(2016-08-17) Talking to Pete About Daredevil
Talking to Pete About Daredevil
Summary: Pete comes to talk to Amanda. She tells him about her encounter with Daredevil.
Date: 2016-08-17
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Having just filled in for a sick colleague on a flight to Atlanta and back, Amanda has just returned to her apartment. She didn't even take a suitcase with her on this occasion since she knew she was coming home as soon as she could get back on a flight to New York.

And as fortune would have it, just about ten minutes after she'd likely taken her shoes off… her door knocked. Wisdom wasn't sure when she was home, or when her roommates were home. So best to always be polite about it!

Thus it is that Amanda is not wearing shoes but is, in fact, still in her flight uniform when she opens her door and smiles faintly at Pete, "Hello there."

"Hello, Amanda. Oh," he stopped himself. "On your way to work?" he asked. "My apologies. Can I give you a lift to the airport?"

Amanda Sefton gestures for him to come in, "No. You caught me just after coming back. Got called to fill in for someone. Come on in. You're here because of my call right?"

Pete Wisdom nodded, as he stepped through the door after she invited him in. "Yeah. What's up?" he asked her, shutting the door quietly behind him.

Amanda Sefton walks back down into the main room, "I thought you might want to know what happened to me the other night. I was trying to track an anomaly when I had a couple guys try to mug me. It was less problematic than it could have been because Daredevil intervened."

"That's the second time I've heard mention of Daredevil this week. Have you spoken with him?" Wisdom asked, curiously. He stepped into the main room, before making himself comfortable on one of the couches. "More importantly… are you all right?" Clearly she was, but concern was natural.

Amanda Sefton moves to the sofa after he sits on it and sits beside him, "I'm fine. He took out the guy with the gun so I didn't have to deal with him. After that the guy with the knife was easy. I can's affect steel, but I don't have to if he can't lift his arms. I think he tried to imply that he was local, but he's not from this universe. When I tried to pick up the trail again, I got him instead."

"The trail? You mean the anomaly?" Wisdom asked. "So…" He huffed. "Daredevil's not from around here. But is he still in Hell's Kitchen? And it sounds like he's a hero. Good for him. Hell's Kitchen needs it." As she sat down beside him, Wisdom placed his hands on her shoulders, starting to knead and massage. She looked like she could use it.

Amanda Sefton closes her eyes when he begins to massage her shoulders. "I just thought you'd want to know about it given your desire to track such individuals down. He told me to stay out of Hell's Kitchen for my own safety." There's a beat pause then, "Oh that feels good." She shrugs out of the uniform jacket so there's less fabric in the way.

Wisdom would even dare, after she slid off her jacket, to slide his hands under the back of her shirt. So he could add a bit of thermokinetic heat while he massaged, directly to her skin. "That's not a very welcoming prospect from a man who isn't even from this reality. Pff. Skintights. Always thinking they're better than everyone else. Wander through Hell's Kitchen all you like, luv, he doesn't rule it. And if he thinks he does, then that's a problem."

The moan that slips from Amanda pays testament to how good the heated massage feels on her back. "Oh I don't think it was that. I just think he was worried about me getting hurt. Apparently I present a tempting target for lowlifes."

"I haven't been mugged recently. But I look like three things. A businessman, a secret agent, or a security guard. Three guesses as to what thugs usually see me as." He snickered, before pressing fingers against a knotted spot on her back, just below a shoulder blade. "Keep meeting more and more folks, and they're not from around here. I wonder, sometimes, if I'm the only one." Which wasn't true. Kurt was from here. Sage was from here, too. "You thinking I should wear a wig and thigh-high boots and wander around Hell's Kitchen to get the Daredevil's attention?" he asked.

Amanda Sefton just says, "You're not" to the comment about being the only one. The rest draws a laugh. "Well if you really want to dress up, I could actually change your appearance. I don't think you want to really show up as a lady though."

"I don't," Wisdom said. "Just trying to cheer you up with some humor. After all, us Brits perfected cross-dressing as a humor device." He pressed a little more firmly against that knot. "Jeez. Lotta stress you're under. Don't you like, do stretching exercises or tai chi or sommat?"

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "You try dealing with mile high club offers for two straight trips in one morning and see how stressed you are at the end."

"Depends on if I take 'em up or not," Wisdom joked. "How you feeling, luv?"

Amanda Sefton laughs, "Well I feel much better now. And of course you don't take them up on it."

"I suppose not." He leaned over to kiss her cheek, before the heat died away and his hands pulled back. "So, Daredevil's in Hell's Kitchen, but he's not native? That's the big news?" He wasn't being sassy, he wanted to know if there was anything else to report.

Amanda Sefton lays back against the sofa, "Yes. That's the big news. I figured you'd want to know for your collection."

"Thank you, luv," Wisdom said as he reached down to squeeze her hand. "Though if I understand it, you look like you're ready for a bath and bed. Should I… stay…?" he asked, and there were implications in that tone.

Amanda Sefton chuckles softly then teases, "I'm beginning to think you just prefer my bed to your own."

"What can I say? A bed's more comfortable with you in it," Wisdom teased right back, letting go of her hand to give a light massage to one of her thighs.

Amanda Sefton grins and brushes a kiss against his cheek, "You're not getting attached are you?"

"Only in friendship," Wisdom said as he squeezed her thigh. "And only at the hips," he joked, before leaning in to give her a light kiss, proper.

Amanda Sefton slides her hand to grasp one of his before breaking the kiss and standing up. "I think I'm going to skip the bath and go straight to bed this time. Last second flights are always harder than ones I've planned for."

"That makes sense," Wisdom said as she stood. "Though you didn't confirm or deny my presence in bed with you," he added. "I'd hate to make myself unwelcome…"

Amanda Sefton tugs lightly on the hand she is holding, "I'm not shy about telling people they've worn out their welcome, Pete."

Once tugged, Pete stood up, and he leaned in to give her a gentle hug. "Good to know," he said. With his free hand, he gave a soft pat to her bottom, to encourage her to head to bed.

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