(2016-08-22) An Audience With The White Queen
An Audience With The White Queen
Summary: Angelica finally finds the White Queen in her office, and goes to report about her meeting with the White King, asking for advice.
Date: 2016-08-22
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Angelica has been rather distraught since her first meeting with Daimon Hellstrom, the one she considers a self proclaimed White King, as far as she remembered there was only Emma as Queen in the White court. She has had a hard time finding the White Queen since that meeting, but finally today she was tipped off that Emma was in her office, and as can be expected a knock soon comes on the door, "Ms. Frost? It's Angelica, do you have a moment? I have something important to tell you."


Emma Frost hasn't been spending a whole lot of time trapped within the confines of the Hellfire Club. Sure, sure, watching the rich and powerful devolve into orgies and everything was fun and all, and excellent blackmail material, but there was a lot of things out there in the world which needed her attention. She might not have the Academy here (something which she definitely planned on rectifying), but she still had Frost Industries and all that being a CEO entailed.

As well as her current undertakings with her hated frenemy Selene.

Right now the blonde had returned, and so had her powerful psychic emanations, so practiced they were almost unconscious, making the Hellfire Club a lot more… indulgent for those gathered here today. Subtle psychic manipulations pushed moods and bent weaker wills to give in to baser desires for violence, excess, lust, greed, and more.

Just to liven things up a little.

"Come in, Angelica. Come in." The blonde replies with absent-minded testiness, folios and folders and papers scattered about her desk, a new device pending approval at Frost Industries. One shapely leg is draped over the other, sporting thigh-high white leather boots, matching the white booty shorts she wore and the bikini top she used in leiu of a shirt. There were even little half-sleeves on her forearms that didn't connect to anything besides her hands. Why? Because they were stylish and matched her outfit.

Which looked like a cowgirl stripper's. She was just missing the hat.

Completely unrelated is the solid white cowboy hat on the hatrack by the door as Firestar opens it.

"What is it, dear? I'm a little busy."


The door opens the moment Emma gives Angelica permission to come in, Angelica still shows her nervousness around Emma, in her eagerness to please her mentor, closing the door behind her before turning to face the regal woman in white.

"I hope I'm not interrupting something important," Angelica stammers, as she moves closer to Emma's desk, looking quite flustered as she mutters, "did you know there was a man here who claimed to be the White King? A Daimon Hellstrom something?" She starts with that, before getting a most displeased look on her visage, "he was questioning me when I was looking for you…and…and…he burnt a book in the study! A Hellfire Club possession, and he burnt it! He's a liar, isn't he, Ms. Frost?"


"Important is a matter of subjectivism, I suppose," The blonde murmurs without looking up, instead frowning down at what's before her. Her silence hangs long in the air for several moments, before she finally sighs and pushes all the boring business out of the way, physically making room on her desk in a metaphorical show of making time for Firestar. "And is subject to change from moment to moment."

The smile that warms her face is dazzling, charming, warm, and mostly insincere. "Mm? Oh, darling, there is very little that happens here that I don't know about. It's one of the privileges of being me." Even as she spoke her mind was reaching out towards the redhead's, to try and pry from it the images and impressions from the girl's run-in with the so-called White King.

"Of course I have heard of him. I'm sure you're aware that the world has changed around us. So we must adapt. …He sounds like an absolute scoundrel. Yet as far as I can tell he does hold that title. Not that it should bother you in the least. He holds no power over you, not while I'm here. If he steps out of line, well, you and I have ways of taking care of unsavory types that try to hurt us, don't we?"

Again with the inviting smile, motioning around the office. "Make yourself comfortable and tell me which book he burned. Was it important to you? Irreplaceable? I'm sure we can order a new one on Amazon."


Looking at Angelica's mind, the White King seems a terrifying and vile man, and it's only her uncertainty on whether he was lying to her or not that prevented her from outright attacking him. She's furious with the man, that much even a novice telepath could tell, Angelica never been good at hiding her emotions. Probably why Manuel used to make a pet of her and often got her in trouble. That man, Daimon had burnt a book, albeit one Angelica didn't see so she has no clue if it was important or not. She was further infuriated by the man when he asked her to strip and dance for him like all the dancers do.

Still, what Angelica shared is what can be expected, the thing that relates to the Hellfire Club and the White Queen, in case punishment is in order. "So…he's real?" Angelica looks disheartened at that, as she immediately follows up with, "yeah, I try to go with the flow. A few days ago I even met James Proudstar, you remember him from the Hellions, right?" After another moment's hesitation, she asks, "so, if that Daimon guy is the White King…does that mean he can give me orders around here? Or am I only yours? I don't like him, and I don't think he cares for me.

When Emma reassures Firestar that he holds no power over her, she smiles brightly, "oh I'm so happy to hear that, Ms. Frost! Thank you!" She nods at the implication that something could be done if it needs to happen, looking very pleased. Moving over to an empty chair to sit down at the invitation to be comfortable, Angelica looks up at Emma and shakes her head, "I'm sorry, Ms. Frost, but I didn't see what it was…I thought he was trying to sabotage the Hellfire Club and burn something important…I just thought you should know he's up to no good, this White King."


The blonde lets out a little sigh, briefly closing her eyes as she clasps her hands together. "…Unfortunately, yes. But not even the largest cause for concern, really. If you follow his orders, Angelica, I will be very, very disappointed." The telepath's voice drops low to emphasis just HOW disappointed as she goes about rearranging a few suggestions to plant in the impressionable redhead's psyche, things like being together, trusting no one else, yadda yadda.

The same old song and dance she's been at with this girl's mind for years.

Emma stands as Firestar sits, momentarily stretching her body in an unconsciously alluring way, arms briefly overhead as she rolls her neck and shoulders. "You and I remained together for a reason, and that is because we can only rely on each other."

As she speaks, the blonde begins to come around the side of the desk, shapely hips rolling with each step, until she's in front of, and a little to the side, of Firestar's chair, one fist propped on a hip, the other flat against her desk. "I've learned a lot of disturbing things since I arrived here. Apparently in this timeline my doppelganger even joined Xavier's little band of terrorists… even /led/ them for a stint or three. You must trust no one here, and do not let appearances fool you. This is our home now, but it is so… different. Here, there be dragons."

Losing the dourly haughty lecturing expression for a tight-lipped smile, Emma pushes away from the desk, leaning closer to the younger woman, running the back of one finger down the side of her cheek, and then pressing fingertip against Angelica's nose.

"I have been neglecting you, haven't I? I'm sorry, I have had so much catching up to do, scrambling to secure what is mine… I have a treat for you, and you can tell me all about anyone who's been bothering you while you enjoy it."

So saying, she half-turns, leaning far, far over the large desk to pick up the phone.


Angelica looks intently at the White Queen, nodding her head deeply at her words, as she seems to drink them up, "so I will defy him! Thank you for giving me your blessing, Ms. Frost."

"I understand!" Angelica answers like an enthused athlete following the advice of her coach, "I remember the treachery of the vile Black Queen, how she tried to murder us, and how she murdered poor Randal…" she shakes her head, her hands clenching in anger. She looks up at Emma when she comes closer, and blinks at the scope of her warning, "I see…so it's really you and me against the world, huh?" She looks aghast at the thought that Emma would ever join the X-Men, to think, they almost convinced her at one time that they were good people. Good thing she had Ms. Frost to look over her.

Then Angelica is graced by a fingertip caress along her cheek, before she gets her nose affectionately pressed and can't help but laugh, "it's okay, Ms. Frost, I understand how busy you are…I've been trying to keep myself occupied. I know you will call for me when you need me." But the offer of a treat has Angelica's curiosity piqued, "what is it!?" The excitement in her voice is unmistakable, almost like a puppy offered a treat for good behavior, she's wholly invested in the offered reward.


The blonde offers another courtesy smile to her manipulated protege, but puts a finger to her lips as she presses a button on the landline phone. Cellphones were so very convenient, but they didn't have an instant connection to the HFC member's menu. …Or someone directly on call to field the White Queen's every request.

She presses a button, frowns, presses another button, frowns again and hits '0'. A hand comes up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "I swear I am going to fire whoever does I.T. around here… Hello, dear. Massage for two in my office. … Right now." She hangs up without bothering with a 'please' or a 'thank you'. Those were for people who weren't owed such things.

And for what she paid for her premium membership, she was damned well owed!

"Perhaps that will soften the blow of what I have to tell you next…" Emma says as she saucily saunters her way back to her side of the desk, opening up a drawer and removing a slim case containing Apple's latest phone gadget. She gives it a little toss at Firestar's lap.

"The massage is the present, not this. This is to keep in touch. My number is already in there. I'm sure you already have one, but this one is better." It already had GPS software installed that would allow Emma to keep tabs on her assassin's whereabouts, for instance. "And I need to be able to reach you at a moment's notice."

Which she can do with telepathy. But pets liked to be bought pretty things.

"Now before the masseuse gets here, steel yourself. The Black Queen is very much alive in this timeline. She is not the one we knew, she cannot be, that one is surely dead no matter what this one claims. Yet, you're going to see her. She is every bit as insufferable, as well. When the time is right…"

The blonde perches a hip against the desk, folding her arms across her torso. "…You will kill her again. As many times as need be to scour her from all existence, past or present."


"Oh wow! A massage? With you? My god! I don't know what to say, that's the best treat ever, thank you Ms. Frost!" Angelica's eyes radiate jovially as she just manages to hold back from squeeing. She mentally does a happy dance, which Emma, if she so feels inclined, could see even without Angelica enacting it physically.

The visualized happy dance only stops when she's snapped back to focus as a new smartphone lands in her lap. "Of course it's better, I'll get rid of my old one, thank you so much, Ms. Frost…I mean, I know it's not a gift. But still, "whenever you need me, Ms. Frost, you know I want to do the best I keep to make you proud of me!"

Moments later Angelica jumps to her feet when Emma brings her the news about the Black Queen, "what!? That evil bitch is alive here?" Angelica gasps, the wheels of her mind turning, "does she know that I killed her in the other timeline?" Angelica is starting to worry about some nefarious magical revenge. She managed to kill Selene before because she got her by surprise. She didn't expect one of Emma's little students to pack such immense power after all. Angelica nods as Emma gives her instruction, taking a deep breath and bracing herself. Last time it was a perfectly set trap by Emma that allowed her to kill Selene. This time, everything is an unknown. Then again, Emma did say when the time is right. She'll need to think about that quite a bit. "I understand, Ms. Frost."


"Well, I certainly haven't TOLD her that, but… there is always the possibility. You know how pesky those sorcerers types can be." The blonde replies testily as their is a knock on the door. She begins to leisurely stroll across the spacious office towards the door to answer it, looking at Firestar as she passes her and miming closing a zipper across her lips.

«It would be better if we spoke silently about these things.» The words in the White Queen's voice reach out to Angelica's mind through telepathic communication. «I have proven to her that I can harm her here, you have nothing to fear from her. As before, we will enact a plan and have our revenge. You will have the killing blow. You have earned that. Consider it… another gift.»

She opens the door, allowing two, well-muscled twenty-somethings into the room wearing khakis and polo shirts, each holding foldable massage tables and towels and a basket of oils. "Gentlemen, set up over there." The blonde motions towards the end of the office opposite of her desk as she takes a pair of towels.

One of them she sashays over in her sultry catwalk to hand to the redhead, draping her own over the back of a chair with a long-suffering sigh. "I am so looking forward to this. I have been needing a bit of stress relief all WEEK!"

So saying, she begins to disrobe, unabashedly discarding her top, then her sleeves. Each piece of clothing that comes off to show what her Momma gave her is meticulously folded into a neat little pile before she strolls towards one of the massage tables with a towel over her shoulder instead of around her body. It's not until she's climbing onto it, face down, that she places the folded thing over her rear end for a modicum of decency.

«We must discover her weaknesses. You will be key to this, but it will require much deception, patience, and self-control.»


«I do…maybe the Selene here doesn't know how much we hate her?» Angelica tries to find something positive, this timeline was quite different in some annoying and some staggering ways as well. She thinks of course, rather than talking, following Emma's request for being discrete. She does look very proud when Emma tells her she's earned the killing blow. <I will not fail you, Ms. Frost.>

When the masseuse get there, Angelica can't help but look, well, more like study their bodies, but she tries to do it subtlety. The curiosity of youth, no doubt. Then again, Angelica was never quite as lewd and extroverted as Jennifer.

Angelica chuckles when Emma stresses how much she needed this bit of stress relief, and she can certainly relate to it, everything has been so hectic.

Angelica looks stunned at the comfort with which Emma understand, she, for her part, takes much longer to undress. Not just because let's face it, she was wearing more than Emma, but also because she's not keen on undressing in-front of other. God knows how often Jennifer and Sharon ridiculed her in the locker rooms at the Snow Valley Academy. She does eventually undresses entirely, but only because she saw Emma go all the way. Albeit Angelica displayed a very keen acrobatic ability to undress and wrap a towel around her at the same time.

Once Angelica lies face down on the massage table, she thinks back «of course…so you want me to pose as someone who wants to serve the Black Queen? What do you want me to do?»

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