(2016-07-28) A Gift From Pete
A Gift From Pete
Summary: Pete Wisdom comes to see Amanda to give her the crystal ball he repaired for her.
Date: 2016-07-28 Afternoon
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Though it was nice to be back in her own bed at night, well the other her's own bed anyway, Amanda woke up missing the feeling of company she'd had while camping on Pete's sofa. A call to the airline informed them she was ready to go back on the rotation with some shorter flights then she settled in to cleaning up the remaining mess in her apartment, by hand this time.

The buzzer on the new door went off! Somebody was here!

Amanda Sefton makes a mental note to figure out how to change the buzzer on the door to something more pleasant as she goes over to check through the peep hole. The door is pulled open with a smile, "Well fancy seeing you here. Just when I was sure I wouldn't be seeing you every day for a while." She winks and gestures for him to come in.

Stepping inside, Pete had… a gift box. He handed it over to Amanda, before doing a 'kiss kiss, darling' gesture. "Lovely to see you, thanks for letting me in."

Amanda Sefton laughs, "Did you think I wouldn't?" She walks down into the main room, "I don't have much in the way of seating at the moment since I haven't had the new sofa delivered yet, but you can have the chair."

After handing Amanda the gift box, he took the chair indeed. "That's okay. How are you holding up, Amanda?"

"Oh I'm indestructible, Pete. Didn't I ever mention that?" Amanda jokes. She accepts the box with an arched brow, "Now what is this? I don't recall a special occasion."

"Housewarming gift," Wisdom joked in turn. "And if you're indestructible I wouldn't have saved you from the Hulk."

Amanda Sefton sits on the arm of the sofa to open the box and look inside as chuckles, "Was that the saving when you carried off Banner or when you broke the window?" There's a wink to soften it just in case he doesn't catch the joking tone.

"Yes," Wisdom said. Inside was another, smaller, ornate looking box. Mostly just something fancy. Inside that box was the velvet lining and spherical containment holding… her crystal ball. It didn't exactly look the same. There was no crack, there were no bubbles. But it sort of had a swirl of very, very faint cloudiness inside it.

"Messing with glass like putty is a lot of fun, I found," Wisdom said. "Sorry. Crystal."

Amanda Sefton takes the smaller box out of the bigger one then opens it. She examines it for a long moment then takes it out to turn it so she can follow the swirl inside it as she turns it. Finally she places it on the nearby side table that Hulk managed not to smash. She turns quickly back to Pete and leans forward to wrap him in a hug about the neck. "You are a good man, Pete Wisdom."

"No, I'm not," Wisdom said as he hugged her back. A little kiss on her forehead later, he smiled. "If you knew what went on in my head, I'm not a good man. I'm just me."

Amanda Sefton just holds on rather than letting go. Good way to hide a face since said face is hidden against his shoulder. "We all have things we wouldn't want people to see inside our heads." Even Kurt, but she doesn't say that bit of what she's thinking. Then suddenly she's leaning too much and she slips off the arm of the chair. Her legs fall down to smack into the front edge of the cushion which produces a very tiny wince.

As she started to topple, Wisdom pushed himself up to try to minimize her impact… by forcing her to stand instead of fall. "Careful there, lovely," he told her. "Else I'd say you're falling for me."

Amanda Sefton clears her throat then chuckles as she gets her feet under her properly again. "Well that was embarrassing. You'd think a former aerialist could keep her balance even when it's precarious balance." She lets go of his neck so she can turn and close up the box holding the crystal ball.

When she turned, Wisdom looked her over once more. She might even catch him. "Not embarrassing at all, luv. Don't you worry about it."

Amanda Sefton picks up the box and moves toward the front shelf above the undamaged TV to put it away, "Thank you, Pete. Really. You did a wonderful job repairing the crystal. I never would have believed it possible without seeing it."

"Eh. It took a lot of work. It's very hard to make things good and smooth. Had to practice a lot so there were no palm or finger imprints or whatever." Wisdom smiled, as he sat back down in the chair.

Amanda Sefton laughs. "Oh that would have been interesting to have your fingerprints immortalized in my crystal ball."

"It would. But then it would get in the way of scrying." Wisdom laughed.

On her way back from the shelf, Amanda nods, "So it would, but I could have worked around it. So can I offer you something to drink? I don't have any Goldschlager, but there's always sparkling water in there."

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