(2016-07-27) Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Summary: Amanda makes Pete cinnamon rolls to thank him for putting her up while her apartment gets fixed.
Date: 2016-07-27 Morning
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When Pete wakes in the morning, the apartment is filled with the scent of freshly baked cinnamon rolls that has just been taken out of Pete's oven in the kitchen.

The scent of cinnamon rolls rouses even the dead. Well, maybe not. But good cinnamon rolls should have a dash of necromancy in them. Wisdom found himself brushing his teeth and getting dressed in… well, very little. A tank top and black boxers. Yes, he was in his underclothes. But this was his friggin' apartment, and there were cinnamon rolls! He stalked out of his room, sighing out, "You're truly a wizard."

There's a laugh from the kitchen as Amanda serves a pair of piping hot cinnamon rolls onto a plate and drizzles them with sugary icing. "I couldn't help myself after your confession about being a sucker for pastries. I'm basically freeloading after all."

With the icing perfectly fresh, and everything gooey and sticky and delicious, Wisdom settled in and just grabbed one of the cinnamon rolls in both hands like he would a burger. Ignoring the steaming heat, he just bit right into it, sighing out in pleasure.

Words could not convey his delight. Vocalizations and sounds between chews could, though.

Amanda Sefton dishes up a cinnamon roll for herself as well and watches Pete with a grin, "Well I am glad you're enjoying it but you're going to be all sticky." Unlike Pete, she takes careful bites of the warm pastry with a fork.

Wisdom was still at least one-third asleep. He could also, always shower. And as evidenced by his messy hair and his five o'clock shadow, he hasn't groomed yet. More important things to do. Like enjoy cinnamon rolls made by a friend.

Between bites, Amanda comments, "I told you I occasionally made something worth staying in for. Now you don't have to take it on faith."

Giving a noise of approval, Pete finished his first cinnamon roll. There was still a second to indulge in.

Amanda Sefton sits down across from him to enjoy her roll and waits for Pete to finish eating the second cinnamon roll. "So?"

"How many more did you make?" Pete asked, as he sucked his fingertips. "Mmh."

Amanda Sefton chuckles again, "I only made half a dozen. I didn't want to be at it too early."

"That's fine. So there's three left?" he asked. He was full at this point, but… for later. "Thank you, Amanda. You didn't have to do that." A pause. "I should go shower."

Amanda Sefton gives him a wink. "Well it wouldn't be special if I had to. That's the point. I have to go to my place again. They're putting in the new windows and door today. I'll probably be out of your hair by evening. Maybe after that we can go search out Sage for you."

"That'd be very lovely, Amanda. Thank you," Wisdom said again. "Er, not having you go. But looking for Sage. You know what I mean."

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