(2016-08-22) A Stolen Kiss
A Stolen Kiss
Summary: Jean Grey wanted to meet Remy LeBeau for the first time since she returned from the dead, as well as discuss the matter of him not reporting his discovery of Serenity. But the thief strikes again and steals a kiss.
Date: 2016-08-22
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It's funny. The saying that one's teeth itch is so esoteric and strange until it's the truth.

Remy has been to the mansion since his return State-side but he didn't stay. Back in New York for a few weeks, however, his teeth began to indeed itch. As if a calling to return to Xavier's. It was something of an annoyance, just buzzing in the back of his mind. Finally he concludes his business and relented.

The drive up wasn't bad. It never is for the Lucky Gambler. Everything is an adventure after all. Parking out front in, of all things a Chrysler 300 with all the bells and whistles, completely black including window tint and front grille, only the wheel rims are a different color - anodized crimson. As if looking into Remy's own eyes, really. If there were an easier way to announce his return, it would be difficult to think up. Maybe fireworks?

Entering, he found no one immediately around. So the Cajun sauntered his way casually to the wine cellar, weaving through the rows of racks and casks till he found 'his' private stash. A few bottles he tucked back into a dark corner. Charles knows they're there of course..he knows just about everything. Not clearly none of the others found Remy's Private Reserve.

Pulling out a bottle of Merlot that dates to before the two World Wars. A smile of satisfaction as he brushes dust off the label and begins to whistle.

*Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques*

*Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?*

What? The cellar has really good acoustics.

It has been a few weeks since Jean Grey returned once again from death, although with how restless some people were, she didn't quite move about freely. Easing her presence bit by bit as it were, if only to not freak Alex out too much. She's yet to have a chance to meet Remy, and has been meaning to do so. On the one hand, they've shared many adventures in the past, and while not a founding member, Gambit has been one the longer serving members of the team. On the other hand, there was the fact Pete Wisdom told her something that made her think Remy might not be sharing as much as he should with the others.

When Remy makes his way to his private stash, Jean makes her way to the wine cellar, arriving just as he checks the amazing acoustics of the room, and she answers, "in this hour of the day, Frere Jacques better hope he's awake, how have you been Remy?" She asks while drawing nearer, looking curiously at the section that he set for himself in the cellars, "don't tell me you find Charles' wine selection wanting?"

A chuckle. Quiet. Amused.

"Jeanie… dat better be de real you an' not y'ghos' 'r y' gon' 'ere ol Remy scream like a queen." He waits for her to make her way to where he is still admiring his Old Friend. He smiles at her, "Remy don' drink Charles' stocks chere. Remy'd drink 'im dry. So Remy kep' a few bottles out o' sight so Logan an' de kids wouldn' find 'em." He winks, "Y' look good Jeanie.. s' good t' 'ave y' back." He walks over, arms out to offer a hug.

But yeah. His thoughts? All wicked charm and even more wicked ideas. Apparently he's forgotten she can read thoughts like Chuck, herself. Or.. maybe he doesn't care as much who knows now?

"Last I checked I was quite real," Jean says with a warm smile on her lips. She laughs outright at the suggestion of what she might do were she a ghost, "with all due respect, I don't think you have the vocals for a real queenly scream." As she comes nearer, a brow slightly arched, she muses, "I don't know about Logan, but I doubt the kids would teach your stuff even if they found it, they'd probably prefer some low quality beer from football commercials, no?"

She does readily embrace with Remy, a tight embrace, squeezing a bit. She had missed his company, there is after all that wild streak in Jean that made her appreciate guys who were more on the edge compared to Scott. Though nobody say anything out loud. Lucky for Jean, she's not in the habit of openly being invasive with other people's thoughts unless there's a good reason, so for the time being she's out of Remy's mind, "say, Remy…you happened by a girl calling herself Serenity or Marie?"

Remy LeBeau hugs the stunning redhead. And it's probably clear that the Cajun is currently unattached, given the level of.. charm.. coming off the scruffy thief. He hugs Jean close. Mostly because he's very happy his friend and teammate is alive and well. But also. He's male. And she's very very nice to embrace. He brushes a kiss to her jaw. "Really good t' see y' Jeanie. S' rough when t'ings get bad f' ya. Hard on us all. Make dese good moments ver' special." He looks over over, "An' gorgeous as always." Then he tilts his head, "Remy met 'er, oui. She was buskin' in Central Park. Remy try t' help her but she bolted after seein' police. Guess she found 'er way here after all. Saw her a week ago playin' music upstairs. Seem t' be a good kid. Talented."

Jean seems oblivious whether intentionally or not, as she maintains the embrace a while longer, before eventually easing away from it. "How are you these days, Remy? Alive I see? That much is good," she winks playfully, after all Monsieur LeBeau famously lives quite dangerously with his many escapades. "Harder yet on some, I'm glad you have no issues with my coming back…"

Jean nods when Remy's words seem in accordance with what Pete Wisdom reported, "well, in that case, why did you keep it a secret Remy? If one of us knows of a homeless mutant, we should share it with everyone on the team so we can devise a plan to help. I would have much rather hear of her from you, rather than Pete Wisdom, who later had the audacity to lecture me what the X-Men are all about. Don't let a snobbish Brit be right, Remy, share, ok?"

Remy LeBeau doesn't stop her from pulling back. He's not foolish. He instead works to open the bottle of wine. Conveniently there are two glasses right there. As if he guessed he might have company.

He pauses to smell the cork and sighs with approval. "'mazin'.." He then pours a little into a glass and offers it to Jean to smell the bouquet before pouring a proper glass for her.

He listens and shrugs, "Remy hadn' been back to d' school in a blue moon b'fore dat. Been outa de country, chere. Ran int' her and less 'n two days later Lorna come lookin' for me t' swat m' snout over it. Now you? Remy need 't pay ol' Pete a visit. Need t' r'lax a bit. Remy figured it was under control. She didn' trus' anyone. Bunch'a Mansion people showin' up? Figured she'd bolt 'gain." He pours himself a glass of wine and sips it.

Jean didn't say anything, and it seems to have worked for the best, no egos offended, Remy was gentlemanly enough to ease down on the level of affection he showed, and she was left looking over him and wondering what it might be like not to show such sense of responsibility. He was a rather charming fellow after all, the Cajun.

"Remy, I have to ask, did you develop some letant telepathy? How come you already have two glasses prepared?" Jean seems at the same time jesting and inquisitive. When she comes closer to test the aroma of the vintage wine, Jean nods in approval, "you do have impeccable taste in things that bring pleasure, don't you, Remy?" She notes while reaching for the glass poured for her, she holds it, waiting for Remy to pour his own.

"What made you stay away?" Jean asks, wondering if there's anything that needs mending from the time she was 'gone' so to speak. "Lorna had words for you? I didn't speak with her on the matter," Jean laughs, "did she chide you? If so, I'm sorry you got a double dose, maybe you should speak with Mr. Wisdom." Jean does concur at Remy's insight, "yeah, she's a skittish one, but still, you could have said as much when making a report. Rogue handled her just fine, and if she indeed came over as you said, it was a successful visit with her."

Remy LeBeau answers the last first, "What make any of us stay 'way, chere." His voice is quiet. "Lotta baggage with dis place mm?" he shrugs, brushing it off really. It's the past now. He lifts his glass and smiles charmingly at the gorgeous redhead. It's hard to look her in the eyes, honestly. And he fails. Regularly. That shirt. It's so.. shiny?

He sips his glass again. Responsibility is just a crutch to keep people from enjoying themselves as well. Deprivation never helped anyone though. He looks to her. "No telepathy. Jus' really good at playin' de odds, chere." That charming smile again, "Knew it wasn't Chuck t'inkin' 'bout me. Ain' Betsy. Sure's Christmas wasn't Emma. Only one left really. No one else could gently nudge ol' Remy t' come home jus' by t'inkin'. Had t' be you chere." He reaches a hand out slowly to brush at that crimson hair. "S' really good t' see you, Jean." Heartfelt indeed. But as with every woman he flirts with, there's promise of so much more that could be. He's a bit of a cad that way. It's what makes him so appealing. … right?

Jean reflects for just a few moments on a series of unmentionable memories that haunt the place, her own evolution, what Onslaught revealed to her, her husband, Logan, Madelyne Pryor…there was certainly much that could keep her away if she wasn't so adamant in pursuit of Xavier's Dream. No one's to blame for finding it hard to look in Jean's eyes, there's quite a bit spokenn about her already, some like Alex just seem creeped out by her presence alone.

"And yet…" Jean continues, as she raises her glass, "there are also good memories, happy moments and much learning we did in this place, non?" She laughs as she takes a page from Remy's book, ending a sentence like that. "To friendship, and Xavier's Dream?" She offers, "peace on earth and end to war today?" She doesn't once judge Remy's eye positioning, her shirt really is shiny. She fancied it quite a bit.

When Remy jests on how her thinking about him made him come back to the mansion, Jean's visage darkens a little, "I didn't compel you to return, did I? It was just a hunch?" She knows she was thinking about seeing him, she has to wonder if she hand't accidentally forced such a meeting? It's a scary prospect to think she might be slipping into making her desires happen.

Remy LeBeau smiles as he swallows another sip. "Mm. Always good. Sometimes hard t' keep sight of 'em tho." He looks at her as she makes the toast. "T' friends. Th' Dream." He's not quite sure peace and an end to war are quite as likely. He sips however.

"Don' worry chere. Remy good at bein' stubborn… wouldn' be 'ere if Remy didn' wanna be. Knowin' it was prolly you? Well.." He winks coyly. "Why woul' Remy ever turn down some private time with 'is fav'rite Redhead? Dat jus' be crazy talk." He flashes her another charming grin. Somewhere Errol Fylnn is screaming in his grave that this upstart is stealing his moves.

Jean seen some things, in the last few years, on a scale that no mortal has likely ever been exposed to. She has faith, though she's not about to preach to anyone. It's hard to see things differently on the Earthly realm.

Jean wears a rather dubious grin as Remy starts working the charm in higher gear, "really? I'm your favorite red head? You sure there isn't someone in New Orleans, or wherever else in the world you're not thinking about at the moment?" She knows Remy, she knows he's a charmer, and she knows he likely has several female companions per state, and likely more per country. "For the life of me, I don't know why Hollywood hasn't reached you to play James Bond by now."

But it's just part of his charm. He's got a girl in every port but somehow manages to keep them all from trying to kill him. Usually. Then again, he isn't often playing with the stunning host of the most powerful essence in the universe. He's just a risk taker.

He reaches out to refill her glass of wine. "Remy's got a lot of thoughts in 'is noggin' right now Chere. S' prolly better if y' don' try to look in on 'em… 'less y'already did…. den.. Remy might hafta try an 'splain a few t'ings. Pretty church girl like you, innocent an' all." He smiles playfully again. "Remy won' play Bond. Would ruin de franchise f'ever. No one coul' ever r'place Remy." He smiles confidently. Arrogantly? Same thing probably.

Some would argue that being in close proximity to Jean Grey is a sure sign of a risk taking personality, then again, she would argue those days she could be manipulated or lose control are long gone. As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in middle grounds.

"Where did you get this?" Jean asks as Remy pours her a refill, "it's real quality wine…it's not shady dealings, is it?" Jean cocks her head to side as she looks deep into Remy's red eyes, "humor me, what is it I may already know?" But he has her bursting with laughter as to why he cannot play Bond, "touche, Monsieur LeBeau, touche."

Remy LeBeau smiles at her. "Chere. Jeanie. 'ow long 'ave y' known ol' Remy?" He looks at her, "Wasn't de firs' t'ing y' learned 'bout me was t' never, ever, ask where Remy get anyt'ing..?" He winks. "S' jus' some stuff Remy liberated from someone who Remy don' min' havin' made at 'im." He pauses as she says to humor her. He pauses and tosses off the last of his glass of wine. A little liquid courage as they say.

Then he leans in closer, drawing Jean to himself. And the king of thieves dares one of his most audacious jobs. Stealing the affections of Jean Grey if only in the heat of this moment.

He dares to press his lips to her and his mind? Well it's no longer shielded from her. Because it hurts a whole lot less than when a telepath prys their way inside. And he's not trying to hide. He may wish he were hiding if she looks though.

"Longer than most, I would trust," Jean answers plainly, as her lips start to curve in a smile when she realizes where he's going with it. "Fair enough," she admits, ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Where do most thieves get their stuff? So long as it was from some creep who deserved it. She does put her glass aside when Remy approaches her without hesitation, bringin out a "Remy!" out of Jean, though it does wind up muffled as he simply kisses her.

It has been so long since she last experience physical affection quite like this, that for a moment she's left disarmed, as he kisses her. At first she doesn't respond in kind, then she starts to kiss him back, before he finds himself thrust with telekinetic force away from her. "Remy…I meant for you to tell me, not show it," the way she's heaving, she cannot claim that she was unaffected by his sudden kiss. But she feels it is wrong, and though she might wish to explore it sometime, now was not that time. She needs to find Scott first and see just where their relationship is, and she won't be adding fuel to that fire until that time. "I'm sorry, Remy, but I think I need some time to think," she reaches for the glass and turns to head back up the stairs. She's sure she didn't throw him too hard, he should be okay with his reflexes.

Remy LeBeau kisses her and that kinetic charging? Well they say a kiss can be electric. His? More so than most. A soft tingle to her lips. To her tongue as he draws her in. In fact it seems to flow over that stunning body like a wave. Wicked Cajun. He gets pushed back, the wine rack behind him rattling a bit but no harm done to him or the wine. He licks his lips as she protests. "Remy never been one t' talk when showin' be better." He nods a bit. "If it make y' feel better, consider that an honest welcome home. Remy glad t'see ya Chere." But he's bad news and he knows it. He's not for most of the women here because he's just too hard to pin down. He's not above flushing some cheeks. But he isn't necessarily trying to cause rifts in the Mansion. He doesn't stop her from leaving.

Instead he pours himself another glass of wine. Yeah, he'll probably be finishing it down here on his own.

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