Pete Wisdom.

About three rings in, and the line is answered. "Hello?"

The voice Doug sends though the phone has a synthesized feel to it. ":Hello, my name is Doug Ramsey. Is this Mister Wisdom?:"

Pete Wisdom's voice came clear, and a little bit loud at first. "The name rings a bell. Speaking, Mr. Doug Ramsey." His voice reached a normal pitch and volume after, saying, "To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

The synthetic voice identified as Doug Ramsey says, ":I am not of this world and I was given your number by Sage. I assume that name means something to you, if not I can provide other information?:"

Pete Wisdom's voice got a lot more intense, curious even, "She referred you to me?" A pause, and he said contemplatively, "Well, that sounds like a thing she would do." A moment later for thought. "What can I do for you, Ramsey?"

":Please, call me Doug,:" he says first. Then he answers. ":I want to understand what happened to me more. Sage suggested you as one of two people who could help me. I'd like both points of view. And it would be interesting to see how or if you are any different than the man I knew… I guess 'back home' would be the right phrase.:"

Pete Wisdom's response was simple, cautious, "Of course, Doug. What's your question, then? And…" It almost seemed like he had to find the words. "Ah. So you're aware of me. Or… 'a' me, as the case may be. This is unfortunate."

":Unfortunate? Maybe. Do you want to keep discussing this on the phone or should we meet?:"'

Pete Wisdom's response was quick, and in this case, calculated. "It's unfortunate, yes. Unfortunate that you might already have preconceived notions of my character, as you're aware of a version of myself from your home dimension. You understand my concern, if not consternation, I'm sure." He sniffed, audibly from the other line, a distinctly British quirk. "It would be safest to do this in person."

":Understood and agreed. I'm in Westchester county currently but… well, where and when would you like to meet?:"'

Pete Wisdom's voice came clear, "You're in Westchester? Probably at the Xavier school. Or Jean Grey's. I don't know what it's called these days after Chuck died." He almost audibly frowned. "But come to…" and he gave Amanda Sefton's address.

":Alri-,:" the voice cuts off completely for a moment.

Inside his mind Douglock asks urRamsey, ("How did you feel when you thought Professor Xavier was dying on Muir Island?") The Beta fork provides a fairly detailed response which includes the sense of being punched in the gut and seems to satisfy his primary who says, ("Okay, that's good. That's about how that felt to me also.")

After that moment of self interruption, Doug's voice continues: ":Yes, alright. I can be there in a few minutes if you don't mind my using an electrical outlet when I arrive?:"

Pete Wisdom replied, "As long as you cause no damage to the location, we should be fine. You and I both are under the hospitality of a very nice host, and it'll be my ass if you mess things up. So please, behave." Then he could be heard to ask someone wherever he was at, "Is it okay if he comes in through an electrical outlet? Powers," he added, as though flustered. He was just hoping the travel didn't damage the electrical outlet, or the wiring.

":No, not though one… oh, never mind. I'll explain when I get there,:" rather than explaining further he ends the call.

Doug steps out onto the school grounds and jumps a few feet into the air as he forms repulsors on his feet and then rockets into the air. Once he has sufficient altitude he forms stabilizing fins and activates a radar suppression device before blasting full speed towards Manhattan at jet aircraft speeds.

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