(2016-08-19) Remy in the Conservatory
Remy in the Conservatory
Summary: Remy comes in while Serenity is playing the piano in the conservatory. A pleasant conversation ensues over jazz and blues music.
Date: 2016-08-19
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With no music classes going on today, Serenity has basically taken over the conservatory for her own purposes. Her guitar is sitting nearby where she can keep an eye on it while she reminds herself of the joys of having access to a grand piano. At the moment, she's working through her jazz/ragtime repertoire and has hit on Scott Joplin's The Entertainer.

Remy LeBeau doesn't seem to come by the school too often but has today. As he saunters down the hall, hands in his pockets. He's whistling to himself as he goes; it isn't hard to make out. Just a simple song, Frere Jacques, but that tune will stick in one's brain like an ear worm. It's insidious.

As he nears the Conservatory the music there wins out over his own whistling and he stops, pausing to lookin and watch. He does not immediately recognize the teen at the piano but the music is certainly impressive.

At first Serenity just continues playing, but she heard someone come into the doorway. She gets that feeling she's being watched so when she finishes The Entertainer she pauses and glances over her shoulder. He never got a very good view of Serenity the day they met and she was filthy. Now she's pristinely clean. She turns on the piano bench to face him and says, "Don't just stand there and lurk. Come in and listen properly."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly, an impish smile on his lips as he saunters in. "Don' min' ol' Remy, chere. Jus' heard de music an' t'ought to stop an 'ppreciate it f' a momen'. Don' mean t' interrupt none, mm?" He walks in. "S' nice playin' tho." There's little doubt who he is. There can't be many demon eyed Cajun types in the world right? God help us all if there are more.

Serenity manage a little laugh, "You're breaking my heart, Remy LeBeau. Don't tell me you don't remember me." As he comes in she turns back to the piano and begins another wordless jazz piece.

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Mmm.. chere.. every girl tell Remy dat.." He moves to stand just beside and behind her right shoulder to watch her play, "Remy 'member you, Marie. Jus… harder t' place wit'out de smudges o' mud an' soot on y' cheeks an' nose, mmm?" He winks at her and listens to the next song.

Serenity nods, "I can see how that would make it difficult. I'm sure I look nothing like I did before. I will always owe you for the chance to be clean again. Took me a while to find a place that would let me check in without ID but it felt so good to be clean again." She closes her eyes to let her fingers wander lightly over the keys. "I haven't touched a piano in three years. I really missed it."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy is sorry y' felt th' need t' bolt. Di'n't mean f' dat to happen. But glad y' foun' de School here… better 'n Remy's place anyway. More space. An' instruments t' play." He falls silent to listen, clearly appreciating the skill of a talented musician.

Serenity opens her eyes again, "It was the police. I couldn't help wanting to avoid them. I don't think I was going to go to your place though. I've had too many men try something to go to a man's apartment with him."

Remy LeBeau nods. "Remy understan' chere. Ain' blamin' you. Jus' glad y' foun' a place y' feel safe." He moves over and sits on the sill of one of the large windows, left knee bend, arm resting atop it as he begins to shuffle up a deck of cards. It's a nervous habit.

Serenity glances at him but the music never stops. She knows what keys are where. "You think I feel safe here? I think maybe I believe I'm a mutant now, but I don't know anyone well enough for safe. No matter how charming they are."

Remy LeBeau shrugs. "Not a bad sentiment, chere. Never good to be complacent." He looks to her "But b'lieve Remy when he say, dis be de safes' place y' gon' find. Here y' got dozens o' others willin' t' fight t' protect each other. May not feel like it now? But dis place… get to feel like fam'ly after while. Y' jus' got t' give it some time."

Serenity nods, "Family. Haven't had that in a while either. Do they really trust each other like that?" She pauses, "Any requests?"

Remy LeBeau smiles and shakes his head, "Remy t'ink y' doin' jus' fine on y'own, chere. No need f' Remy t' boss y' 'round. Play what comes natural. What y' like best. It's all enjoyable t' me." He smiles as he shuffles up the cards then fans them out and then shuffles again.

Serenity continues smoothly from jazz into blues, "I love all kinds of music. I can do so much more on the piano than the guitar. I don't suppose you play an instrument?"

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy can see dat. S' very nice chere. But sadly, non, Remy have deft fingers.. jus' not for music." He shuffles up the cards and pulls out the Queen of Hearts. A smile as he reshuffles and pulls the card out of the center of the deck without any trouble at all. Then with a wave of his hands, it simply disappears.

Serenity watches the card disappear with a nods, "Very deft indeed. I've never seen a magician make a card vanish that well. So is it true that you're a thief?"

Remy LeBeau chuckles softly. "Mmm… Soun' like de rumor mill been runnin' strong." He shrugs. "Remy is many t'ings chere. T'ief be on'a those t'ings Remy been and been accused of." He shrugs. "S'pose Remy mostly jus' a troubleshooter with de School, non? Jus' a helpin' han' when needed dese days."

Serenity smiles, "So you are then. Just not all the time?" She nods and switches from jazz to blues. "And charming cad too?" She pauses to think, "What was it he said… a charming robin hood?"

Remy LeBeau says, "He?" Remy asks curiously. "Cad? Robin Hood?" He laughs quietly. "Someone's been making up stories. Remy's much worse den a cad.. and better 'n any Robin Hood!" He sounds almost put off by the notion of comparisons. He then smiles. "Remy be a lot of t'ings chere. But one t'ing dat won't change? Remy'll be your frien' if y' wan'. Remy don' f'get friends.""

Serenity chuckles, "Worse than a cad are you? Well thank you for the warning, Remy. And I suppose if we're going to be friends I might as well tell you my name's really Serenity. No point in hiding it now that Doug has hacked out my whole life."

Remy LeBeau tilts his head, "Hacked?" he also smiles "Serenity." trying the name. "S' beautiful, chere. Remy like it. Den 'gain, Remy liked Marie. So." He shrugs.

Serenity nods, "He looked up a bunch of things about me. I don't know how. Don't know that I want to know. Marie was my grandmother's name. That's why I picked it."

Remy LeBeau nods and shuffles up the cards. He stands. "Remy need to get goin' chere. Serenity." He walks over and sets the deck of cards on the top of the piano, indicating she should flip over the top card. "But before Remy goes.."

Serenity eyes him curiously for a moment then stops playing so she can reach out and turn over the indicated card.

The card - the Queen of Diamonds. On it is a cell phone number.

"Any time you need a han'. Or jus' need t' talk. Call that number. Remy will always pick up if he can." He smiles and takes the deck of cards now minus one. "Remy t'inks y' should stay here a while, chere. Give de school a chance. De kids and staff. They ain' perfec'. None of us are. But dey tryin' to do right by anyone dat come here. Bes' they know how. More den you'll get any day on any street. And good food." He points at her meaningfully. "Don' forget de value of good food. Pretty girl like you gon' waste away you stayin' on de street. Dat would be a true crime." He smiles charmingly, hands pressed together as he offers her a bow while backing out of the room.

Serenity reads the number aloud from the card and nods, "No doubt about the good food. I think I'll at least stay until I get my figure back." She nods to him as he goes then turns back to the piano to resume her playing.

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