(2016-08-11) Gypsy Doubts
Gypsy Doubts
Summary: Amanda is studying the dimensional properties of Earth-616 when Pete Wisdom comes to visit. They have a good chat and a flirt.
Date: 2016-08-11
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Studying the ambient magic of her new universe is something that Amanda Sefton has been meaning to do for some time now. Thus it is that she has spent most of this particular day off sitting on her sofa studying her crystal as she tries to analyze things.

Ms. Sefton's phone buzzes, as a courteous notice that Wisdom was on his way up to visit her. No food this time, just the presence of his company.

Amanda Sefton glances at her phone when it buzzes. She picks it up and puts it to her ear, "Pete? Do you need something?"

"Hi, Amanda," came Pete's voice clear through her phone. "Just wanted to tell you I was on my way up for a visit. Hope you aren't too busy?" he wondered. "In the elevator now, in fact."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Oh. Well just come in when you get up. It's not locked. I'm just playing with my crystal." She hangs up her phone and puts it down.

About three minutes later, Amanda's door opened and in stepped Pete, who politely shut the door and took off his shoes and coat. "Hey!" he called out. "How's it going?" as he sought her out.

Amanda Sefton gestures him over. "I have been teaching myself about the differences between the signature of my universe and the signature of yours."

Pete Wisdom visibly perked at that, as he stepped over to sit down beside her, crossing his legs. "Do tell," he said. "The sooner we can identify the differences and signatures of my universe and yours, the sooner we can work on opening doors again."

Amanda Sefton looks over at him, "I did tell you I can do dimensional magic, didn't I? I can determine someone's dimensional signature with enough effort."

"Well, yes, you can even do pocket realms," Wisdom said, sincerely impressed. "I'm just excited that it feels like progress is actually being made."

Amanda Sefton murmurs softly, "I don't think I want to go back, but if having someone's exact dimensional resonance will her, I can provide those."

Pete Wisdom nodded. "Remember, I don't want to force people who don't want to go back, back." Unless they're villains. "So… well, accommodations will be made… to ensure your citizenship and whatnot, if this universe's Amanda returns."

Amanda Sefton looks down, "No. If she comes back, I will go. There won't be any place for me if she's back. This is her apartment."

Pete Wisdom laughed. "Amanda, like I said. Accommodations will be made if you don't want to go back. We can always get you a new flat."

Amanda Sefton looks down at her crystal. "And will Kurt still be happy to have me here if she comes home?"

"I'm sorry, Amanda, I thought we were talking about you," Wisdom said pointedly. "If you don't want to go back, then that's what's important. Understood?" He even reached out to touch her shoulder.

Amanda Sefton nods, "I'll be out of work too if she comes back. I suppose you'll fix that as well?"

"If I get you set up with citizenship, your own account, et cetera, of course finding a job shouldn't be a problem. Even if it has to be telling fortunes." He squeezed her shoulder. "Work is work. But I don't care how many strings I have to pull. I'm not going to let you become a homeless gypsy."

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, "My mother used to play homeless gypsy all the time. Not having a home helps sometimes. We wander."

"Then why are you so insistent on going back if this realm's Amanda returns?" Wisdom asked, digging for the truth!

Amanda Sefton's eyes twinkle just a bit. "I do not know that the world can survive two of me together."

Pete Wisdom grinned. "Would I be remiss in saying I think the world could be better with two of you in it. Great power, shared responsibility." Eat your heart out, Spider-Man.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "She can take all the responsibilities since this is her house and I can be more fun?"

"Ah-ah, I don't think it'd work that way. You're choosing to stay here, I don't think this dimension can accept freeloaders," Wisdom teased.

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "I didn't mean freeloading." Her humor drifts away. "I meant the Winding Way. If there were two of us, I wouldn't have to step onto it."

"Oh. I don't know how that works," he added. "I didn't mean to imply anything, but you did say, 'she can take all the responsibilities, and I can be more fun,' petal."

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "The Winding Way tends to corrupt those who walk it. Having experienced my dark side, I do not want to risk bringing it out again."

"Understood, Amanda. But would you want to put that solely on the other Amanda? What if she got corrupted?" he asked. "Would there be a way to help?"

Amanda Sefton looks down, "I've avoided the Winding Way a long time. For all I know she's already there and used to it."

Pete Wisdom frowned. "Who knows?" he asked, enigmatically. "Mmmh. I feel like we're depressing ourselves with this topic of conversation."

Amanda Sefton nods, "A little perhaps. I am not as good as Kurt at staying positive in the face of things I don't like."

Pete Wisdom smiled brightly. "Me, neither. I tend to use morbid humor and such things."

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "Morbid hmm? Have you ever wanted to be something other than what you are?"

"Me? Oh, goodness, no. I've wanted things or situations to be different. And I admit, I'm weighed by the things I have to do. But I wouldn't wish them on anyone else. Which is why I want situations to be different. Not… me." An interesting sentiment.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Ah. Not even briefly? Say to be a mercreature and swim the waters around your beloved island?"

Pete Wisdom grimaced. "The waters around my island are disgusting," he said. "No, thank you." He then added, after a moment, "I've already been married to a fairy princess. I think I've had quite enough fantasy." But he would hate a boring, dreary life, as well.

Amanda Sefton purses her lips at that. "Pete, I do magic. My whole life consists of bits of fantasy."

Pete Wisdom grinned. "I know." Really, that was it. What more was there to say?

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Though I do not, as you jokingly indicated, summon extradimensional tentacles when I get lonely."

Pete Wisdom cleared his throat. "I wasn't sure. Goodness knows if I had your capabilities I'd make a tulpa to combat lonely nights."

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "Do I look like I need to do magic to solve a lonely night if I really want to?"

Pete Wisdom tut-tut…ed. "I didn't suggest you needed to. But I'd get creative. Why wouldn't you?"

Amanda Sefton puts aside her crystal ball and turns toward him. "Because I don't feel the need for casual encounters very often."

"Hence the creativity in, erm," he paused, "Masturbation." He sounded just a little bit shy, talking about this.

Amanda Sefton nods, "Whatever works for you, I suppose. It must be difficult being a spy." That causes her to pause, "When are you going back into the Hellfire Club? Do you know?"

"I haven't a clue," Wisdom said with a furrow of his brow. "It's quite dangerous to go there."

Amanda Sefton nods, "Well then I will try to be available when you need me. If all else fails, it wouldn't be the first time Kurt teleported me off an airplane."

"Thank you, Amanda. No promises that I'll even be able to let you know. Powerful people there. People who could interrupt me before I texted you that I'd need help." At least Pete was honest.

Amanda Sefton tsks softly, "Well… then I will have to make other arrangements."

"Are you teasing me?" he asked. "Or trying to figure out a way to get into the Hellfire Club?"

Amanda Sefton's eyes twinkle as she looks at him now, "Would I tease you Pete?"

"Only everyone would," Wisdom said back, a wink following. "You do know there's a certain… dress code… when it comes to the Club."

Amanda Sefton stands up from the sofa and makes a broad gesture. A flash of light briefly obscures her and when it clears she is wearing something that looks like it was made for a Dominatrix, all black leather. "You mean something like this?"

Wisdom's eyes widened. "Yes, something like that. Though less Dominatrix, and I guess more simple lingerie?" Wisdom was certainly nothing close to a sub. But he did like looking at her tummy, and how the top portion gave her significant cleavage more emphasis.

Amanda Sefton considers that then makes another gesture and a flash. When she emerges from the light this time she wears a long back evening dress. From the slender shoulders, the neckline of the bodice plunges in a deep v between her breasts nearly to her naval. Virtually backless, the dress slims to accentuate her figure then clings to her hips and thighs before falling smoothly to her ankles. Strappy three inch heels complete the outfit. "I don't suppose this would work?"

"It would work. Classier than the usual," Wisdom said. "Those typically consist of teddies, stockings. Lacey underwear, occasionally thongs." He paused. "Mind turning around for me?"

Amanda Sefton slowly turns to expose her bared back to him. "I like this dress. It's a very nice dress."

Pete Wisdom looked at the swell of her hips, and how her bottom was held in that dress. "I… I like it, too." Clearly, noting the tent in Wisdom's trousers.

Amanda Sefton turns back to him now, "I should probably try and get some sleep, Pete. I didn't overdo it, but I am getting a little tired."

Pete Wisdom nodded. "Shall I go?" he asked, courteous and perhaps a little concerned.

Amanda Sefton leans forward and brushes a little kiss on his cheek. "I trust you to stay while I'm asleep, but I'll be in bed so you won't have much to do but snoop."

Pete Wisdom laughed. "I'm not so creepy as to watch you sleep, luv. Can I go to bed with you, though?" A small smile. "Can't promise I won't touch your bum, though."

Amanda Sefton reaches down to grasp his hand and lightly tug him up from the sofa. "Come on then." She heads into her bedroom to sleep.

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