(2016-07-30) Any Time, Any Thing, Any Where
Any Time, Any Thing, Any Where
Summary: Amanda teleports to Xavier's to have a private chat with Nightcrawler to sort out where they stand with each other.
Date: 2016-07-30
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Saturday at the Mansion in the summer. Rain is forecasted for the City, and while it's always nice to stretch ones legs and take the walks, wet fuzz is the last thing on this X-Man's mind. Everyone else is gone out, or is squirreled away, and this gives Kurt the run of the lounge, at the very least.

Perched then on the back of the couch with two of his bamfs beside him, Kurt has a gamepad in hand, and on the big screen, a racing game. He is leeeeeeaning with each turn, as are the two little versions of himself, six pairs of pupilless yellow eyes staring at the screen.

It took a morning with her newly repaired crystal ball and a scrying spell to finally locate Kurt and wait until he was alone somewhere. He wasn't exactly like her Kurt so finding him took longer than normal.

There is a faint sound of harps then a flash of pink and gold light as the harps grow louder. The pink and gold lights float away from Amanda as she teleports in right beside the TV.


The bamfs actually react first to the arrival of Amanda as one, two teleport off the back of the couch and *bamf*bamf*, landing on the television screen, one on each side to balance.


Kurt is actually more used to it; that, coupled with the fact that as a teleporter, he's got that 6th sense of knowing that 'someone' is teleporting. Who that someone is, well.. different story.

Amanda's arrival is met with another leeeeeeeean, but this one is pretty much unrecoverable as the F1 spins out of control and smashes into the side of a wall. The sound and fury of the crash brings the bamfs heads straight down to the point they're almost hanging by their tails, and Kurt … sighs at the vision of the fireball.

"My MacLaren.. she is dead." Though, Kurt doesn't seem to be that put out, as he offers Amanda a pointed smile of welcome.


Amanda's teleport has always been something of a noisy arrival in any case so there's little doubt who is arriving. She glances at the screen then chuckles, "I didn't mean to make you wreck." A finger wave is given at the bamfs before she walks toward Kurt.

"You did not," and Kurt unfolds himself as he crawls down and off of the couch. With the remote, he turns off the game machine, letting one of the two bamfs actually turn off the television proper. Setting the controller down, it's only a couple of steps to where Amanda is in order to give her a hug, meeting her in the middle.

"Ist all well, liebling?"

Amanda Sefton returns the hug gratefully. She holds him for a moment before drawing back. "I just thought perhaps we could talk. Without company this time. It's been a long time since I was able to just sit and talk with you."

"Liebling, it's just been…" Oh, no.. wait. It hasn't. Kurt holds her those extra heartbeats before he pulls away as she does. Turning aside, he reaches for her hand before he takes the couple of steps towards the couch. "Come und sit. You and I, we haven't yet really spoken. My Amanda, we see each other each week." But now? Who knows where that soul is? "Come.."

Amanda Sefton twines her fingers through his naturally as she moves with him to the couch. "I'm sorry if I sent her away somehow by coming here." She touches his cheek with her free hand then settles onto the couch.

Once led to the couch, he perches and holds his arm out in order for her to nestle under it if she so desires. "You did not send her away, liebling. It was Dr. Richards that did.. whatever, gave life und because he was just a man, had no control over the souls saved and lost." Kurt sounds… sad. Soul sad. "So, do not be offended if I mourn my Amanda, even while you are before me." He looks into her blue eyes and smiles gently, "I am glad you live. Never doubt that."

Amanda Sefton slips beneath his arm and nods, "I understand. There is a history with her that I do not have." She murmurs sadly, "Apparently there was a great deal of history I do not have from what Pete told me about your Amanda." She hesitates then falls silent instead of continuing.

"But there is history we do share, ja?" Kurt's tones turn teasing. "Our acrobatics?"

To hear of Pete's filling in of Amanda, Kurt's expression falls a little, but he shores it up. "Did he tell you anything about me?" The question is asked softly, gently. "Or was he filling you in with the many adventures of Amanda Sefton?"

Amanda Sefton shares a little laugh over the shares acrobatics and nods. "Yes. We'll always have acrobatics."

At the questions she shakes her head, "He didn't say much. He just mentioned Excalibur when I mentioned I didn't know Captain Britain. We moved on quickly since he didn't want to make me feel bad by telling me all the things she did that I didn't." There's a pause and a soft sigh. "You remember when you asked me to tell you that you weren't a jerk where I came from? Well he wasn't a jerk. He was wonderful. I'm sure you are too."

"You helped me not get my tail handed to me by a jealous boyfriend," Kurt deadpans, though the gleam in those featureless yellow eyes can't be overlooked! "Brian. Captain Britain."

Kurt gets comfortable on the couch and draws lazy lines on Amanda's leg. It's an idlish gesture, "Excalibur came about because I'd thought my friends were dead. I had been in a coma und had lost my ability to bamf for a time. It was me, Kitty und Illy. You.. you were my saving grace. The one who kept me from losing myself." Just in case she ever doubts her import. "All the things I know you would do again, if it were you. Und all the things you would be for.. your Kurt."

There, it's certain now. Kurt's not a jerk! His smile increases again, and the fuzzy blue elf nods. "Gut. Because I would not wish to come across him one day und punch him for making you cry."

Amanda Sefton sighs softly, "Oh he did make me cry. There were several times when I wept thinking of him." There's another pause, "He lost his faith in everything, God, himself, me… He accused me of using my magic to make me love him and I said something angry then walked out. He didn't follow and I didn't go back. When I came back from my flight to Heathrow, he wasn't there. That was the last time I saw him. I looked for him, but my timing was bad and I could not find him. The last time I saw him he was sitting on the edge of my balcony in Manhattan howling with grief as I left. For all I know he didn't even want to see me again."

Ah, but there, he was a jerk. Kurt looks at Amanda, studies her, watches her expression that he's known since his earliest days of life. He shakes his head slowly, "A crisis of faith," his whispers. "I have had those." It's a statement of confession. "But, if I may? It was anger und fear. Not.. a disbelief. I am sure. In all this world, there can be no faith lost in you, Jimaine. Never. You had faith in me when even I did not. You believed me a good man when I could see nothing but darkness." He shakes his head and exhales in a sigh, "I will not tell you how I know this, but even death could not keep you from my thoughts."

Amanda Sefton whispers, "Any time, any thing, any where." She turns to hug him a little tighter. "So perhaps she and I are not so different then. History but not personality."

"Any time, anything, any where," Kurt nods and confirms. "Call me und I will come bamfing," and he can't help a sly smile, "perhaps with bells on."

A gentle squeeze is given, and Kurt considers, "I do not think you und she are so different. History, ja. But that shapes a person, history does. So, forgive me if I seem.. less jovial an elf than perhaps you might have remembered in your early days? I have need of both solitude und the strength of my friends in equal measures these days, und sometimes I know not which I need more at any given time."

Amanda Sefton smiles now, "No one can be jovial all the time, Kurt. Neither one of us is a naive child dreaming of leaving the circus together to see the world. We do at least have that in common don't we?"

Kurt exhales in a wistful sigh and his smile turns a little melancholy, empty eyes turning a touch sadder for that second. "I would dream of those days again, liebling. When things were simple. Town to town und all we had to worry about was if your outfit sparkled enough." He reaches to poke her gently, "Such a girl.

"This is a different world, liebling. We have come out on the other side, but there has been much to get us here. My father walks the earth, my mother.. und there are times when I have my crises." They come more often now. "I know Gott is real. I believe in heaven, but I will never see it."

That draws Amanda up to turn and look at him, "If anyone deserves heaven, it is you. Why wouldn't you go there?"

"I am a fallen angel," and Kurt can't help but chuckle. It isn't filled with much humor, though. "It was mine once, und … it is no longer. It was the price I paid for my friends." And the bamfs. "Und if I had the chance, I would do it again, but.." he looks away and looks at one of his little bamfs, working on 'something' just behind the television, with just a stubby blue tail peeking out, "You are only given one chance."

Amanda Sefton allows a briefly pained look to cross her face. She watches him in silence. Then her arms are around his neck and she's murmuring, "Then I won't go either. What would be the point if you are not there?"

Amanda's declaration actually makes Kurt laugh and he gives her a squeeze. "It does not work that way, liebling. When you die, take the delights of Heaven. They truly are peaceful. Hell is a horrible place, und.. well.." He's not entirely certain where he'll end up. He offers her toothiest of grins, the sharp teeth in full view. "I swear I won't be going to hell, though. They are afraid of me there, I think."

Amanda Sefton says quite seriously, "Anywhere that has no Kurt Wagner is a little slice of hell, Kurt. I'll just have to open a rift and bring you back with me despite them all." She gives him a little grin in return. "So… we're okay then? You and I? Where's your phone so I can put my number in for you. I forgot the other day in the park."

Kurt gives her a long look before he exhales, "This is your soul, liebling. Do not trifle with it. Guard it carefully und go where you need when that day comes. Please. Promise me?" His expression is set somberly, and he's serious. "You know this is important to me."

For a long moment, Kurt is silent before he reaches for his phone set on the coffee table. Thumbing through his contacts, brows rise as he shows Amanda the number. "This is not yours, then?"

Amanda Sefton instead of making the promise he requests of her, Amanda turns toward the phone. She glances at the phone number and nods, "Yes. Of course it is. Of course the phone in my pocket was her phone." She glances of to the TV to see what the bamfs are doing.

Kurt makes a noise; he's familiar with avoidance, but he doesn't say anything more on it. Instead, it's about the phone. "This is a hint to be sure that I call you more often, isn't it," he teases. "The phone number to me is the same too. Und, those.. those are the bamfs. If you never need to find me, one of them will know und will lead you to me, without needing your scrying ball."

And the little guys? Well.. it could be a bad sign that there is a touch of electrical smoke coming up from behind the set, and Kurt rises to his feet quickly, "Will you stop that!"

Next second, a *bamf* and *bamf* can be heard, and the smell of brimstone fills that corner. Mumbling, Kurt crosses the room to check on .. "Call the electrician," is given glumly. "I think they have a project in the works."

Amanda Sefton tsks at the bamfs and gives them a stern look. "Well of course it was a hint you should call more." She pushes up off the sofa to go examine the TV. "I could always conjure you a new one if you want."

Kurt barks a soft laugh from his spot, and he's peeking behind the set. Shaking his head, he looks back at Amanda. "Nein. There are some things we do the old-fashioned way. But, the bamfs will be held responsible." Now, he holds out his hand to her, "Come mitt. We will walk und talk of nothing, okay?" While it may not be sunny outside, there are plenty of places in the shade upon the grounds.

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