(2016-08-12) Pool Day
Pool Day
Summary: Just a relaxing day at Xavier's pool
Date: IC Date (2016-08-12)
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-==[ Pool Area - Xavier Estate ]==--------

This Olympic sized pool stretches north and south with the shallow end to the north. On the southern end there is a high and a low dive as well as a Jacuzzi tub adjacent to the poolside. Surrounding is a patio of flat pavers with many lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas and other affectations for pool side enjoyment.

From here one has a clear view of the pool area, the tennis/basketball courts and even the patio and mansion. All around the Xavier estate is laid out in north, east, and southerly directions. Most of which are dotted by various copse of trees, a dense forest and one can even catch a glimpse of the lake to the east between the trees.

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---------==[ places +scene +smell ]==-

Scene for Pool Area - Xavier Estate

It's a pool day. The sun is high in the sky. The blue skies go on forever. The various umbrella shaded tables offer solice from the light of the sun while many of the loungers are in the wide open to allow for sunbathers. The glinting waters of the pool are cool and inviting. There is a outdoor kitchen area with a stocked refrigerator of drinks from water to soda to adult beverages. There is a nice breeze that blows across from the sand volleyball court down over the rear lawns and into the lush forest.

"Ugh." Rachel replies, wrinkling her nose. "Don't even mention it, someone might give me papers to grade, or something." Not that there are many papers involved with telepathic defence class. She's still happy to be out of it for the day. "Hey Alex." She returns his greeting, before looking between the two of them with a mock-suspicious gaze. "Are you two about to have round two, or is the pool safe?"

"Sorry, babe." Lorna tells Alex, hands raised in surrender. "I might try to play nice if you give me a reason." She teases and splashes at Alex lightly. She and Alex are in the pool, Rachel is more sensibly avoiding the chaos. She looks at Rachel, hands going up again. "I will be a perfect angel, I swear."

Bobbing about in the pool and wearing black swim trunks; the tanned Alex Summers seems to be enjoying the water at a comfortable distance from Lorna. There are a floating things here and there. He grabs a nerf football (as any typical guy would) and starts to squeeze while submerging it into the water. Which will turn it into a very heavy football. There are also water guns and funoodle laying about.

Alex turns his head not to get splashed directly and he chuckles his answer to Ray. "That's up to Lo. I'm playing nice." or so it would seem, for now.

Sun and rebellions sullen gothy kids generally don't mix. However, the girls dorm smells like Bath and Bodyworks exploded at the moment, and someone is making cabbage in the cafeteria, so Negasonic has braved the heat of the outdoors. She's wearing a massive floppy black sunhat, huge sunglasses, and a black swimsuit that looks more like it belongs in the 30s or 40s than 2016. She has her tablet in hand, and moves to the shallow end of the pool, dragging an umbrella with her.

She sets the latter up right at the edge of the pool before sitting beside it, letting it shade her pale skin, as she dips her feet in the water. That's about as close as she's going to get to swimming with people around. She looks briefly at the others, then her eyes are back on her tablet, tapping away in the gloomy shade of umbrella and hat.

Rachel smirks. "I'm not sure I believe either of you." Rachel tells Alex and Lorna, but she's clearly not about to let it keep her out of the pool. Taking a look at the aggressively tropical drink in her hand, she takes a big sip and finds a table to leave it on, before shedding her lightweight, black lace cover-up to reveal a blood-red bikini - and the Shi'ar Deathmark on her back. Sliding into the pool, Rachel swims a leisurely length then props herself in one corner. Negasonic gets a wave, on the off chance she looks up from her tablet. "This was a good idea." Rachel says to no one in particular.

"Picture of good manners!" Lorna swears and looks at Alex and the football dubiously. The green haired woman is also in black, because green is hard not to clash with. She grabs a pool noodle and fills it with water before blowing on one end to hit Alex. "Perfect manners. Heya!" She calls, waving to Negasonic as well.

Splashed again, Alex lets the water soaked football surface while he holds both ends with either hand. He grins while looking about at Ray's choice of locations and then Ellie's continued teen behavior. He's also building up to something, plotting, not retaliating against Lorna's splashing. As if he's biding his time while bobbing around.

'Come, be social, it'll be good for you!'


Who said she'd be sticking around the Institute more often and hasn't been? Add Domino to that list. For whatever reason she's come back, and gone outside with a tablet in hand, wearing black walking sandals, a plain but shiny black bikini, dark blue lensed sunglasses, and about eight pounds' worth of sunscreen.

Unfortunately this does nothing to prevent temporary blindness should anyone glance her way while she's out of the shade. Do not look directly at the albino!

She comes to join the others by the pool, more or less. Anti-social behavior is nothing new here (See: Negasonic) so she grabs a hard drink from the cooler, a filled water gun, and a seat under the shade which isn't -too- far away from the others to recline in. Drink and plastic pistol go on the table, both kept within easy reach, as her attention primarily comes to rest upon her tablet.

Alex does indeed hold his left hand up shielding his eyes from Domino's glare. His face expresses feigned regret. "My eyes! My eyes!" he says in a teasing tone and smiles broadly.

Ellie glances back at Domino at Alex's exclamation and has to shade her already sunglasses-clad eyes. "Jesus, I thought I was pale," she mutters. She sets her tablet aside a few feet from the water and slowly lowers herself in until her feet touch the bottom. She leans her arms on the side and rests her head on them, dragging the tablet back now that she's sure she won't splash it.

Grinning, Lorna dives under as Domino comes out and grabs for Alex's legs under the water. She seems content to keep her harassment to the lone man in the pool. Surfacing, she tries to dunk him again with a grin. "Be nice, just because you get all golden." Her eyes roll at Alex.

"Keeeep bitching," Domino calls back to Havok without looking away from the screen in her hand.

Nega's reaction soon gets a reply of its own, Dom looking over to the moody girl. "You -are- pale. I'm just better at it." This time there's a black-lipped smirk accompanying the remark.

With Lorna's aggressiveness, Alex doesn't defend, he attacks. "Not this time, Lo." Instead of letting her take him down again, he'll just grab her around the torso, twist his own body, and take them both down.

Ellie smirks back at Domino and gives her a grunt of what might be approval. She likes this one. The moody one squints a little at her. "Are you from here or, you know, another here?" she asks. She asks because in her "here" she hung with Deadpool and from what she's gathered in this place, he hangs with the albino. She can't believe she even admits it to herself, but she misses Douchepool.

The redhead is only the third-palest individual in or around the pool. This MUST be a school for mutants. But Domino does indeed win as palest of them all, and quite strikingly so at that. Rachel couldn't miss her arrival if she tried. "Hey Dom." Rachel calls from her spot in the pool, adding a wave for good measure, all on autopilot - since she associates the woman with her brother - and only then remembering that she probably doesn't have a clue who Rachel actually is. Oh well. It's done now. Rachel glances across at the area of choppy water recently occupied by Alex and Lorna. "If they drown, someone else is telling the Professor."

Gasping, Lorna is dunked and she squirms. Twisting to break Alex's hold under water, she comes up and shakes her head with a laugh. "Oh, you're a dead man!" She tells him and grabs for Alex's arms. "Drown, please. Are you saying you wouldn't give me mouth to mouth to save my life Ray? I'm crushed." So crushed, Lorna's smiling as she tries to wrestle Alex in the water.

Personally, Domino doesn't know most of the people at the school. But, she's had a lot of time (and limited access to Cerebro's databanks) to at least figure out who's who for the most part. In fact, as chance would have it she's taken a bit of interest in the psychics in particular.

"Hey, Rach," she offers back with a lopsided smile. "Twenty says that if someone drowns here the Professor won't need to be told."

The moody girl she isn't quite so familiar with yet, lowering her own tablet to look Ellie over. "Another here. Pretty sure there was no X-Men where I came from, if you can believe it. How about you, Gloom?"

In another instant her attention is on Lorna, grinning at Green's declaration. "Looks like I showed up at just the right time. Hit 'im once or twice for me, would ya?"

After surfacing with her, Alex pushes her away. She comes at him again. Stronger vs lighter. Alex wins. He laughs and says, "Oh hell no." Lorna will find herself bound, lifted, and then tossed out of the water and some feet away. It's like a tradition for all men to toss around their girlfriends in a water situation. Not only does it make them look stronger than what they are, it is also innate within their DNA (or something) to show off.

"Not it," Negasonic quips immediately after Rachel's declaration about telling the professor of any drownings. It's like a natural reaction, along with 'it wasn't me,' and 'I was dead at the time'. Ah if Ellie only know in regards to that latter one. She mimes sticking her finger down her throat to gag at Alex and Lorna's lovely flirty pool fun.

She grimaces at Domino. "Another here. We had X-Men, and a Deadpool. Hung out with tall, scabby and old a lot there. Haven't seen him here yet. Know him?"

"Deadpool? Think I've heard the name before but that's the extent of it," Domino tells Ellie. Then she reaches for her drink and holds it up toward the girl in mock salute. "Fellow outlander, I salute thee." Another glance gets passed to Alex and Lorna, Dom's non-patched eyebrow hooking upward. The next question is to Rachel, "How much did those two have to drink?"

Well, that could have been awkward, and Rachel's glad it wasn't. Explaining that yes, she really is kind of Jean's daughter from an alternate future would probably be a bit heavy for poolside conversation. Rachel grins back at Dom's quip, a bit of relief in the expression. "He'll just come out here and look very disappointed at all of us." Rachel offers with a smirk, then glances across at Lorna, the smirk only growing more obvious. "Please. Alex would come back to life to give you mouth to mouth before any of the rest of us got close." Rachel catches Negasonic's gagging motion from the corner of her eye and chuckles, but it seems she's a bit more tolerant.

"Wha-!" Lorna flails and splashes into the water as she's tossed. "Damn it Alex, now I have to destroy you." She tells him and swims over to pick up the water logged football. Cocking her arm back, she tosses it at Alex, aiming for the shoulder. "Nah, if Alex dies I'm kicking his ass." Lorna calls to Rachel with a shake of her head.

Distracted by the words from the others. "Jerkpool?", Alex chimes in. He adds, "Yeah, we all know him. He's funny for about 30 seconds. Then he just doesn't ever shut up. Put him in a room with Fantomex and everyone in the room dies. Great guy." - the last part is said with sarcasm.

Then he's beaned in the side of the head by the football. It's heavy, could even hurt if she wanted it to. Instead, it is another distraction for Alex who looks sharply at her as if she's in deep shit. But says nothing, yet. He's posing for effect.

Negasonic sighs morosely. Still no links to finding the Merc with a Mouth. She sets aside hat, glasses, and tablet, totally resigned to sink herself to the bottom of the pool to meditate on the suckage of that for as long as she can hold her breath. Then Alex mentions him. "Wait, you know him? Know how I can get in touch with him?" she asks.

"Sounds charming," Domino deadpans about Deadpool. "Though this community probably needs some sort of balance, we've got an abundance of moody introverts." Blink. "You actually want to find him?" she asks Ellie.

Well, that would lend some credibility to that whole 'balance' thing.

As for Rachel, she's off the hook with this gal. Having missed out on ..well, everything that the previous Dom had going on with Cable means that, for the moment, ignorance is absolute bliss. Some of the locals here are related to another guy that knew the previous her. Nothing too unsettling about that. Frankly she's getting used to it.

"Maybe someone should put up a 'no drowning' sign around here, just to be safe," she kids.

Propping her hands on her hips, Lorna grins and shakes out her green hair. "If we can survive wars in space I hardly imagine swallowing a little water is going to do us in." She offers and looks at Dom with a wink. Grabbing for a pool noodle, Lorna resumes her ranged assault on Alex for a final jet of water before wading to the side to hoist herself out.

Breaking the glare, Alex smiles broadly as he cannot hold the pretend angry look for very long. He's splashed and he chuckles. Wiping his face he moves to the side of the pool so he can hold onto the edge in deeper waters and listen in on the conversation, or even contribute every now and again. There's also a bottle of water that he retrieves to drink from.

Negasonic sighs morosely. Still no links to finding the Merc with a Mouth. She sets aside hat, glasses, and tablet, totally resigned to sink herself to the bottom of the pool to meditate on the suckage of that for as long as she can hold her breath. Then Alex mentions him. "Wait, you know him? Know how I can get in touch with him?" she asks.

Alex looks to Ellie when she asks how to find Wade, "Normally I'd turn to Domino for that answer. She she and he were bitter enemies, along with Cable, for years. Then became running mates. But since Dom isn't Dom, then you'd probably try Terry. She and he used to date. Or maybe there's a Pool-Signal we can shine up in the sky."

Terry. Right. Ellie grunts what mmight be a thank you at Alex, then hauls herself out of the pool. She towels off and gathers up her things, to go research who Terry is and see about getting a message out.

"Oh, -goodie,-" Domino flatly replies in a low tone. "So maybe I saw him along the way and didn't recognize him."

Then she looks down to the tablet still resting in her lap. Her head tilts to one side. She takes a quick drink then sets it aside, bringing the tablet up to run a quick search on 'Deadpool.'

"Oh. -Him.-"

Rachel waits for a gap in waterborne hostilities, then swims back down the length of the pool, hopping up onto the side and standing up. Making her dripping way back to where she left her drink, she's unsurprised to discover all the ice has melted, but it hasn't quite gotten warm enough to be unpleasant. She almost laughs mid-sip when she hears THAT tone enter Domino's voice. Managing to swallow her mouthful, she offers, "Yes, -him-." In a fair approximation of Domino's tone, then goes back to her drink.

"Sorry Dom. Want a beer, Alex?" Lorna asks and hoists herself out, heading to the outside kitchen. A quick break to refuel seems to be in order. Looking back at Alex she winks at the man. "All knowing. He's a merc, they aren't that hard to dig up."

Domino frowns lightly at the tablet and pokes at the bezel to turn the screen off, getting back to her feet. "You're fine, Rach. I've gotta bug out already. Won't be a stranger, etcetera. And heck, if that guy's a merc then I might bump into him one of these days."

Lucky her.

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