(2016-08-04) Douglock meets Negasonic
Douglock meets Negasonic
Summary: What it says on the tin… Douglock meets Negasonic. He calls her "Negas" and she actually says she'll consider an offer he makes.
Date: 2016-08-04
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NPCs: urRamsey (Douglock's fork)
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

Location: Xavier Mansion Dining Hall


Ellie Phimister isn't much of a socializer. For starters, she's recently learned this isn't even her Earth, and she's having to figure out her place in this world. For the rest, she generally hates people, it's sort of her thing. As such, she's in the Dining Hall well after dinner, when she can eat leftovers in relative peace and quiet.

Those who knew the Negasonic Teenage Warhead from this Earth were probably a bit shocked by her brush cut, piercings, and general wisecracking, but after the last few months, it's something most have adjusted to. She's in unrelenting black, leggings under a long Misfits tee. The ridiculous heat has kept her from wearing a jacket or scarf to further hide from her fellow students.

She's at a table, munching on a sandwich made out of Wonder Bread and leftover meatloaf, with a side of reheated mashed potatoes. There are earbuds in her ears, connected to her cellphone, which she taps at a rapid pace as she posts to whatever social media kids here use.

For his part, Douglock isn't often in the dinning hall because since he doesn't require food he isn't much of an eater. He does crave information and having picked up the use of a computer when most students would have left the dinning hall, he's headed to there to investigate.

Even if Ellie's appearance and attire weren't distinctive its not hard to pick out a solitary person in the large hall so he approaches and sits down at her table across from her.

«Life with telepaths. I don't even have a fake ID. This place sucks. FML » Ellie posts her tweet, under the name SullenSilence, and stuffs a spoonful of mashed potatoes into her mouth. Dark eyes blink as she looks up at Doug. She's not used to people approaching her unless she's in trouble for something. She pulls one earbud out and scowls across the table.

"Who are you? Captain America's bastard love child?" she snarks, arching a brow sharply at the 'boy next door'. Her eyes do go to the circuitry a moment later.

":No, not at all,:" Douglock says in his distinctive and slightly synthetic-sounding voice. ":I'm Doug Ramsey, or Douglock. You may also have heard of me as 'Cypher' but I haven't gone by that moniker for years.:"

Inside his head urRamsey says to him, ("She looks like a punk rocker!") but Doug shushes the fork.

":How about you? Alice Cooper's?:"

Realizing this guy isn't going to leave, Ellie pulls the other earbud out and pauses the music blaring from her iPhone. She takes a bite out of her sandwich, the continuous frowning putting a crease in her brow. She almost chokes on her sandwich. "Cypher!? The hell happened? You used to be kind of normal for one of these X-freaks."

She smirks at the Alice Cooper comment. "According to Deadpool I'm Sinead O'something. Well, my Deadpool. I have no idea about whatever one is here. This different Earth thing blows."

Doug nods. ":O'Connor, yeah, that makes sense. You might say that 'nothing compares'.:" He chuckles as urRamsey laughs and starts singing a poor karaoke version of the song. Doug continues, ":What happened? Well, its a long story but it ends with me appearing in the wrong world when Illyana was teleporting the team to Lincoln, Nebraska.:"

"So you don't belong here either. Welcome to the club of Misfits not of this Earth," Ellie says with a snort. She pushes her potatoes around on the plate with her spoon. "I feel like I'm in a prison. So many teachers here all the time. Where I'm from, they were never home. I could do whatever I wanted pretty much, so long as Piotr wasn't watching."

":You shouldn't feel like Xavier's is a prison,:" Doug says with a frown. ":Its not that sort of place,:" he adds before asking, ":What's your name?:"

"Negasonic Teenage Warhead," she responds, dead serious, staring down Doug as if to dare him to challenge her moniker. She shoves her plate away. "I had a lot more freedom where I came from."

'Denied Sound' and 'the forward section of a self-propelled bomb' the name is translated instantly in Doug's mind. ("Oh dear gods, is the Professor allowing them to name themselves now?") urRamsey asks.

":So, where's the back half?:" Doug asks Ellie while smirking back at her.

"The back half of what?" Ellie snaps back, looking at him like he's speaking a foreign language. Being who he is, that is entirely possible.

":The self-propelled, sound canceling bomb that you are the front half of,:" he says as the smirk softens into a smile as he tries to show her that he is actually acknowledging her name.

In the back of his mind Doug reaches out into the Institute's computer system as he attempts to find files identifying her more properly.

In the records she's listed as Ellie Phimister. Ellie is likely not her full first name, but YOU try arguing with a moody teenager who has been ripped from her home world. "That's the pile of broken bones I leave the bad guys in."

[Editor's Note: Negasonic also confirmed that Douglock would fine a description of her powers in the files.]

Nodding to himself as he finds the sparse records on Ellie, Doug says, ":Alright, that works. Pretty destructive power. Not a bad appellation for you then. I'll assume you don't want me to use your actual name so is there a short form of it you prefer?:"

Negasonic grunts. "Ellie is fine. Negasonic is preferred. People leaving me alone is the absolute best.

Inside Dough's mind urRamsey asks, ("If she wants to be left alone…?") and Doug answers, ("You're as much a teen as she is, don't judge.")

":I don't think that's going to happen, Negas,:" he says shortening her nickname into a 'pet' form. ":I'm not a teacher. But if you want to get out of here some time you should ask. Me even maybe.:"

A brow shoots up at that, looking skeptical. "Are you asking me on a date?" she snaps.

":I barely know you. But you are eighteen and feel like you are trapped here. That's not possible, because you're an adult who can come and go as she pleases. But since you believe you are trapped I'm telling you that if you want to leave and do something I'll help you,:" Doug explains.

Inside Doug's head, urRamsey says, ("She's sooooo gloomy, really?") and Doug shushes him again then says, ("Nobody really wants to be alone as much as she's implying.")

Negasonic grunts. "Whatever. I'll think about it. Maybe." That's about as good as anyone gets from her, he should be proud.

The smile Doug gives Ellie at her response shows he has an inkling about the situation and what he just 'won' here. ":Good enough. So, are you listening to the Misfits,:" he nods towards her shirt, ":Or something else?:"

Negasonic says, "A bunch of stuff, just a mix. Bauhaus, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, The Stooges, Misfits, etc," Ellie replies. She stands up and gathers her phone. "I need to get going. Or something.""

":Alright,:" Doug says, ":See you around then, Negas.:"

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