(2016-08-18) Two Spiders and a Wei
Two Spiders and a Wei
Summary: Peter Parker (Earth-57721) and MJ (Earth-702) meet in Earth-616 for the first time. After slipping away from his corporate minders for a bit he confides in her that he is not of this world and she reciprocates. There is some awkwardness involved.
Date: 2016-08-18
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NPCs: Ms. Wei (Peter's assistant/minder), Peter's driver, unnamed masses on the streets of the Upper East Side
Scene Runner: NA
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Location: Upper East Side
Date/Time: Thursday, August 18, 2016, around 9:30am Eastern Time

Returning home from a sunrise photo shoot in Central Park, Mary Jane Watson-Parker is taking a leisurely walk though the Upper East Side. Her apartment building is still several blocks away but she is in no rush, just enjoying the cool morning air since last week's 90s aren't predicted to revisit the city today.

She obviously stopped by a McDonald's along the way as she is finishing off a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit in one hand while holding a cup of orange juice in the other.

It was cool morning, as the black limo pulled down the busy street. Sitting in the back was a boy in a nice suit that looked really bored of all this, and a older Chinese lady with a serious look on her face working on a data pad. As they are approaching the McDonald's Peter speaks up.. "I am hungry.. lets stop." the driver nods, "Of course Sir.." as his assistant tells him how busy of a day he has as Peter sighs to himself. Who knew that being a CEO would be such a chore he just wanted to be out there swinging he thought to himself as the large car pulls over into the parking lot just stopping as Peter hops out.

He stretches for a bit, and looks around before he hears. "I am coming with you sir." and Peter looks back into the car.. "I think I can handle getting a simple meal." Moving away from the car quickly, another car comes pulling past not looking, forcing Peter to jump straight up in the air, putting a hand on the roof he uses it to push himself past the car his reaction times seeming quick as ever before he lands right in front of Mary Jane.. Not even noticing at first as he stands with a "Tada", and straightens his suit before he even looks up, then is just stunned to silence as he recognizes her, well kinda.. The MJ he knew was a bit shorter he thinks.

The black limo doesn't get MJ's attention, seen one you've seen them all after all, but she does move slightly to not be in the occupants' way when it stops and the door opens… A young man getting out of a limo? Also not terribly noteworthy normally as wealth comes to the young as well as the old after all… but when that young man is your soul mate (even if a bit more than a decade too young) and leaps over a car to avoid another? No, this doesn't get her attention, it captures it and holds it for a king's ransom.

The last bite of her biscuit was already swallowed luckily, however the drink falls to the ground, splashing away from both of them as the lid is ejected from the cup and its contents splatter the sidewalk and unlucky passersby.

MJ ignores the complaints of her fellow New Yorkers and stands there. Sure, she was shorter, the MJ he remembers was only fifteen and this one is both taller and more mature than the young girl from his world.

"Peter," she says softly as a wistful smile plays across her lips.

Peter stands quiet for a moment. He looked to say something, but then stopped and looked back. He spoke quietly "Not here… Hold on." as he fiddled with his watch for a moment a string flew out of it. He had adapted his web-technology to his watch and though the amount stored was much less, nothing he could fight with, it did have its uses. Using strength that they prob both knew he had he grabbed her hand with his other hand, though a firm grip it wasn't enough to be hurtful as he had practiced even at a young age to control his strength. and swung up and away from the McDonald's. Behind them they could hear a Chinese lady yelling at him.. "Peter Parker!!!" then something in Chinese, as they got into the car to try to follow them. As they are swinging Peter looks down at her.. "I am dreadfully sorry, I will replace your meal I promise but we can't talk around them. There are a few things.. well they don't know that you need to before ya get us into trouble."

The trip swinging on the web is a short one with a flip at he end that flips them up and over the roof top, peter landing in a crouch and holding his arms out to catch the larger Mary Jane, he grins.. "Ya know last time I had to do this you were much lighter." he teases her, as she really isn't the heavy at all especially for him.

MJ doesn't complain, she's been on this ride before and it shows. She doesn't fight when Peter lifts her, indeed she wraps her arms around him and helps hold on - showing a degree of strength that might surprise the young man.

Laughter of pure pleasure accompanies the brief 'flight' to the roof top. Its been many months since she hasn't had to do the work for herself and she's enjoying this.

Once on the roof, for a moment, she takes a stern expression and says, "May Parker raised you better than that I'm sure… to speak of a woman about her weight," in an obviously fake 'offended' tone after putting her hands on her hips. She then immediately becomes both more serious and relaxed as she asks, "Are you alright?"

Parker smiles, and then frowns as he thinks about it. He looks off the building calculating how long it would take before they realized they were up here. "Aunt May is gone.." he turns.. "I don't mean gone.. gone, but I have no idea where she is at, and I have looked to be sure." he sighs, "Listen.. I don't know how to say this, but I am not the Peter you know, I maybe like him look like him, or even be the one you remember, but I am not him. It is hard to explain right now, but the people you saw back there don't know this.. They can't know this as they need me to be the Parker they know to run their company." he shakes his head. "I know all of this may seem weird, but I need to to trust me MJ, where I am from you were the one I could talk to when I was lost.. heck your the one who talked me into asking out Gwen." he chuckles a bit.. "Imagine then when I come here, and I am told we were married at one point.. I mean you were one my best friends sure, but we never ya know… dated or nothing you were way too popular for a nerd like me. Anyway, I had to get you away before ya said something to them that would spoil the act, and hope that you would hear me out."

He faces her his face in a solemn look of determination, "I can help many people with this job it is the only reason I keep it. They are so cold there they need someone that doesn't forget the people come first. I was kinda worried at first, but they are not so bad. I even have a SHIELD liaison. Can you imagine, there is a secret government organization that wants me to help. I can no-longer only think about New York, I can save much more, but all that could end if they realize I am not what I say.. That is how much I am trusting you right now."

[Editor's Note: OOCly we are aware that Peter and MJ of 616 were never married due to the IC retcon done by Mephisto as part of the One More Day story line. This Peter has apparently been misinformed by someone from another world and later in the scene MJ corrects him.]

MJ listens. Her expression neutral the whole time. There's a flicker of emotion at the mention of a marriage which is hidden too quickly to be sure if it was surprise, anger or sadness as the neutral mask is erected again. A secret government organization called SHIELD… no reaction. Once he finishes she ponders how to reply for a few moments before speaking.

"Thank for trusting me, Peter. Of course I believe you and I would never betray your trust," she says, "But I think you should brace yourself, Tig-," Okay, on the pet name she stops and shakes her head, "No, I can't call you that. Not right now."

After another brief pause, "There are some things I need to tell you also Peter."

Peter watches her carefully, and shakes his head.. "You.. you are not from here either are you?" he tilts his head.. "Your not from where I am from, but what is going on here. I figured I was alone for a while until I met someone else like me, and now you MJ it makes no sense." he looks out over the edge again, "And about the whole Tiger thing, I am not your Parker. If I am right, and I am not this Parker either which puts us both in a weird spot. I don't really know you, I know some of what you may of been, but not you. Also you don't know me, maybe what I might become, but not me… So it is all very weird.."

He stops, and thinks about it for a moment.. "There are things you might want to say, but only when your ready. I won't force you I just wanted you to ask to hear me out about the company, and you did.. I won't ask anything else of you it wouldn't be right, and as you said before Aunt May taught me right, and wrong. Who would of thought that this would happen though, I mean what do you do in cases like this? I want to ask all about the other Peter, what was he like, did he also accept that with great power comes great responsibility?" he chuckles lightly, "Did he have the great sense of humor that I do? But the more ya think about it the less it matters.. It seems this was a one way trip, and those people are gone. Wherever they are now it is far far away from this Earth."

"Oh, that's sweet cub," MJ says with no malice at all in her voice when he finishes speaking. "Its not me that I was worried about saying anything for."

She turns away and looks towards Central Park as she says, "You're right, I'm not the MJ of this world. And someone informed you wrong. In this world Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson had an ugly breakup. I believe it was sometime after that wonderful…" She pauses a moment remembering their embrace before Peter's trip to Europe for the Bugle.

"Never mind that detail or any of the others right now. Here, Peter and 'I' were never what I remember," she says incorrectly, unaware of Mephisto's alteration of the Parker timeline in Earth-616.

She turns back to look at Peter as she says, "I think this is the best approach." She extends her hand to him in greeting, "Hello. My name is Mary Jane Watson-Parker…," and before he can take her hand four spider-like waldos snap out to their greater than seven foot length from the golden dome-like pack on her back, "… also known as Iron Spider-Woman. I'm a newly minted Avenger, both here and where I am from."

Peter listens and nods, not prying for further details just accepts that they were not a thing, or as much as he had heard. "Well I am glad.. Kinda, if we were it would be harder for us cause I think we would have to break up all over again as I can't ask ya to act like your dating a sixteen year old.. that is just creepy." and chuckles grasping her hand to shake it, as the legs come out his grip gets kind of tight for just a moment as it looks like he is going to toss her or dart away, but then he relaxes a bit.

"Oh.. jesh I though you were going to call yourself Doctor Octopus don't spook me like that." he then looks at her, and clears his throat. "Ahem.. I am Peter Parker, genius, CEO, and overall great guy, oh.. and I am humble." he grins a bit at that "Also very jealous.. I tried to get into the Fantastic Four by breaking into their business, but they didn't seem to like that so much so it was a no-go. Don't get me wrong though I am glad to hear it I am sure you will be a great member!" he leans in a bit and whispers, "Wait.. does that mean you have the sense?" he means the spider sense, as he is one of the few that have it, but it is useful for him if she had that then who knows what she could do.

MJ successfully fights off a laugh when he calls himself humble and wills the legs to retract before speaking. "I'm so sorry. I didn't even think about it what with ya-… my Peter having worn a version of the armor first and all," she explains.

"No, I'm not that much of a spider-woman. Its actually a complicated story and not one I want to share in public. Would you like to sling elsewhere or do you need to get back to your handlers? I assume they're going to worry about you."

After she puts the legs back Peter seems to relax a bit more. His fight with the Doctor was a grueling one, and seeing someone with legs coming out their back.. well it was just disturbing, but he knew deep down it wasn't her just seeing it kind of put him a bit on edge. He does not though, "I get it, it is a nice piece of armor, if you want to drop by Parker Industries sometime I can see bout updating or repair if you need but it is best to get a scan while it is in one piece so we have a start point." he rambles a bit about the technical side of what an armor like that would take as the nerd in him takes over, but is shook out of it when she mentions a slice..

"I would love to.." what he was about to say is cut off as a Chinese woman that looks a bit winded bursts out the door. "Peter Benjamin Parker.. I have tediously set up your meetings, and you are not going to miss any more of them." a large man appears behind her, and he has a large gun of some fashion with a web at the end of it. The lady speaks up again, "Now it is time to get back to work.. The easy way, or the hard way."

Peter sighs, and looks at MJ, "I guess that slice is going to have to wait." and holds up his hands, "You got me Miss Wei, I give up don't shoot!" even though everyone here other then the person holding the web-gun knows he could easily dodge it at this range. He smiles, and gives MJ a wink.. "Sometimes ya got to let em win." he says quiet so she can only hears it, and walks away back towards them with his hands up. Before they go, he looks back.. "Oh.. I still would love to go get Pizza sometime give me a call would ya, I am sure Miss Wei here would tell ya a good time once she is done scolding me for running away." and off he goes followed by the two. The chinnese lady gives her a card, "Miss Jane call this number and I will get you a time as soon as possible. Thank you, and sorry for the disturbance he is so hard to keep track of sometimes, but we won't lose him again." and smiles at her before she too turns to leave.

MJ takes the card and gives Wei a cold stare as she says, "Its Mary Jane. Or MJ to my friends… you will call me Ms. Watson however," and tucks the card into a pocket. The Chinese woman's smile does nothing to change MJ's attitude towards her.

"Of course, Peter," she says to the young man who is not her husband and should not be hugged by her in public.

"And… well, thank you for the offer also," she adds without explanation hoping that he understands that she is not ready to publicly associate Mary Jane with Iron Spider-Woman.

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