(2016-08-09) Havok meets Douglock
Havok meets Douglock
Summary: Doug finds Alex working and asks about his role at the Institute. He ends up assigned to be the school's repairman along with Forge.
Date: 2016-08-09
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LOCATION: Faculty Work Room in the Southern Office Suites of the Xavier Mansion, North Salem, NY


Alex Summers is found in one of the many offices of the Xavier Mansion. The office door is ajar and he us seated behind the desk, back to the windows, and wearing his black and gold costume. Before him, to the left, is an open laptop and a yellow pad beneath his right hand as he scribbled notes gleaned from the laptop screen. His left hand messes with the touch pad and he seems to be working and focused. His hair has been recently cut. Instead of the previous ling, it is now short and well kept.

Having been alerted of Alex's login by a fork he's set to lurk about the Institute's computer network, Douglock approaches the office dressed in casual civilian clothes. He gently raps his knuckles on the partially open door and says, ":Alex, am I intruding?:" in his unique, quasi-synthetic sounding voice.

Looking up from the screen, Alex spies the arrival and says, "Not at all, Doug. Come on in." Alex will watch the movements of the hybrid as he closes the laptop lid so he won't be distracted.

Doug takes a seat opposite Alex after entering the room and leaving the door ajar still. ":I've heard that you're in charge currently so I've been hoping to get to talk with you,:" Doug says. ":Finally found a chance to catch up with you. I assume Lorna's told you something about me already? In addition to Sage's report of course.:"

"A little. I'm still trying to catch up on alternate vs our universe people. Lorna implied you were a blend of Doug Ramsey and Warlock and from another reality.", is answered as he flips to a fresh page on the yellow pad and maintains the pen in hand. He follows with, "So what can I do for you?"

Instead of answering the question immediately, Doug feels the need to clarify by saying, ":You must remember that Doug and Warlock, even of this world, blended with each other multiple times. I am… well, I actually /am/ Doug but transformed into a Technarch like Warlock. I almost said what I used to think, that I was the offspring of Doug and Warlock's blending with all of Doug's memories… including those retained from those past blendings.:"

After a moment's pause he returns to the question asked, ":I feel like I'm mooching. I recharge by plugging into an outlet every night… and I'm helping maintain the network security, but that's just something I feel obligated to do anyway. Lorna suggested I talk to you about what I should be doing around here… and I'm also curious about my standing with the team.:"

There are expressions of his own processing as Doug speaks and Alex seems to better understand the nature of what is Doug. He nods and accepts what is conveyed. When the question presents itself, he considers, "So you're good with computers. What about mechanics and electronics?" as Alex seems to be leading up to an idea. He also will get to the team part later.

Doug leans forward and places his hands on either side of the laptop, palms against the hinge. Tendrils of his techno-organic flesh extend from his fingers and wrist then squirm into the laptop, finding ingress at ventilation holes, various interface ports and the tiny gaps at the edges of the casing and the DVD drive. ":Lets see…:" he says to Alex.

Inside the laptop Doug's tendrils gently probe at the moving parts of the computer without interrupting their function. He looks over the solid state drive and examines the physical structure of the other components leisurely.

Moments later, Doug sits back in the chair as the tendrils pull out of the laptop and retract back into the flesh of his hands. ":Its not in bad shape for not being absolutely state of the art,:" he says. ":I'd replace the video card soon because it seems like it may be developing a fault soon… like in the next half year or so.:"

Alex watches the transaction take place and he considers a few things fire a second after Doug states the condition. "Do you remember Forge?" He asks leading up to the point. He's been helping out in the hangar with maintenance and repairs on our stuff. The self repairing Shi'ar tech can only do so much. I think you would be a real asset to Forge if you helped him out."

":I never got to meet Forge of my world… not before the Phalanx assimilated him,:" Doug says softly before adding, ":I helped put him down. I heard he was a good man though. I can do that.:"

There is a furrowing of Alex brow and a quirk if a smile, "Probably best you don't mention the whole 'putting him down' part. That may not go over well. But, I'll let him know you were assigned to him. I'm sure you all will work well together…" He then offers a segue, "As for the team. Right now we are not actively pressing a team agenda. But, I will say that you need to drop in some training with the others when able. I'm still working on getting organized. There is a lot to sort out presently."

Doug nods. ":No, of course not,:" he says, sounding a bit embarrassed. After dismissing the embarrassment, Doug says, ":Some group training sounds like a great idea also, Alex,:" as he stands, taking the comment about Alex having a lot to do as a hint.

Jotting down a note in his yellow pad, Alex takes a moment then looks to the risen Doug. "And it'll help everyone get re-familiar with everyone else. Training is important, regardless of combat or non combat situations." He says it with finality, as if he is also closing the conversation and not wanting to further pursue any other topics. He'll even note, "Lemmie know if there are any other issues."

":I'll make sure to do that Alex,:" Doug says and then adds, ":By the way, Sage had me move into Doug's room in the northern administrative building, in case that wasn't in her notes about my arrival,:" as he moves to leave the office.


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