(2016-08-10) Where is Marie?
Where is Marie?
Summary: Douglock takes to cyberspace to try to find a homeless girl Pete Wisdom let the X-Men know about earlier in the evening.
Date: 2016-08-10
Related: Wisdom brings news of a "stray" to the X-Men
NPCs: NYC CCTV System "NPCed" by Serenity
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Plot

LOCATION: Doug Ramsey's room at the Xavier Institute outside of North Salem, NY


The Xavier Institute, outside of North Salem, New York. 11:30pm Eastern Time. The sun set hours ago and quiet has long ago settled over the school and the estate grounds…

Douglock has returned to Doug Ramsey's room - he still cannot quite bring himself to calling it his own yet - and has sat down at the computer his native doppleganger originally configured and he has reconfigured since.

Doug physically interfaces with the computer and the Gamma fork he installed on it weeks ago, D0UG74$, greets him unobtrusively. ("Stay here and monitor the room, urRamsey," he says to the fork sharing his mentalspace and then, ("Keep my connection open,") to the Gamma sharing the system with him before he sends forth his awareness though the institute network into the Internet, seeking the city-wide CCTV network of New York City.

Finding the right system, Doug prods the security and finds a backdoor established by one of its coders to slip in. He finds past recordings and sifts though the data, trying to find Pete Wisdom - and with him hopefully the Marie he told the X-Men about earlier in the day - on them.

Doug has no problem finding CCTV coverage of Pete Wisdom at the corner of 49th and Broadway standing near a girl on a stool at the corner of the intersection near the Ambassador theatre. The girl never looks up in such a way that the camera catches her face though. She slips off the stool and clutches her hands over her ears. Her face is mostly covered by her long slightly tangled hair.

(Eureka!) is Doug's thought as he finds the footage of what he believes is the moment of her screaming that Pete had mentioned earlier. He decides that the expediency of being able to search the recordings before and after this point in time is worth the risk of an Alpha. He plans it out, the two Dougs will review the footage from this point to try to track down other crucial data points: times and locations that Marie spent time at. All this before forming the Alpha.

Moments later Doug1 and Doug2 'nod' to each other in cyberspace and set forth as planned and agreed on with the understanding that they would blend again after the task was done.

From the ambassador, it is simple to follow the footage until the pair disappear from the CCTV area in Central Park. A search of the recent footage for the same girl reveals several images of her going into the park. Occasionally the cameras in the park catch her as well.

Both Dougs continue advancing the footage in their agreed upon directions, watching for where seems to have spent the nights before and after encountering Pete.

The search makes it obvious that the target has no one place she sleeps. In fact she seems to disappear from cameras frequently for hours at a time. Sometimes she never comes back out the same direction at all, in fact the only time she does is when there aren't two ways out of a place.

The Dougs return after each has reached an assumed "bedtime" in each direction and observed Marie arriving/departing on the other side of it. Neither bothers to explain to the other what they found, instead they simply merge integrating together resulting in a singular, primary Douglock with the memories of both and the certainty that observing her on camera will not provide further clues about her identity because this seems to be a young woman who has learned to avoid being seen while remaining in plain sight.

Douglock returns his awareness to the institute and disconnects from the network.

("How'd it go, sir?") urRamsey asks his primary as Douglock stands and moves to lay down on the bed, trusting D0UG74$ to shut down the computer.

("Marginally well, I have reached some conclusions about this Marie but I'm no closer to identifying her,") he says as he extends a tendril of flesh from his arm to the electrical outlet beside the bed. ("Quite now, I'm going to rest. Feel free to watch some anime and update me in the morning.")


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