(2016-07-27) Bradburry... Who?
Bradburry… Who?
Summary: Lorna (Earth-616 native) and Douglock meet at the Xavier Mansion. They talk briefly and she successfully "pulls his leg" for a moment.
Date: 2016-07-27
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NPCs: urRamsey
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LOCATION: Xavier Mansion Courtyard, North Salem, NY


The Lorna of this earth is newly joined the team (again). The green haired mutant is in the courtyard practicing. Her eyes glowing white as she lifts orbs of metal of different sizes and types of metal. Some move easier than others she's finding. It's good to return to basics now and then. She's casually dressed, this isn't anything like official business, just exercise.

Douglock steps out of the entrance to the grand foyer of Xavier's Institute after a day spent researching in the library, auditing classes with the students and a early evening 'meal' in the dinning hall. Based on the direction he began to head before noticing Lorna he was heading towards the northern Admin/Living Quarters building.

He approaches the green haired woman and says, ":Good evening,:" to her in his synthetic-sounding voice.

Looking up at Douglock, Lorna extends a hand to examine him. "Huh. Curious." She says and offers her hand. "Lorna Summers. Are you one of the newer teachers?" She asks. She doesn't teach at the moment, all X-Man here. The orbs in the air lower as she blinks a little to clear her vision.

":My actual role here is ambiguous at the moment,:" Doug says. "I just arrived here at the Institute yesterday and… are you familiar with people being displaced from their home worlds already? I just arrived in this world Sunday evening.:"

"Yes, I'm acquainted with the phenomena." Lorna nods. "It's curious-from a scientific stand point. Welcome to our earth." She offers with a friendly smile. "To be honest, I haven't met many. Also, your biology…it's….different. Like…organic and metal-but not in a Wolverine way."

":No, I'm not like Wolverine,:" Doug agrees. ":Techno-organic. I'm a human-Technarch hybrid by way of an accidental infection from my late best friend.:"

"It's a unique sensation, glad to know what it is." Lorna nods and gestures to the air around her. "I like to keep my feelers out for trouble. Helps to know what's tickling the senses." She says with a friendly smile and gestures to a bench. "So any desires to return to your world or are you intending to settle here?"

":I'm keeping the option open. I understand from someone who claims to be responsible for figuring out if that is possible that it is being studied. At the same time, I am here so I am going to settle in and make lemonaid, as is said,:" he explains.

"That's a practical way to look at things, Doug." Lorna nods and considers for a moment. "If roles were reversed, I imagine I'd be curious, but…" she looks to the admin building. "I never manage to say away long, whatever the circumstance."

":Xavier and his dream really do seem to get under people's skins, don't they?:" he says in agreement with Lorna. ":Death didn't even keep me down after all."

"Xavier and his people. I've been known to let my views swing a little more extreme, but family is here so-" Lorna shrugs and chuckles. "Death seems so fluid for some people. Like Jean, does your Jean court death so often?" She wonders and then looks at some of the easier orbs, the iron ones, shaping them idly. It's easier to focus with metal to alter near by.

Doug nods. ":Yes, definitely,:" he says. He does not try to one up this by explaining that he actually bled to death and was burred, it doesn't need to be said right now. ":Summers, not Dane. Interesting. So are /you/ a teacher here?:"

"I have been. Just recently I was with a different team. I haven't been back long." Lorna explains with a small, pleased smile. "My team walked into an ambush and the rest went down. Havok and Nightcrawler got me out and we got my team back. They're still out there, Havok and I made up so for now I'm back at the school." She explains and pauses. "Did you have a me? And an Alex?"

Doug thinks on this. He's been trying to recall what he knows about Lorna and Alex but he is finding something unusual here - his memories of information related to them /before/ his death are clearer than those after.

In his mind, Doug speaks to his 'assistant'. ("urRamsey, how about you, do you remember anything recent about Alex and Lorna?") he asks and is answered after both have passed though some mental memory checks: ("No sir, seems that there are some corrupted memories here.")

The mental exchange was fairly quick, no longer than a normal brief pause in a conversation. ":Unfortunately, I can't say much more than yes,:" he says.

"That's strange to think about." Lorna admits and pushes her green hair back with a hand. "I wonder if they're as rocky as we've been." She muses and looks at Doug. "Switching worlds must be hard on the memory-keeping things straight."

Doug nods. ":Yes, it does seem to be a new concern. Although, this is the first time it has happened. Hopefully its just a small thing.:" He seems almost to be drifting into distracted thought as he says this. Which of course he is, as he has begun multitasking talking to Lorna and discussing facts of memory with urRamsey in his mind at the same time.

"I mean, hopefully you are able to keep the two straight. I imagine it can cause no end of trouble to the time stream to share too much. Like, if you had said that your Lorna and Alex were the Jean and Scott of your world with all the children it might impact how we go about our relationship here. Or umm, if Beast and Storm were a thing were you come from, you know? Changing how people think or see things causes…ripples."

":Yeah, like in Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder,:" Doug says, tossing off the science fiction reference like it was nothing and then he immediately asks, ":Don't tell me you guys don't have a Ray Bradbury…:"

"Who? Is that a children's author?" Lorna wonders and looks towards the administrative building sharply. "Alex is home. That's my cue to go." She says and draws up the orbs she was messing with and directs them into a crate. After a moment she looks at Doug. "Of course we have Bradbury." she tells him and breaks into a bright smile.

Doug began to look concerned for a moment then laughs when he realizes she's pulling his leg. ":Alright, well it was nice meeting you, Lorna Summers,:" he says and then, as they part company he resumes heading to the living quarters containing Doug Ramsey's room.

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