(2016-08-22) Everything's Remy's Fault
Everything's Remy's Fault
Summary: Serenity happily hugs Remy and thanks him for her good fortune.
Date: 2016-08-22
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Serenity has been out much of the night without even thinking about whether someone at Xavier's might have noticed that their guest was gone. When she returns she doesn't look tired despite not having slept overly much.

Remy LeBeau is just walking out himself. Coming up from the basement, a half empty bottle of wine in his hand as he does so. He's whistling softly as he saunters toward the foyer

*Freres Jacques, Freres Jacques*

It seems to be his theme song. Or he's easily amused.

The cork is in the bottle as he looks up to see Serenity. A smile crossing his features briefly. "Chere. Y'lookin' good."

And there he is. In Serenity's mind all her recent good fortune can be traced directly back to Remy LeBeau dropping two Benjamins in her cap. Thus she holds him directly responsible for the pleasant shock that occurred overnight.

When she sees him, Serenity smiles as brightly as he's ever seen anyone do. She breaks into a run to cross the distance between them and abruptly throws her arms around him to give the charming cajun a tight hug.

Remy LeBeau slows down as she begins running at him. "Chere, what.." He takes a step back. "..whoa dere chere. what dat for?" He chuckles and wraps his free arm around her so she won't fall back down or anything. "Been a while since ol' Remy been hugged like dat."

Serenity squeezes him a little tighter then turns her head to press a kiss on his cheek, "It's so good to see you. You are completely to blame for everything you know. Just everything."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Yeah? Ain' been dat long since Remy been 'cused o' dat." He rubs her back lightly. "So what got ya in a good mood, chere?"

Now that she's got her arms around him, Serenity is reminded just how good it feels to have pleasant human contact. She doesn't want to let that go so she just keeps on holding him and lays her head against her shoulder, "The details still have to be worked out. For all I know it's going to fall through, but right now, I think I just got offered a recording contract."

Remy LeBeau hugs her then leans to set her back down again. "Recordin' contract? Really? Well dat's a good t'ing innit?" He looks at her. "What happen? Remy ain' heard nothin' 'bout it anyway. 'r much goin' on roun' here."

Serenity reluctantly releases him when he leans to put her back on her feet. "It just happened. I was upset late last night and there was no one to talk to so… I called the cellphone Peter gave me when he rescued me in the park. He sent a car to pick me up and talked to me and then I sang for him and he offered me a contract. I'm almost afraid I dreamed it."

Remy LeBeau tilts his head, "Peter? Remy don' know a Peter.." He looks puzzled, scatching his jaw. "What kinda deal is dis?"

Serenity chuckles a little, "Peter Parker. I got offered a recording contract with Parker Industries brand new Music studio. Never would have happened if you hadn't given me that money so I could clean myself up."

Remy LeBeau shakes his head, "Not sure I know dat name.. but y' sure it's an hones' deal? On de level?" He smiles. "Y' jus' got some sense o' bein' sorted out an' now soun' like y' getting all topsy turvy again. Mebe should have someone help y'look it all over? Ms. Grey might be a good choice 'r de Professor."

Serenity laughs a little, "Who doesn't know who Peter Parker is? Spider-man? You have heard of him right?" She sobers a little at the mention of it being an honest deal. "I'm going to have an attorney look at it. I… don't know Ms. Grey or this Professor." She says softly, "Be happy for me. It's a good thing right?" Suddenly everything takes on an intensity as she waits for him to agree that it is a good thing.

Remy LeBeau shrugs. "Sound like a good idea, gettin' quality advice." He reaches up to ruffle her hair. "Y' jus' watch y'self hmm? Seem good at it but dis be somet'in' Remy don' know much 'bout, contracts an' all. But Remy be ver' glad y' been gettin' good luck f' change. Dat's good."

Serenity nods when he agrees that it seems like a good thing. The tension leeches out of her. "If you hadn't given me the money, Spider-Man wouldn't have had to rescue me from that creep in the park and I wouldn't have had the cellphone to with. So this is on you, Remy. Any success I have will be to your credit."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Well. Guess ol' Remy gon' need big shoulders given de success y' prolly gonna have." He smiles. "Happy for yah. Really." He offers another hug, still holding that bottle. He smiles again. "Y' take care ok? Remy ain' good at sayin' g'byes an' all but y' gon' be too busy makin' music t' worry bout much else."

Serenity hugs him tight again, "Don't you worry about any goodbyes. You don't need to. Remy LeBeau will always have a ticket at any concert I give. You just to the ticket booth and ask. Promise."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Okay chere." He leaks in to kiss her forehead. "You take care hmm? Remy got business to take care of or 'ed stay." He pauses and smiles, offering the wine. "Remy don' condone dis. But y' need t' cel'brate. Jus… don't get caught hmm?" He smiles impishly.

Serenity chuckles as she accepts the bottle. "I won't say where I got it if I do. Thanks Remy. I think I'm gonna go write some songs."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "See y' soon, chere. Congratulations. Y'know where t' fin' Remy if y' ever do need friends in low places." He holds up his hands, shuffling up a deck of cards. He pulls out a card, Queen of Diamonds. On it is a phone number. "Any time y' need. Remy do whatever 'e can," Then he presses his hands together and bows, backing out the door and walking to his car - black with crimson rims, just like his eyes.

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