(2016-08-21) Warpath: Handsome, Sweet, and Not Kurt
Warpath: Handsome, Sweet, and Not Kurt
Summary: James Proudstar and Amanda Sefton go out for dinner at August and dancing at the Provocateur. Amazingly, nothing interrupts their evening.
Date: 2016-08-21
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NPCs: Jay the bouncer, Bekka the DJ
Scene Runner: Warpath
Social/Plot: Social

After an exchange of messages the time for the fateful night comes around and there's a knock at the door of Amanda's apartment precisely on time when James said he would stop by to pick Amanda up for the date. Of course it was meant as a polite knock, and James does knock lightly… at least for him. Thankfully it's not enough to knock the door off it's hinges and in his nervousness it could have happened… but in this case the door just shudders and the 'knock' is almost like a wrecking ball hitting the apartment and James winces at the sound.

Waiting for the door to open James fusses with his suit, he's not used to wearing one and even though it's been custom tailored to his dimensions it's still an odd feeling and he's fussing with the sleeves, pulling lightly on the cuffs, tugging at the bottom of the coat, straightening his tie and then pulling his hair back into a long ponytail at the nape of his neck, tying it back with a leather cord to get as presentable as possible.

Thankfully he's not doing the breathe into his hand and check his breath thing, he must have remembered to brush his teeth and such before hand thank the gods. One thing he hasn't opted for however, is cologne. He must feel he doesn't need such things.

Amanda Sefton does not believe in making her date wait. When there is a knock at the door, she walks up from her living room to the landing just inside the door and opens it. He can see a very nice apartment behind her but she doesn't give him a chance to look at that much as she immediately teases, "Well don't break it down. I'm right here."

When she registers that he's wearing a suit, Amanda stops to take a longer look before murmuring, "You look very nice. I didn't know we were going formal. I'm glad I didn't opt for jeans. What do you think?" She slowly spins around so he can view everything which makes the silky fabric swish about her thighs.

"Sorry I don't know what go-." James voice cuts off in the middle of what he was saying when his mind registers what she's wearing and he takes a few moments for his brain to reboot and stop staring as he visually drinks in the image of Amanda in that slinky black dress. "Damn." He rumbles, unable to find any other words and he has to lift his eyes from the vision before him back up to Amanda's face but still he's /always/ going to be looking down at her and that is distracting, to say the least, in this outfit. "You are beautiful." He rumbles afterwards and then offers a half-smile, a little sheepish and he reaches up to run his fingers through his hair when he realizes that would destroy the tight ponytail he just put it into and so lamely lowers his hands.

"It's a versatile outfit." James rumbles with a little smile, "Take off the coat and…" He does just that, slinging the coat over his shoulder to show the perfectly cut vest, the long sleeved silk shirt and cufflinks. "Roll up the sleeves and it's more casual… which is what I plan to do when we hit the dance floor later." He offers his free hand to the woman, because offering his elbow would be somewhat silly given the fact that he towers over her by almost two feet. "It's not the most formal of places I booked for dinner, but it's definitely nicer than jeans and a t-shirt. At least I think. Rich people can probably get away with it, celebrities, stuff like that but…" He overexplains, rambling a bit in his nervousness.

Amanda Sefton smiles as she steps forward and strokes her hand over the fabric of his shirt. A soft mmm follows this gesture. "I am glad you like it. I couldn't decide all day what to wear so I finally just conjured something." She finally relents and slides her hand down along his arm to the proffered hand. "It never occurred to me that you might wear a suit, but I do not complain. Men look wonderful in suits and you are definitely no exception."

"Aren't you worried the dress might react to something? What if my magic suddenly manifests and counters yours and your dress dissolves into nothing?" James asks, finally adjusting enough to tease her back after the comment about knocking the door down. He smiles though and bends down, way down, as he lifts her hand to press his lips to the back of her knuckles and hand in a gallant gesture of old that he manages to pull off without leaving any wetness behind. Probably because his mouth is so dry from nervousness. "You are to kind. Your chariot awaits my lady." He rumbles, "First we shall dine, and then… if the food doesn't change our plans, we dance."

Amanda Sefton laughs in delight at the joke before admitting, "I might be if I didn't know that won't happen. Conjuring isn't a long term spell. Once I pull something through it's real not magical. There's nothing to dispel. This lovely thing goes into my closet at the end of the night." When he lowers her hand again, she twines her fingers lightly though his before making her way out of the building with him.

James' hand is exceedingly gentle with his fingers twined through Amanda's, it's like he doesn't offer any real resistance to the hold at all. Not out of any lack of enjoyment but because he doesn't want to accidentally crush every bone in her hand. When they get to the elevator James hesitates for a moment before pressing the down button though his finger had hovered over the up button a moment for some reason but he doesn't explain on his own. Reaching the lobby of the apartment building there's an SUV style limo waiting out front. "Had to make some allowances… I don't fit in regular limo's to well." James rumbles apologetically but he makes sure to open the doors and be as polite as possible for the blonde sorceress.

Amanda Sefton slides gracefully into the limo as she assure him, "A limo wasn't necessary. I would be fine taking the subway or even just walking depending on the distance. In a pinch I could even teleport us if I know where we're going. This is very nice though."

"I've always wanted to take a limo." James says after getting in himself and the driver apparently knows where to go after the doors close, he gets in and as traffic allows, starts to drive through the city but not leaving the Upper East Side. "I hadn't been in one since Emma Frost took the Hellions out to show off how powerful the Hellfire Club was." He chuckles wryly, "I was still a teenager." Glancing out the window briefly he gets lost in his thoughts, or perhaps tries to gather his thoughts so as to not make a fool of himself on the date… or at least minimize the chances. Looking back he smiles and rumbles, "Besides… I like the privacy. We're just a couple out on a date like regular people… not leaping around, or teleporting, or flying…" He gently, so very gently squeezes her hand then. "Just a man and a woman, together."

Amanda Sefton beams a smile at him, "I spent a lot of time not wanting to be seen as anything but a woman. I was a performer for so long you know. You're never quite as on display as you are when you're a circus performer. People go to a circus to gawk at a spectacle. You have to love giving it to them. It could get tiring even though I loved every minute of it." She squeezes his hand briefly before asking, "Flying was an option?"

"I feel like I'm always in display when I am out on the streets, in costume or out." James says, showing he understands where she's coming from. "Even in my plain clothes people stare and gawk at the huge indian." He smiles a little wryly, "And tonight… as much as possible I just wanted it to be us together for a night on the town." He gestures around at the limo they're in, that of course has a bar and such, "So this is our hideaway between stops tonight. A place to recharge and relax away from the spotlight of public opinion for a little bit." The limo doesn't even bother to change lanes, providing a smooth ride over any urgency to get anywhere it seems but then… they don't have that far to go. "Yes, I can fly." He rumbles an answer to that last question, "I honestly considered it but… given the shortness of your dress and what it would do to your hair I figured this might be a better option." He chuckles softly and then the limo is pulling to a stop out in front of the restaurant. The driver gets out and goes to open the sidewalk side door for them. James of course helping Amanda to the door before stepping out and gently carrying her to the ground gracefully outside the August.

Amanda Sefton smiles when she sees where they are. "August. We really could have just walked. This is so close to my building. And I could have changed if necessary. It wouldn't have been hard to make the skirt longer." Yeah Amanda. He wants the skirt to be longer sure. "That is a useful ability to have." She slips her hand back into his without asking.

James smiles playfully, "Yes, but, Limo." He explains and then hands the driver a nice tip and the driver takes off to hang out wherever limo drivers hang out while waiting for another call for the night. Walking hand in hand towards the door James automatically ducks when the doorman to the restaurant opens the doors and a maitre'd looks over and sees who is coming in. Spotting James before Amanda for very obvious reasons the maitre'd smiles and tucks two menu's into the crook of his elbow before gesturing for the couple to follow him to the back of the establishment where one of the back booths has been reserved for them and waits for them to get situated. "Necessity." James explains of the location, offering to help Amanda into a space before taking the opposite side for himself.

The maitre'd offers in a polite voice as he takes the 'reserved' signs away, "Welcome to August, your server Anthony will be along shortly to take your order. Would you like a glass of wine while you peruse our menu?" Menu's being placed down on the table for them.

James blinks a bit at the mention of wine and then looks over towards Amanda to see if she wishes any, or wants to order for herself without assuming he should order for her.

Amanda Sefton nods her understanding as she follows the waiter, "It makes sense. I would imagine the standard table does not like you very much." She tucks the back of her dress carefully down as she slides into the booth. When the wine is mentioned she looks to James, "I will defer to you on wine choice or trust the sommelier for what would be nice here."

James clearly doesn't know one /thing/ about wines, or what would be good to start and it shows by the way he almost asks, 'What's a sommelier' in what would probably be a brutalization of the word for the ages. "Whatever the House thinks is best tonight." Little does James know he's set himself up for what could be a very expensive bottle of wine but, if you don't splurge a thousand dollars here or there… he's going to be hating his bank account for sure after tonight.

With a nod the couple are left to their own devices, "I take it you have been here before?" James asks in a slightly gruff rumble, picking up his menu and practically hiding behind it perhaps to hide his embarrassment and how out of water he feels.

Amanda Sefton cannot quite suppress the urge to blink in surprise when he leaves the wine choice to the house despite her suggestion of trusting the sommelier. There's a gentle murmur under her breath and a gesture beneath the table as she suppresses the man's feeling of greed at the potential of that choice. She smiles, "Well I've been to most places near my apartment but every place changes and evolves."

Poor James, didn't even know the difference between the House and the sommelier it seems but he misses the bit of magic since he is currently hiding his embarrassment behind his menu and so Amanda gets away with it without his seeing the magic. It's only a few moments, perhaps a minute, maybe two, three at tops before James lowers the menu again and takes a look around before he sighs and then plants an elbow on the table, and his chin in the palm of his hand. "Maybe I should have picked something else. I'm trying to remember my lessons but… they were so long ago and never really stuck in the first place I am sure I am going to be a huge embarrassment, literally."

Amanda Sefton tilts her head at James' comment, "What lessons are you worried about forgetting? Perhaps I can help a little." The wine that comes to their table turns out to be the $100 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Italy. She waits until the wine has been poured before saying, "I don't think you've done anything embarrassing yet."

"When I went to my first Academy here in New York." James explains, letting Anthony pour them some of the white wine and step away before he continues, "We all had to take lessons on how to behave in 'proper' society as she called it but I've always been a big old farm boy fresh off the reservation. Literally." He looks at the glass and then reaches one large hand to take it very gently, and properly so he doesn't leave any huge fingerprints on the glass before he swirls it around slowly. Finally he looks up towards Amanda again and smiles, "As for embarrassing, like, not knowing what wine to order? I think I remember white wines being good for fish and poultry, so I am guessing we might want to order the Salmon or the Branzino… maybe lobster rolls but… that just sounds silly. Poor lobsters being rolled around." He /must/ be making a very horrible joke, right? Right?

Amanda Sefton actually seems delighted by the horrible joke. The laughter even twinkles in her eyes as she lifts her own wine. The wine is sampled before she gives an approving nod. "I was thinking on the Branzino in any case so this is perfect."

James can't help but smile at the laugh and he relaxes some before looking back towards the menu. It takes him a moment but when James spots the prices for the different meals he looks around a little curiously, "Maybe I did overdress." He admits, "I was expecting something a lot more expensive." He gestures a bit with the menu itself as he speaks, "Not that twenty dollars for a burger is…" He tries to come up with a word that fits what he's thinking, "Well it seems a bit excessive. It better be made up of ground New York Strip or something." He chuckles and then takes a sip of his wine without slurping, thank the gods above and below. "With what I had to do to get a reservation I expected something more along the lines of a hundred dollars a plate or something."

Amanda Sefton notes softly, "There will likely be more than enough to take a portion home. There often is at this kind of restaurant, but that's not terribly expensive for New York. Everything's expensive but generous portions here." She sips her wine again then asks, "Can I ask… why are you so nervous?"

James clams up a bit at the question, trying to think of how to answer that without making it worse but in the end honesty wins, "Because you're so beautiful." He leads with, "Because I haven't ever really had a lot of time to 'date' in the past." He sets his menu down and places both hands together on the table before him, lacing his fingers together as he looks at her, "Because I want there to be a second date, a third one, and who knows…" A little lift of his shoulders in a shrug. "I… have spent most of my life fighting, or training for a fight. After my brother died I spent years trying to get revenge for his death and then years fighting to try and protect people who hated me just for existing. I never had much opportunity to live for myself until I met someone but she… lied to me, used me, set me up and then she died. Twice, and the last time she died for me so I could live." He frowns, "Recently I spoke with my brother's spirit and he told me to let it go and so I'm trying… but it's hard… and now I am committing social suicide by talking about me so much, instead of what's important here." He pauses, "You."

Amanda Sefton stretches one hand across the table to lay her hand on his. "Not at all. I think it's refreshing that you're willing to be that open with me. But do be careful with the talk about the ex unless you want to be subjected to stories about Kurt the rest of the evening." She winks once. "Of course if you want me to tell stories I can."

"Well, it's relevant… because that just shows how little experience at all of this that I have." James says, turning his hand to lace his large fingers with hers. "Honestly… I don't know why I would interest you. Kurt is everything I'm not, smart, funny, dashing, heroic… I think I have the most common powers in existence. I'm hardly unique, I'm just a replacement for my brother."

Why would someone else interest her? Kurt's handsome, smart, funny, dashing, heroic…. and unavailable because he loves a woman that she isn't and now mourns that woman whenever he sees her. Amanda is silent as she refrains from saying anything of what ran through her head. Her smile dims but she brings it back when she finally says, "You're you, James. You don't have to be anyone else."

James lifts her hand and holds it lightly in both of his, about to answer when Anthony shows up to take their order and so James does order, "Burrata and the Branzino for the Lady." He makes a guess as to what appetizer would be best with the bok choy… it's at least an educated one given he does remember some of those lessons from being a Hellion. The White Queen was a very particular educator after all. "I'll have the Nectarine Gazpacho and the shrimp." He waits for Anthony to verify that the order is ok, or needs to be changed by Amanda before leaving once things are settled one way or the other.

"And you are you." James rumbles softly, "A beautiful vibrant woman who is worthy of the attentions of any person she desires… and that's another reason I'm nervous… " he says with a small smile, "It'd be nice to be that." He rubs her hand gently with his fingers, "I hope that is a reasonable answer to your question, because it's all I've got."

Any person but the one person she really wants. Amanda makes her smile all the brighter for the fact that she isn't with the man she would prefer where she wouldn't have to make sure her smile was pleasant because it would be natural. "It was an honest an answer. Those are the very best kind. I appreciate honesty. And I am flattered that you are interested."

James can't help but chuckle at that response, "Oh c'mon." He says more conversationally, "We both know that you get plenty of interest from men, and most likely women Amanda. I'm no great catch." He lets go of her hand with one of his so he can take another small drink of his wine, though small is probably not the right word for a man his size and he ends up topping his glass off again but upon seeing that Amanda hasn't touched hers sets the bottle back on it's tray and sets his wine glass down. "So… we never talked about what kind of dancing you would like to do. There's a number of places we can go but… I have to warn you… I am /awesome/ at Salsa."

Amanda Sefton does actually sip her wine before responding, "Sure. I can have any man I want with a twitch of my finger right? So think about that and why I'm across the booth from you." There's a more genuine smile now before she brags on herself, "I learned the most complicated dance in the world when I was five. I think I can manage Salsa if you'd like."

"I don't know… it could be dangerous…" James says with a small smile, "And we both know the most complicated dance in the world is the cha cha." He teases, "Fortunately, I know that one too. Even if I didn't learn it when I was five I hope to be a suitable partner on the dance floor." How long is he going to be able to keep that playful smile, not long, it breaks into a full smile after a few moments and he smiles, "After dinner then we'll head to Brooklyn. I know a good place to dance and they should still know me so we won't have to wait in line." And then their appetizers show up, so conversation must be made between bites. Even with the portions at August it raises the question how it's going to be enough food for James.

Amanda Sefton breaks into laughter again and decides not to explain about the tiganza since she never intends to actually perform that for anyone. "It sounds like dancing with you will be fun." She pays more attention to him than she does to her food even after she begins eating.

Small talk is small talk, no matter who is making it really, whether it's a pair of kids out on their first date, or super powered mutants and magical ladies there's still a kind of ebb and flow to it, assuming you can get it started /and/ can avoid topics that will kill the mood… which can be more difficult than it seems when you're dealing with the circles James and Amanda seem to travel in. Fortunately there is food, and the food is good, the wine is good, the company is excellent. "So why a stewardess?" James has to ask, "I mean… given what you know you could do just about anything you wanted. A stewardess is really awkward to me. It doesn't really… I don't know… fit. It'd be like me trying to be a shoe salesman in my opinion. You should be like…" He pauses, "We'll shoot past the whole model thing, because it's way to predictable… I'm going to go with a professor. Something like a mythological history class at some Ivy league."

Amanda Sefton allows her surprise at the question to show, but she takes the question with obvious good grace. Her tsk is a playful one when it comes. "Shame on you, James Proudstar. I am not a stewardess. I am a Senior In-Flight Passenger Service Relations Interface Manager. Occasionally I have been known to admit to senior flight attendant." She takes pity on him and laughs again now, "And why not a flight attendant? I love to travel. I'm a gypsy and I definitely have the wanderlust. This way I can live in one city and still satisfy that instead of living with a traveling troupe of gypsies."

"Ahh… so you're an /elite/ stewardess." James says with a smile afterwards, not apparently letting her teasing get to him or feeling any shame and instead teasing her back but when she talks about being a gypsy he has to tilt his head to the side. "You are the blondest and palest gypsy I have ever seen." He says with a playful grin, but then gets more serious, but it's a conversational serious. "I know what you mean about the wanderlust. My people have it too. We weren't meant to be stuck in a single location like we were." He wrinkles his nose a moment, then pushes past it, "But, there are a lot of jobs that travel a lot. You could be the pilot instead of the Senior In-Flight Passenger Service Relations Interface Manager."

Warpath adds, "And with a title like that… it's no wonder you get so many offers to… interface by passengers."

Amanda Sefton laughs, "Well I can look any way I want to look, James. I chose this appearance for myself when I left home. And if I were the pilot I wouldn't get to interact with the passengers." Apparently she thinks of that as a perk? "Do you think my job is beneath me?"

James shakes his head, taking a drink of his wine to wash down the food he had been eating when the question was asked, "Not at all Amanda. I was just curious. Trying to get to know you as best I can." He smiles, "I don't look down on any job. Work is work, it may not be glamorous, but it's necessary and someone's got to do it. It's better to be working any job than not working at all." He considers, "Back on the reservation, when I was younger, there were so many people I knew who couldn't even get a job at all. My tribe never did the casino thing so we didn't have a centralized means to employ the people on the reservation. Poverty is… hard… and I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

Amanda Sefton inclines her head compassionately, "Being a flight attendant let me travel the world and spend little time standing still. It's hard for me to stay in one place, especially without a compelling reason."

Glancing around for a moment to make sure they're not being overheard, watched, or otherwise monitored James leans forwards to ask, "Why not join a team then?" His tone honestly curious, "I've traveled the world, been to places, and planets, no one had ever heard of or even knows exists. You could travel in ways no flight attendant ever could."

Amanda Sefton looks down at her lap, "And which one would you suggest I join, James? Pete Wisdom asked me to work with MI-13. I used to work with the X-men at Muir Island and Kurt used to pick me up to help the X-Men whenever they needed it."

"There are other teams that have no connection to Kurt." James says seriously, "The Avengers for one. Other mutant teams that aren't the X-Men. I wouldn't be surprised if Doc Strange didn't have some sort of team. There's even Shield and Broadsword…" He however doesn't, perhaps intentionally, mention Wisdom and MI-13. "You could even start up your own team, or look for like minded souls to join up with."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "I am always willing to help out when mystical things crop up, but I wander too much for that sort of commitment."

James considers, "I guess I just don't know why you wouldn't want to wander with others than travel alone all the time." He notes, "Because by being always willing to help out, you're still tying yourself down."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Not really. I can teleport and everyone I care about has my cell number so, I can be anywhere and still help out."

Warpath asks, "Can you teleport interstellar distances?"

Amanda Sefton shakes her head, "No. Admittedly I cannot do that, but then I am not entirely sure I would be of any use elsewhere in space either. Mine is natural magic. It could be tied to the earth."

"Well, it was just one example but I've been many places where cellphones aren't going to work, or the amount of time to place the call, answer, explain the situation, and then get the reinforcements could result in lost lives." James says conversationally, "And… well…" He lifts one broad shoulder in a half-shrug, "I don't know. Just trying to figure things out you know? I've always been part of a team or… not being heroic at all."

Amanda Sefton murmurs, "I spent longer on Muir Island than I'd intended. I wasn't planning on ever getting involved in heroics again after that but I found I couldn't resist when people ask for help. Being a hero is hard on the soul."

James shakes his head, "Not really… I think it's good for the soul. Even all the hard times, the horrors, the isolation… it would be so easy to just abuse the gifts I've been given, or let myself be a tool to others but by doing the right thing, by saving people… I think being a hero has saved my soul." He smiles afterwards, "This is turning really morose, neither of us are going to be able to dance after this if we keep this up and you'll end up being all: 'I am never going out with this jerk again, he is so depressing.' and that's not really going to help get a second date or even a good night kiss."

Amanda Sefton laughs softly then gives him a wink, "I suppose it also helps that Pete's offer to help MI-13 was the first time I got asked to help by a team leader. Every other time I was just Kurt's girlfriend. I helped because it helped him. Or because I thought it would. No team has ever actually asked me to join before."

"I don't really know that Pete is a team leader." James says honestly, "He doesn't really have a team, he has a government organization. He answers to a government and that worries me. He could easily be removed from power by that government and then everything he does, everything he learns, that's all information they have access to as well." He pauses, "I've known Pete a long time and the one thing I do know is that he will do /anything/ for his country, no matter who it hurts."

Amanda Sefton nods slowly, "Well, I think we all have something we'd do anything for. I can understand that sort of thing." She finishes eating and lightly pushes her plate away, "I think I am ready for dancing if you are."

James is clearly not the best at dinner conversation, unfortunately, he lets his mouth run away from him and has problems keeping the conversation light. Maybe it's part of having such a long twisted history with the various supers and events that have taken place over the years. Maybe it's because he hasn't had a lot of time to be anything else other than a super. "Sorry… yeah, dancing. Let's do that." Standing up from the booth James pays for their meal and leaves a good sized tip, probably to much of one even for here but he came expecting to spend money so he spends it. Pressing the button on a pager to call the limo driver James pockets the device and then offers a hand to Amanda. "I hope I haven't ruined the evening." He says softly, "We can call off the rest if you'd prefer." For a super hero who is supposed to be confident, James apparently doesn't have confidence in dating.

Amanda Sefton stands up when he offers his hand, "Call it off? Why would we do that? We haven't even danced yet. The dancing is the best part of night, of course. Careful there. I might think you've upsold your dancing and just don't want me to find out."

That at least causes James to fall into a real smile again, "Well… I can promise you one thing about that Amanda." He'll head towards the door hand in hand with her, seemingly more comfortable now that they are in physical contact again as if it re-affirms the fact that he hasn't screwed things up to badly so far. "I may be big and built, but baby, I got /moves/." Where that 'baby' came from is unknown, maybe it just slipped out, he doesn't even seem to have realized he said it. "Especially when it comes to the dance floor." He says with a playful grin and then to the sidewalk where the Limo is waiting, because Limo drivers have their own super powers of timing apparently and the driver opens the door for them.

James helps Amanda into the SUV limo and then climbs in easily himself thanks to the double doors of the limo and once inside he takes off his coat and sets it aside carefully before taking off the silver cufflinks and rolling his shirt up to the middle of his muscular forearm. Once the driver is in James gives the address to where they're going. Nova hot. Upscale. Celebrities, sports stars, the rich and famous, and definitely not a dive bar. The Provocateur is anything but. "I can't promise the /best/ Salsa, that's down in Miami but I bet I can get us a few songs unless it's a brand new DJ I don't know."

Amanda Sefton doesn't bother with space in the limo despite that there is plenty of space. She stays very close. "I am very much looking forward to seeing your moves, James. You know what they say about people who can dance."

If she was trying to get a blush out of the Apache, she succeeded, though it is a bit harder to tell on his skin tone it's definitely there. Especially when she is as close as she is her unique scent is easily picked up, even though it's something he's caught before it's oh so much stronger with her not giving him much space at all. As he makes sure his sleeves are tucked in tight and proper on his forearms so they don't come loose on the dance floor, and to show off his muscular forearms. "I suppose it's probably something similar to what they say about men with large hands." James rumbles in amusement, giving himself a moment to try and clear his head of the implications. Maybe it's a bit premature but he'll lift an arm and gently wrap it around Amanda's shoulders so she can get even closer while they ride through the city to their dancing destination. "You make me wish I knew all the right things to say." He admits.

Amanda Sefton seems pleased when he puts his arm around her. "No one knows all the right things to say, James. We just get lucky on occasion."

"I see you haven't met Gambit yet then." James says with wry amusement, "Remy /always/ knows just what to say." He chuckles and then reaches up with the hand on the arm wrapped around her to lightly run his fingers along her hair, just barely with his fingertips. "You know…" He says softly, but whatever he was going to ask isn't asked and instead he just falls silent, enjoying the closeness, her scent, and the feel of her hair at his fingertips. It's a bit of a drive due to traffic more than distance before they'll arrive at the club.

Amanda Sefton smiles faintly as she relaxes back against his arm. "I've met him, but I was Nightcrawler's girlfriend and he was more focused on Rogue. He didn't pay me much attention."

"I almost think it might be a power of his." James says with a soft chuckle, "The man is smoother than silk, I am man enough to admit to being a bit jealous of that kind of social skill. Instead I get to blunder around all clumsy like a bull in a china shop relying on just my good looks, muscles, and dancing skills."

Amanda Sefton chuckles and turns her head to look up at him which basically puts her head back in his elbow, "Looks, muscles, and dancing skills is a good combination you know."

"Well it could always be worse. I could be permanently invisible or my touch could disintegrate everything all the time so I'd have to go around naked and not have any human contact at all." James admits, turning slightly to look down at her now since he can't touch her hair with the way she's crooked into his elbow. Instead he just studies her face, not staring, but committing it to memory perhaps or burning and etching this moment into his mind so he never loses it, that kind of intensity while a small smile drifts onto his features then and he reaches back with one hand to undo the pony tail, letting the hair down now since they're going to be going dancing anyways. "I'll take it… especially since it's gotten me this far." He rumbles softly then smiles, "I hope that dress isn't to sheer… it's going to get hot."

Amanda Sefton reaches up to stroke her fingers through his loosened hair. "Better. You look more yourself now. And the dress is fine. It's a special conjured fabric weave that's a cross between silk and Moira Mactaggert's team costume body armor. All my conjured clothing mimics that fabric."

"Handy. We can't all be naturally bullet proof I guess." James says and chuckles afterwards, a deep rumble that carries through his chest and into her at this range, "You should have seen me when my hair was short… I looked like a douche." He says with a wry self-depreciating grin, "Easier to take care of though…" He does lean into her touch of his hair slightly though and his eyes close, just relishing the sensations. "Hopefully we won't need the armor properties tonight…" The limo rolls to a stop.

Amanda Sefton smiles and sits up when the limo stops, "You never can tell where I am concerned. Odd things have a tendency of happening around me." She twists on the seat until she is on her knees to make up the difference in their heights so she can brush a kiss on his cheek.

It might be a little early but at the kiss to his cheek, James reaches up to lightly cup her cheek and turns his head towards her so he can try and catch her lips with his own in a soft kiss but it's not a demanding thing, nor does he try and force her into it by stopping her from pulling away should she choose to. "So you say… but it wouldn't be the first time strange things happened around me too." He murmurs softly, "Mutants have their own sort of weirdness magnet it seems. Let's just hope that we get at least one night where things go right."

Amanda Sefton allows him to catch her lips briefly but she never intended it to be a long kiss so she does draw away. "Well I suppose we'd better get to that dancing then, don't you think?" Her lips are as soft as they seem they might be and it would seem the glossy shine on her lips is strawberry flavored.

The driver seems to think much the same, time to get out of the limo and he opens the door so they can get out. James rumbles another chuckle, "I guess it's time to see if I am all talk or if I have the moves I say I do." Then he is slipping out of the limo with more grace than a man his size should have and with a laugh he is offering his hand to help her out of the limo and down to the sidewalk in front of the club. There are lines going all the way around the side of the club but James doesn't move towards them after handing the limo another bill. Walking right up to the felt rope and the large bouncers there James rumbles, "Hey Jay." And gives the man an upward lifted chin and the bouncer pulls the rope aside so that the pair can head into the club without delay, fastening it behind them.

The club is already hopping, being it's a Sunday Night Special, the busiest night for the place and the crowd is doing it's thing. Nothing but beautiful and/or rich people make it into this place on a Sunday night, other than people with the proper connections. The crowd moves with the music, drinks flow from the bars, there's not a lot of places to sit and most of those are full but the club has an electric energy all it's own that has James grinning ear to ear.

Amanda Sefton flashes the bouncer a lovely smile as he lets them into the club. She keeps a tight hold on James' hand as they make their way through the crowded club. The energy of the crowd has her swaying almost immediately to the music.

James moves through the crowd like a fish through water, sure his presence and size helps to clear them a path but he also navigates through groups of dancers, couples, and solo movers with an ease that says he's done this many times in the past. Through the dance floor he goes until he gets to the DJ booth and then gets the attention of the skinny girl with the faux-hawk done in three different electric colors, "Hey Bekka!" He calls over the noise of the music and the crowd.

The DJ looks over and grins, "Hey James!"

"Can you work some Salsa in? Anything dirty or clean is fine!"

"Can do!" Bekka pauses, "Good to see you back! Haven't seen Risque for a while, we miss her!"

James nods and his face falls for a moment but Bekka is already back to mixing the music and by the time James looks back down towards Amanda his expression is cleared up. "As I said, I know people." He rumbles into her ear and then asks, "Want a drink first, or shall we get out there?" He tilts his head towards the crowded dance floor.

Amanda Sefton pretends not to notice the way James' face falls at the mention of Risque. She smiles, "Dance first, Sex on the Beach second." There's a wink as she moves toward the dance floor still swaying to the existing beat as if the music were in the pulsing of her blood rather than the air around her.

James chuckles at the answer and one might wonder how he can handle the volume of the place but he shows no signs of discomfort, quite the opposite as he follows Amanda out onto the dance floor making sure to keep a hand with hers until they get to the thick of it. He doesn't start moving with the beat like she does on the way out though, he doesn't have the curves to pull that off but once they claim their portion of the floor the big man doesn't hesitate to start moving with the music. It's times like this that James' athleticism and grace shows through, he may be a huge man, a walking wall of muscle but those muscles don't hinder him in the slightest as he starts to dance with the beat.

There's a few times his hair gets in the way of his face and he almost reaches to push it back but… what would be the point? Instead James just moves with Amanda, letting the beat move him. While he's not a professional dancer, having no real formal training he could be one /hell/ of a professional dancer if he put his mind to it and trained. As it is he is up to date with the popular styles and can move without making a fool of himself… quite the opposite really.

Regardless James stays close to Amanda, enjoying the way bodies move together with the music as he lets go of old memories and starts making some new ones with a new dance partner.

Amanda Sefton was trained in the tiganza as a child. She was trained as an acrobat and aerialist as a young woman. Amanda has dance moves the just don't quit. And she doesn't seem to be able to dance in a way that doesn't show off all the important features of a woman's body and invite her partner closer. She makes no attempt at conversation now that they are on the dance floor and surrounded by the noise of the club.

Talking isn't the point now, at least not with words. As the energy of the music flows over the crowd, and through James as well he moves with each beat, knowing the rhythm and his attention is focused solely on Amanda for rather obvious reasons. It's not like others aren't appealing but this time and space is for her alone for the Apache. While he doesn't have her training, he is a natural when it comes to physical activities like this in no small part to his mutant physique no doubt, compensating for his rather impressive build and shape.

As the music continues and the heat builds other dancers are sweating up a storm, but not James, it's like this isn't a real exertion for him or he just is immune to the heat of the massed bodies on the dance floor in combination to his own movements.

As the club beats switch to the punchy latin sounds of salsa there is a cheer from some in the crowd as others go to get a drink but the actual amount of bodies on the floor doesn't really change much. James grins and pulls Amanda in close for a rumba and this dance, he actually knows so the pair can start moving together in the proper motions. Of course that kind of contact, other heats do start to build.

Amanda Sefton moves through the steps with and ease that says she has done this sort of thing before. He's oh so much bigger than her. That should make dancing together awkward but not for Amanda. Her dress sways over her like it was made for this. Since she conjured it, it likely was made specifically with this sort of thing in mind.

It also helps that James is of course used to dancing with much smaller partners than him, in fact, if someone were the same size as him he probably wouldn't be as good as he is, all of his experience is practical and with people of around Amanda's size to begin with but some improvisation must be had just because of that size difference, and because it's Salsa dancing and not ballroom dancing. For someone who can throw around main battle tanks like they were softballs his touch is surprisingly gentle and yet firm when it needs to be throughout the dance and between James natural ability and the gypsy training that Amanda's had for her whole life it isn't long before the pair has a space around them of people just watching.

It doesn't hurt that Amanda is absolutely gorgeous either, or the way that dress hugs her figure and sways with a sashay of hips as it was designed to either. There are some jealous looks on the dance floor directed at both of the dancers every now and again but it's not until the beat changes into a more fast paced number that there's some clapping and cheers and the crowd closes in again as more people start dancing around the pair.

James though is smiling, and it's a real smile, quirky, one side of his lips going higher than the other as he dances and moves with the gypsy sorceress but to his credit he doesn't cop any feels beyond what the dancing requires… after all, that's part of what makes dancing so sensual and awesome… it's almost better than a sensual caress as far as excitement goes.

Amanda Sefton knows just how to move to entertain a crowd. She cannot quite help but perform when she knows there is a crowd watching. This factors into her movements even though she seems to focus all her attention on the man and music. Having that woman's full attention focused on you is definitely a thing to inspire jealousy.

Who knows how many songs they dance through, the changes in music giving way to different dance styles and through it all James doesn't show any signs of slowing down but… he is polite enough after a while or if Amanda might start showing signs of fatigue or even just needing a drink while they are dancing close together to ask, "You want to take a break?" He might not suffer from exhaustion from dancing non-stop for a long time, not even breaking a sweat yet, but he realizes most people do in fact, need to take breathers.

Amanda Sefton doesn't show any signs of fatigue since she's used to more acrobatic workouts than this, but she does begin to take on that faint sheen of fresh sweat that comes with physical exertion. When he finally asks if she wants a break, Amanda flashes him a smile and says, "Okay now Sex on the Beach."

"Your wish is my command." James says with a playful bow and then sweeps his hair out of his face so he can reach and take her hand gently to lead her through the dancers over towards the nearest bar. Another advantage of his size, James gets the bartenders attention fast and he also makes room at the bar for the couple easily enough. When the bartender comes over James orders a Sex on the Beach and a Long Island iced tea, getting out some cash to pay for the drinks with one hand, he absently lets his other arm wrap around Amanda's shoulders loosely. Why shoulders? Because her waist would be a bit difficult for him. "One sex on the beach coming up." He rumbles to Amanda with a smile as they wait and take a breather near the bar. "It's been a long time since I went dancing, it's nice."

Amanda Sefton turns so she can face him next to the bar she leans close so she can be heard over the music of the club, "I am really enjoying myself. You are quite the dancer, James." She draws a dark cloth from a pocket. Wait where did she find a pocket in that dress… Said cloth is used to gently pat the sheen of sweat from her brow then down onto her neck and finally her chest.

Of course James' eyes follow the cloth but when it reaches her chest at least he doesn't stare and leer, lifting his gaze with just a hint of color on his cheeks and neck darkening his already naturally bronzed skin. "I do what I can, but I admit you are the superior dancer, I am humbled before your skill and grace." He says with a smile, not asking for change for their drinks which were as expensive as each portion of their meal practically in this place. Picking up his glass he takes a long drink and sets it down, idly spinning it in place with his fingertips on the bartop. "Are those what you usually drink at bars, or is this a special occasion?" He asks curiously, trying to get a feel for what sort of cocktails she might like in addition to that one.

Amanda Sefton puts the cloth away in the pocket it came from before she picks up her drink and takes a sip from it. "It's the peach schnapps. It's the easiest thing to order that is made with it and everyone smiles when you order it…Well at least when I order it."

"That's because when you order it, everyone is imagining actually having sex on the beach with you Amanda." James rumbles with a wry grin, "I mean if /I/ ordered it… I'd practically get laughed out of the bar. Well maybe not…" He changes his thoughts immediately after saying it, "But if I were a normal sized guy probably. I just hate how many times people think I want whiskey because of being native." He chuckles and shakes his head, taking another drink and looking thoughtful, "My favorite cocktail, like that, is probably a creamsicle. I love the Amaretto."

Amanda Sefton laughs and leans toward him again as she admits, "I do like other varieties of schnapps as well as the peach. I have a fondness for German liquors when I choose to drink. If I drink enough I might even start forgetting and mixing German into my English on occasion. I always like to say my favorite culture is whichever one I'm in, but if pressed I have to admit a slight bias toward the German."

"German huh? Makes sense though you don't have anywhere near the accent I would expect for that." James says conversationally, "But then most people have odd ideas about accents you know? I know people expect me to talk like bad old cowboy movies sometimes." He chuckles and finishes his drink in a few more swallows but with his mass and endurance hopefully alcohol's not a real problem for him. "Let's see… German alcohol… most people think of ale or beer of course, and then there is Jagermeister which reminds me of black licorice, which is good… and Goldschlager but I don't know if that one is even really German, might just have a German name to sound impressive because I am /pretty/ sure, Gold doesn't mean 'gold' in German."

Amanda Sefton grins a little at that, "Goldschlager is just cinnamon schnapps with little bits of gold floating in the liquor. It qualifies. It descends from Goldwasser which was the original drink with bits of gold in it. I can drink Goldschlager, but the cinnamon is a bit strong in it for me."

James nods in agreement about the Goldschlager, apparently familiar with it, "I have always liked those schnapps that have the sugar crystals in them. I've seen them in a variety of colors but I don't drink Schnapps very often. I don't drink very often really, hard on my girlish figure." He smiles playfully. "So tell me something Amanda, beyond… physical activities… what is it you like to do besides travel and blowing people's mind wearing gorgeous slinky dresses that leave little to the imagination but just enough to leave us wanting more?"

Amanda Sefton whistles low at that comment. "My my… James. That was one interesting compliment to my fashion sense." She chuckles, "In addition to a good many physical activities I also enjoy cooking and a wide array of academic studies. My personal trainings have mostly involved things mystical. I grew up being reminded that I had a magical destiny to prepare for."

James smiles and leans against the bar, relaxing a bit and also bringing him down lower so they are closer to the same height enough to almost be eye to eye. "Well that's one thing but I mean… there's got to be more to you than that Amanda. Just like I am more than my activities when I am in spandex. I never grew up having that kind of destiny being foisted onto me but I enjoy spending time with the horses in the stables. I fondly remember when I was small enough to actually ride a horse that was bigger than me." He's not quite the same mass as a horse but…

Amanda Sefton smiles a bit more now that she can look into his eyes more easily, "Well of course there is more to me than that. Ballet… I adore watching the ballet. I've never wanted to do it myself but I could spend all night watching the Bolshoi."

"I've never been." James admits, "But I can't even sit through movies most of the time… the only thing I can just sit and watch is the sky, the weather, especially in nature. I guess I'm just a physical being, always have to be doing something or I get antsy, to much energy maybe… or maybe I just never had the right company." He smiles a little wryly, "I tend to get stir crazy if I'm not active for to long. I don't even like to sleep for to long." He shifts a little to try and get a bit more comfortable, half leaning against a barstool. "I guess that's not really surprising. I would guess you probably like theatres and opera's too?"

Amanda Sefton opens her mouth to start then closes it again for a moment as she considers a new wording for what she was going to say. "Patience is important in studying magic. I have to be able to sit and look into a crystal for hours for instance. And yes, I enjoy the theater and the opera as well but not as much as the ballet."

"I guess it's a good thing I've never tried to learn any magic then." James says with a chuckle, "I would be a horrible disappointment. I did go on a spirit quest once, but that was a long time ago, in a sweat lodge an there may or may not have been psychotropic mushrooms involved." He coughs once with a small smile hidden behind his hand. "Honestly… I've always been pretty firmly rooted in the past, it's only recently I've been able to really take a look at the now, or think about the future."

"It's not a good thing to live in the past too much." Amanda sips from her drink. "Of course I have been doing that too much lately as well. I'm trying to move forward."

"Isn't that why we're here Amanda?" James asks and then straightens up again taking a step away from the bar and offering a hand to her in invitation back to the dance floor, at least for the time being until she's ready to go or call it a night one way or the other.

Amanda Sefton finishes off her drink then places her hand into his, "That is precisely why we are here, yes." She slips away from the bar and follows him back to the dance floor. With more alcohol in her, Amanda dances even closer to James than before.

James is also less inhibited than before with the wine and the long island in him, dancing more freely and closely though they aren't the only ones in the club who are doing so, not by a long shot. In fact they're rather tame compared to some of the grinding going on the dance floor, so far at least. James is more inclined to let his hands roam where they can reach without stooping so his strong hands caress her back and shoulders as they move together on the dance floor with the heavy beats of the music, building up a sweat again and perhaps due to the alcohol, or the closeness but even James starts showing signs of heating up eventually with strands of his long black hair sticking to his face and neck. Songs meld into other songs, Bekka the DJ is replaced by another DJ and the style of music changes but on the dance floor time seems to almost stand still when it's really passing much quicker than one might think.

Finally though the club starts to wind down as it starts approaching 2 AM and the last call is sounded.

Catching his breath James smiles at Amanda and then leans down to try and capture another kiss, a more meaningful one, suggestive perhaps if Amanda is willing to entreat it.

The kiss catches Amanda by surprise. She leans into it for just a second then draws back. "It's a little public for that. Do you want to get out of here?" She catches hold of his hand and brings it lightly to her lips before glancing around to remind herself of the way to the door.

"Absolutely." James rumbles softly in return while they're still close enough for her to feel his massive frame vibrate with the depth of it and at the touch of her lips to his hand he catches the corner of his bottom lip between his teeth while pressing the call button for the limo he rented for the night. Finding the door is much easier by this point, a lot of people are leaving though there are many who will stay until the place is cleared out by the bouncers and then there are those who head up towards the private party rooms.

Outside there are paparazzi trying to catch shots of drunken celebs perhaps being in the club with people they aren't supposed to be or otherwise acting in behavior that's fit to make them some money but thankfully neither Amanda nor James are the type that such photographs make money from so they aren't hassled as they make their way out of the club and to the limo that is waiting for them.

Amanda Sefton is only a little tipsy from the drinking. So she's perfectly steady as they walk to the limo. She keeps hold of his hand until they reach it so she can let him open the door for her as he's been doing all evening. She slips into the vehicle, moving over far enough to make room for him to follow her in.

Once inside the limo it's like the outside world is shut away, the sound proofing is excellent, the windows are tinted and nobody can see in. If it weren't for the fact that the driver is waiting for directions on where to go once he gets in and the tinted divider window is down they could practically be on the moon. James settles into the limo beside Amanda, moving to wrap an arm around her shoulder again and his fingers lightly rub and stroke along her upper arm from elbow to shoulder. "Do you have a destination in mind? Or do you want me to send this guy home and you can take us wherever you want to go?"

Amanda Sefton turns to look up into his eyes, "I was thinking of going back to the Silver Crest unless you have somewhere else you'd live to take me. I try not to teleport with alcohol in my system. Things can go very strange if I don't have a clear head."

James reaches with his free hand to run fingertips along the line of her jaw tenderly as he looks into her eyes, "As you wish." He rumbles softly and then gives the address to the driver who professionally closes the spacer window again and James reaches over to lock it in the upwards position so they won't get interrupted on the drive back to the Silver Crest. "I've had a wonderful night tonight Amanda." He says quietly, nestling back into the seat with her as the limo once more navigates New York traffic which has calmed down some but… the city never sleeps.

Amanda Sefton lifts one hand to just barely touch her fingertips to his lips and lightly trace over them. "I really enjoyed the evening, James. Thank you for suggesting it."

James closes his eyes at the touch to his lips and he can't help but part them slightly before pressing his lips against her fingertips and then lowering his head so that he rests his forehead against her hand for however long she leaves them there. "Anytime." He rumbles, opening his eyes to look into hers again before he leans in close to take in her scent, practically nuzzling her hair and neck after all, now there's a nights dancing scent on her as well to accompany the cinnamon and magic. "I…" He is about to say something but doesn't, instead lapsing back into silence as the limo pulls up to the Silver Crest and stops out front. Knowing that the driver is coming James sighs softly and moves away enough to get the door open before the driver opens it and then slips out, offering a hand to Amanda to help her out before he pays the driver one last tip and tells him he can go, once Amanda is out of the vehicle of course. Looking up at the building James tries to remember what floor she was on, and the position of her apartment, "Want me to fly you up?" He asks with a small smile.

Amanda Sefton inhales noticeably when he leans close but doesn't protest when he falls silent instead of finishing. She takes his hand to step out of the limo and offers the driver a brief smile and murmured thanks. She chuckles softly at the offer then lifts her arm to point, "That's my balcony right there."

James wraps his arms around Amanda and once the limo has taken off he looks around and then in a sudden rush they are flying into the air. It's not the fastest acceleration ever, but enough to put some pressure on them and to maybe make Amanda glad that he's so strong. It's also enough so that if someone wasn't watching close they'd seemingly just disappear off the sidewalk. After they get a few stories up he slows down though so as to not make it to rough a ride and flies up towards the balcony she indicated, flying up over the edge of it and then landing upon it. Setting her down he doesn't remove his arms, not completely. His large hands run along her back in a soft caress, "I should go… before I ruin what's been pretty close to a perfect night by asking to stay."

Amanda Sefton crooks a finger slowly to indicate without words that she would like him to lean down as she whispers, "I had a very good time, James."

James does lean down, though he doesn't need to in order to hear her whisper even after a night in a loud club. Getting more eye to eye he rumbles, "I'm glad… I was worried for a while there you'd get an 'emergency call'." He admits, reaching up with one hand to brush fingers through her hair even as he looks at her through his own as it frames his face for the most part. The brush of fingers through her hair turns into a caress of his thumb along her cheek and fingertips along the side of her neck.

Amanda Sefton slides her hand into his hair once he has leaned down enough for her to do so. She shifts her weight toward him and brushes her lips against his. Her fingers stroke lightly against his scalp.

James leans into the kiss as well as the touch of her fingers through his hair and he can't help but slide the hand on her back down further to the small of it, strong fingers running along the line of her spine. As he leans into that soft kiss his lips part just a touch to taste her lips against his own and his hand in her hair runs fingers to the back of her neck. His thumb strokes the hollow behind her jaw under her ear as his fingers curl to run along the back of her neck and he drops down to one knee before her so they are more or less the same height, though even then he's still taller than she is but it makes it easier to be close together… as he pulls her in against his strong wide frame.

Unless she pulls away James' lips part a bit more trying to deepen the kiss as fingers press more firmly against the small of her back.

Amanda Sefton lets the kiss linger until he tries to deepen it. Then she turns her head slightly to break the kiss. She brushes her lips along his jaw very softly before whispering, "You wanted to leave?"

"Want? No." James answers as a shiver runs through his massive frame at the feel of her lips along his skin and her words, "I didn't want to presume anything." His hands continue their slow caresses as he kneels there, head lowering to press a soft kiss to her shoulder and then turns his head to brush his lips along her shoulder towards her neck, breathing in the scent of her there on the balcony in the early morning air. "I very much don't want to leave."

Amanda Sefton trembles and a shiver goes through her whole body when his lips brush along her shoulder. She turns her head and lets her lips brush along his jaw again then toward his ear where her breath simply warms his skin before she whispers, "I think… it might be best if I were truly sober before we make that decision, but I couldn't let you leave without a kiss goodnight."

"Lightweight." James says playfully after dragging his own lips up her neck to the corner of her jaw so he can whisper into her ear in the doing. He pulls back just a bit so that he can look into her eyes and says seriously, "I understand." He rumbles, cupping her jaw lightly as he searches her eyes with his own, running his thumb tip along her bottom lip tenderly. "I don't want you to do anything you'll regret." He says seriously. "Thank you for everything Amanda. Good night." He leans in to press his lips to hers again in a tender kiss, soft, not demanding and not trying to deepen it again unless it's something she wants to do.

Amanda Sefton flicks her tongue over her lips quickly while his thumb is touching it. She slides both her arms around him when he kisses her again. Finally though she draws back again. "You'd better go before I ask you to stay."

James pulls back only reluctantly and murmurs, "Then I guess I had better go before I end up something that is regretted." Standing back up he lets his hands draw slowly over her form towards her shoulders and then away before he nimbly hops up onto the edge of her balcony railing, holding onto the floor of the balcony overhead and crouched down on the balls of his feet. "Before I go… I need to know…" He wets his lips as if trying to remember the taste of her lips against his and then runs his thumb across his lips afterwards. "Are we dating dating… or are we just heading to being very close friends? I don't mean to put you on the spot in your slightly tipsy state but…" He tries to meet her gaze with his own, "I don't want to get the wrong idea and get hurt or fuck things up on accident."

Amanda Sefton licks her lips again, "I can get very jealous when I think of someone as mine. I don't think we're ready for that yet. If that's not the answer you were looking for, I'm sorry. I don't have another one right now."

"I'm not looking for instant commitment Amanda." James says and then he straightens outwards, holding onto the balcony above while keeping his feet planted on the railing so he's at a forty five degree angle. "I just needed to know where things stand because I'm the same way and I want to avoid any incidents." He nimbly swings forwards and brushes his lips against hers, "We'll see where things go. Good night beautiful." He says with a smile and then as he continues the swing he lets go spinning out into the night and then dropping to the ground below and landing with ease, the impact absorbed easily by the large man as he slings his coat over his shoulder and walks into the city night.

Amanda Sefton whispers, "Good night, James" as he slips away into the night knowing he will likely hear her. She turns and goes into the apartment and go to bed.

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