(2016-08-12) MJ, another Pete and Gelato
MJ, another Pete and Gelato
Summary: Pete Wisdom crosses Mary Jane Watson-Parker's path in Upper East Side of NYC. After inviting her to join him in getting a gelato he recognizes her as Mary Jane Watson, famous actor and model.
Date: 2016-08-12
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NPCs: The masses of humanity on the streets of New York
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

Location: Upper East Side near the corner of Lexington and 79th street

At 95ºF its an extremely hot day in New York City with excessive heat warnings discussed on the news. With only a few clouds in the sky and a leisurely eight miles per hour wind the only shelter New Yorkers have is the shade from the buildings and climate controlled buildings.

Despite the heat, Mary Jane Watson has decided to go walking in the Upper East Side of the city. The red-head is decked out in a pale blue off-the-shoulder, ruffle crop top with skinny jeans and brown leather sandals. Golden plastic framed sunglasses and a gold colored "hard case" backpack complete her ensemble as she sashays down the sidewalk.

At nearly 4pm on a Friday, in August, with heat like today, one would think Pete Wisdom insane. Dressed as he is, the only inclination to his discomfort is he's loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Walking past Mrs. Parker on the way to an Italian gelato stand, Pete took a moment to turn his head and look past his sunglasses just so… to watch Mary Jane walk.

Almost as if she has a sixth sense for it - as most women do - /Mrs. Watson-Parker/ notices Mr. Wisdom's glance. (Truth be told, she sees him out of the corner of her eye, reflected in the window of a store she's passing, but women don't admit these things to men after all…)

MJ stops walking and turns towards Pete. Having let her sunglasses slide down her nose and blatantly looks Pete over from head to toe. Her eyes return up to his face and she flashes him a smile that could - and perhaps has in the past - melted hearts.

"You seem a bit over dressed for this time of day in this neighborhood," she says to him.

That fiery red hair, those lovely cheeks, those perfect teeth, that voice…

But Watson was an American icon, and Wisdom wasn't too familiar. "Like most businessmen, I proudly suffer for my position. Was actually about to grab gelato." A moment later, and Pete asked, "Care to join me?"

MJ almost asks 'But what would my husband think?' but she stops herself because she has no evidence that she is even in the same plane of existence as her spouse. Instead, after what may have seemed like a moment's hesitation toa non-telepath, she says, "I was just taking a walk. I'd love a gelato, today's the day for that sort of thing after all." MJ then turns to face the direction Pete had been heading originally and asks, "You were heading this way I believe?" as if she isn't sure where the gelato is found in this neighborhood.

Nodding and with a gesture to show the stand wasn't too far away. "It's just over here," he said. "Not out of the way at all, as you can see. Call me Pete," he jovially introduced. Never one to underestimate an opponent, but sometimes a beautiful woman in Manhattan in the summertime is exactly that.

MJ smiles again, this time a bit wanly as another 'Pete' flashes though her thoughts for a moment. "I'm MJ. And thank you, Pete," she says, with a slightly noticeable pause on his name but there they are, 'first name' basis has been established.

"What sort of business are you in, Pete?" she asks as they approach the gelato stand.

"Government work. Bureaucratic nonsense, really. Occasional bit of excitement. MJ?" Then it dawned on him. "Mary Jane Watson? The triple threat?" He pulled away his sunglasses to get a good look at her proper. "Well, I'll be! Come come, let's go get some gelato!" A little star struck? Maybe.

MJ's expression changes subtly as she puts on the 'anything for a fan' face she uses for strangers who recognize her like Pete just did, its still quite pleasant but there is the barest hint of professionalism and distance as well. "Yes, that's right," she says and then asks, "Are you a fan of Secret Hospital, Pete?" Yes, she has confirmed that the MJ of this world had a role in the same - or an extremely similar and identically named - soap opera that she did in her own world.

"Actually, no, soap operas aren't really my thing," Wisdom admitted. "I've got 'Little Stars' on vinyl, mind you, and I love your work in," he then mentioned a few fashion publications - all very professional, very tasteful. "I'm very fortunate to have run across you," he said as they approached the gelato stand. "Please, ladies first."

MJ removes her sunglasses and looks over the signs printed on the side of the Coolhaus truck. "If you don't mind, Pete, I think I'd like to try a cup with side-by-side scoops of the Cookies'n'Sweet Cream and Cuban Cigar. One's a favorite and the other sounds intriguing to me," she says.

OOC Note: Coolhaus truck menu

Looking right along with her, Pete smiled. "Sure, sure. Cookie dough and coconut negroni for me," he said, then ordered up and paid up. Scoops of fancy Italian ice cream were put into little paper cups for the two of them, along with spoons. Handing her her choices, Pete nodded. "There you are. So, you been up to anything interesting?" The fan wanted to get the skinny, after all.


Fade was due to demands IRL for both parties. While there is the possibility of the scene concluding, for now it can be assumed that the pair simply enjoyed good ice cream and each other's company, chatting about nothing of consequence.


MJ nods at the common question, whether from professional interviewers or fans. She takes advantage of the cup she is holding in her left hand to give herself a moment to consider the question and how to answer by taking a bite of her ice cream. A keen observer might notice the discolored band of skin on her left ring finger, if they weren't distracted by her smile, her bare shoulders or the shape of her hips in her skinny jeans that is.

"I was recently offered an action role. I was planning on taking it but circumstances have changed and I'm not sure if its going to work out as well as it was originally planned," she says in reply to Pete's question.

Pete is an observational type, all the more with his sunglasses off. "Scheduling is often a pain. And recent events have stalled a lot of businesses." Wisdom scooped up a little ice cream, nomming cheerfully. His eyes were on her face; he's only likely to letch at her while she walked in front of him. "Was the script solid? Producers keen on it?"

"The project was quite solid, yes," MJ says on the subject before taking another spoonful of ice cream and mmmms as she tastes the 'Cuban Cigar' scoop for the first time. "Oh this is lovely, never thought to try a smoky ice cream before," she comments on it while considering the lie she is crafting for him to avoid sharing the truth of her circumstances with this total stranger… even if he has that lovely British accent.

FADE: MJ and Pete enjoy their ice creams and no other information is exchanged.

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