(2016-08-24) Hunting Down the Man
Hunting Down the Man
Summary: Amanda tracks down the man who got away at Grand Central. She meets Remy in the process and he helps out.
Date: 2016-08-24 Evening
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Amanda Sefton would not normally go all the way down to the Financial District to go dancing, but then this is not a normal dancing trip. A brief wait in line gets her past the door and into the interior. She heads over to the bar to enjoy the irony of ordering a Shirley Temple instead of her normal Sex on the Beach.

Remy LeBeau has little reason to be anywhere and reason to be everywhere. When one makes a living as the King of Thieves one can find a living anywhere. Or fun.

Remy LeBeau sits at a small table near the bar. He's not here to meet anyone - that he knows of - he's simply here to see and be seen. The later is easy to do given he has a deck of cards in hand that he is shuffling up and then performing tricks with casually between sips of the amber liquid in the tumbler on the table before him.

Amanda Sefton slips away from the bar with the drink that she ordered more to have something in her hand than anything else. A word under her breath and a brief gesture focus a scry on the side of the glass facing her and she looks for the man she's been hunting all night. That man is not Remy, but he is sitting in the same section of tables as Remy so it's in that direction she walks. Or sways rather. It's a dance club so she allows herself the pleasure of slowly dancing each step along her path instead of simply walking.

Remy LeBeau wouldn't have been surprised if he were being hunted; the list of those who want him is longer than the list of women the Eagles sing about in 'Take It Easy' by an order of magnitudes. It does not, however, mean he misses the beautiful blonde as she moves across the club. Those crimson eyes tracing her movement while seeming to look elsewhere. He can be discrete after all. Some times. So he sips at his drink then shuffles up the deck again and begins to fan the cards out on the table before him face down. He catches the last card and flips it, causing the rest of the cards to flip over as well. No small feat for most.

Though she's attempting to focus on something, Amanda's mother was a fortune teller so card tricks are something she's been around. The impressive feat with the cards pulls her attention away from her glass. She looks over at Remy and praises him briefly with a soft, "Nice." She pauses to look around her and see if she can spot her target without doing more magic.

Remy LeBeau looks up as Amanda compliments him. He dips his head with a charming smile. "Well t'ank you chere. Jus' a li'l somet'ing t' pass de time. Seem kinda slow in here s'far, mm?" He looks her in the eyes, his red on black no doubt worthy of some measure of attention. "How's th' evenin' treatin' ya so far, mm?"

Failing to spot her target, Amanda drops the pursuit for the moment to walk toward Remy's table. "My evening's not panned out like I had hoped yet. How about you?"

Remy LeBeau shuffles up the deck of cards again, setting it on the blonde's side of the table. "Mmm… hard t' say, chere. But de cards always offer guidance." He gestures to the deck, indicating she should turn over the top card if she so choose. He's still smiling up at her.

Amanda Sefton chuckles softly as she sets down her drink beside the cards. She looks at him, unphased by the oddness of his eyes, then back down to the deck before finally reaching out to flip the top card over.

Remy LeBeau smiles indulgently as she flips the card over.

The Queen of Diamonds.

He looks at the card, "Queen of Diamonds. She's a flaxen haired vision." He smiles then nods to the deck again. Is he telling her fortune with playing cards? A woman of Gypsy lineage would likely come to that conclusion. Or could choose to.
From afar, Pete Wisdom hugs. Leans. falls over.

Amanda Sefton chuckles again then looks back up into Remy's eyes. "Now that is an interesting approach. Does it work for you often? I suppose it would be more impressive if I hadn't grown up around a gypsy fortune teller." Her blue eyes twinkle with amusement in the dim club.

Remy LeBeau looks up at her. He smiles but he's not putting her on from the expression on his face. He shrugs, "Remy only shuffle up de cards, chere. Don' get t' pick what comes up. Two more cards. If y'like." He sips at his drink, offering to continue if she's inclined to.

Amanda Sefton tilts her head in consideration then actually sits down, "I know one or two people perfectly capable of shuffling a deck and putting every card precisely where they want them. That's not you?" She turns over a card and then the next without ever taking her eyes off Remy's face.

Remy LeBeau never looks away from her face himself. He smiles indulgently. "Remy din' say 'e lacked skill chere. Only dat de deck isn't stacked 'gainst you. But t' jus' hafta take dat on faith 'spose." He shrugs a little, holding her gaze as she flips the next card. He then glances down.

The Jack of Spades.

"Mmm." The Cajun studies the card a moment.

"De Jack o' Spade… 'e's a tricky one." He looks back to her face. "Us'ly take de form o' a young man dat be jealous 'r hostile, chere. De kind'a man y' wan' be careful dealin' wit'."

Amanda Sefton taps the other card she flipped over next to the jack. "And this one?" She hasn't so much as looked down to verify he's reading off the right cards yet. Perhaps it doesn't matter. She takes her first sip of the drink she ordered and almost grimaces from the amount of sweet grenadine syrup in it.

Remy LeBeau looks back to her face then to the third card. Only a moment to see what card it is. Then back to her face.

"Dat one? De Nine o' 'earts?" he shrugs, "It represen' a wish 'r a dream dat be fulfilled. It refer to de card b'fore it mos' often, chere." His gaze strays finally, almost looking past her before he pauses to sip his drink. "Y' got some'ne y' lookin' t' fin' 'ere?" He looks back to those lovely eyes.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "And this someone I'm looking for is either jealous or hostile say the cards?" She studies his face with a little mischief in her eyes, "And what do they say about you?" She taps the deck then turns over the next card, placing it in the middle of the table.

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Careful, chere.. De cards aren't always kin' t' ol' Remy.." He sips his drink as she flips the card. Then he sighs softly.

King of Clubs.

"King 'o Clubs. A dark 'aired man. 'e's spirited. Us'ly kind 'earted. Sometimes even gen'rous." He smiles up at her. "De deck, she bein' kind dis time, mm?"

Amanda Sefton smiles faintly, "Dark of hair and warm of heart?" She looks away from him to search the nearby tables, "Tell me, Remy. Do you dance or do you just read the cards?"

Remy LeBeau reaches to the cards and flips the fifth card, "Remy better check if dat's a good idea, chere." He smiles charmingly then glances to the card.

The Jack of Clubs.

"Mm… de Jack o' Clubs. Another dark haired sort. Us'ly good 'earted an' playful." He sits back. "Often 'e's an admirer." He smiles charmingly up at her and sips the last of his drink. "Can' say dat de card's wrong dere, chere." He winks at the blonde.

Amanda Sefton leaves her drink on the table when she stands, "Is that so? Well then, care to join me for a song?" She holds out a hand in offering.

Remy LeBeau smiles and stands up. "Remy'd love to, chere." He gathers up the cards and tucks the deck in his pocket before offering his hand to the beautiful woman and walking with her toward the dance floor.

Naturally it is as Amanda is being escorted to the dance floor that she finally spots the man she's been hunting down all night. She head turns to follow the dark-haired gentleman rather than paying attention to where she's going. She's got Remy by the hand right? She can't get lost.

Remy LeBeau guides her to the dance floor but he notices her glancing away. "Foun' y' wayward boyfrien', chere?" He smiles playfully as he turns toward her, letting her settle herself near him as the music volume increases out under the speakers.

That brings Amanda's attention back to Remy. She invited him to dance, can't be rude even with the inconvenient timing. "He's hardly a boyfriend. That implies something of which I am not currently possessed." She instinctively picks a style of dance that fits the music and keeps her close to her partner.

Remy LeBeau smiles and dances along with the blonde whose name he still doesn't know. He nods. "Well dat be good news f' ol' Remy now i'n'it?" he glances toward the man. "If 'e ain't dat kinda int'rest, den he be d' one y' lookin' for? Y' need t' go talk t' 'im? Remy ain' goin' n'where." Offering to let her talk to the man now rather than later.

Amanda Sefton turns her attention back to Remy, "I suppose he is the one I was looking for, but so long as he's not leaving I can spare the time. He was rather hard to track down but we're dancing." She's a good dancer with that gypsy grace athletic physique. She manages to place her lips by his ear and whisper, "It's Amanda by the way, but do feel free to keep calling me chere, Cajun."

Remy LeBeau smiles as they dance and he nods. "Alright, chere. Remy like y' company. But ain' gon' get in de way o' any woman scorned if dat be d' case" he jokes. He then rests his hands bravely on her hips as she leans in to whisper. "Mmm.. 'Manda. Beautiful name f' beautiful woman." He smiles charmlingly at her.

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, "Oh he is most definitely business rather than pleasure. Not an ex. I only have one ex of note anyway." Her hands slide up onto his shoulders in response to his hands on her hips. "I definitely will not take it amiss if you keep me facing that way so I can see whether he attempts to leave though."

Remy LeBeau smiles back. "Well chere. Remy don' min' bein' used. But it make it 'bit hard t' think y' havin' any fun while y' jus' watchin' f' 'im." He shrugs, "Remy'll enjoy dancin' wit' ya either way. Promise" he teases as he moves alond with her.

Amanda Sefton returns her gaze to his face as she gives him a warm smile, "Well I didn't come to have fun but you are certainly making it difficult to focus on my intended purpose. So are you just visiting New York or do you make it your home?"

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "mmm.. Remy 'ave dat effect 'e been tol'." He winks at her and lightly rubs his fingers along her hips as they dance. "Oh… Remy bit o' a man 'o de worl'? Live in Manhattan bu' travel all over f' business. Coul' say Remy a P'fessional card player." He grins winningly. "But… Remy got some experience in problem solvin'… sure y' don' need any help with 'im?"

Amanda Sefton mms softly. One finger strays up toward his hair and twines through a lock of it. "Any reason I should trust you with my business, Cajun?"

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy got a great smile?" He winks as he draws her close. "But Remy jus' tryin' t' look out f' a beautiful woman who he'd hate seein' run into trouble on her own. If ya trus' Remy 'r not is up t' you, chere. De offer still be valid. Remy willin' t' watch y' back." He then grins charmingly as he glances down, "An' y'back… y' bottom… legs.." he shrugs as he consider these positive traits. "Remy wouldn' min' watchin any part o' you chere." That boyish mischief flickers in his eyes and grin. He's trouble all right.

Amanda Sefton grins back, "I'll take that as a compliment." She's definitely not offended by his manner. "That gentleman over there was trying to receive some goods that a friend of mine intercepted. Would be good to know why is all. You're more interesting at the moment though."

Remy LeBeau continues with the dance and his beautiful partner. He smiles. "Well… dat soun' intriguin'. Remy do love good mysteries.." He grins, "Den again, Remy 'ppreciate beautiful women even more." He reaches his right hand up to lightly brush along her soft jaw.

Amanda Sefton closes her eyes briefly as his hand drifts along her jaw. "You have a gentle touch there Remy." She opens them to look over her shoulder at her target. "I probably should have brought backup tonight. I don't know what abilities he might have."

Remy LeBeau smiles playfully. "Got to. Hafta feel de cards hmm?" And sense when a lock is opened. But we won't go there right now. He looks to her then slowly turns her so he can glance over at the man in question. "Know anyt'ing 'bout 'im?"

Amanda Sefton lets her finger drift back to his shoulder by way of his neck. "I know he seemed to be trying to collect a briefcase that we intercepted. That and that he looks touched. Unfortunately that's all."

Remy LeBeau looks curious. "A briefcase.. n' y' gettin' Remy in deep.. what was in dis case, chere?" he smiles as he tries to coax more details from the blonde while they dance and 'covertly' surveil the man in question.

Amanda Sefton shakes her head, "I don't actually know. That case is in the hands of a British spy right now and I didn't get to peak inside it yet. I expect to soon though. There was magic involved and spies are rubbish with magic."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Mmm.. a spy now is it? An' magic too?" He's found a pretty girl full of fanciful ideas and just pulling his leg. But she's enjoyable company just the same. He looks at her, "Chere.. Remy been enjoy y' comp'ny but y' don' hafta pull 'is leg to get 'im t' dance with ya.." a playful tease.

Amanda Sefton arches a brow at that, "Pull your leg? Oh Cajun, don't tell me you don't believe in magic. I thought all you cajuns knew about magic." She is faintly amused despite her surprise.

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy b'lieve in magic. Remy b'lieve in fortune tellin' and Voodoo. Seen it. But Spies? Dat's de part Remy 'avin' trouble followin' ya on.." He smiles. "Y' say dis man be no good.. Remy inclined t' believe ya. Just… findin' de story getting convoluted." It's almost as if it were a plot written for a best selling novel. Or a pulp comic.

Amanda Sefton grins, "Oh. So it's just Pete Wisdom you're questioning and not me. Well you don't have to trust me on the point. I have it on good authority that the incident made it onto the internet."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Y' seem genuine 'nough." He tilts his head. "Pete Wisdom y' say? 'e's y' spy?" He laughs quietly. "Chere… y' got odd taste in com'pny but it jus' so 'appens that ol' Remy know dat name. Ain' too big'a fan 'o 'is all in all but Remy don' figure y' just yank dat name out'a thin air. So… Remy goin' t' work wit' ya on faith mmm?" He looks to the man, "What's th' plan?"

Amanda Sefton arches a brow again, "So you know Pete? Didn't think that many did." She looks at the man again "He might have magic abilities. I need to isolate him before we can bring him in."

Remy LeBeau shrugs, "Know of 'im. Ain' really spoke 'r worked wit' 'im." He looks at her. "So.. 'ow we gon' isolate dis guy hmm? You gon' woo 'im with y' wily charms?" he offers curiously.

Amanda Sefton leans forward to press her lips against his ear so she can whisper, "I thought maybe I would talk my new cajun friend into picking a fight with him and getting both of them bounced out of here."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Chere… Remy like you. T'ink y' pretty. Y' good comp'ny t' dance with… but takin' de fall f' ya?" He leans close, working his own Charms for all they're worth, "Remy goin' hafta get a ver' nice reward t' agree t' dis plan.."

Amanda Sefton chuckles then tsks softly, "And what sort of reward are you thinking of, Remy? Because if it's too much trouble for you I can call my ex and have him pop down here to take care of things."

Remy LeBeau looks past her at the man in question. "Oh… I d'no… Think maybe… Remy do dis for ya an' somet'ing like dis worth at leas' gettin' y' phone number chere." He looks back to her, "Y' real phone number.. not some random one like every girl gives out in a place like dis.." He smiles.

Amanda Sefton chuckles, "I'll tell you what, Cajun. You pick a fight with him, and you get my number. We actually manage to take him in and I will cook you dinner at my apartment."

Remy LeBeau smiles and reaches up to brush a lock of blond hair behind Amanda's left ear. He pulls back his hand, holding a card in between his fingers. He flips it toward her.

"10 o' Hearts. He mean good luck an' success. Good fortune comes after difficulty." He smiles at her, "Guess dat mean y'be cookin' dinner f' ol' Remy not long from now." He smiles and the card disappears into his bare palm and he turns toward the man in question, weaving through the crowd like a serpent moving easily along behind a rodent in the forest, stalking.

Amanda Sefton smiles and discreetly follows Remy through the crowd so that she can be nearby when the disturbance goes down. She slips a potion from her pocket.

Remy LeBeau swings up behind the man like a shadow. And then in a perfectly fluid motion the two bump into each other. Words ensue. Raised voices. Gestures. Then a punch is thrown. Remy slips around the blow and counter punches. The bounces are quick to step in of course.

Amanda Sefton starts making her way to the door as the first punch is thrown so that she can get there and exit just before the bouncers get there with the unruly patrons. She slips to the side of the door and waits for the too men to get tossed out of the club.

Drunk rabblerousers. Tossed out of the bar. The man and Remy stagger and tumble to the ground and roll. Remy bounces back up easily. He looks to Amanda then the guy, grabbing the collar of his jacket, twisting it harshly to keep a strong grip. Hefting the man up, he frog marches him around the corner where Amanda can talk to him without attracting attention.

"Sorry Mon Ami… but de lady took a likin' to ya. She wan' 'ave words with ya."

Amanda Sefton flashes Remi a warm smile when he brings the guy right to her. "That is incredibly helpful." The man begins to struggle just as soon as he sees Amanda since he recognizes her from the other day at Grand Central. She pops the cork from the potion vial in her hand and asks Remy, "Don't suppose you could get his mouth open for me?"

A knife appears out of nowhere.

Actually Remy is holding it. But one has to wonder where he kept it given it's going on a twleve inch blade. A matte black blade with only a silvered outline showing just where the cutting edge is. Close to his throat. "Sure, chere. Be easy. Just a li'l cut 'ere an' 'ere.. 'e'll open right up.." The man stammers and opens his mouth to try and protest and it is in that moment where Remy quickly gets the top of that blade in between his teeth so they can't close. The man doesn't try to get away, slowly opens his mouth further.. "Das better, mon ami… bes' drink every drop. Don' wanna have a second dose I bet."

Amanda Sefton eyes the trick with the blade then pours in her potion after pushing it beneath the knife. "Well I wasn't expecting a knife. You sure you don't have anything in common with Pete?" The vial is corked again and put back in her pocket while she waits for the guy to begin drooping from the sleeping potion.

Remy LeBeau shrugs. "Pretty sure We don' 'ave much in common. But dat between 'im an' me." He watches the man gag down the liquid. He watches the man. "What now, chere? What happen next?"

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Next we take a trip." She takes a step and touches the man who is rapidly sagging toward sleep. She lays a hand on him then with a grand flourish the trio are surrounded by a flash of pink and gold light and the sound of a thousand harps playing a single note. When the light drifts away in little bubbles and fades, they are somewhere else.

When the light fades, they are standing in the middle of the main room of Amanda's apartment. This is definitely a ritzy apartment. Amanda glances immediately toward one of the rooms and says, "Good. Betsy left for her flight already. I was hoping she would."

Remy LeBeau glances around curiously. "Mmm… don' t'ink I'll ever get used t' dat sorta travel." He smiles wryly. He looks to the now groggy man still in his grasp. "So what now?" He looks to her, "Y' got nice taste, chere." He looks at the apartment. "'mind me t' ask later who Betsy is.." he smiles. He's not giving this guy any more information. He's stopped talking in the third person which is probably noticable.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "You wait here and I will go into the other room and get the ropes. Are you good with knots or should I tie him up?" She casually walks around them to her bedroom to retrieve the indicated ropes. Ropes in the bedroom. Kinky.

Remy LeBeau holds the guy and waits on Amanda to return. "Oh I can do it. But if you can, chere.. gotta say…" He smiles charmingly. "Somet'ing 'bout a woman who know 'ow t' tie a man up.." His crimson eyes twinkle.

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, "It's never been an issue for me. When your lover is a teleporter tying up is pointless." She gives him a brief wink then proceeds to firmly tie the guy's hands behind his back. "Betsy's gone for a couple days so you can just put him in there on her bed. Should sleep for about 24 hours after that potion takes full effect."

Remy LeBeau lifts the guy up and carries him in. "Don' wanna be here when she fin' out dis guy been usin' 'er bed.." He chuckles as he sets him on the bed then heads back out. "'e's all yours, chere.. " he leans on the doorframe watching her.

Amanda Sefton smiles when he comes back out, "If all goes as planned there will be no sign he was ever here by the time she comes home. She's a flight attendant. We all are." She crooks a finger, "Can I offer you a drink? I'm not prepared for cooking dinner tonight. We'll have to plan that for another night." She heads into the kitchen.

Remy LeBeau remains leaning against the doorframe of the room with the bound and sleeping man. He smiles. "Drink woul' be great chere.. whatever y' havin' be fine. Ain' gonna be dat kinda guest, demandin' t'ings.." He smiles at her, eyes drifting over that very enjoyable figure. He's male and he's not dead after all.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Well I could just teleport you somewhere unpleasant if you became too demanding. It's a spell for me. I don't have to go with you to make it work." She takes out a bottle of wine and pours a pair of glasses for them. She gestures toward the sofa with one of them as she comes out of the kitchen, "No need to stand guard. He'll be out a long while."

Remy LeBeau pushes off the wall and saunter over. "Ain' worried 'bout 'im. 'es your trouble now, chere." He winks at her. So very mercenary. He takes one glass from her. "T'ank you chere." He sips from it, "To long naps an' beautiful women" he offers charmingly as he lifts it in toast.

It's not the best wine ever but it's not a cheap bottle either. "To handsome cajuns who are handy with a fist and a knife." She gives him a wink then curls herself gracefully into a seat on the sofa.

Remy LeBeau isn't about to complain at the quality of the drink. It was free. He casually moves over and installs himself upon the sofa not so far from the beautiful blonde. He smiles. "Also good wit' cards, chere. Don' forget dat." Particularly don't forget that.

Amanda Sefton nods, "I could not possibly forget that. It makes a very good icebreaker that trick with the cards." She leans back against the cushions as she sips from her glass.

Remy LeBeau looks over at her and smiles. "It wasn't a trick, chere. Remy din' stack de deck. Y' said you were a Gypsy? Don' tell Remy y' don' b'lieve in Tarot readin's…" he asks suspiciously.

Amanda Sefton tilts her head, "Oh I believe in them. My mother was quite the fortune teller, but the fact that she could truly read the cards didn't stop it from occasionally being a trick too."

Remy LeBeau chuckles dryly. "Did Remy know y' were lookin' for an'one b'fore he drew de cards?" He looks at her playfully as he sips from his glass again. His free hand stretches out along the back of the sofa, fingers conveniently falling right behind the blonde's neck but not touching.

Amanda Sefton shakes her head. Her long blonde locks brush over his fingers in the process. "True enough you didn't, but then that would have been an easy guess for the majority of cold readers. Not saying that's what you did. I have every reason to believe in magic."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "P'haps, chere… Remy t'ink y' jus' cynical.. Been in de game too long.." A wink. Then a finger lightly traces from the base of the blonde's skull down toward her shoulders. It's slow and gentle. Not a tickle but not an entitled touch either.

Amanda Sefton offers a faint smile now, not commenting on the touch, "Perhaps a little. My mother didn't raise a fool. It's always possible to be too wary though."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Mama was smart den." His fingers begin to massage her neck just above the shoulders, thumb and fingers working the muscles casually as he sits there. His arm is extended fully which ensures he can't get closer to her at the moment.

Amanda Sefton allows a soft mmm and briefly closes her eyes, but however helpful this man has been, she doesn't know him so her eyes don't stay closed long. "So what would you like me to prepare for dinner when I cook? I'm no professional but I can get by."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Remy ain' a man t' complain when a woman offer t' cook 'im. Cook what y' like bes'. Remy'll enjoy de gesture and de meal jus' as much. Promise."

Amanda Sefton leans forward slightly which interfere with the massage he's been giving. "That is unhelpful. You'll end up eating nothing but German if you leave it to me. I love all cuisines but German is a particular favorite."

Remy LeBeau looks to her, his hand falling still and idle. "Chere? Remy ain' lyin' to ya. Cook what ya good at. What ya like. Remy'll be pleased t' see what ya make. Ain' dat hard t' please." He winks at her. "Promise."

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, "Very well then. On your head be it." She relaxes and takes another sip from her wine. "Thank you for helping me tonight. That would have been a lot messier and noisier if I'd had to take care of it alone."

Remy LeBeau pulls his hand back and shrugs, "It's fine chere. Remy jus' find hisself in odd situations now an' den… better t' get some idea what goin' on." He smiles a bit. "Glad t' be of service."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "So where did you learn to read the cards like that, Remy? Tell me something about yourself."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. It's the chuckle of a man with more stories than he could tell in a whole lifetime.

"Ol' Remy grew up in Nawlin's chere. Street rat. Stealin' table scraps an' dumpster divin', mm?" He shrugs. "T'ought he had it good. Met a man took Remy under 'is wing. Gave 'im a roof an' a bed. Taught 'im 'ow t' play cards. 'ow t' play cards real good. Remy know 'ow t' cheat. Remy don' need t' cheat." He shrugs, "Remy use'ta beat touris' at dere own game 'o trickin' de cute li'l boy with de han' me down clothes. They learned. But dere were always more. Remy learn t' run. Fast." He winks at her.

Amanda Sefton reaches out to touch his fingertips lightly, "Doesn't sound like the most pleasant way to grow up, but you seem none the worse for it."

Remy LeBeau shrugs, "Remy ain' askin' ya t' feel sorry. Y' asked 'bout it an' I tol' ya." He smiles. "Wouldn' change it f' anyt'ing." Not that he didn't change or embellish to protect the guilty - because there were no innocents in his childhood really - but she doesn't need to know any of that right now anyway. He looks at her. "What 'bout you. Gypsy girl?"

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Oh I grew up in a circus. I don't know how much you know about circus performers, but they usually think of each other as family even if they aren't related. It was a close and supportive environment most of the time."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Don' no much but makes some sense, travlin' all de time." He idly swirls the wine in his glass then takes a drink, leaving about half left. He smiles over. "So what'y do in de circus? High wire act?" He grins and can't help himself, "Bearded Lady?"

Amanda Sefton laughs softly, "Some women would take offense at that joke." She winks once then jokes back, "But I happen to know I can pull off a beard if I want to." There another laugh before she finally admits, "I was one of the aerialists. High wire and trapeze both at times."

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Remy use to makin' someone mad." He winks at her, "S' jus' part'a de charm Remy 'spect." He then chuckles. "Can see dat… y' got de form for it." He sizes her up again. "Still do it or dat jus' in de past?"

Amanda Sefton finishes her wine then leans forward to place the glass on the nearby table. "I'm capable of of doing it still, but I haven't performed in quite some time now. Being a flight attendant pays better."

Remy LeBeau grins at that, "Gonna hafta figure out what airline. Y' got the look f' dat too." He knows he's going to get in trouble but that's what he does best really.

Amanda Sefton gives him a warm smile now, "Oh I am sure the airline would not mind at all if you bought a first class ticket just to spend time watching me work."

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Sound like a perfect deal t' Remy." He winks. "Jus' keep pushi' de button an' callin' ya over." He smiles back just as sweetly.

Amanda Sefton laughs, "Just because you call for a flight attendant doesn't mean you'd get me. I'm the senior attendant on most of my flights. I'd probably just send the other one over unless I had a reason to go myself."

Remy LeBeau sighs. "Y'makin' dis sound like no fun at all.. " He looks at her forlornly. Like a cold sad little puppy. With red irises.

Amanda Sefton just laughs again, "Well what do you expect if you come to where I work, Remy? A girl has to be professional when she's on the job. Someone catches me playing favorites with you and my chances of getting asked to join the mile high club with someone at least triple."

Remy LeBeau looks at the blonde and smiles coyly. "Well… yeah. Dat's what Remy had in min' an'way chere.." He grins puckishly at her as he finishes off his wine and leans forward to set the glass down.

Amanda Sefton just shakes her head, "Oh ever flight attendant dreads the guys who as that. They always think they are god's gift to women and if she says no then invariably they get offended and give her a hard time afterwards. Surely you wouldn't be a problem passenger."

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Oh. Remy never be a problem. Remy also know how to take rejection." He grins wryly. "Remy get rejected all de time."

Amanda Sefton arches a brow, "Do you really? I find that very hard to believe."

Remy LeBeau smiles and looks at Amanda, "Says de gorgeous blonde who jus' told Remy she'd not be inclined t' join the mile high club wit' 'im." He laughs. She probably didn't take him seriously anyway.

Amanda Sefton laughs, "Well I'm not inclined to do that with anyone at all. It's not you." She gestures to the empty glasses, "Would you like more wine?"

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Smart woman." He shakes his head, "No… Remy t'ink one glass be enough after what 'e had at de club." He moves to stand. "Gon' get goin' home. It was nice to' meet ya chere. Good luck wit' y' comp'ny in dere. Ope he ain too much trouble for ya when he wake up." He winks.

Amanda Sefton gets to her feet and escorts him to the door, "I'll call you when I'm ready to cook. It's been nice to meet you." She waits for him to leave then closes the door behind him.

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