(2016-07-29) Arrival at the HFC
Arrival at the HFC
Summary: Daimon and Satana arrive at the HFC
Date: IC Date (2016-07-29)
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NPCs: Hellfire Guards/Mercenaries
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

His chariot… Three demon steeds < http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix4/demon_steeds_hell.htm > pull the flaming chariot through the skies between Massachusetts and Manhattan. There was wind, but not so much that it wrecked hairdos. Connecticut was nice to fly over, mountains, hamlets, and all the pretty trees. Even Westchester county was nice to look down upon.

Then there was the lights and the fancy of Manhattan. Highrises, skyscrapers, life, excitiment, noise, the city that never sleeps. It's there that they finally descend and land somewhere in the Upper East Side. A private estate located on a city block. A magnificant mansion surrounded by a wall and lots of private green. It's initially quite in the back lawn and only the steeds make a ruckus. Daimon states, "Here we are…" as he ties the reigns onto the flange of the chariot and draws his trident from the holder.

Satana has dressed appropriately… or inappropriately, as it were… for the occasion. Corset and long boots, gloves and close-fitting panties. All in white. She glances down at her attire and sighs, stepping out of the chariot. "You sure it -has- to be white? Not even red?" she mutters.

"That's the London Branch, they do Red and Black. However, Manhattan does Black and White. Like chess pieces." answers Daimon. "Maybe we'll have a policy change. Who knows. It's worth the vote. Unless there's no one here…"

That's when he's interrupted by Hellfire Club Guards/Mercenaries < http://tinyurl.com/h4bbdxr > emerging from the rear of the mansion, armed and ready for conflict. However; they see Daimon, recognize him. Daimon says, "Gentlemen, guess whose back?" with a broadening smile. One of the ranking guards approaches, greets him and says, "Welcome back, sir." while three others are looking cautiously at the demon steeds, the chariot, and even Satana. "How can we be of service?" is further asked.

Hellstrom says, "Brief my sister, Satana, and I as we walk inside and out of this humidity. Inform us on the most recent events of the club. Who is around, what's transpiring, and of course, who is here presently."

Her face is pretty by just about any standards with softly rounded cheeks, a pert nose and the smooth skin of youth. Beneath long, curling brows the woman's large eyes are black with red highlights. She has a wide mouth, and those blood red lips curls often into a sardonic smile. Long, fiery red curls tumble down to her waist and no matter how she tries there always seems to be a couple of stray curls rising up into 'devil horns' at her brow.

Tall and slender, the woman's figure is more shapely than athletic with curves to spare. Her full bosom is supported by a white leather corset that tugs her waist in tightly, lifting her heavy mounds to present them for distraction. High-cut panties of the same material provide at least a semblance of decency, plunging bikini-low in front and covering about half of her cheeks in back. Her long, shapely legs are sheathed in white boots up to mid-thigh with spike heels that add four inches to her height. Fingerless leather gloves are likewise pulled up past each elbow. As a final touch she wears a satin choker about her slender throat, bearing an old cameo.

For her part, Satana remains at Daimon's side when the guards approach. She trusts that he can handle things, or at least talk their way into this place. She smiles broadly once she's introduced, inclining her head to the guards. "Sir? Oooh, I like this place already." she offers. Heels click-click-click on the tile as they begin walking, the succubus putting plenty of action into each step.

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