(2016-08-17) A Night at Harry's
A Night at Harry's
Summary: Amanda is at Harry's Hideaway with one of the locals when Pete Wisdom and Jams Proudstar arrive. Alex and Lorna came in not long after.
Date: 2016-08-17
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NPCs: Local pool shark
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Social/Plot: Social

Having decided to get out of the city for the night, Amanda is actually tucked into the back corner of Harry's quietly playing darts with one of the other patrons.

A rather sexy Jaguar pulls up, parked by a positively HUGE dark-haired man. A much more average-sized dark-haired man, with sunglasses, was sitting in the passenger side. The two exited!

Pete strode in first, mostly to look for a place that could take Proudstar's weight, and so he could watch the other patrons react when the big Apache came through the doorway.

It's not the first time that James has been in Harry's but he's not exactly a regular either, the bartender is of course used to the comings and goings of mutants over the years and this close to Xavier's/Jean's School… there's no hiding that James is anything but. Especially when he has to duck and turn sideways to get through the door. Regular doors just aren't built for people his size. "The chairs are a no go Pete, I already tried." And the bartender gets pale at the memory of chairs being broken under the Apache. "So it's holding up the bar, or the walls for me." He chuckles, deep voice rumbling as he takes a look around and then stops in complete surprise as he spots Amanda tucked in the back corner playing darts and his face flickers through a number of expressions before settling on passive stoic. So much for Jimmy not being shy again. Was good while it lasted.

Either Amanda does not notice the entry of the gentlemen or she just decides to let them be unless they approach her. She and her partner move to the pool table instead of darts to give her a good reason to keep her back to the rest of the bar. She leans over to rack up for a game then again to break.

Looking over the local specials, Wisdom's eye caught Ms. Sefton, just as she was leaning over a billiard table. Yes, Wisdom's eyes lingered a little while on Amanda's posterior. To the bartender, Wisdom got his attention and smiled, "A pint of the house dark, if you please," and he dropped a Jackson on the bar just to pay for it as he stepped towards Amanda. He leaned over her shoulder, looking at the setup.

"Two stripes in," Wisdom said. "Impressive!" He then pat her once on her lower back, before taking a step back just in case she'd take a swing at him with how close he was. Pool cues hurt!

James is oddly silent as he watches the interaction between Amanda and Pete, not showing any expression, no curiousity, nothing but stoic patience before he points towards a bottle of Wild Turkey and then taps the bartop with one hand. He fishes out a fifty to pay for the whole bottle but the bottle is likely easier for James to drink from than a glass, or maybe he doesn't trust himself with a glass at this juncture. Leaning against the bar nearest to the back corner with the dart boards and pool tables, James opens his whiskey and takes a drink.

So much for not interfering with the guys' evening. Amanda glances over her shoulder at Pete then glances toward James. "Didn't you come here with someone who isn't me, Pete?" That's said with a wry smile. She nods once to James before she moves to line up another shot.

"I did," Wisdom said, no word of a lie. "Bought a practice harmonica from a music store nearby," he said, and he leaned in to murmur very quietly to Amanda, "and the woman who works there is Rogue, who isn't from around here." After pulling back and speaking at a normal volume again, he said, "So we came here to drink and talk. I offered to help her out, like I've offered to help others out in similar situations. Then I walked her back to her apartment. I was a perfect gentleman." And any idiot, even Pete, would know better than to try touching Rogue, alternate reality or not. "How are you, Amanda?"

Amanda Sefton starts to make her shot just as Pete leans in to murmur at her. She hits the ball wrong and scratches it right off the table which causes her to stand up and give Pete and exasperated look before she moves back from the table to let her companion shoot. "Well… apparently I'm unlikely to win this game since that involved getting farther along before letting that shark shoot."

The door of Harry's opens and in walks Alex Summers along with his lovely companion of the evening, Lorna Dane - the girl with the green hair. Yes, they've been a staple couple for a decade now and a fixture here at Harry's for the majority of that time. At least when they could legally drink with all the other X-Men. And there were even times when they were responsible for destroying the bar. But tonight, there is peace. They are both dressed in casual attire and are seen holding hands. They give pause at the entrance and look about the bar for familiar faces and the familiar spaces.

Alex comments and queries, "Damn, it's been a while. Like, pre space, since I was here. How about you?" to Lorna as his blue eyes look about the familiarity.

So much for getting a drink together, James takes his bottle of Wild Turkey and starts over for the one place he can sit in this place without crushing a chair, or a stool, the corner booth. He pulls the table out of the way to make room for himself without even giving a second thought to the bolts he just sheered out of the floor in the process… he probably didn't even notice them. Once that's done the big Apache sinks into the corner booth and sprawls backwards, taking up a good portion of the booth itself as he does so.

So much for the idea of the place not getting destroyed.

At least James is good enough to pull the table back into place once he gets settled even if it's a little unbalanced from the damaged bolts under the center piece now. When he spots Alex and Lorna he lifts his bottle in a wave/salute but then pointedly goes back to staring at the wall, perhaps wishing it would explode into flame or something, judging by the intensity of his stare in between pulls of whiskey.

"Well, sorry, Amanda. You *asked*," he said, not quite defensively, but trying to drive the point home anyway. "You, of all people, should appreciate why someone like that might need a drink." Then the door opened, and in stepped Summers and Dane. And the server approached Wisdom with his pint of dark beer. "Right," he said, "I just wanted to say hi, anyway. So." He approached his very large friend, carrying the pint in hand. "Sorry about that, mate. Didn't expect Ms. Sefton this far north. You know her, don't you?" he asked. A slight gesture of a hand to greet the other two arrivals.

That, of course, was Pete.

"A while." Lorna nods with a smile. "Not as long. I do drink more often. Comes with not being the one people go too, sorry handsome." She tells Alex, looking up at him and towing him inside. She waves to Pete and James, a look of recognition as she leans into Alex. "I'll grab us a couple seats if you want to pick up a pitcher or something?" She suggests and gives Alex's hand a squeeze.

Amanda Sefton glances toward Alex and Lorna when she hears Lorna's voice. The other woman gets a casual wave before Amanda crosses her arms to watch the pool shark she's playing with begin his run of the table.

Alex agrees to the suggestion, "Will do." and his fingers will unlace from hers as he moves toward the bar to gather the pitcher. He'll let Lorna decide on whether she wants them to sit alone or be roped into the other mutants. His feet carry him to the bar and he'll place his hands upon it to engage the bartender when he/she looks around for those to service.

"We've met. Recently." James tells Pete when the other man comes over to the corner booth where James has taken up residence. "I wasn't aware that you two were so… close." At least James has taken his eyes off the wall and managed to dial back his intensity a bit before he turns his attention back to Pete again. "Are you going to invite her over? Here I thought you brits were supposed to be perfect gentlemen." Of course that's a rib, a bit of a snark at his friends expense as James grins wryly. "Rude of you isn't it to abandon her like that?" So to make things worse, unintentionally of course, James stands up and waves, "Amanda, join us?" He offers in invitation, of course the whole bar hears the invitation. James is not a quite man, and his baritone carries.

Lorna head over to the other mutants of course with a smile quirked lopsidedly. "Hi gang. Pool night?" She asks with a nod at the table as she finds a place to lean up for a moment. She'll sit once Alex joins them. Her eyes move over all their faces like she's placing each of them. With the alternate universe folk spilling over she's less and less sure who she actually knows anymore.

"We're aware of each other. I've helped her out, and she's helped me, all the same," Pete explained to James. "I also fixed one of her broken crystal balls." He laughed. "I was only saying hi, mate, and she knew it. She's also engrossed in that snooker game." Wisdom set his pint down… after taking a swig.

Amanda Sefton gives James a smile when he invites her over. She pulls a twenty from her pocket and hands it to the shark before abandoning him to take up the invitation from the large Apache. "Well if you insist."

At the bar, Alex will nod to the greeting of James. He then speaks with the bartender, is given a pitcher and 6 mugs. He pushes away from the bar, turns and looks for green. Spotting her he will begin to weave through the bar in her general direction while trying to recognize the players of the scene. James is easy. Amanda is a blast from the past. Pete is another he never imagined seeing again.

An eyebrow is raised at Pete, "That was awfully handsy for someone who is just a friend Pete." He notes before Amanda gets close enough to overhear and he shakes his head. "You've got to learn the value of personal space, and what it means to others when you break it Wisdom." Oooh last name approach. When Lorna heads over James smiles, "Hey Lorna, wasn't expecting to see you here. I figured when you and Alex wanted a night out it was off to the City or maybe into the wilds of Australia." He says playfully, taking another drink from his whiskey bottle. "Feel free to join us." And when Alex comes over he lifts his bottle again in salute, "You too Alex." Amanda however, James stands up for and gestures for her to take a seat, lifting the whole booth table up and out of the way while keeping Pete's pint balanced on it so people can get comfortable before he puts the table back down.

"Nonsense. Camping's next week." Lorna teases back and slides into a seat, helping pour a few mugs and looking up at Alex. "Got it all planned out." She adds and winks at him before looking back at the others. "Besides, it's hardly a fun night at Harry's with out more of the old crowd around." She offers and raises her mug once it's filled to take a long pull. "Oh man, worth the drive."

"Oh, James, were you not hugged enough?" Wisdom bit right back, mirthfully. "A touch on a friend's back is nothing. And I…" that's when Jimmy lifted up the whole table, just for Amanda to sit.

"Show-off," Wisdom said, grinning. "I've helped out Amanda significantly. We pretty much saved each other's lives from an angry Hulk. if that brings us a little closer, perhaps you should get a white horse to ride and save me, too? I know you're jealous, Jimmy, I'm sorry I didn't give you enough ribbons in training."

The snark is positively dripping, but it's all good-natured, obviously joking-toned.

When the table was set back down, Wisdom would take his cup, lifting it. "Hello, friends," he said cheerily enough.

Amanda Sefton flashes James a warm smile before sitting. "Correction, I saved us and Pete broke my window." She gives Pete a wink so he knows she's not serious. "It's good to see you, Lorna, Alex. I was actually meaning to come out and see if I could track down either you or Scott soon."

Moving into conversation range with the collective, Alex will follow Lorna into the booth and wait for James to return the table before putting the mugs and pitcher upon the surface. He'll reply as Lorna takes the mugs and helps with the pouring.

Alex will say, "Long time…" indicating to the others in a general statement that it's been a collective while since he's laid eyes on them in any capacity. He's been hanging with the Avengers, before that, X-Factor Investigations, and before that the Starjammers. Lorna's been in the loop more than he directly. He doesn't add much more to the conversation as it's already playing out.

However, when Amanda points the topic to Alex or his brother, he asks, "Oh yeah?" leaving it open as well for her to clarify.

Some longer than others of course, James simply smiles at Pete, "Hot knives aren't everything you know." He teases Wisdom and then relaxes back into the booth in relative silence as he drinks from a bottle of Wild Turkey and listens to the conversation shifts around to various topics. "Hulk isn't fun to fight… He almost broke my nose once." He reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose. "Next time I think I'll do more than take out his arms." He looks towards Amanda curiously when she mentions wanting to find Alex or Scott though. That was apparently news to him as well. "Honestly Alex, I'll just be glad if we don't have to go face the Shi'Ar some more… makes me wonder what's going on out there after what happened though. Could be something dangerous waiting in the stars where we thought there was friends."

"That's why I'm also intelligent and good-looking," Wisdom responded slyly to Proudstar. "And Amanda, yes. I give you the credit for turning the Hulk into a *bird*. But that broken window meant the difference between a safe drop and getting your head popped off." Then he echoed Proudstar, "Hot-knives aren't everything. I did what I had to to save your arse."

Pete then lifted his pint up, dark beer sloshing in the glass. "If I may, ladies and gentlemen. To doing what we can, for the good of us all." A toast!

"I'd rather not find out what's happening out there." Lorna tells James with a smile as she looks between Amanda and Alex. "If it were up to me trouble would take a ten year vacation and let us all get fat and happy." She say and looks at Pete with a grin. "The good of us all." She agrees and raises her mug.

Amanda Sefton chuckles at Pete then looks back to Alex. "I ran into a girl called Hope Summers. The implication was she was some sort of distant relative of Scott's. She said she thought Scott and her father didn't get along. I was going to bring her to Xavier's but she slipped away before I could."

An arm is placed on the back of the booth behind Lorna and Alex listens to all the words of his companions before trying to summarize. Luckily Lorna put it into words about going back out into space and though he enjoyed his time out there, he's glad to be back on terra firma. Then there's the whole business aspect of it from Amanda that Alex feels should be addressed before all others, "Definitely bring her, if you run into her again. If you have means of contacting her, I'll be glad to call her up."

"Another Summers?" James asks, "More of you than you can shake a stick at these days." He chuckles but there is some sadness there in his tone and expression… and it seems to get the better of him. Standing up he moves the table out of the way again and sets it back into place once he's gotten out of the booth. "Sorry to cut it short everyone, but I have some students I need to attend to in a bit. Gotta go run this whiskey out before I end up trying to teach a danger room session reaking of whiskey like Logan reeks of cigars." He chuckles, "It was good seeing you again Pete, Amanda… and you two also of course Alex, Lorna. Nice seeing you away from the school at least." He smiles and then with a wave the large Apache starts to head out.

Wisdom lifted his cup away as James lifted the table and bade his farewell. "Aw, alright. We'll catch up again later, mate. Go run that out! Go teach!" At least he was encouraging. "Hope Summers? Good lord. Hope. Cable. Uh… those are the only silly names I can think of for your family, Alex." Does Corsair count? Wisdom then sipped his beer. "All the same, most wayward mutants should go to you guys. Do you know if you received that Marie girl?" he asked.

There's a beep coming from his phone and Alex pulls it from his shirt pocket. He looks at it and says as he begins to slide out. "Sorry, but I gotta head back to the house. Student stuff, no big deal. But if someone doesn't address it, it'll happen again."

Amanda Sefton waves to James as he gets up. "Good to see you again." She nods to Havok. "I'll send s description of her to Xavier's so people can recognize her if they run across her."

"Hope Summers? Man." Lorna looks from Amanda to Alex. At his announcement she nods. "Ok, later babe." She calls and looks to Amanda. "She said Scott and her dad didn't get along? Is she Cable's?" She asks arching a green brow before nodding to Pete. "It's insane, trust me."

"Well, that's important," Wisdom said. He didn't need to repeat himself though. He took a longer swig from his beer, before asking Lorna, "How've things been at the school?"

Amanda Sefton shakes her head at Lorna, "I don't know. Could be Cable. She didn't say. I bought her a meal and gave her a night on my sofa. She wasn't there when I got up but she did seem nervous so I'm not surprised."

"Weird." Lorna says and looks at the pair, shifting her focus to Pete. "School's good. It's weird as hell to be back." She admits and grins. "But that's how it goes. Alex and I are together? We're obviously back at the school." She shakes her head. "If you can't get ahold of Alex-or Scott, you're always welcome to send her my way, I'll see if I can help her out." She offers Amanda.

"Well, I'm glad school is doing well. Weird, but well." A pause as Wisdom finished off his beer, and set the empty glass down. "Ahh," he sighed. "With that ladies, I think I'm gonna go for now. You two have a lovely night, yeah?" And with that, he politely excused himself.

After Pete leaves Amanda murmurs, "Well that downsized fast, didn't it." She looks to Lorna. "I'm not sure how well you knew me, but I'm not her. I knew my Lorna from spending time on Muir Island with her."

"Oh." Lorna looks down for a moment. "I'm still having trouble telling who is from this world, I guess on some level it doesn't matter-our memories just aren't the same, but that was true before people starting coming from other realities." She offers a crooked smile.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "That's a good way of looking at it. Things aren't so different anyway. I seem to recall a certain Alex Summers being interested in the Lorna I knew as well."

"Oh." Lorna smiles and flushes as she shakes her head. "We've been on and off since the Academy." She chuckles. "We always seem to gravitate in. Douglock said something similar. Maybe the universe wants us together." She chuckles and drinks her beer. "So this Hope, what's she like?" She asks Amanda curiously.

Amanda Sefton nods, "She's very nervous. I only noticed her because she was trying to pull over the door of a closed restaurant. When I asked if she needed help, she asked how she could get food without a plastic card."

"Weird. She didn't know about debit cards?" Lorna asks and arches her brow. "Her reality must handle money a different way." She concludes and asks "What about looks? What should I be keeping my eyes peeled for?"

Amanda Sefton focuses and makes a gesture. For just a moment Hope's image is superimposed over her own. "That's what she looks like. It was strange. She both seemed to be from here and not from here."

Studying the features, Lorna nods. "Got it." She tells Amanda and shakes her head. "Here and not here? How can that be? A very similar universe perhaps? Some seem to have more similarity than others."

Amanda Sefton drops the illusion. "I'm not sure. It was like she was a sticky puzzle piece. Looks like it should fit but one edge wants to bulge?"

"That is odd." Lorna frowns and rubs her cheek. "I guess we'll see." She tells Amanda. "When you find a green haired Summers I'll really start to worry." she jokes and picks up the pitcher to top off her mug and offers it to Amanda. "Do you…like it here?"

Amanda Sefton nods, "Better than I did mine. There was no Kurt in my life anymore. Here there is."

"I get that. I'd feel lost with out Alex. Even when we are fighting. I'm glad you got to find Kurt again are you guys…working things out?" Lorna asks delicately, curious about the pair genuinely.

Amanda Sefton hesitates over that, "We were friends before we were lovers. Then we were friends again apparently. He misses his Amanda. I think if he could do something to bring her back he would even if it meant I just went away, you know? He's still my friend. He'll always be my friend, but I don't think he's ready to love me."

"I'm sorry. Sometimes that's more painful. Been there a few times myself." Lorna sighs and drinks her beer quietly for a moment. "What if she's Alex's? The girl." She asks quietly.

Amanda Sefton shakes her head, "I don't think so. She's never heard of an Alex. If she's his then whoever she thinks is her father isn't him."

"Well that's good, I figure between his blonde and my green she didn't look much like us." Lorna lets out a relieved breath. "If she's Cabel's and born here that explains why she might feel right and wrong here."

Amanda Sefton takes out a piece of paper, "I should be getting back into the city. I have things I need to take care of in the morning, but it was good to see you." She jots down her number and passes it over. "Call me if you need a magical assist."

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