(2016-08-19) Beefcake Dress Up
Beefcake Dress Up
Summary: Angelica Jones, James Proudstar and Mary Jane Watson are each shopping. The trio cross paths outside a tailor shop that James and MJ were both heading to. Angelica fangirls over MJ and James asks them to help him pick out clothing.
Date: 2016-08-19
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NPCs: Atherton (clerk at the tailor's shop)
Scene Runner: NA
Social/Plot: Social

Location: Upper East Side near the corner of Lexington and 79th street

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but that doesn't really hold a candle to trying to do anything in New York once everyone gets off their dayjobs in the evening. Fortunately it's still a few hours away, but it's already starting to pick up as people begin to head into their Friday nights, possibly the most exciting time for a New Yorker. There's still business to be had however, sights to see, people to meet, and James Proudstar is one of those who has probably waited to long to get his shopping done… if it weren't for the places where he's shopping.

The Upper East Side is anything but cheap, and the stores that grace these streets are pricy and the upscale of the upscale. Which is a good thing since it means they have tailors on hand who can make alterations, adjustments, and just plain fabrications on the spot. Of course given the clientelle who frequents these establishments, someone like James stands out in his T-Shirt, Jeans, and Boots but fortunately money talks.

Not that James wouldn't stand out whatever he is wearing, the man towers over the average populace of the City, drawing stares as people get out of his way when he makes his way down the street. The extremely large man is carrying a number of bags already, slung over one massive shoulder and holding the straps with one finger as he heads from one shop towards another. Thankfully the stares are momentary however as New Yorkers… well, they're used to strange and Proudstar is definitely not the strangest thing they've ever seen.

MJ is one of those New Yorkers who aren't concerned about a scheduled workday and after her encounter with a certain CEO yesterday she's decided to get him a 'Its-ok-nothing-owed' gift. With that in mind, she is walking from her apartment to a clothing store that she remembers an analog of from her world that her husband loved to get ties at.

Angelica really hasn't refreshed her wardrobe in a while, and after her last meeting with Daimon Hellstrom, she needed some self pampering. So she was out on the town, mostly window shopping, not realizing she's about to bump by someone very familiar. Mostly because she's too busy studying the yellow floral dress in a store window, trying to decide if it might look good on her or not.

It's been a long time since James has seen Angelica, but the last time he saw her was years ago and it's almost like a day hasn't passed at all. What are the odds that three notables amongst a million plus people are going to bump into each other, heading to the same store, all to do shopping? Pretty impressive and yet, Fate…

James stops to open the door for the shop that Mary Jane is heading towards with the intention of going in himself in order to get some clothing for a nice night on the town or two the thought of which has him smiling softly to himself just in the hopes of what may happen in the future which is a nice change for the big Apache. Spotting first one redhead in the form of Mary Jane, James steps to the side like an oversized and underdressed doorman to hold the door open for her and gestures with his bag laden bag, "Ma'am." He rumbles in his deep baritone and tips an imaginary hat with his free hand before he takes another look around over the crowd and that's when he spots Angelica and does an obvious double take.

"Angelica?" James calls questioningly, clearly not believing his eyes in this case. Fortunately that baritone is not only fairly unique, but it carries well and cuts through the noise of the busy city street easily.

MJ stops when she sees James and looks up… and up. "Well, hello," she says but then realizes his attention is focused on someone else and just says, "Thank you, sir," to him as she enters the shop.

Angelica turns her head when she hears her name called, the voice sounds familiar, but before she can even register that James Proudstar is there, she notices the big time model and squees, "Mary Jane Watson! Wow!" She's quite excited to see such a celebrity, before she finally realizes who is holding the door for the famous model, "James!?" Angelica starts to move closer to the two, her head swiveling from Mary Jane Watson to James, not sure if she really just met Mary Jane Watson, nor that she had just met an old scoolmate.

James can't help but smile at that 'Well, Hello…' no doubt his mind turning it into a much more lascivious tone that was actually spoken but who could blame him? Testosterone. It's a hell of a drug. James clears his throat and is about to speak when Angelica is doing her best fangirl impression and James starts to look a bit confused at just why Angelica is doing so. "You are very welcome." He rumbles to Mary Jane with a polite nod of his head but it's hard keeping his attention on both women and he lapses into a thoughtful somewhat stoic look as he tries to puzzle things out for a few moments.

When Angelica comes closer though he turns his attention from Mary Jane's apparently very well known assets towards his old school friend, "Hey Angel." He uses an old nickname, or maybe a new one to her, or made up on the spot. Who can say. "Long time no see." That's safe, yeah.

MJ smiles as she turns to the younger redhead and her massive friend. "Hello Angelica and James," she says to the pair having over heard their names and then waits to see if they choose to engage with her or if she should return to her shopping in order ton not interrupt their reunion.

"How have you been?" Angelica aks James, voice touched with genuine care, before grinning as he calls her 'Angel', "haven't heard that name since the old Massachusetts Academy. Good to see you again, James, but can you…" she's obviously distracted by MJ's presence, as she keeps veering her eyes her way, "can I have a moment?" She asks and doesn't wait for a reply, before squeeing even more loudly, "aaaaaahhh!!! Mary Jane Watson knows my name!" She looks utterly excited, doing little excited bounces in place as she moves a bit closer, "MJ! So sorry to bother but…could I…erm, trouble you, I mean…erm," she fishes in her purse and takes out a notepad and pen, "signature please!?" She somehow managed to construct a sentence in the end with all her fumbling for words.

"Yeah it's amazing how much things can change since…" Then Angelica is rushing off to meet the celebrity model and James finishes somewhat lamely, "then." More things have changed for James than for Angelica, or maybe not all things considered. So James holds the door for the pair, at least until they can get inside the expensive clothing store and James can squeeze in as well allowing the door to shut behind them and block off the noise of the city street for the soft music of the shop.

James takes the time when Angelica is asking Mary Jane for an autograph to study the pair with a thoughtful if perplexed expression. Of course it could easily be misconstrued as the big man just staring at two beautiful women, which isn't that far off from reality even if the motivations behind it aren't typical. He moves to the side and lowers the bags he was carrying from his immensely broad shoulders to hang off a fingertip at his side.

A salesman who had begun to approach new customers discretely detours to allow for the celebrity moment to proceed normally.

"Of course I can," MJ says to Angelica and then asks, "Did you want to have your friend take a picture of us while I give you my signature?"

Angelica is a bit split, normally she'd give her full attention to James after not having seen him for such a long time. But she was in the presence of a real life supermodel! A celebrity. It's a rare chance, she had to take it before Mary Jane would disappear, surely James would understand.

When MJ offers to take a picture with her she squees even louder, turning to grab James by the arm, "please, James? Take my picture with MJ?" She immediately pulls her phone out of her purse and thrusts it towards James, "pretty please!? You have to do it for humanity, James!" Assuming he agrees, she'll rush to MJ's side and smile a big stupid smile that says 'OMG I am with MJ!'.

"Sure." James says after a moment's beat, right when that phone is being thrust at him that he has to drop his bags (which thankfully contain nothing really breakable) to the floor and he fumbles with a phone that is /much/ to small for his huge hands to deal with easily. "Umm let me get some room." He rumbles, taking a step back… and then another before he drops down to one knee. "I assume you don't mean a picture of the tops of your heads." He rumbles wryly with a bit of a smile as he finally finds the camera app on the phone and does his best to hold the screen up so he can take a picture.

Take a picture.

That's easier said than done, his fingers keep trying to refocus off to the side when he goes to click the shutter point on the screen and he starts to flush with embarassment, his red skin getting redder about the cheeks as he has to try at least four times before he finally gets a decent shot of the two together.

Checking the picture James nods and then stands back up so he isn't on a knee and offers the phone back to Angelica, "Hope that's good enough… I've never once claimed to be a photographer." He rumbles, but with subjects like these two photogenic ladies, a blind man could take a good picture.
Warpath pages: And I've stopped worrying, I'm deciding to look at this as if I were the comic writer now and doing with him what I think is good for the character even if it isn't strictly clinging to his past writers.

As the pictures are being taken MJ signs her name with a flourish diagonally across the page of the pad. Like any actor she has practiced an official signature which is not like her legal one, and this one has heart symbols (<3) laying on their sides where there would be an a in her name "Mary Jane Watson". After signing she adds "To Angelica" in the corner above the signature and today's date "August 26th, 2016" in the bottom corner.

MJ says, "I'm sure it will be fine as long as she can see it," to James with a smile. Then, addressing Angelica, she says, "If you text it to this number," she hands the girl a business card, "Along with your address I could look into having my agent send you a copy of my head shot… if you'd like that." Yes, MJ understands the concept of 'anything for a fan' and also doesn't believe in charging for pictures.

"Jaaammmeesss! Be serious!" Angelica groans anxiously, not wanting to miss the chance, though once it looks like he's all set to take the picture she puts on the brightest smile and even manages not to bounce like a 6 year old that just got a pony for her birthday.

Once the picture is taken, and then taken a few more times, Angelica takes the notepad and pen back from MJ and looks at the signature before pressing it against her chest, "thank you so much, you're very cool to do that," she takes the business card as well and puts it back in her purse before rushing to James, "tell me you didn't screw the picture!" She snatches the phone from his hands, takes a look and beams with delight, "awesome! The last one is just perfect, wow!" She looks back at MJ, "I really can't believe I just met you," she says, starting to finally get into the store proper, looking back at James, "and I definitely can't believe I met you, it's so random! You really became a man didn't you, James?" Angelica grins. Apparently she thinks he just bulked up even further after school. He certainly looks a bit older than his years, but she never once thought to comment about it. That would be rude. Pointing at MJ, she snaps at James, "how do you not know this is Mary Jane Watson? She's amazingly good looking, she's my favorite model by far!" This of course has nothing to do with any red head bias on Angelica's part, and has even less to do with her sometimes picturing herself as a successful model just like Mary Jane every now and then. Well, in the past, she doesn't do that anymore. Much. Only sometimes. Most times.

"Look at it this way, the bad shots will prove to everyone there's nothing photoshopped right?" James offers while holding up his large hands in self defense, palms towards Angelica as he tries to wrap his head around this much younger version of Angelica, "Well it's like you haven't aged a day Angelica, we can't all be so lucky." He coughs once, covering his mouth with a hand as he does so but then looks back and forth between Mary Jane and Angelica, "Well, yes, she is ah… very good… um, looking." James gets a little foot in mouth disease going on and then clears his throat, "I've been busy Angelica… dealing with some… things." He says lamely while mentally kicking himself in the head.

Turning towards Mary Jane, James offers a smile, "It is an honor to meet you Miss Watson." Miss. Mrs. He doesn't know, and it shows but it's clear he's trying to placate Angelica all the same. "So umm… this is going to sound lame but I could actually use both of your help with something, if you're willing."

"Ms. Watson. Or MJ," she says knowing that this will also probably make Angelica's day even brighter… and louder quite possibly but she is prepared for that. She's also vaguely aware that the native MJ would say that Miss was correct, but she can't make herself add that greater (and symbolic) separation from Peter.

Turning her attention away from the fan girl to Angelica's friend she says, "I can try. What kind of help are you looking to get?"

A short distance away the store employee's expression darkens slightly as he foresees a commission escaping him with these words.

"Good point, I'll let you have it James," Angelica says with a grin as she explains to Mary Jane, "this is James Proudstar, he's a real Native American, I went with him to school in Snow Valley, and he's amazing! If you have him as your friend, you can feel safe wherever you go." When she hears how James was dealing with things, 'things' being a rather ominous term, Angelica immediately turns to face James and offers, "if you need anything, you know I got your back, right? Just let me know…" she laughs at the commpliment on how she hasn't aged a day, "very nice of you to say, James, but we did graduate a long time ago, haven't we?" She laughs, meaning a whole year ago, which is ages to her young mind.

When James asks for assistance, Angelica finally gives him her full attention without still veering towards Mary Jane just to make sure she's still there, "of course I'll, we'll help!" She corrects herself, OMG! She's going to help James with Mary Jane, assuming of course that MJ would agree, that almost makes them kinda sorta buddies? Maybe?

"Well…" James says slowly as if maybe second guessing himself, not as shy as Angelica might remember at least outside of school when it comes to regular things, 'Class' was a different matter entirely. He also smiles just a little at Angelica's words, but he moves on quickly to try and hide any consternation he might be having at how the younger red head is behaving and treating him. Clearly not just a case of the occasional super hero de-aging accidents that happen but he clears his throat and continues:

"Well I am kind of shopping for a couple of new outfits, at least. I umm have a couple get togethers to go to and… I… kinda… want to look… um… good?" James rumbles kinda lamely. "The last time I went clubbing the styles were all different." He rakes one large hand and fingers through his long black hair to push it out of his face. "So I've got money to burn… sorta." He does have money but this is gonna put a big hit in his monthly expenses he allows himself.

"I was thinking something like a button up shirt, slacks, and a sports jacket then I realized I'd look like a villain from Miami Vice." James admits.

Hopefully it's not every day that the ladies get a beefcake willing to play dress up and model.

MJ grins at Angelica and gives her a 'nervous guys can be so cute' look in the way women seem to be able to silently communicate with each other below men's awareness levels. Then, attention back to James, she says, "Well, it all depends on the type of get together." She gestures to the shop and says, "I'm assuming since you are here its not a pool party… but how formal is this get together? And is it a private affair or a large group?" She seems finished and then asks, "Oh, also… and this may not make sense to you, James, but what time of day is it planned for?"

Angelica seems to agree wholeheartedly with MJ, plus, she's MJ. Angelica is mostly happy to be able to spend a bit of time with her. She listens to MJ already getting in on the task at hand, and gestures at her with a flourish, "James, I give you a real life diva, you best listen to her when it comes to fashion. I'm a nobody…honestly. You got with MJ's tips, you'll be the star of the party." Angelica almost wishes they were still in school, just so she could shove her picture with MJ in Roulette's face, telling Jennifer she chilled with MJ and James would be such a big FU to the stuck up blonde who always hated on her.

"Well one isn't that big a deal…" James says, "Just the Manitoba for drinks and maybe to the Clockwork or the Palisades for dancing…" He tries to explain getting even redder in the cheek, redman is red, such a cliche. "Ah… evening, probably start at around 8 or 9 and go on from there. Um…" He reaches into one of the bags and pulls out a triangular silk shirt, no sleeves, triangle shaped neck, of course in black. "I'd gotten this." It looks like it'd be a moomoo on someone smaller than him, but on James it's probably pretty close to skin tight if not that exactly, "And some black slacks… but the other, ah.. um, date… yeah dates…" He clams up and then soldiers on in a rapid fire pace, "The other one is more uh, classy, still dancing and dinner though… not sure where. Any reccomendations?"

James smiles a little nervously again, "Not really parties Angel… those don't… bad… or painful memories." He says with a soft sigh, looking down at his feet as he rmembers Risque and then clumsily starts folding, a silk shirt no less… to put it into the bag he'd pulled it out of. "I'm not good at this dating thing." He mutters to himself.

MJ nods as James shows them the shirt he already picked out and says, "Black's not a bad choice but lets see…" She then snaps her finger and calls out to the salesman, "Can you get James' measurements while we decide what exactly we're looking for sir?"

Suddenly smiling again the clerk approaches and says, "Of course we can, ma'am, I'm at your service." As he gets a stool to stand on he says, "My name is Atherton, by the way."

As the salesman begins setting up to get James' measurements MJ says, "I'd suggest a light gray or cream colored shirt with either black or very dark khaki slacks and jacket, James. When are these dates? And, um…," yes, the celebrity is hesitant for the moment. "Are you looking to get the suit custom made or do we want to focus on off-the-rack items?"

"James…you know better than to come to me about dating advice of any sort, my only date so far was Manuel, and you -KNOW- how consentual that was…" Angel grumbles for a moment, still looking miffed about memories of dirty creeper Manuel. "There was the other time when I tried to hook up with Sam Guthrie, remember? At the ball when the…erm…Westchester school kids joined us? You know how THAT went…so…" she just manages to avoid naming New Mutants, or Xavier, just in case there's any prejudice on mutants. Best not to share such info with strangers. "Anyways, I'm still a total loser when it comes to dating…so best listen to MJ. In fact, I may do the same!"

Angel is looking at MJ working like a pro, all start struck, she doesn't even realize she's nodding along to pretty much anything MJ says, even when it's not a tip!

Atherton clears his throat and asks James, "Sir, can you tell me how much you weigh?" as he hooks his tape measure under the stool and ascends it to measure Warpath's height… having to stand on his tip toes to do so.

"I think custom tailored is a must… they don't make clothes in my size… at least not shirts and jackets." James says with a wry chuckle, the man is simply huge, not just tall, but wide and heavily muscled to make body builders jealous but it's all natural, without the veins and he makes it look balanced… well almost, but more balanced than one might think! He does as is requested, his measuremeants being taken. Fifty inches across the shoulders, which explains why he enters doorways sideways, and the numbers remain impressively large across his biceps, around his chest, etc. He slims down around the waist a bit though keeping a very triangular shape even if his legs are no less muscled than the rest of him. Loose slacks are going to be interesting. "Three fifty seven." James answers Atherton.

"Ah well, the more casual one is tonight." James says to MJ, "Shouldn't have waited to the last minute but, I've set aside a nice chunk of money and it's just a couple outfits so I'm hoping it won't bankrupt me." He does pull out one of those black no limit credit cards though how he got one is a mystery unless one notices the 'X' within a circle in very dark grey on the top left corner. Even that might not matter to most but being an X-Man does have it's advantages sometimes.

"Don't remind me. I always hated that little twerp, no respect for anyone at all." James says to Angelica when she mentions Manuel, "I liked Sam…" He rumbles, "He was very honest… and… Dani." There's another wry smile, "But you know how that turned out for me."

"Alright, if we're going with a bespoke suit, we need to pick a fabric also," MJ explains as Atherton practically has to climb over James to get some of the measurements. "Wool is traditional and most people would recommend cotton or linen for you this time of year but if you can afford it I'd suggest you go with fresco lana," she says and then explains, "Its wool but the weave makes keeps you from overheating during even the hottest summer days and nights. I recently acquired a pantsuit made from it myself."

"You know, James, I never thought how hard it must be for you to find clothes your size…" Angelica muses, being petite as she is, she usually doesn't have problems in the clothing department.

Angelica does frowns while nodding along at what James has to say about Manuel, he was right with every word. Shrugging at the mentions of Sam and Dani, Angel goes right back to chirping, "I guess we're twins in the sucky dating life department?"

She then turns her attention on MJ, taking note of the tips from the mistress of fashion.

Atherton simply steps down and begins recording the measurements after finishing James' upper body at his neck and then… he goes in for the inseam measurement.

As the clerk moves to take the measurement that makes most men uncomfortable MJ shoots James her best friendly smile and then tries to further distract him with another question. "Exactly how formal is this date? Some suit coats are easier to remove than others and perhaps you want to be able to devest yourself of the coat easily."

She almost immediately says to Angelica and says, "Wait, James in a suit with a matching vest would be perfect, don't you think?"

"Well I've put on some more muscle since the days at the Academy." James admits, "Maybe we should have dated each other and then known we'd both been with a good person." James says before he even realizes what he'sa said and he goes from red skin, to pale pink as color drains from his face and he turns the conversation back to other things, "I'm kind of surprised you're reminiscing about our Academy days at all Angelica. There's a lot of things that I know I'd rather forget about back then." His voice goes up a few octaves in surprise as he is getting /that/ measurement taken and he coughs to clear his throat, shaking his head a bit and it gives him a few moments behind his long black hair before he pushes it out of his face, "Uh, can we… maybe… move away from the window and the door?" He must be getting embarassed again, quite the show in it's own way.

To Mary Jane he says, "I grew up in the Arizona desert, heat doesn't bother me. I will trust your decision on… uh… everything." James looks towards Angelica briefly and then back to Mary Jane, "It's drinks and dancing at a dive… not exactly formal… the other is dinner and dancing… probably a bit more formal." He considers, "Actually I probably should have mentioned that… the Manitoba is a dive bar, specializes in punk vibe. Definitely not a formal place where I want to look like a yuppy…"

"It would be very James Bond like, only stronger," Angel muses at MJ's remark, giving the idea her thumbs up. But listening to James, she proves just how equally awkward she can be, winding up pretending she never even heard him in the first place, if only to avoid making a response that would make everything worse. Needless to say, she's not nearly as experienced as her looks might suggest. "I remember…you left to go back to that reservation and be with your people. After we…" she realizes she's venturing into far too mutanty information again, and just shrugs it off, "I guess you're right no point reminiscing, the place had Manuel and Jennifer after all. She was the ugliest pretty girl I've ever seen." After some delay, she does finalize with, "it did make me stronger though."

When James mentions punk vibe, Angel immediately shoots, "then go for clashing colors! That's punk, no?"

"James, I think what you picked out for yourself is perfect for tonight. The other date being more formal… we need to get you a suit. Not just for that date but for future use. And I want it to be something you can move in." After this she stops and looks him in the eye and asks, "Do you trust me?" of the towering Apache mutant with a playful but kind gleam in her eye.

It might also be strange considering their age gaps, James is in his mid twenties, at least, and Angelica would never look that old to anyone really so probably best to move on from that subject entirely lest someone get the wrong idea! "I think I'm probably okay for the Manitoba, really, it's the other one… I'm not even sure where to go but I know it's going to be a nice restaurant and then the dancing… can probably take the coat off for the dancing I think. So best to focus there?" He suggests though it's also a question.

"Of course I trust you MJ." James says to the beautiful redhead model, celebrity, and overall heart throb to countless men and women everywhere. "If I didn't Angel would kill me." He smiles and then adds, "Uh metaphorically speaking of course." Duh. God James. "Umm MJ, do you have any good suggestions for… uh.. a romantic… dinner… restaurant…" James drags that out, looking sheepish the entire time. "That one… I get the feeling I am way out of my league you know, and… well… if we were going to go on a date MJ, where would you want to go?" He asks, not realizing just how frikken bad that was to say. Angelica will probably never let him live it down.

"He doesn't mean literally of course, I mean, look at him and look at me," Angel laughs, making light of everything, she mostly just enjoys the company of a real star. "But I do think you should listen to her James, especially with that card you got." So she had picked up on the card, or the emblem on it, though she leaves it at that. "I think August in the Upper East Side would be a good spot," Angel answers straight up, "though if you're thinking of taking me, I'd say River Cafe in Brooklyn," Angel laughs and winks at James, before laughing more. It's a bit of a nervous laugh, isn't it? Yeah, they would make a fine awkward couple. Key word being awkward.

MJ noticed the card too, and recognized it as she has rubbed elbows with no less than two X-Men turned Avengers in her world, but has chosen not to mention it herself. She nods at the younger girl's suggestion. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to take her on /my/ date or on /your's/, but Angelica is right, that's a good choice. Classy but not in your face about it," she states her opinion.

Then, to Atherton, she says, "He'll be ordering /two/ suits. One in black traditional wool and the other should be an extremely dark charcoal gray fresco lana with an almost invisible pale brown pin striping," she pauses only long enough to confirm that he is keeping up, "Both coats should be one button double breasted…" when Atherton holds up four fingers with a questioning look at this point she nods, "Yes, four to show. High gorge lapels to help soften his lines. No lapel buttonholes and a central vent is a must."

Atherton mouths 'pockets?' and MJ says "I leave that up to you for the jacket but as much as the tailor might hate it, the pants should wear like jeans and have western-style pockets." This last makes the clerk look up in surprise but MJ cuts off his question with a nod. "Also, the gray suit should have a matching single breasted vest and he needs five shirts: three out of cotton in white, dove gray and tan and the other two silk, one white and one black."

She looks apologetically to James. "It'll cost but it'll be worth it," she says to him.

"It's alright MJ, it's an investment to the future." James says to Mary Jane with a smile afterwards as he just listens to all that stuff be told to the clerk and whatnot, "I'll uh, pay extra for rush delivery. As fast as can be done." Apparently it's going to be an expensive investment for the future. He hands Atherton the card so that it can all be ordered and begin processing. He looks back and forth between Mary Jane and Angelica, "So, August… that's not far from here. I think I've seen it." He says with a nod and then looks down at Angelica with a playful smile, "And for you… the River Cafe in Brooklyn."

James takes his phone out and pretends to check his schedule as if it's very busy. "So Angel, two o'clock on Sunday good for you?" And his smile grows a little wider as he goes about trying to make reservations at the August on his note tablet, even as big as it is it's still tiny in his hands. "And MJ, when would be good for you?" He shares the embarassment around so Angelica doesn't feel put on the spot, maybe, or maybe it's a real question, the shy smile makes it seem maybe it is real, but placed as a joke so as to not be burnt to hard when denied.

Angelica really is amazed at how much MJ knows about men's clothes, she would never be able to make that order. "Do you get that from being the hottest model in fashion?" Angel asks once MJ has a moment, before looking towards James and gives him a humbs up, "sure, assuming you perform to expectation and totally bomb your first date, of course." She was laughing, she knew James was laughing too, it wasn't real, but then he asks MJ and one could see Angel's jaw nearly dropping. Awkward James, pretty much asked MJ out. Even if in a backwards manner, he actually had the balls to do it. Angel is just left speechless.

"I get this from being ma-…" she cuts herself off before saying 'married' which MJ of this world is not and she is trying to not destroy her native doppleganger's life so she covers up with what she fears may sound conceited, "… Mary Jane," with a wink to try to seem more playful then conceited.

Then, to James, she says, "Me? Oh you don't have to do that," but man is he a hunk. "Ok, we can go out for lunch some time maybe?"

"Ow." James says in response to Angelica's comment, "Ow that hurts, no faith!" He smiles after covering his heart with one large hand, "You wound me to the quick!" But he sighs, "You're probably right though." And frowns, "But it's just a date right? How hard can it be?" Poor James. He really isn't very good at this. "So alright, Sunday at 2 pm… Angel… and assuming that bombs too, Lunch with MJ." He pauses, "Uh, I guess we should exchange numbers unless… you know… you have better things to do of course. I would get it. Truly. I had to ask for help how to dress, how lame is that?" He chuckles wryly again.

"Are you stupid?" Angel gasps at what she just heard, "James? That's Mary. Jane. Watson. You have a shot to go out with her to watch paint dry, you do that above all else, seriously!" Angel shakes her head, before her phone buzzes, and when she lifts it up she snaps, "oh damn, sorry James but I need to rush, business." Looking over at MJ, she gives the biggest smile, "I'll txt for that photo, thank you so much, you're perfect! Just perfect! Bye guys!" And just like that Angelica rushes outside the store, looks like she won't be shopping tonight after all.

MJ laughs warmly at Angelica's comment. "You are very welcome, Angel," she says adopting James' pet name for her. "It was great meeting a fan," she adds as the girl departs.

"James, another concern is if you are going dancing where will that be in comparison to dinner, have you thought that out yet?" she asks him without addressing the request for her number.

Angelica's suddenly rushing away makes Jame look after the much young woman because well, she's rushing away and he offers a wave. "Business. I understand." He doesn't really understand since if it was the business he figured she'd have, he'd also be getting a text or the like… but there's nothing there. "Sunday at 2! Angel!" He calls out after her and then he frowns and shakes his head a bit before he looks back towards Mary Jane.

"Yeah, the dancing part I have down MJ." James answers, putting away his phone since she doesn't respond to the request. "And… thanks for being a sport. I figure that's the only reason you said yes to lunch to make her day a little brighter and more wondrous?" He assumes a lot, this big Apache.

"I didn't agree to lunch with or for your friend, James," MJ says as she pulls out a different business card than the one she gave Angelica. "Plus, you have to have my number to call me when they tell you your order is ready. I want to finish helping you out, picking the right tie can be tricky also you realize," she explains as she starts to look at ties after he takes the card with her personal cell phone number on it.

James blinks at the card but he takes it and then looking at it he smiles softly, "I won't give out your number, you can trust me MJ." His baritone almost a vibration more than words right there as he looks at the card with an almost wistful smile but it's like at a memory before he shakes himself back. "Contrasting colors for ties right? Not overly busy unless it's something that accents another part of the outfit. I guess I'll need some cufflinks too." He keys in Mary Jane's number into his phone just as MJ because, really, who would believe he had Mary Jane Watson's phone number?

"I'm not sure whether I should have Atherton help me with another suit later, so I'm not always wearing the same thing… assuming I get second dates with anyone." James muses thoughtfully. He also takes the time to send a text to someone, which takes a while with his big fingers, before he pockets his tablet phone again.

MJ says "Unless you are a business man or Barny Stinson two suits aught to do for you. You're not going to go formal on all your dates, James." And then, having picked out a silk tie with black on black paisley she says, "Pool date. Unless you can't swim - because there's nothing sexy about the doggie paddle - you need to take a girl to a pool. It gives you the perfect socially acceptable excuse to wear almost nothing in front of her."

"Well…" James says after a few moments thought, trying to come up with something good, "At least I can stand up in deeper water than most." He says playfully, "Before I have to reveal whether or not the doggy paddle is all I can do… in the pool." He adds hesitantly, back to his less than suave ways, because he is hardly ever suave. It'd be a sure sign he was an alternate universe James Proudstar if he was a confident ladies man! "So then Lunch first, and pool second for you… unless you're a fan of beaches. I prefer open nature than artificial environments." He admits, "Then I can also protect against sharks."

"That works. I've been looking for a good pool to swim in anyway," MJ says as she looks for Atherton to purchase the tie. After he arrives and takes the tie, to box properly for her, and her credit card, to charge her purchase, she returns her attention to James and asks a question she probably shouldn't but her curiosity is eating at her: "Are you up in Westchester now yourself?" indicating the card Atherton returned to James when he came back to help her out.

James takes the card and looks at it briefly when Atherton returns it and again when Mary Jane asks her question. He doesn't answer at first, instead signing for the purchase, which was quite a big purchase especially at this store. Putting the card in his wallet he takes the time to do that as well before answering, giving himself the most time to think of what this means and how to answer. "I'm a teacher." He finally says, deciding that lieing is stupid and honesty is the best policy especially since she obviously knows something and… he's a little big for a regular guy.

With the card put away James lifts his gaze towards Mary Jane again and his expression has gone stoic, clearly expecting the worst. Even though tensions are down, it's still a thing, and he lived through the bad times, the worst times, and then some. "I hope that isn't a problem." He rumbles quietly. Not many would know what the X means of course, not really, it could be just a fan card too but…

MJ's purchase was much simpler and Atherton returns with it, boxed and then put into a bag, and her card as well. She signs for the purchase and puts her credit card away before she says, "No, not at all. I judge people on who they are individually, not by the color of their skin or the twists of their DNA."

James seems a bit surprised by that and it shows, a little quirk of a smile, "You're an amazing woman Mary Jane." He pauses and then frowns, "I know I'm not the best… uh… catch or anything but you… I count myself lucky to have met you and I hope, even after I probably crash and burn on our lunch date that we'll still be friends… at least."

MJ smiles at James. "I'm not ready for a serious relationship, James, but we can definitely aim for friends." Its a little lie, but it covers her seeking to remain faithful to the husband she is absent from without messing up the 'real' MJ's life while she is here. Plus it is an easy phrase to fall back on, seeing as how she said it so often to Peter before realizing it was a blatant lie with regards to him anyway.

"That's fair." James says in response to that, "I don't know what I am doing either… I just… had a life changing event happen and so I am trying to change my life." He looks down at his hands, flipping them over and then curling them into loose fists. "Hopefully for the better and hoping I don't screw it up even worse but really… I have a lunch date with the most popular super model on the planet… I've got to be doin' something right yeah?" He looks up from his hands and tries to meet her gaze with a soft shy smile. "No expectations on my part MJ… let's just… see what happens. Sound good?"

James takes his bags in one hand and slings them over his shoulder. "I need to go get ready for my first date in years… I just hope you don't see the flames from your place." He says with a smile and a wave, "If you ever need anything, um, regular or… special.. ah help… call me okay? I've taken punches from the Hulk and here I am so… for what that's worth." He then waves shyly and the big Apache heads out into the city.

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