(2016-08-06) Peter Benjamin Parker to the Rescue
Peter Benjamin Parker to the Rescue
Summary: When Serenity is accosted in Central Park, Peter Parker rescues her.
Date: 2016-08-06
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NPCs: Peter's Corporate minders, Jason the creep
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Plot

Belvedere Castle can be a nice place to get out of the weather for a while. Even when it's closed you can if you know how to sneak in. Serenity has been doing that for a while now so she knows the ropes so to speak.

Serenity is just on her way around Turtle Pond on her way to the castle when she runs into a little trouble. She notices immediately when she picks up a tail. She picks up her pace to get away only to run directly into the guy who was lying in wait as his friend chased her his way. Try as she might to stay quiet when she's not singing, she cannot stop the shriek of dismay and fear that rips from her when her assailant grabs her arm.

Peter is here outside in the weather though he looks well dressed. The people with him are looking around quite awkward at the homeless people as they give out packets of food, clothing, and blankets to keep them going as it is all he can do now that he is under the watchful eye of his own corporation. He is smiling to the people shaking hands when they want, hugging though he looks awkward doing so when they want he doesn't seem to be repulsed by them at all, and some even seem to know him like they have had dealings before. Though he is doing what he can one that doesn't that ask for help is the one that gets his eye, as he see's her walking away not knowing what is going on, but sees the tail and sighs. "Excuse me.. Yes I am sorry, but don't worry these two will hand out the rest equally. We are here to help even if they look a little stiff."

Dipping out of the crowd to head that way walking behind the one that was tailing her, and hears the shriek.. Never a dull moment in New York he waits till the one tailing her gets closer, and bumps into him hard enough to knock down a normal person. "Oh.. Hey I am so sorry. I didn't see you there." he looks up at Serenity being held. "And you miss… your not where your supposed to be.. Come with me right now or Sam is going to be pissed." and he smiles at her with a little wink. The boy can't be more then sixteen, and he looks at ya with no anger in his eyes just that guarded look as he tries to disarm this situation without violence. It may not work at all, but busting heads wasn't always the answer… Just most the time.

Jason grinned down at Serenity as he muttered, "Long time no see, hon." When Serenity's addressed by Peter, he answers before she can, "She's supposed to be right where she is, richie. Why don't you go back to your business? Didn't anybody tell you the park's dangerous at night?"

The guy Peter bumped falls as intended but gets back up quickly and mutters, "Get lost, kid."

Serenity has a look on her face like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. She tries to struggle free of Jason's grip only to have him hold her firmly. He's not scared of a little girl and definitely not Peter either.

As the man stands up the boy turns his back on the man that has Serenity, but he backs up from the man getting up.. "Listen I am so sorry." step.. Step.. "Can ya forgive me.." step "For this."

He turns around quickly grabbing at the man's hand. If he gets a hold of it he would turn it, and not let go as he is much stronger then he looks. He is trying to not hurt him, but he is a scientist, and one of those studies was Bioengineering which gave him a very good knowledge of how much pressure a bone could take before it snapped, or how much it took just to pop it out of socket. He looks at the man again.. "Let her go.. You don't belong here" he twists a little more pushing those limits.. "And don't call me richie.. I hate that." to the other one behind him he speaks up. "Anything your thinking about doing is only going to hurt your friend, or yourself. Please I implore you to give up, and run while you still can." he smiles at Serenity.. "I am sorry Miss… I really hate violence. Most of us New Yorkers aren't really like this."

Jason doesn't like Peter getting too close to him. He jerks Serenity toward him and snakes an arm tightly around her throat before Peter can get close enough to jerk his arm. He cries out in pain and his arm instinctively tightens around Serenity's throat. She starts choking as he cuts off her breathing. His friend goes running off now. He's not staying to face anything that can make Jason make a sound like that.

Peter looks at the situation. As he does a few quick calculations.. He only has time to say, as he moves.. "I am sorry." and with his other hand other then grab him further he punches forward at the shoulder that is choking her. His goal is to knock it out of socket, but to do that he has to release his grip to grab that arm. He didn't want the sudden shock to hurt her any further, but if successful he would lose sensation in his arm which would mean no choking, or anything the bad news is it was going to hurt… Badly. He hated do it to another person, but he didn't have his web, or anything. He had to save a person in danger even if he wasn't Spider-man currently so he went for it he took the swing.

After he takes his swing one way or the other a woman's voice comes out from behind him. "Peter Benjamin Parker!". It was an asian looking woman in a nice business outfit that did not look pleased. She had a large net-gun in her hands, and she was aiming it at the one running away. She continued.. "You know you can not do this anymore you are a CEO not a superhero. I don't know who your friend is, but you will stop this nonsense and get back to the car immediately" Peter seems to shrink with each sentence. He was her boss, but the way it looked now that wasn't how it was working out.

Serenity collapses on the ground when Jason releases her. She'd been choked just long enough to make her dizzy. Even so, she puts her hands to her ears rather than her throat as though trying to block out the sound as Jason screams with the pain then flees away from Peter and further possible pain.

She doesn't manage to completely block the sound though. Peter's name has Serenity turning a stare toward him despite the darkness. That was definitely not the way she had pictured Spider-man.

Peter moves forward. "Relax.." he repeats to himself pushing over the man to his back.. "Listen… I am going to put it back. This is going to hurt." he talks loudly to him putting a foot on him to keep him from squirreling away. He reaches forward and grabs the limp arm. "On Three.. One.. Two.." he yanks it hard enough to pull it back out and aligns it back into the socket. He then releases him moving between him and Serenity.. "Big baby.. I had that happen when I was twelve and I didn't make such a loud fuss." he chuckles, and shakes his head.

Watching the downed man he continues "Miss.. I think it is time we leave.. I am sure whoever this is once they get their bearings back they will not be happy." He holds a hand out to her for her to come along with her. His friend has been netted before he could flee and the asian woman is reloading and heading towards the two. She looks over at Peter, "So dining for two.. very well after I clean up here I will call the local dinner you seem to like so much.. if you would please this way." it looks like there are a couple other security types heading this way with the Parker Industries symbol on their chest. They had heard the screaming, and were coming to help.

Serenity coughs once as she takes the hand offered to her. She gives the asian woman a wary glance. The security types make her want to panic and it shows in her eyes. Finally she says, "Peter Parker? Seriously?"

The asian woman looks up after shooting the other man with the web-gun at the other man.. "Of course.. who else would he be?" she looks confused like it was the most obvious answer, then she looks at Peter again. "You promised.. no Superheroing while on the clock, and we will turn a blind eye to your… night activities. Now come, let us go.. bring your friend if you must.. though if you wish to appear publicly with her.. I would suggest a bath first." she then turns and walks away coldly with the net gun over her arm. The two security guys are moving forward to drag off the men. The one going for the guy that is closest whispers to Peter. "Don't worry boss.. we are just taking them to the police." and continues on.

Peter looks at Serenity, and sighs.. "I am still not used to being so out in the open, but.. I had to help. He will be okay, though he may not deserve it a few days and it will be like it never happened." he looks at his hand then at her.. "So.. you coming? Or you just want to sit here for a while?" he smiles at her, "Ya need to pick one at least my arm is getting tired." and chuckles.

Serenity suddenly releases his hand. "I can't appear in public with Spiderman. That might make the news." She looks around nervously for cameras that might have recorded the encounter before she looks back, "Thank you for the help. I actually might have something to lose right now."

Peter nods to her, and lets go. He does smile at her. "I understand.. I would not want to bring you harm, but if you need anything.. this guy comes back or anything at all." he holds out two things to her that he got from his pocket. One is a small sleek cellphone that looks almost brand new, the other is a card all black other then a number in red. "Call me, I will come help." he looks back then back at her and whispers.. "Just don't tell her that okay." and smiles with a wink moving away again. "Sorry I can not stay, but don't worry bout the news, I will make sure no-one caught you, and pay them off if they did." he waves one last time.. "After all I know what it is like to have a secret."

Serenity stares at the cellphone for a moment in surprise then quickly tucks it inside her clothing. "I won't tell her or anyone." She brushes a tear from her cheek and turns to run in the other direction. Maybe not the castle tonight. It's a mostly moonless night so it doesn't take her long to disappear into the shadows of Central Park.

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