(2016-08-15) Avengers and Star Trek
Avengers and Star Trek
Summary: Iron Spider-Woman goes to the Avengers' Mansion and is met by Wonder Man and they talk about the Avengers and her role in Star Trek in her world.
Date: 2016-08-15
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Location: Avengers' Mansion Parking Area


August 15th, 2016.

Almost a week since waking up in her not-quite-right apartment, MJ again wakes up on the 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets another her purchased. She climbs out of bed wearing a jersey-style, combed cotton shirt (the New York Giants, who knows how that ended up in her closet but its a comfortable night shirt) and a pair of panties. After breakfast she works out on her stationary bike still in her makeshift night clothes and then showers and dresses for an outing in her 'working outfit'… running shorts and a sports bra under her Iron Spider armor.

Using the camouflage feature of her armor, Iron Spider-Woman slips out of her apartment though a window and swings down the street to another roof before turning off the camouflage. She then proceeds to the Avengers' Mansion and lands in the middle of the parking area with her waldos fully extended.

She takes a moment to find the cameras she can see, waves at the most obvious one then takes a perch on the patio roof by the front door and waits for someone to come out or arrive to investigate.

What is it with super heroes and rooftops? Sense of privacy and vigilance, really. Which cuts into the privacy of those who they stand vigil over. But as it stands, Simon was working on some piece of equipment when he received the security notice. "A Spider-Person," he said jovially before forgetting his work and making his way out, casually floating up to meet her. Who'd wear a red leather jacket in this heat? Wonder Man would, as he stepped onto the rooftop. "Hello!"

"Simon!" Iron Spider-Woman says with a level of excitement that the armor's voice modulator does nothing to obscure even as it makes her voice uniquely unrecognizable as that of her alter ego.

Knowing this should be fine, she leaps from the rooftop at him, retracting her waldos mid-flight and, unless he mistakes this for an attack and dodges, ends up with her arms wrapped around his neck in a friendly embrace.

Well! She knew him, but he didn't know her! Still, is always nice to get a hug. Sliding one meaty arm around her waist, he hugged her back. "Well, hello!" he repeated. "I take it you're a fan?" he asked. "Welcome to the Avengers mansion. Anything I can do for you?" he asked, still holding the Spider-Ma'am by her slender waist.

Iron Spider-Woman laughs at herself for her mistake and, after, says, "A bit more than that and I forgot myself there. Should have better control than that," while she clings to him with her arms still around her neck, pressing her curvaceous figure against his chest. "And thank you for the welcome. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the administrators of the Academy hadn't anticipated the need for protocol for such circumstances…" she drifts off into thought for a moment and then says, "Alright, initiative is important for an Avenger and my improve professor would be expecting better of me also."

She makes a coughing sound as she clears her throat and, still embracing Wonder Man with one arm, she performs an intentionally silly and exagerated salute, "Iron Spider-Woman reporting for duty. You likely've never heard of me but everything seems topsy turvy here."

When she salutes, he does so in turn. "Welcome, ISW, to the Avengers Mansion! Of course we need to go through the established protocols. Big thing is, are you from this reality? I'm not, so I'm honestly just kind of going with the flow, here."

MJ smiles beneath the featureless red lower portion of her mask.

"Alright," Iron Spider-Woman says, "No, I'm definitely not there's so much wrong with this world, I mean I'm not even m-…. well, actually, perhaps you should land us so that we can go though any further protocols."

"Land us? We're already on the rooftop. And I'm the senior Avenger on duty, right now. So…" He shrugged, smiled and pulled away from her. He took off his sunglasses so he could look at her naturally, his solid red eyes glowing just so. "I need to know the important things. We don't let just anybody into the Avengers!"

Iron Spider-Woman looks down. Behind the mask, MJ blushes but not so much as if the mask hadn't been there to hide this.

Iron Spider-Woman puts her feet on the rooftop and steps back from the prolonged embrace before speaking. "Well, so we are. No, we don't let just anyone in and… well, my Avengers card is in my other world is the best way to say it I guess."

Rasiging her left hand to her chin she begins to think, tapping her index and middle fingers against her jaw as she does, unsure how to handle this situation.

"So you left your id in your other reality?" Simon had to laugh. Who wouldn't? Other pants being one thing, but another dimension is something else! "I guess… unmask? Best way to handle it."

"Would you step closer to the building so I can face away from the street?" Iron Spider-Woman asks.

Wonder Man took a few easy steps over the rooftop. "There you go. In fact," he sat down on the roof in the sunshine, beckoning her to join him, away from view.

Iron Spider-Woman sits down next to Wonder Man and wills the mask of her armor to receed.

The cowl of her armor begins to melt away. The first thing visible is her mane of deep red locks which, as they are released by the suit, flow about her shoulders and down past her shoulder blades in back. Then it flows down her face and Mary Jane Watson-Parker is sitting there armored up to her neck. "Is this good," she asks, her voice no longer masked, "Or is it still just about as useless as with the mask up like I fear?"

Simon's red eyes widen in surprise. "Oh wow!" Regaining his composure, he smiled. "Miss Watson, I'm surprised it was you, considering the Iron Spider armor. Welcome!" He clapped a hand onto her shoulder, giving a friendly squeeze. "We've got lodging, and I'm sure it'll be easy to integrate you into the system and stuff. You want to sign on as a full Avenger, here?"

"Technically its Mrs. Watson-Parker but as my husband is about as far away, Ms Watson or just MJ will work," she says with a wan smile. "Yes, I'm a full-fledged Avenger in my world," she answers the second question and then, to address the offer, she says, "I actually have my own place in the city. But perhaps I could be given an ID card and the proper frequencies to use to communicate with the team…" she trails off on that and then says, "And can you explain what has happened here? Everything I could find points to a serious mess."

"Unfortunately my degree is in electrical engineering. I've been doing the best I can, but we can't find Richards, and Stark is clearly from another reality, as he didn't seen too on top of things, here. He's gone into seclusion, far as I can tell." He sighed. "Lots of us aren't from around here. Only one that I know of is Hawkeye, and here, he's retired."

MJ chuckles darkly before continuing to speak. "That's… so no sign of Steve, Hank, Janet or Thor even?" Then after a moment she says, "Retired," as if trying to get her mind around the concept and adds, "Peter never could make himself do that, its… surprising any of them could."

"I wish McCoy was around," Simon added sadly. "No Steve. Janet's from another universe, as is Wanda. Barton is mostly deaf," he added. "Hence his status of retirement. He's keen on being an advisor, but active duty, not so much."

MJ nods as the other Hank is mentioned, given Pym's mixed bag results with membership before becoming an instructor at the Academy in her world she's not surprised that he's not addressed.

MJ remains quite for a bit, long enough that Simon might continue talking but if he doesn't she finally asks, "How about Peter?" A common name but given Spider-Man's public identity in this world and her married name it would take the village idiot to not know who she is asking about. "Have you crossed paths with him yet, Simon?" While her words are simple, its abundantly clear that she's worried.

Wonder Man says, "I haven't, yet. But I'm sure a Spider-Man must be active, whether native or not," he sighed. "Sorry. Talk like this makes me depressed. Apparently, I was a real asshole here, before I showed up. So weird to say."

Concerned about passers by looking too closely, MJ causes her suit to morph into a pair of Capri pants, a T-shirt with a heart-shaped Spider-Man logo on it and a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars on her feet. The ever present circular backpack portion of the armor remains on her back.

She reaches out and lays her hand on the back of Simon's and smiles at him.

"I understand," she says, "As I understand it, Peter and I had an ugly break up years ago here. For all I know she'd be as much a stranger to him as I will be when I meet him."

Oh, if it was going to be that simple when she meets the Spider-Man currently inhabiting this world.

Simon has no idea which one is currently here. He turned his hand about to give hers a small, reassuring squeeze. "Can you tell me what I was like in your universe?" he asked.

"Sure! We actually met for the first time on the set of the second Star Trek film I was in," she says. "This was before we moved into Stark Tower," She interjects before continuing her story. "I was portraying Captain Gemma Kirk and you were the captain of the flagship of the alien fleet threatening to invade federation space," she explains, "Naturally the Enterprise was sent as a forward scout to determine how great a threat Star Fleet was facing… especially with the destruction of Vulcan in the first film."

Wonder Man started laughing. "I was the bad guy in a Star Trek film!? Awesome, did they have to digitally fix my eyes or did they keep them?" he asked. "Did we fight? Tell me we fought, I loved doing stunts."

MJ grins, finding this a treat talking about a role with someone who she feels to be intimately familiar with it only to have them practically respond like a fanboy unfamiliar with the specific film. "Yes. Okay, lets see… your eyes caused the special effects team fits at first. Until the writer and director decided to change your character's species into a humanoid species that hosted a plasma life form. Suddenly all the ridge brows and ribbed ear effects were discarded and all they had to do was CGI the other actor's eyes to be similar to your's… the grunts all wore helmets anyway so that made it easier too. And yes, we fought… only after Broud, your character, discovered Kirk's deception while she was infiltrating his ship."

Wonder Man says, "Ok that's just the coolest ever. Please please tell me we fought or something. Any studio is not using me right if I don't get a set piece dropped on me, or get thrown from a vehicle or get something broken. This is great, I wish you had a copy. Do you intend to act, here? I bet we could do a series, if not a movie! Even a YouTube channel!"

"Yes, I would like to resume acting as well as modeling… and being an Avenger. No dust will collect on me!" she grins as she answers him. "After the fight, Broud held Kirk captive for a while… I spent hours negotiating with the producers over where they wanted my tunic torn also I'll tell you! And in the final fight we crashed a VW van into you mocked up as a shuttle. The 'rocks' you were on were fake - made of cement, but the sound effect guys had to do very little to fix the scream of twisting metal."

Wonder Man clapped his hands together. "That's great! In accordance with law I probably had to be isolated, so as not to risk other cast or crew from debris. I know I'm almost invulnerable, but people and especially expensive camera equipment is not. Did your tunic get torn? I'm sure mine did. Jeez, I can just imagine the fans online…"

"Its a trope from the original series that the director and producers insisted on. Especially sine they were going with a female Kirk," she says, "Torn to expose the midriff in any fight was the general rule, and that happened at least seven times across the three films. Even in a bar brawl at the start of the first," She pauses and says, "Oh and lets see… in the scene where Broud was torturing Kirk I was down to my panties and bra - Star Fleet branding and all - with one cup barely hanging on since its strap was torn."

"I hope I ended up about as exposed. You're not the only eye candy on screen! Impressive eye candy as you are," he wasn't flirting, but he was being complimentary. "Still, it sounded like a fun shoot!"

MJ leans over and kisses Simon on his cheek.

As she sits back again she says, "During the final fight your clothes were blasted off first by the phasers on the shuttle. You actually did the final scene nude - with a tactically placed shadow keeping the R rating intact - the shuttle approach was a front on shot that cut to a profile shoot of you being hit and … well, they made it look like the shuttle crushed you more than you crushed it in post production." She grins at the memory as she was still on set that day.

"I'm sure I ruined it during filming, and they fixed it up in post." Simon smiled happily. "We should do something, here."

MJ raises an eyebrow in question then half-spoils the expression by giggling over the memory of how her ease at doing that frustrated Zachary so much. After composing herself again, she asks, "Like what?"

"Like a YouTube series. Comedy or anything, really. As well as super heroing." As she laughed, he laughed. "So you married Pete? Where you were from? I had the star's curse, perpetually single."

"Peter," she corrects knowing that her husband would have quietly bristled over the shortening of his name. "Yes, a few years ago." She says this softly. There's clearly more to the story and it isn't all peaches and sunshine.

And Simon knew better than to pry. "I gotcha. Um…" Lulls in conversation. What to say, now? With the two all alone on the Avengers mansion rooftop.

The lull in the conversation continues as MJ becomes lost in thought for a moment, thinking about the little girl with Peter's eyes and her hair who would be two. She shakes off the melancholy though and makes herself smile without it seeming forced. "Sorry, I miss my husband," she lies unconvincingly but well enough to give a polite excuse for the pause. "The vlog idea sounds amazing," she says, "However, I'm not yet sure if I should go public with my identity. Lacking the support of a functioning Avengers… and what it might do if the other MJ returns one day."

"So? I'm a big actor, so are you. We could do it professionally, not as a super hero related thingy." He gave a firm nod. "Just reviews on other movies, or fashion, or little sketches and stuff."

MJ grins again. "Alright! I love that idea. We could call it Watson and Williams and have a big 'WW' sign behind us when we weren't using green screen affects." She air quotes as she says the Ws.

Wonder Man says, "That's perfect! The Double-Double-Yous!" Simon laughed again. "It's easy enough for us to get studio space, and the YouTube studios are downtown, anyway."

MJ laughs at the new take on the title. "Sure, 'Watson and Williams, the Double-Double-Yous coming to a screen near you'," she says in her best 'announcer voice'.

"Well, MJ. Welcome to this earth. Welcome to the Avengers. Let's go get you situated… And give you some homework. Best you know about yourself here, and the team."


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