(2016-08-03) A Day in the Park with Remy LeBeau
A Day in the Park with Remy LeBeau
Summary: Serenity is playing in Central Park when Remy LeBeau happens along and tries to help her.
Date: 2016-08-03
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It's hot in New York City and humid enough to make everything feel sticky, but people are still out enjoying the park. On the west side of the terrace just inside the shade of the trees sits a homeless girl with a guitar. A cap lays on the ground in front of her with a handful of coins inside. She's halfway through idly strumming some old Blues number.

Remy LeBeau has found himself in New York of late. For one, it's a lot easier to get lost in the Big Apple than in Westchester, MA. Even if he's on better than neutral terms with the X-Men and lends a hand now and again, the mansion just isn't his kind of place. Simply too many things there he's tempted to lift and Charles does tend to disapprove of his incredibly light touch. It's easier to keep nimble in the big city and NYC is as big as they come, really, in this country. So. It's NYC. Central Park even.

The Cajun thief saunters along, wearling a tee shirt and shorts. It's a hot one for certain. As he moves through the expansive green space the notes of a familiar tune catch his ear. Curious, the red eyed mutant makes his way toward the source.

Though the music itself is quite good, there's few people actually standing around to listen to the homeless girl's performance. She keeps her face turn down toward her guitar and avoids making eye contact with those nearby. And… well there's no getting around the fact that she smells like she's not bathed in quite some time. In this heat that can get rather pungent. At least for the moment that is making most keep their distance. Still the sounds coming from her six-string reach right inside a person to pluck their heartstrings.

Remy LeBeau saunters up, laying eyes on the girl. He's curious. The.. scent. Well. Usually it's some old bum. Sometimes a down and out Veteran, others just a man on hard times, playing like that. But a girl? It's unique. It catches his interest. He finds a bench within reasonable distance and settles comfortably to listen and observe. His bangs spill over his face and the sunglasses he wears hide the only real outward indication he may be different than the average park-goer.

That and the deck of cards he produces and begins to shuffle up, idly performing elaborate tricks with as the girl continues to play.

The song is finished but Serenity launches right into another one. Seeing as how she's not gotten much of an audience, Serenity pulls out the bigger guns. This time it's a song with lyrics, Memphis Minnie's Kissing in the Dark. The vocals sound like the came straight off of Minnie's album.

Remy LeBeau listens, shuffling up the cards again. As she finishes and starts another song, he looks at her curiously. The girl had talent. Odd that so few seemed to care. Maybe it was the lack of obvious bathing that was running them off but it didn't seem to stop them with the male buskers. He watched as people moved past, listening and pondering.

The voice gets some attention and people move closer to listen. Still the girl never looks up, not once does she make eye contact. One even comes forward to toss some change in the hat. She sways a little to the rhythms of the song. Memphis Minnie is followed by Etta James' At Last. Again, the vocals are strikingly similar to what's on the album even when she puts her own artistic spin on the music.

Remy LeBeau finally stands and walks over as the song ends. "Got a good voice, chere. S'prise y' down on y' luck an' not makin' records soundin' like dat, mmm?" He drops a few folded bills in the chosen container for tips. It's hard to make out what they are. "Ol' Remy ain' no expert on music but knows what 'e like. An' dis? All'a it? Remy liked. Ver' nice chere." He moves to step away.

Serenity rests her guitar in her lap as she leans forward to check the bills since its her first paper money of the day. Her voice is soft and husky as she says, "Thanks, Mister. I'm glad you enjoyed it. For that much, I'd take requests."

The bills open up easily enough. It might be worth a double take. Two hundred dollar bills. Crisp and new.

He looks back and smiles. "Remy ain' de type t' make a pretty girl swelter in th' heat jus' to play music, chere. Y' wan' t' entertain a reques?" He turns and looks at her through his sunglasses, "C'mon wi' Remy. Get out'a dis heat. Get cooled down. Cleaned up. Maybe a meal in y'belly. After dat? Well, de whol' worl' start to look better and invitin'. non?"

The pair of Benjamins gets Remy his first real look at Serenity's face since she looks up at him in rather obvious shock. The pair of bills are quickly stuffed into her pocket rather than left in the cap, "What's the catch?" She looks around suspiciously as though there might be a camera watching her.

Remy LeBeau looks down at the girl. He shrugs, "Catch? Jus' dat y' don't get t' sit out here an' swelter for a while. If dat's your t'ing…" he shrugs. "well. Remy ain' one t' judge, non?" He starts to turn. "Jus' a hand up, chere. No more hand outs."

Serenity considers. The little voice in the back of her head says it's too good to be true, but right at that moment her stomach growls, reminding her how long it's been since she ate something. She frowns, "Wait. Your not a cop or social worker or something, right?" She grabs her guitar case and hastily puts the instrument into it.

Remy LeBeau turns around, walking slowly backwards. "No, chere. Remy LeBeau ain' a cop 'r social worker. Miracle worker.. sometimes. But dat takes special plannin'."

Serenity chews her bottom lip for a second. Finally she hops to her feet and follows him with the instrument in tow. "A meal does sound nice. Thanks."

Remy LeBeau walks along slow enough for her to catch up. "Good food always does, non?" He looks back to her, "Remy. LeBeau. Patron Saint of de down trodden and hard on their luck." He offers a smile. "What's a pretty girl doin' out here on 'er own, hmm?"

Serenity's footfalls are perfectly silent. In fact nothing about the way she moves makes more than a whisper of sound really. "Now you're shining me on. You can barely tell I'm a girl and I know I don't look pretty. You don't have to do that. I know what I look like."

Remy LeBeau smiles charmingly. "Chere. Remy 'preciates every woman. An' you -are- a woman. Young. but one no less. Don' go puttin' y'self down 'cause others do. Remy ain' in dis t' get anyt'ing back. Jus' in dis ot get y' maybe on a good path, hmm?" He gesture,s "Remy lives down dis way few blocks. Ain' big, but it's a good place. Safe. Secure. Cool and comfortable. Y'come get cleaned up. Get some food. Den Remy let y' get goin'. No strings."

Serenity frowns as she stops in her tracks at the mention of a place where Remy lives being the destination. "Wait. Where are we going?" Just that fast her voice is filled with the kind of suspicion that only comes from a past filled with bad experiences.

Remy LeBeau remains calm and as charming as he has beem. "A place to get you cleaned up an' off the streets?" He shrugs, "Don't like the idea? 's fine. just promise me you'll use dat money t' help y'self an' not just waste it hmm?"
Serenity chews on her lip again then looks down. "A girl's got to be careful in this town, even of people who seem fine, you understand? But a couple hundred doesn't get a girl off the streets. Well not for more than a couple nights, anyway."

Remy LeBeau nods. "Y'right. Remy ain' gon' hurt ya chere." he drops his sunglasses to let her see those eyes. "Remy got ways t'look after y' dat others don'. Won' do anyt'ing but look after ya. Can' make you b'lieve Remy but y' look 'im in de eyes an' see 's d'truth."

Serenity hesitates before looking up, "You won't…" Her voice dies as she sees his eyes are red. She blinks once then tilts her head as she takes a closer look. "You don't look like an albino."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy ain' one, chere. Somet'ing else." He watches her, letting her decide if she's going to trust him or view him as a threat.

Trust? From Serenity? That would be an incredibly tall order. She looks more than a little skeptical now, "Something else." She shakes her head, "How far is this place you're taking me?"

Remy LeBeau says, "Apartment. 52nd an' Godwin, chere. Two blocks from here." It's a decent part of the city. Those apartments all have doormen and fancy things like that. "Ain' no trick. But Remy won' force ya. You wan' get food firs? Decide if Remy ain' worth de risk? I'll buy ya meal - we'll go to Tony's." he points right over to the little diner at the corner within sight."

Serenity definitely doesn't seem to like the mention of apartments but at the mention of food she nods, "Food sounds good. Let's start with food." She resumes walking now. How long did she practice to walk that silently?

Remy LeBeau notices but he's not going comment on it right now. It isn't long till they're in the little hole in the wall diner. That she hasn't bathed in some time isn't missed on Remy. Or anyone else in there. But Remy flashing cash gets the server over even if she might try not to breathe. "Whatever y'like chere. Jus' don' over eat. No sense gettin' sick, hmm?" He encourages yet cautions. When the order is taken he sits back on his side of the table. "Remy ain' zactly normal. Y'know dat." He smiles some and pulls out the deck of cards again, shuffling it up and fanning the cards out before effortlessly flipping them over. Shuffling up the deck, he cuts it and takes out the Ace of Clubs. He shuffles the deck and cuts it, taking out the Ace of Spades. He repeats this, taking out the Ace of Diamonds. Then last but not least he produces the Ace of Hearts. He then shuffles up the whole deck. "Remy'll answer questions. Ask 'way."

He flips the cards over slowly. They're all coming out in numerical order, low card to high all perfectly in suit, one, two, three, four, five… all of Clubs. And it continues as he waits on her to ask questions while the food order is put in. Eventually he'll play the last card - again, the Ace of Hearts.

Serenity orders a burger and fries with a coke quickly to let the waitress leave as quick as she pleases. She watches closely as Remy starts working with the cards. "Nice card tricks. You a fan of magic or just good with the cards?"

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Bit of both. Remy does gamble though. Also enjoys keeping fingers nimble." He nods to her. "kinda like you playin' music, Mm?" He tugs his sunglasses off and tucks them away. "Hae a name Remy can call ya? Or just goin' wit 'chere'?"

Serenity chews her lip, "I play music because I can't not. You can call me Marie for now. Or chere works if you like." For just a second when she says 'chere' it's like her voice becomes a cross between hers and his as she matches his accent for that one word. Or maybe not since she's back to normal when she speaks again. "Why are you being nice to me? People that aren't smelly aren't usually so nice to people that are."

Remy LeBeau looks at her. "Y'got a talent there… f' voices.. good impersonator. Impressive." He smiles at her. "Remy bein' nice because it's the right t'ing t'do. Y'got a talent and y'don't deserve t' be on de streets. Why shouldn't Remy offer help. Bein' nice don' cost anyt'ing."

Serenity shrugs a shoulder, "I get by." And that's when a pair of NYPD officers come in the diner. She looks down as they go past the table where she and Remy are seated. Her breathing quickens and as soon as the officers are seated, she mutters, "I have to go. Sorry." She's out of the seat and quickly headed for the door. Her speed is precise, just as fast as you can go without getting a cop's attention.

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