(2016-08-21) Spider-Girl Makes YouTube
Spider-Girl Makes YouTube
Summary: Spider-Girl Stops a smash and grab! Gets photo taken, learns a shadowy name!
Date: 2016-08-21
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NPCs: Jones
Scene Runner: Johnathan Plank
Social/Plot: Plot

2:00 a.m. - Somewhere in NYC -

The "Sto-An-Go" was a run-down little convince store, barely twenty by twenty feet on the corner next to a wide alley in the black part of town. Chin, the owner, manager, and back cot residence was out from behind his plate glass teller station re-stocking the beer cooler with a multitude of rainbow beverages from drab, damp, cardboard crates. A banging on the front glass door startled Chin and he wipped his head around to see a large black man in a gray hoodie tapping on his locked storefront.

"Open Up Chin! I got sent here ta do something!" The man's voice was muffled but audible from inside the crampted snack house.

"We closed right now. Come back in one hour, I have to stock the coolar" Chin shouted back before going back to his sorting.

"Nah man. Mr. Howard said you owe insurance money. We here to collect! Last chance!" Chin gave the rude individual a gross hand gestured then promptly returned to stocking, "Your call man. Tried to be reasonable" The big man whistled.

A set of headlights flicked on from further up the street, an old white beat up pick-up truck. It revved its engines, screeched it tires and barreled at the corner of the store. -*SMASH*- The truck sent brick and mortar flying as well as smashing in the front window. Two more men got out of the truck. One was a scrawny light skinned man the other a white guy in dreads. "Hey T-Bone, where you say that safe was?"

"Under the display of chips in the back, get the chain hooked up to the front grill." Chin started rushing for the safety of his back room before 'T-Bone' cut him off. "Nah man," he grabbed Chin by the collar, "You gonna remember tonight". His partners started dragging chains out the back of the pickup truck.

Gwen Stacy is on patrol tonight, taking a small break and sitting on a gargoyle high above the city and munching on a sandwich. Her mask is pulled up, chewing on a bite when she notices the truck's lights going on and heading straight for a small store at the corner. She shakes her head a little, taking a bite of her sandwich and pulling her mask back down, standing up on the statue and setting her lunch down on the ledge with a little patpat to her food.

She looks down, leaning over easily and shaking her head again when she sees the men rushing into the store. She steps off the edge and lets herself fall, enjoying the moment of freefall, plummeting down to the city streets below, only to hit a building with her web and turn into a gracefull arch just mere feet above the cars, racing towards the store.

Chin desperately tries to cover his face against his larger, stronger assailant, "Don't Stop!" he pleads as he loses his balance and trips backwards over a pile that was once his beef jerky rack. 'T-Bone' starts up with the wild arcing haymakers, a few slipping by and pummeling down onto Chin's face. "You pay in cash, or we force you to collect your normal insurance premiums #*&#. And then we take it" he takes a deep exerting breath, "Outa-Yo-Hide!" as T-Bone starts stomping on the exposed short ribs of his victim.

The two "Safe Experts" latch the front hooks to the sturdy grill of the pick-up truck and walk straight to the chip stand and knock it over, exposing a relatively slender floor safe. They start walking around it in opposite directions each with a chain end and meet back up at the front, beginning the process of tightening and latching the loops together.

Gwen Stacy grits her teeth a little as she soars over the traffic and comes to a skidding halt near the truck. She blinks a little and hears the thump of fist on person, tilting her head a little at the mention of insurance. She shakes her head a little, walking over to the massive hole in the building and peeking in, taking a step into the shop. "Hey guys! You know…speaking of insurance…do you guys have health insurance?" She asks, leaning against the truck. "Because if not…and you guys keep this up…it's going to get really…really expensive for you guys." She takes a few steps in, her slender body covered in the white and purple outfit, except for her bright blue shoes. "So why don't you let him go…and scamper away to the police station and turn yourselves in."

Gwen is covered head to toe in a skin tight synthetic fabric, black from her legs up to her breasts, then a hard cut to white along her arms and the hood of her outfit. Her face is obscured with a bright white mask, purple ovals outlining about where her eyes should be, but there's no telling how she sees out of it. On the inside of her hood and along her biceps, the white gives way to dark purple, lines of bright blue emanating from behind her head in the shape of a spider web, though only visible in the purple. That same blue is found elsewhere only at her feet, her feet in bright blue shoes.

T-Bone turns around and shakes his head. "F@#$& Super!" He bellows at his two gang mates, Chin all but forgotten on the floor. All three men quickly reach into their jerseys or beltlines, almost as if rehearsed, and pull out white cylindrical objects, snap something off the top of them and lob them in the general direction of the costumed hero. "Chew on Flash Bangs you enhanced hearing mother
F@#$&^." T-Bone drops his just a few feet in front of him, and all three cover their ears and briefly look away.

Gwen Stacy shakes her head a little, raising her eyebrows when she sees them pull out those objects. She laughs a little, the two other men's flashbangs get stuck with webs, spinning her body around and flinging them towards their truck, letting them land in the bed. "I think that's racist yah know." She says, shaking her head and hitting the flashbang on the ground with some web, letting it slide along the floor, trying to get it in one of the criminal's visions. "We don't ALL have enhanced hearing. Jeeeeez."

An additional second goes by and the truck gives off an awful, unnatural "CLANG" like some old war cannon, as it resonates with a huge flash of light going off in its bed. The flash on the floor was rolled closer to the hoodlums who were bracing for impact. The concussive force, even braced, was enough to stagger and disorient the two at point blank range. Both men wince as the flash heat singes and burns the side of their heads facing the bang. They look around wobbling for a moment, stunned. 'T-Bone' Isn’t having none of it. He grabs the wire stand to the jerky display as a shield against whatever the hell that goop was and strafes around the opposite side of the truck to the costumed clown to simply get out. "Get out'a here! Get to the Alley!" He barks commands. To him they were dummies, this chick had a choice - grab them or grab him. Two or one?

Gwen Stacy could definitely feel the heat of the bang, and yes…she closed her eyes under the mask when it went off, but while the others had to brace and got staggered, she was sturdy enough to not worry about the concussive blast. Peter from her world hit harder than that. She tilts her head a little when the man grabs the jerky stand, snickering a little. "Don't you think this is a poor time for snacks?" She asks, looking back to the men when T-Bone calls out to them. "OH no. Party's not over yet." She says, each hand aiming at them, webbing slamming into them at their ankles, the girl able to give a quick yank and pull their feet out from them before turning to T-Bone again. "It's better if you don't run…I get VERY impatient with people that try and run!"

"Chase me at yo own risk B*##!" T-Bone throws the wire stand over the hood of the truck at the costumed freak as bolts down the narrow path between the truck and the outside wall and dashes down the alley. "F*#$ Super! Get the van started - God damn stupid pair of Super T@#$…." He is running for his life, not bothering to look back. Chin shakily scrambles to his knees and paws the door to his 'safe room' behind the register. He slams the door closed behind him with an audible "Click". The two 'dummies on the floor grab the backs of their heads from hitting the ground. But they don't quite move. They stay still and just look up at the Masked Hero of the evening, waiting to see what she will do next.

Gwen Stacy laughs a little when the man says that, shaking her head. She sees Chin get behind his safe room, the girl turned away when T-bone throws that snack stand at her. She blinks a little and ducks as it soars over her, the woman grabbing it and swinging around, sending the snack stand flinging right back at him. "Don't forget this!" She yells back, shaking her head and giving the two men on the ground a nice general webbing to stick them there before she hops onto the hood of the truck and gives chase to the last one.

As soon as our Heroine pops around the corner there is a percussion of 9 millimeter handgun fire. It's 'hood' fire: inaccurate, undisciplined, and barely aimed. T-bone is barely midway up the alley scrambling to hop into the right side of a large white utility van that is facing the street. The shots are coming from the open windows of the driver side and passenger windows. It's like some weird insect antenna, long dangly arms holding sideways pistols shooting at the corner of the alley. It's pretty obvious from the revved engine as soon as T-bone makes it into the van they are going to floor it.

This was all going horribly wrong. It was a simple smash and grab. Collect the insurance moneys or take it. Use the truck, mash the front, and grab the safe. Use the van and his posse' to lift the safe and drive outa there in a un-damaged un-marked van. Simple, easy. And no cops in this area of town at this time of night. Stupid F*#$ supers with big T##$.. Stupid F*#$ supers that were immune to stupid F*#$ flash bangs, and he KNEW that was one of his better ideas.

Gwen Stacy rushes around the corner, hearing the bang and her eyes getting wide when she realizes what that was, the first bullet grazing the wall near her. Damn busted spider sense! She ducks and jumps from the ground and off the wall to a fire escape, partly keeping her out of the direct light and keeping her position constantly changing as she jumps across to the other side of the alley, running across the wall, easily overtaking the man, but she's not stopping there. She leaps and turns in midair to land on the hood of the van, facing the driver.

The reactions of the two men in the front seat couldn't have been more different. The on the passenger side, a fatty with a hair lip named Jones, turned his head like some mut, "Dayum! Fine girl…" The driver side looked to be kin to T-Bone. Large, muscular, mean, and quick thinking. He pulls the gun inside the Van, aim's it at the front windshield and empties the clip. T-Bone takes the last few strides up the the van, "Oh I got's ya now Chicka-bee!" as he comes in low and lunges to punch her right in her but cheek.

Gwen Stacy glances over at the fat man who calls her fine, feeling a sudden rush of tingling along her spine as the man in the driver's seat reaches for the gun. She reorients her focus on the driver, seeing things almost in slow motion as he pulls the gun out and starts firing. She ducks, twirls, bobs her head and even does a back flip as he empties his clip into nothingness. She punches through the windshield, sending glass into the cab, grabbing the pistol in the man's hand and bends the gun's barrel upwards.

T-bone actually gets a good punch in, hitting her butt cheek, the girl having to actually roll with the punch a little, because even with that it felt like the man punched a heavy bag at the gym. She looks over at him and shakes her head, her foot lashing out to kick him in the face.

The last thing T-Bone wanted to happen today was to get kicked in the face. What he really didn't want to have happen was to get kicked in the face by a super kick. What he really-really-really didn't want to have happen was his teeth to get knocked in by getting super kicked to his face by a stupid pair of super T#$. But it happened. He had a moment to wax poetic as he felt his front teeth cave in, "Means I just earned my grill," he thought to himself as he was instantly brought down to his knees. The world turned white with pain.

T-Junction, the brother, shouted at his stunned co-worker, "Shoot HER!" he grabbed the spider-knock-off's wrist with his free hand and let go of his pistol, trying to pull her off balance in the hopes of pinning her head against the roof of the van.

"Nah man, I don't shoot B@#^'es. I just don't." Jones, the fat man, opened the side door and rocked the momentum necessary to begin removing himself from his seat. He was very calm about the whole ordeal.

Gwen Stacy looks back at the brother when she feels his hand on her wrist, laughing a little. "Ya'll just don't learn." She says, the man trying to pull her, but he realizes very quickly that he won't win that fight. She laughs and lets him try. "Now it's my turn." She says, her hand clamping on the man's wrist and yanking him through the windshield and onto the ground next to his brother. "Your friend actually has some manners. Although his language could use some work…" She says, shaking her head as she hops off the van, giving T-Junction a good kick in the belly before webbing him to the ground.

"Donth You Fothink Touth my Broffer! You Cuth!" T-Bone was staggering to his feet, in shock, pushing and stumbling his way into some desperate last fight against the mighty Super T#@$. Ole Fatty was walking down the building, he flips his phone open, "Yo, Yo, It's me. Ain't gotta lotta time so listen. It's a bust. Super got in the way. And I ain't prolly gonna out run this one. But yo dude! This one was Fayene!" He was wobbling as fast as he could down the back side of the alley.

Gwen Stacy sees the man trying to get to his feet, the woman just pushing down at the back of his knees to drop him back down. "STAY. Sorry about the teeth." She says, webbing his ankles to the ground and then his arms at his side as she starts stalking after the man just wandering off. "Buddy…buddy…" She says, trotting over and putting her arm around his shoulder. "Who yah talking to?" She asks politely, her hand gripping his shoulder HARD though.

Jones turned around, wincing and smiling, knowing what's about to happen. "Just one o’ my homies on a disposable phone. I knew he'd be up. And careful now, anything you do after this is assault!" He points the camera of the phone at the costume figure, "I ain't going doing to do nothing to you. What's you name sugar? Huh?"

Gwen Stacy smirks a little under the mask, so it's not very evident she's doing that to the hood standing there, blinking as he aims the phone at her. "No you're not. That's why you're not like your friends over there. I guess I'm Spider-Girl…or something like that. Now…enough of that…" She says, reaching out and taking the phone. "We have some talking to do." She cuts off the recording. "So who's the store owner paying protection to?"

Jones gets that stupid 'I'm about to get my Mack on' look on his face, "If I tell ya something you consider letting me walk out of here? Off the record?" He takes a few steps back. "That was a call you just turned off. So YouTube will know if something happens to me. And we both know if I keep my mouth shut I'll walk. Small fish sh*. So I've got a few playin cards here."

Gwen Stacy blinks a little when the man says that, looking at him and rolling her eyes a little. She looks him over and then nods her head a little. "So…I've got a couple cards as well. You could tell me…and I'll leave you just the way you are except for a few webbing cuffs there with your friends for the cops to pick you up. I don't really care what happens after that." She says, fixing the man's shirt. "OR…I could rack up thousands of dollars in hospital bills for you with the damage I'll do to you." She says, then steps in closer. "OR…I could say I don't respond well to threats and drop you from that 40 story building right over there." She says, her hand at the man's shirt gripping tightly. "Those’re MY cards."

"I'm callin’ your bluff lady. You Supers got a Code. You ain't no Punisher. You kin to that spider freek, or the red dude with horns. I ain't sh* and I aint got nothing for you anyway. All I got's is a made up name. You want that name, you gotta give me something." He grins, "I's say it be worth it. I get a kiss, I go to jail, and you get that name." He licks the upper set of teeth before closing his mouth and making a duck face. "Whatcha say?"

Gwen Stacy tilts her head a little and grips his shirt tightly. She looks him in the eyes and raises her hand, the thwip of her webbing shooting out, and then suddenly they're up in the air. The woman looks up as she controls their ascent, the man hanging, only being held by her grip on his shirt.

It takes a few moments before the find themselves 38 stories above the street, she stuck firmly to the side of the building, him dangling from her grip. "You people really ought to learn…we're not all alike." She says as she leans in towards him, then lets him go. Of course she has this timed…she's not REALLY gonna let him hit the ground…but he'll be falling for a LONG time.

Jones wets his pants. As he yo-yo ups and down he is muttering, "Oh sh* Oh Sh*" After the tension cord settles down he has this surprised look to himself. His face has turned red from all the blood that rushed to it. He realizes that he's alive. He shakes it off for a moment then gets that indigent look on his face. He's got her, "I told you! You ain't no Punisher! So just leave me here. You ain't gettin nothin!" He starts laughing to himself like some kid who just survived a rickety roller coaster ride at a barely legal amusement park.

Gwen Stacy moves down to meet the man there where he hangs, sitting on the side of the building. "Yah got me. You're not dead." She says with a shrug, looking over at him. "Can't blame me for trying!" She says, standing up so she's perpendicular to the building, grabbing the man's shirt and righting him. "You've got allooooot of loyalty for someone who doesn't care about you." She says, pulling him down from the building and walking him towards where the rest of the gang is. "Because…let's just put this in perspective…do you really think your boss is going to believe that you're the only one who got out uninjured, and you /didn't/ squeal?" She asks with a smirk. "Whoever it is…you're probably done for already." She says idly.

Jones is pretty meek, "Nah lady. You got it all wrong. You're not the first super I've come near. Nothin I can do. Fightin' you is like fightin' a storm. All you Supers are. An I'm smarter than your average gang banger. It's why I'm as old as I am, an I ain’t dead. My boss knows that. My boss don't trust me with nothing I can't say. I know that. Outside of that I keep my mouth shut and the system rolls us back out on the streets to go back to work." He shrugs, "You gots your self-appointed job lady. And I gots mine, and mine pays. And we both got's rules about what's we can do. And nothing you can do will stop it, and nothing I can do will stop you." He doesn't resist at all.

"But I'll tell you this. I like you. You got yourself a #1 fan right here." He seems to be thinking to himself, "The street has a lot of names to protect the guilty. And the ones at the top no one really knows. This week it's Mr. Harold. You hear that name you steer clear. I wanna see you on YouTube for a long time, savin nuns from burning van's and sh*" He just looks at Spider-Girl with a weird kind of professional curtesy. "If you one of the good ones. Just realize down in the hood, it’s just different government down here. Either you wear a badge or you are called an enforcer. Either you pay your taxes or you pay your “insurance.” And a lot of these folks pay both. I see that. Do you?" He gives out a sigh. "Gonna be one hell of a mess to clean up." He laughs to himself, "After this plays out, can I get your number?"

Gwen Stacy smirks a bit and nods. "Well at least you're smart to not try and fight. I'll give you that." She says, giving the man a shrug. He's firmly moved to in front of her, his hands brought behind his back and webbed up tightly. "Appreciate the admiration." She says with a bit of a smirk, webbing the man's ankles together and he's actually fairly gracefully put down on the ground against the van. "I'll save you the bloodsucker remarks and insults…But here's the thing…that nice store owner back there? He's not on your books anymore, understand? I get word from him, and I will be checking up on him, that you guys even came in for a drink…I'll find you. And yeah…I probably won't kill you…but I can do ALOT of damage without killing you." She says, kicking the van, massively denting the side of it. "Leave him alone. All of you." She says, walking off from them. "OH. And no, you can't."

Jones is bound and planted on the floor next to his accomplices. The sounds of distant sirens can be heard approaching.

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