(2016-07-26) Douglock?
Summary: Amanda is inventorying the damage in her apartment when Pete shows up with a gift of supplies to help fix the damage. While they are talking, Douglock phones Pete at Sage's suggestion and flies to Amanda's apartment to meet with Pete. Afterwards Pete takes Amanda out for German food.
Date: 2016-07-26 Evening
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Amanda's apartment is still a disaster, which she hopes to have fixed by the time her roommates come home so she doesn't have to explain to her roommates that the Hulk wrecked their apartment. At least tarps have been put up to protect things from the elements now.

Amanda is currently walking through the apartment with a notebook making a list of things which were broken and will need replacing so she can report the amount of damage accurately to her insurance.

With a care package involving a number of things like some tile, caulk, and spackle for holes in walls and stuff, Wisdom knock-knock-knocked on Amanda's apartment door.

Or at least on the doorframe of the former door. Amanda glances around at the sound of knocking and raises a hand to wave him in, "Just push that tarp out of the way and come in, Pete."

Stepping in carefully, Wisdom set the heavy care package down. "Oof," he grunted, and wiped his hands together. They were a little sore. Tile can get heavy! "Got a little something for you," he said. "How you holding up? Did your flatmates understand the explanation?"

Amanda Sefton eyes the package a little skeptically, "My roommates are both on a long series of flights around the world. They won't be back for a couple weeks. I am hoping this will all be fixed by then."

"Right right. Glad you've got plenty of time then. Shall I hire a repair… team?" he suggested, looking at the woman with her notebook. "Tallying up what's salvageable and what's not?" he wondered.

Amanda Sefton sighs, "Just making a list for the insurance so I can tell them how much money it's going to cost to replace everything. Luckily the Hulk is not listed on my policy as a force of nature." She gestures toward the crystal ball on one of the living room shelves that didn't get knocked down, "That's the worst loss of course."

Wisdom stepped over to the crystal ball and reached out to take it. "What's wrong with it?" he'd ask, looking for any chips or cracks or the like.

The crystal ball, upon looking, has a deep crack across it that does not go all the way through but nonetheless spoils the clarity of the ball.

"It was on the sofa when he tore it in half. It must have gotten thrown up in the process and come down hard on the floor. It's lucky not to be in two pieces." Amanda sighs, "I don't know how long she's had it, but I had one like it that I got not long after leaving the circus to follow Kurt to New York."

"That's… oof. That's really unfortunate. Can I have this?" he asked. "I can melt it back down and maybe shape it back, no problem." He shrugged a little, smiling. "I'm not sure if it'll be perfect, but… I can try?"

Amanda Sefton smiles broadly, "You can melt and shape crystal? That is really impressive. You are certainly welcome to try if you want. Just don't start a fire in here. I don't want to have to put it out."

"Well… it's jes' glass, ennit?" Wisdom asked. "Well. A sort of glass. Just different base materials that're melted down all the same. I can produce heat hot as the sun, luv. So whether it's the typical class, or lead crystal, quartz, selenite, or even obsidian…" Wisdom smiled. "I can melt it down. Problem is getting it back in the right shape, yeah?" He nodded. "Won't do it here, mind. It's far too dangerous. Need somewhere concrete lined or whathaveyou."

Amanda Sefton nods, "Hot as the sun, huh? Remind me never to really upset you. That could kill someone." She whistles then nods, "It's quartz if it's like mine. Have fun trying it, but I can always find myself a new one if you cannot fix it so don't worry over it."

"Well, it's something to work on, yeah?" Wisdom grinned. "So don't worry, all right? Here's to hoping I can get you a fixed-up ball." He then moved to try to find a chair to sit down in. "So. How are things holding up? Comfy at mine, I hope?"

Amanda Sefton walks over to stand closer to him, "I'm okay. I'm very comfortable at your place, but I don't want to hang around past my welcome so I'm trying to hurry things along here. I could conjure things to help fix it, but that would just confuse things."

"Confuse things how?" Wisdom asked, suddenly curious. "And you are welcome. For now. Please don't be a stranger, to either my apartment or the UK."

"Well, if I conjure things to replace the items that were broken after reporting to the insurance that I have damage, then I have to explain it. Mutants might be public and accepted as a hated element in society, but unless you know something I don't my magic isn't as public knowledge." Amanda gives a little shrug then settles down on the arm of the chair he's chosen to sit in.

With her sitting on the arm of his chair, Wisdom found half of Amanda's … well… half of her backside against his arm and shoulder. He scooted, just a little, to try to make extra room. "I suppose that makes sense. No sense in scaring the locals. Though if you can fix things before they even show back up to question it… no harm, no foul, I think. Unless it hurts you. Most magic requires sacrifice of a sort." Wisdom knew this personally.

Amanda Sefton nods, "Simple spells don't take enough energy for me to notice. Most of what I do uses the energies around me instead of mine and channeling the energy through me doesn't do more than tire me a little. Unless it's something huge like calming the Hulk. Or teleporting half way around the world."

"I suppose that makes sense," Wisdom said. Suddenly, she would feel against her backside a buzzing. Wisdom reached into his coat pocket for his cell phone, "Jeez, sorry," he said as he produced his mobile and glanced at it. "Unknown number. Huh," he said, as he answered it. "Hello?"

Amanda Sefton shifts forward a little as the buzzing starts so he can reach the phone without feeling up her backside in the process. She doesn't answer so he can speak. Instead she starts looking around the room again without actually moving and making notes in her notebook.

Wisdom seemed to recognize something about the individual and on the other line. "The name rings a bell. Speaking, Mr. Doug Ramsey," he said, with the express purpose of Amanda hearing him too. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your call?"

Amanda Sefton glances at Pete and smiles as she whispers, "Thanks." There's a little wink before she looks back to her broken things.

Wisdom's brow furrowed as he heard more of what's being told. "She referred you to me?" he asked. "Well, that sounds like a thing she would do." A pause. He'd ask personal questions later. "What can I do for you, Ramsey?" he asked. He suddenly seemed a lot more interested in the phone call.

Amanda Sefton hmms softly at the increase in interest levels but she knows when to stay quiet.

"Of course, Doug," Wisdom responded into the phone. "What is your question, then? And…" Wisdom took a moment. "Ah. So you're aware of me. Or… 'a' me, as the case may be. This is unfortunate." Wisdom glanced to Amanda, a sort of worry in his eyes.

Amanda Sefton shakes her head and pushes up from the arm of his chair to go and inventory the shelf at the front of the room. She shifts her weight back and forth from one foot to the other as she does.

Wisdom looked at Amanda as she got up, his eyes on the backside of her jeans a moment. "It's unfortunate, yes. Unfortunate that you might already have preconceived notions of my character as you're aware of a version of myself from your home dimension. You understand my concern, if not consternation, I'm sure." He gave a sniff. "It would be safest to do this in person." It absolutely WOULDN'T be safe to meet a strange person who invokes the name of a dead guy and claims to know him from another dimension. But where would Wisdom be if he didn't take risks?

Amanda Sefton speaks at that, "You can have him come here to meet. I can take care of myself if necessary. Or not. As you please."

Wisdom nodded at Amanda. He didn't want to risk her apartment being damaged any further. But it would be nice to have support. He mouthed the words, 'Thank you,' to Amanda, before responding. "You're in Westchester? Probably at the Xavier school. Or Jean Grey's. I don't know what it's called these days after Chuck died," Wisdom said with a frown. "But come to…" and he gave Amanda's address. "It might take a while. Going from Westchester to Manhattan takes time."

Amanda Sefton smiles at him and nods. She considers a moment then conjures a few of her favorite knick-knacks to put back onto the shelf in replacement of the ones that got broken.

Wisdom brought a hand to his forehead, actually facepalming as he asked, "As long as you cause no damage to the location, we should be fine," he murmured. "You and I both are under the hospitality of a very nice host, and it'll be my ass if you mess things up," he added. "So please behave." He looked at Amanda again, and bit his lip. "Is it okay if he comes in through an electrical outlet? Powers," he said, almost as though it was a source of frustration. Said the mutant to the sorceress.

Amanda Sefton chuckles for a moment at that comment and she says quietly, "Just so you understand that, Wisdom." There's another wink.

The call ends, and Wisdom gives a flustered sigh. "I apologize in advance, Amanda. If this turns out to be an ambush, by all means, teleport away and I'll do my best to handle it," he explained. "The voice identified as Doug Ramsey. Who, if I remember right, is dead, here. Or is he back again? I don't know," he really should find that out. "But he also suggested he's from an alternate reality, too. And an associate of mine referred him to me. So I ought to really do the professional thing."

Amanda Sefton tsks, "I will not. And I am officially a little insulted at the suggestion also. I don't leave my friends in danger, Pete Wisdom. If it's an ambush, someone will be sorry they tried to do it in my apartment. I am regretting not shoving the Hulk through a dimensional rift before he broke things."

"Please don't be insulted. You've just already been through plenty, and I don't want you to be at risk because of me," Wisdom stressed. Now would be about the time their guest should be arriving…

The sound of a jet is heard outside, fading even as it becomes audible… as if the jet is slowing as it approaches. Then a humanoid figure floats down on repulsor beams coming out of his feet even as fins in his arms and back are absorbed into his form.

Douglock settles down on the patio outside of Amanda's apartment even as his appearance normalizes… or becomes about as normal as can be with glowing eyes and sometimes shifting, tattoo-like lines on his skin.

In a voice that seems somewhat synthetic, Doug says, ":Hello. Mr. Wisdom invited me here,:" just loud enough to be heard though the plastic tarp covered, broken window. He then knocks on the door as well.

Amanda Sefton frowns and puts down her notebook as she strides over to Pete. "My life has always been full of strange things, Pete Wisdom. You're not going to keep them away from me no matter how hard you try." At the nearby sound of a jet she looks toward the window. "Well that's one I've not seen before." She raises her voice, "Yes. I heard him. Use the door, please. Without breaking it."

"Well, I wasn't expecting a…" a pause, "…Transformer." He would get up from his seat, in preparation to greet the Ramsey. He also put on his sunglasses. For effect, you see.

Pete would also adjust his tie and make sure he seemed at least moderately presentable.

":I'm not a robot. Nor am I in disguise,:" Doug says as he comes thought he door. Properly. Without breaking it. Speaking to Amanda he says, ":Thank you for letting me come here, ma'am. Where's a working outlet I can use?:" With the inquiry he waves his hand showing off the now extended index finger which ends in an electrical plug.

Amanda Sefton gestures to the wall near an outlet, "Just remember you're going to owe me for the power bill." She walks over to stand near Pete despite his former suggestion she let him take all the risks.

Sure, the guest comes in and immediately asks to use the facilities. Amanda said her peace, and Wisdom offered a smile. "Erm. When you're all done," he said. "Pete Wisdom. MI-13. Director. And you are Doug Ramsey. Yeah?"

":Yes,:" Doug says as he sticks what was his finger into the outlet and then turns to face his host and Wisdom, trailing the former finger - already replaced on his hand - out of the back of his 'shirt' after it traveled across his body while he rotated. Addressing Amanda directly he says, ":Of course Xavier's will reimburse you.:" He then frowns for a moment before shaking his head and turns to look at Pete. The glow of his eyes is becoming brighter as he speaks again, ":MI-13 here also, nice. So, what's going on here? Our mutual friend wasn't able to explain it in any true detail.:"

Nothing strange about that. Amanda tilts her head at the mention of Xavier's, "They will, will they? You're a student at Xavier's then?"

"To be honest," Wisdom said, "There aren't too many details. And the few who I even suspect might be in the know have secreted themselves away, or they aren't talking." Once those introductions were done at least, he'd sit back down. "There was some huge cataclysm. Few remember it. I sure don't, but I recognized the signs that something did happen. Dimensional stuff. Folks are displaced. From here, and from wherever else. Like you, and as far as I can tell, many others."

":Former student,:" Doug says answering Amanda's question, ":My status at the school is unclear for… well, the reasons are likely apparent with the conversation Mr. Wisdom and I are having.:" After Pete's explanation, Doug's tendril unplugs itself and is re-absorbed into his body. ":Huh. Well, not much more information than I had before but it is more," he says. ":Sage suggested I should just step into the life of Doug from this world. I take it that he's just not here… displaced away from here as much as I am displaced here?:"

Amanda Sefton slowly steps back now and walks over to pick up her notebook and begin her inventory again since there's no apparent danger. No. She's not hiding her face as she thinks about the other her who has been displaced, not at all.

"If he ever came back from the dead," Wisdom said. "A TO-being sort of reinhabited his remains and came to life. But it wasn't Doug." Wisdom knew that file because it was such a weird occurrence. He looked at Amanda, and watched her sort of putter. "Sage's suggestion isn't entirely morally sound. Far as I know, Doug's been dead for some time. Taking over that life will have consequences. Better to just be yourself and acclimate here. Unless it's your intention to get back home? That's where I come in, I suppose."

":Well, get me the information about what it would take to get me home and we'll see how things progress,:" Doug says to Pete before the curiosity gets the best of him and he asks Amanda, ":You seem familiar to me. And you knew about Xavier's. I know its public here and all but still, how? Who are you?:"

Amanda Sefton does not turn around as she explains, "Nightcrawler's ex-girlfriend. Most people around Xavier's have at least seen me."

"I can't," Wisdom said. "We're working on that." He didn't want to tell Doug that the best minds haven't even been gathered, yet. Because some of them haven't been found. And some of their AU replacements are here, instead. "On my side of things, I have the support of Brian Braddock. Also known as Captain Britain. I know that he is particularly, personally knowledgeable about alternate realities." He also didn't want to tell… anyone… that he hasn't been in contact with Brian in a while.

":Oh yeah, that's it, Kurt's girlfriend, yes. Nice to meet you then,:" Doug says to Amanda. Brian Braddock, that's a name he hasn't heard in a while. ":Yeah, I know Captain Britain. Gave him my tunic once when we were facing down Mojo…:" he takes a moment to close his eyes and bask in Warlock's memory of the end of that caper - a smile forming on his features as he does. ":So… you're helping people return but as of this moment you aren't sure how to do so, right?:"

Amanda Sefton slowly turns again, "You want to go back then? Never know you might like it here. You might even like it better here."

"Right now, it's my duty to find folks like you, and keep them listed, and to list the people from here that we're missing, and if there's any correlation. In the event that we *do* find something to help you guys. And then do something about it. Whether you stay or go is up to you, unless you're a super villain or sommat." Wisdom shrugged. "So yes. We're helping people, as we can."

":Well, you can definitely list me.:" Douglock is certain this world is not his own. ":And your records on Doug Ramsey weren't entirely accurate. Yes, he died, but he was resurrected. That's not public knowledge though I suspect.:"

Amanda Sefton falls silent as she write in her notebook and listens to the conversation behind her. It doesn't really involve her this conversation. Someone who's paying a lot of attention might notice… something… off in her demeanor despite that she's not doing much.

Lifting a hand to his face, Wisdom cursed. "Bollocks. Who did it?" he asked. "Did Selene come back from the dead again, too?" he wondered. "How many times do the people that I don't give a flip about get to come back?" Uh oh, things are getting personal. Wisdom lowered his hand and adjusted his tie again. "Sorry. It's just not fair, but I'd be naive to expect things to ever be fair to begin with." He offered a smile. "All right then. So, to note. Alternate-universe Doug Ramsey is here. In-universe Ramsey was resurrected… but is currently missing?"

":Well, our mutual friend moved me into his room at the school, so I really hope so because if he climbs into bed with me that would be really awkward,:" Doug says in response.

Amanda Sefton puts her notebook down on the shelf then makes her way into the kitchen to examine the contents of the fridge. That's some serious avoidance of the ongoing conversation.

Our mutual friend?" Wisdom asked, for clarification. At one moment he thought their mutual friend was Sage, who was certainly not a 'his.'

"So… All I can really offer is my reassurance. And if you would like to help in the efforts, perhaps you can scour the internet for reports of people missing, or replaced. Doppelgangers, alternate selves, alien abductions. You know how people get. I don't want to force you of course. Help if you like. I may run an important organization, but as for me, I'm still just one toerag in a sea of billions."

Chuckling, Doug clarifies, ":Sage moved me into Doug's room. If he climbed into bed with me… well, some might call that masturbation but I've never been into slash stories.:" He glances at Amanda and says, ":Um, hope you don't mind," to her before asking, ":Is there anything I can do to help you with your… repairs?:" That last is a question, maybe its poorly progressing renovations instead?

Amanda Sefton doesn't blink at the slash story comment, but she finally gives her attention back when she's directly addressed, "Not really. Pete brought me supplies and the building manager is getting the major work done. This is a classy place so I don't have to do my own repairs, just replace my things. Just don't break anything. Already have enough things broken."

Wisdom's expression was hard to determine at the slash story line. But he did smile. At least the TO fellow was a joker. Wisdom could appreciate that. "Maybe he could be really helpful?" Wisdom offered. Yes, he was encouraging a techno-organic being to assisting in repairs. "At least I'm sure we'd both like to see what he's capable of. After all, what's the worst that could happen?"

The rudiments of wisdom are sometimes lost on Pete.

Doug decides not to share his opinions on what the worse that could happen. ":Any damaged electronics?:" he asks looking around and not seeing anything obvious.

Amanda Sefton glances around then gestures to a lamp. "That's not been working since part of the door hit it." She flashes Pete an unreadable look.

Pete Wisdom couldn't read Amanda's look, but he assumed it as suspicious and borderline offensive. He lowered his glasses to look at her with a look that said, 'Give him a chance.' After all, he already turned into a plane. Let's let the 'Batteries Not Included' man do his thing.

Doug steps over to the lamp and picks it up. ":Well, let's see what the problem is,:" he says as his fingers sprout multiple tendrils which envelop the lamp and slip into nooks and crannies in its design, many too small to be seen. ":Oh, there it is. The wiring came loose and the bulb's filament is sundered as well. I can fix this.:" The sound of electrical arcs can be heard accompanied by a faint smell of burning metal. ":Where will you want me to set it down when I'm finished, Amanda?:"

Amanda Sefton points to the table on which the lamp belongs, "That one there." She waves a hand in front of her face at the smell of burning metal. She frowns faintly for a moment then conjures a scented candle for the cabinet in the kitchen. A match is produced from a drawer and she lights the candle which begins giving off the scent of baking cinnamon rolls.

For the moment, Wisdom merely watched. Then his stomach growled as the scent of cinnamon rolls overtook the stench of hot metal.

The lamp is returned to its location and then Doug plugs it in and, with a click, he turns it on to demonstrate the success of his repairs. ":I can't really do anything about the crack in the ceramics other than turning it towards the wall,:" he says as he gently works the bend in the shade to try to straighten it into its original shape.

Amanda Sefton gives the lamp a glance then raises a brow at Pete, "That's alright, Doug. It just has a little more character than before. The important thing is that it works to provide light in the darkness."

"So it's all fixed, then? Apart from the cracks and whatnot?" Wisdom smiled, almost beaming at Amanda as if to say, 'See? He's a good boy!' He then leaned forward a little, one hand on his stomach. "Either of you lot hungry?" he asked.

":I don't really experience hunger. And I'm fully charged right now," Doug explains. He then adds, having gotten a clue that he should have gotten earlier, ":I should probably be going anyway. Need to finish orienting myself with the campus they have here after all.:"

Amanda Sefton chuckles a bit, "Sorry. Didn't mean to make you hungry with the candle." To Doug "It was nice to meet you, Doug." She looks back to Pete, "Were you making some sort of offer?"

"It was. You hungry, Amanda?" Wisdom asked her. "You take care. And… tell Sage I said hi. And that I'd really like to see her again, soon." There was feeling there. Seemed unrequited.


":I will,:" Doug says to Pete then to Amanda he replies, ":It was a pleasure." He then steps back out the door to the patio (Properly again. Leaving it intact.) and leaps into the air. His feet again shift to include repulsors which propel him higher into the air as he begins a more leisurely return flight to Westchester county.

Amanda Sefton watches Doug go then sighs softly, "Must be nice to fly. I've never managed a spell for that without changing into a bird."

"I think it may be overrated. Too many bugs in the face," Wisdom chuckled. "I can slow-fall. But that's it." He got up, dusted himself off. "What sort of cuisine you like the best?" he asked.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Whichever one I am eating at the moment," she teases, "Though I have to admit a tiny partiality to German food for obvious reasons."

"Deutsches Essen? Sehr gut," Wisdom said with a bright smile. "Kommen Sie. Wir essen am Heidelberg!" He gestured. "It's not far from here. Up on second avenue and eighty… third?"

Amanda Sefton replies, "Ich kenne den Ort," then switches back to English, "Well maybe. I suppose we'll see if I do or not." She moves to take his arm. "Den Weg, Herr Wisdom."

Arms taken, the two would head out to the Upper East Side! Walking up second avenue to between 85th and 86th streets. There it was! A cozy, big wooden door and an iron sign for the Heidelberg. Wisdom held open the door for her. "Nach Ihnen."

Amanda Sefton laughs softly as she precedes him through the door. "Perhaps we should switch back to English. Amanda isn't known to be German." She doesn't often indicate she isn't actually Amanda but it happens from time to time.

"Who's going to notice?" Wisdom asked with a smile. "But yes, yes. In we go," he gestured after her. Once inside, they would be seated. And then there'd be menus. Those wonderful menus!

Amanda Sefton smiles, "You never know who might notice something odd, Pete." She takes a seat then considers the menu. "So you like the scent of cinnamon rolls do you? I thought you might after the Goldschlager."

"I'm a *sucker* for pastry," Wisdom admitted with no effort at all. "Americans do know how to do cinnamon rolls amazingly well. No raisins for me, thank you."

Amanda Sefton offers, "Well I'm no chef but I have been known to make something worth eating." She taps her menu, "I think I am in the mood for a nice wiener schnitzel followed up with…" She pauses to consider, "How do you feel about the Schokladen-Fondue fuer Zwei?"

"I'd love to share the chocolate fondue," Wisdom said. "I was going to lean towards the Kaese Fondue, myself. But two fondue just does not do." He grinned at his little rhyme. "The Kasseler Rippchen for me, then!" Oh, no. A delicious pork chop instead of some gooey cheese. "So. Interesting character, Doug. Any questions about him?"

"Oh good choice. Maybe another time for the cheese." She looks down the menu at the drinks, "I know there was something off about him. I do nature magic I could sense that much, but I couldn't say what." A pause. "The Radler I think to go with the food."

"The Andechser for myself," Wisdom said with some finality. "That sounds excellent to go with the pork." Brined pork, no less. Wisdom smiled at his companion, looking her over from across the table. "He's not entirely human. Machine, but organic. I know those circuitry lines."

Amanda Sefton frowns slightly, "Ah. So as fiddly to work on as a cyborg no doubt. Just as well you didn't need protecting."

"I'm glad he wasn't a maniacal creature intent on infecting us with a viral version of his techno-organic stuff. From here, things - er, beings - similar to him, follow a certain code and they're pretty awful. Kinda like Skrulls. 'They didn't used to be this bad,' one would say. Such is the way."

"One less unpleasant surprise in a week full of them." Amanda hesitates then offers, "And a few pleasant ones as well."

"New friends are always good. And at least some direction. But Sage is on this continent now. Should probably try to catch up with her." Wisdom looked up and smiled as their server came by with water and bread, and he made his order.

Amanda Sefton makes her order as well then looks back at him, "So is that her name then? Sage? This mysterious quasi-commitment of yours?"

"A name of hers, yes," Wisdom explained. "She's like Kurt and myself." Meaning, a mutant. "Mind like a… what's better than a super-computer? She can multitask in so many ways. Beat you in chess while reading the news and corresponding a planned take-over of a Sentinel factory. And she's got full, total, conscious control of her body. I bet she could kick Black Widow's arse in a fight." Not that he wanted to see either of them fight, but he was clearly impressed, if not smitten, with Sage.

Amanda Sefton nods, "You mentioned she could do anything she wanted to do. She sounds like something special." She actually manages to keep any reaction she has to Kurt's name out of her manner. "I hope you can see her soon."

Wisdom sounded just a little bit pained with his next words. "So do I." but then there was bread! And butter!

Amanda Sefton stretches a hand across the table and gently clasps his hand. "Do you know where to find her? I'd be willing to teleport you there."

"Likely up at Xavier's. Westchester. Graymalkin Lane." Wisdom gave a little smile. "Only if you really want to. And only after food."

Amanda Sefton squeezes his hand. "Not tonight. We'll go back and sleep tonight. Tomorrow maybe. How's that sound?"

"Sounds lovely. Hope she's still there," Wisdom smiled, squeezing her hand back. "So if you're teleporting me, you're coming with, right?"

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "That's the general idea. Luckily I can take up to three passengers along when I teleport if I have to." She pauses, "Is Kurt back at Xavier's these days? Or do you not know?"

"I've no idea," Wisdom said honestly. "Those X folks like to keep their secrets. And honestly, my… genetic status poses a sort of political quandary I'd rather not really deal with, when it comes to them."

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