(2016-08-01) Logan, at the Horse Yard, with a Cigar
Logan, at the Horse Yard, with a Cigar
Summary: Douglock and Lorna find a displaced Logan smoking a cigar at the Xavier Estate Horse Yard. Jean Grey later joins the conversation. Doug then departs after receiving a call from Pete Wisdom.
Date: 2016-08-01
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LOCATION: At the horse yard fence on the Xavier Estate, North Salem, NY


There's a handful of places Logan can have a cigar without someone jumping down his throat about affecting the health of the kids freshly returned back to school now that class is back in. Smokers are being pushed further and further into the shadows, hidden away like dirty secrets, and even for the oft rebellious Wolverine it's become a lonesome habit.

Not so much so that he'd ever consider putting them down, mind.

He hasn't yet been reassigned to an teaching duties, so he's found a quiet place to lean. A wide straw cowboy hat that looks brand new rests on his head casting shade over his face against the blistering heat and a cigar clutched between his fingers where his right arm crosses over the left at the point where he leans against the wooden fence surrounding the horses pen.

Lorna has just been wandering the grounds. She's been back at the school with Havok a few months. She's not teaching-partially because it's summer still. So she looks around, a faint smile spotting the horses and sensing Logan, so she heads towards the metal boned man.

Having been wandering along the edge of the forest defining the northern end of the grounds of the Xavier estate, Douglock stops reading the copy of the Deathly Hallows held in his memory when he notices Logan who he also heads towards even before he sees Lorna approaching as well.

Logan lifts his head when a familiar scent, different thought it might be to him, hits his nostrils through the cigar smoke. He turns just a little to look around his shoulder in Lorna's direction with a grim smile on his thick haired face and touches two fingers to the brim of his hat. "Lorna." In a gruffer than normal tone and a tilt of his head at a quite unfamiliar scent just before Douglock steps into view. "Afternoon."

"Logan." Lorna nods and smiles at Doug. "Hello Doug." She slips her hands into her pockets and looks between the two men. "I worry what the children get up to if all the adults are out and about." she says before finding some fence to lean up on.

[Editor's Note: due to a misread there was some additional text in the original pose. It was edited out with Lorna's approval.]

":Hello Lorna,:" Doug greets the green haired woman before nodding to Wolverine and saying, ":Logan,:" with some familiarity assumed in his tone. ":Oh, they can surely find trouble on their own without our supervision. We New Mutants never had any problems doing so after all,:" he replies jokingly.

Logan grunts quietly, puts his cigar between his lips, and slowly turns it. His eyes stay on the pair, divided between them, but eventually a grin cuts the corner of his mouth. "Yeah, he's not wrong." Motioning with the wet end of his stogie at Doug. "Kids'll be kids, don't matter if they're mutants or not." Which is why Logan doesn't get to supervise field trips.

"I don't know what you mean. My class were all perfect angels." Lorna says batting her eyes. "So mannerly and sweet, the group of us." She adds with a nod. Her green eyes shifting between the two. "Some cool iced tea would be perfect just about now I think."

":I can't help you there Lorna,:" Doug replies to her comment about the tea and then asks, ":Am I expected to monitor the children? I haven't actually been given any information about my duties since I arrived," of whomever will answer him.

"I bet they were devine creatures." Logan says in a quietly disbelieving, but still smiling, tone around the chewed end of his cigar. "Don't know. Professor's always had a soft spot for giving people as much rope as they need to form a hangman's noose." His hat temporarily comes off his brow and he wipes beads of sweat from just beneath his hairline before replacing it. "Me for example. School should be back in in the next week or two, though."

"Back to the classrooms." Lorna says and looks over at Doug. "Have you spoken to Alex yet? He might have a thing for you, maybe get you working with the Danger Room or something?" She suggests crinkling her eyes a little against the light and nods to Logan. "What about you? What are you going to be doing with school coming back? Here long?"

":No, Lorna, I haven't yet. Although Eden wanted me to help him and Alex investigate something, so I'm sure I will soon,:" Doug explains and then waits to hear Logan's answer as he is curious about him as well.

"Long enough." Logan says cryptically with a little shrug of the shoulders, "Need to speak with the professor, haven't seen him around though. Probably stick to the school until I've done that." Wolverine comes and goes from the school on a whim, "Alex heading things up with the team now?" A little smirk and a long pull from his cigar that leaves smoke pluming around his hat, "Better choice than scooter."

"Seems like it. I haven't seen Scott around honestly." Lorna says and chews on the inside of her cheek thoughtfully. "He's a little more aggressive about leading the charge than Scott at least." She nods and considers Logan for a moment. "I'm sure he'll speak to ya precisely when it's needed. It is the Professor." She offers and looks to Doug. "Good, get out there, do the things, get a feel for this team." She nods and smiles.

Doug nods to Lorna, speaking only after allowing a faint smile to cross his features as a reaction to the familiar dig at Summers from Logan. ":That was my thought on the matter entirely. Not my world, not my X-Men. So I need to figure some of this out myself.:"

Logan gruffs a little at Doug and back nods with his chin raising, "Need to get a feel for the land, myself." With little left of his cigar, the amber is knocked off in favor of chewing on it for the last of the tobacco inside. "Not different, though." Motioning to the grounds, "Everything's where I remember it. So not too much is changed."

"Is anyone still in Kansas anymore?" Lorna wonders looking between the two. "I wonder if the team is real all that different no matter where you end up?" She says and scratches her jaw lightly and frowns a little as she thinks about it.

Doug shrugs to indicate his uncertainty on the subject and smiles. ":'Expect the unexpected.' The little known second translation of Mutatis Mutandis, right?:" he says jokingly.

"Seems a fair assumption, as far as assumptions go." Logan agrees with a little nod and a glance back at the mansion towering further up the way, "Only been to two of these verses, though." So who's to say, really? "So long as the school's here, there will be x-men."

"Well…welcome to this universe?" Lorna offers and smiles lopsidedly. "Expect the unexpected, you aren't wrong Dougie." She tells the man and looks at Logan. "I think I had you mix up for another you-apologies."

Seeing an in to mention information he discovered this morning, Doug says, ":Speaking of mixups and people from other universes, I ran into an Avenger this morning. Were we already aware that they were effectively disbanded for the time being?:"

Logan regards Doug with a raised brow, "Disband?" His cigar rolls over to the corner of his mouth, then the other, a thoughtful gesture. "Huh.. can't say as I'm surprised. Too many egos on that group for it to survive the weight of itself." At least the School has the Professor and a common gene to keep them all united despite varying personalities. "Thanks." Too Lorna, nodding appreciatively. "Sorry you lost your other me." He's not.

Shrugging, Lorna looks from Logan to Doug. "Which Avengers team? I mean, they had Alex running it for a while, or one of the teams. Maybe West Coast's team is still going at it? God help us." She teases with a grin at Doug. To Logan she shrugs. "Hardly notice a difference. Honest."

":I didn't know about different teams to ask,:" Doug says. ":Which ever one Wonder Man is a member of? Or all of them?:" More information to gather and catalog here.

Jean heads out of the Mansion, walking towards the stables, it's been a few good weeks since she returned, and she thought now would be a wonderful time to go out horse riding. It's when she notes the gathered, that she starts towards them, "Lorna, Logan, good to see you too," she then takes a moment to look over Douglock with a moment's hesitation, noting the odd markings on his skin, she asks, "Doug?"

"More than one Avengers." Logan cants his head a little and chortles, "Doesn't that figure. No way they could fit that many egomaniacal bastards in one gr-" Jean? Logan sniffs at the air and furrows his brow a little when the familiar, but different, scent of the telepath hits him. He turns a little and squints against the late afternoon sun, "Red." Touching two fingers to the brim of his hat.

"You guys didn't have more than one team?" Lorna asks and looks at Jean as she approaches. "Jeanie, hi. Alex said you were back." She tells the other woman and looks back to the men folk, relaxed. "Only Jean Grey could distract Logan from snarking about other teams."

Doug turns when he hears his name and smiles. ":Hello, short answer is yes and no.:" He leaves it at that rather than open the whole other worlds discussion at this moment. He then turns back to Lorna and says, ":Oh, there were multiple teams in the past, but they didn't keep that team model long term is all,:" to her.

Jean looks more directly at Logan when he sniffs at her, there's hesitation in her green eyes as she keeps gazing at him, "Logan, it's so very wonderful to see you again," her lips curve into a smile at the sound of his voice.

Turning rather readily towards Lorna when she speaks, Jean looks quite relieved at Lorna's greeting, "yes, I am, and I'm very glad you're not as suspicious of me as Alex is. He's still nervous about me, isn't he?" Chuckling at Lorna's quip, she turns to nod at Doug's reply, this seems like an odd one but she says nothing of it. "Well, if there's one thing we know for sure, is that all those teams are inferior for not having Logan on them. That's our edge."

"Stop, you'll give me a big head." Logan says with a quiet snort, as if he could possibly have a bigger head than he's already got. He is the best, afterall. His cigar rolls a few times, then it's spit down onto the dirt a few feet off away from the group. "Why wouldn't he trust you?" To Jean, a glance around towards Lorna, "No, they kept trying to split into different groups but couldn't ever duplicate the ''magic''. So they'd send one or two of their alpha guys to run the new digs, which just made the new guys bristle. It was a damn joke, at best."

Grinning, Lorna shrugs at Logan before answering Jean. "It's Alex. He's just got a lot on his shoulders." She tells Jean. "He'll warm up-always does." She tells the other woman before nodding to Doug. "Doug is a little guilable right now, it's hard to sweet when its so easy to mess with alternate Doug-or Logan here."

Shaking his head at himself for being gotten in this way, Doug excuses it by saying ":Hey, with all the alternate universes I've been hearing are showing up, how am I to know.:"

"Because he's scared of me, Logan…" Jean sighs, not knowing how to extinguish Alex's fears, though the fact Logan asked, has her looking his way more curiously for a moment, he had recently killed her a few times, if he wasn't recalling that, maybe he was an alternate universe Logan as well. The multiverse has been left in such disarray, maybe she should have kept from returning. "Well…we'll make do with what and who we have," she answers to Doug's comment.

"Lorna," Jean adds, "I'll appreciate if you could have words with Alex on my behalf…just assure him I'm not going to do anything crazy. Or evil. I'm long past those things…there won't be an Emma Frost, Jason Wyngarde, Xorn, or any other who would draw such darkness again."

"It's unfair to pick fun at a guy from an alternate dimension." Logan warns with a barely visible smirk in the shadow of his cowboy hat, "Don't know if he was a crazy man where he came from or just the wolverine." He jokes and leans forward so that his forearms criscross over the top plank of the wooden fence. He spares a glance over his shoulder at Jean, but doesn't say anything about her assurances. He does take in a sharp breath through his nostrils and return his gaze to the horses nearby munching at the grass in their pen.

"I'll talk to Alex. I'm sure it's just caution, with him being so active around here. No worries Jeanie. If anyone can understand about not being yourself due to outside forces and getting past it all it's Alex and I." She points out before smirking at Logan. "I would never pick fun At anyone, or C.S.Lewis didn't write the Wizard of Oz."

Doug just stares at Lorna for a moment before bursting out in the laughter he was holding back. ":Fool me once and all that jazz,:" he says then goes silent for a moment. ":Sorry, it was my phone.:" Not that there was a sound. ":Pete Wisdom wants to meet me right now. Not sure if its urgent but I should go…:"

Before departing he says, ":Great seeing you again Lorna. And meeting you again for the first time, Jean and Logan.:" and then the techno-organic man walks off towards Graymalkin Lane.

The scene fades as Douglock departs leaving Logan and the two X-women to continue their conversation.

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