(2016-08-24) Look! It's Wonder Man!
Look! It's Wonder Man!
Summary: While Amanda is recovering in the SHIELD medbay, Wonder Man stops in.
Date: 2016-08-24 Midnight
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Falling is not fun, even when you know how to do it properly. Falling when you cannot control your speed because of weird extra-dimensional goo is worse. Though Amanda tumbled and landed on a suitcase full of clothing that cushioned the fall a little, it's nothing like falling into a nice net at the end of an aerial routine.

Thus when they were extracted, Pete and Amanda were taken to medical to be checked out and Amanda stayed around to get some rest before having to head home. She saved most of the people in Grand Central from something nasty. She figures she is owed a bit of laziness on the government's tab.

Pete, for what it was worth, was on some serious painkillers right now, and was in his own room. And likely asleep. He got banged up pretty hard, and would likely be black and blue unless put through some kind of SHIELD medical process to quicken his recovery.

But this isn't about Pete. This is about Simon! Who was paying SHIELD a visit, as an Avenger, and a friend. He didn't like being here, because SHIELD tended to be unscrupulous by his standards. But he was walking down the halls right now. It was late, and sure, the place was manned 24/7, but Simon didn't sleep. So he wandered the corridors where he had access. Which wasn't much.

Amanda Sefton wishes she was sleeping but she didn't want the pain killers because she didn't take as much hurt as Pete and now the pain is keeping her awake. She is bored and as a result is juggling lights. It's the tiniest of illusions to make lights dance in front of herself but it manages to keep Amanda amused without causing abuse to her phone data plan.

Noticing flickering lights, Simon was curious! The tall Avenger walked down the corridor, and peered through the door to see Amanda. Knock knock!

Amanda Sefton is surprised to have anyone knock on her door at this hour, but calls out, "Come in. I've got nothing but time." She does not immediately stop her juggling though if the door actually opens she will let the lights vanish.

The door opened, and…

Oh my gosh, it's Wonder Man! (tm)

Simon stepped through the door, his jacket hanging off a shoulder, but his sunglasses on. "Oh, that's a neat trick," he said, with a handsome smile that could launch a thousand fingers to their phone cameras.

Amanda Sefton has never encountered Wonder Man before on her own world or this one so she is surprised to see a man so ideally handsome walk into her room. "Is it? Fairly basic illusion spell. I was just bored and trying to entertain my mind. I didn't think anyone but me was awake."

"Well, the only magician I really sort of know is the Scarlet Witch, and she's… well, a magician as much as a mutant," Simon shrugged. "I… don't think I know you. You seem familiar. I might have seen your face once. Hi," he took one step forward and offered a hand and another handsome smile. "Simon Williams. AKA, Wonder Man."

Amanda Sefton lifts her right hand to shake Simon's. The motion produced a faint grimace since it was mostly her chest and shoulders that took the brunt of the fall. "Amanda Sefton. Senior Flight Attendant. No codename required." She too produces a smile though it's shallow enough that her dimples do not get involved.

Giving a nod, Williams bowed his head just slightly. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Sefton," he said. "You look a little sore. Should I go?" he asked. With his solid red sunglasses, it was hard to tell where he was looking. But Simon was a nice boy, he was looking her in the face.

Amanda Sefton immediately says, "Please don't. I'm not feeling up to getting up just yet and I really am quite bored at the moment. Stay and talk to me please." She gestures at the sunglasses, "Those remind me of a certain Summers I know. Do you always wear them?"

"You mean Cyclops?" Williams asked as he stepped in before quietly shutting the door, and leaning on a wall. "I've been told the sunglasses are similar, but his are special, or something. Mine just… hide my eyes. They tend to freak the average person out."

Amanda Sefton nods, "That's the one. I am not your average person. Why do your eyes tend to freak people out?" She offers a bit more of a smile for the prying question.

"Because they're constantly glowing red," Simon explained. "And there's no whites, or iris, or anything. Just… solid red," he sounded a little bit sheepish.

Amanda Sefton chuckles softly, "So you look all the time like you had your picture taken in bad lighting with too much flash? Well that explains the sunglasses. They're red to filter out the glow from your eyes?"

"No, not quite. The irises shine red with bad photos. With me," he lifted a hand to take off the glasses. As he blinked, there was a very faint red light cast. His eyes were indeed, completely red. No pupil. No iris. No whites of his eyes, they were completely, totally red, and giving off a faint light. "See? Please don't be scared. I know red eyes tend to be scary. I've seen 28 Days Later."

Amanda Sefton meets his gaze without a flinch. "I'm not and I haven't. The love of my life is blue, fuzzy and has a tail. I won't let your eyes bother me. You can put the glasses back on if it makes you feel better though." Red eyes do tend to be a demonic feature but he's awfully nice to be demonic and handsome.

All the more reason to suspect. Devils tend to be deceivers. Simon, however, shrugged and left his sunglasses off. "Nightcrawler, huh? Friend of Hank McCoy's is a friend of mine," Simon said with a wide grin. "So what brings you to SHIELD? Government benefits?"

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Friends of Nightcrawler are friends of mine. I was injured at Grand Central today and my friend called for a SHIELD extraction. And Voila. Here I am. Bored but well cared for."

"Oh jeez, I saw the footage of that. Guy jumping around was your friend?" he asked. "He seems… well, like he knows what he's doing, at least." Williams didn't really know. "So you and Nightcrawler, huh?" Simon gave a cheerful smile. "That's actually really sweet."

Amanda Sefton sighs, "I was hoping no one got any useable footage of the incident, but I suppose that was too much to ask for. I was the blonde on the second level. Suitcases were not meant to break falls." There's a hesitation then she adds, "We were once. Things aren't the same now as they once were."

"Oh? Oh…" Simon understood that phrase. "I'm sorry. I'd offer you a hug but you had quite a spill. Landed on a suitcase? Ouch." Simon wasn't going to mention that he was nigh-invulnerable.

Amanda Sefton nods, "The one other time I took a spill like that, Kurt was there to catch me. I couldn't help but think about that while I was laying there wishing things would stop hurting while waiting for the extraction. We're still very good friends of course. He'd still be there to catch me when I fell if he had any warning I would need it." She smiles a little wryly. "I got away lucky. Pete got trampled by the crowd a bit."

"I can imagine that would've been bad, too. I would've caught you," Simon said. "Sorry I wasn't there. Then again I would have also tried to punch that… whatever it was," he added. "So is anything broken?"

Amanda Sefton shakes her head. "I don't think so. I was an aerialist in a circus. I know how to fall properly. Just… very bruised. So what brings you to SHIELD, Simon?"

"Checking on things. Wanted to talk to some people." Most notably Black Widow, who was sometimes an Avenger. "I don't sleep, so I had the time. Uhm…" He cleared his throat. "How much do you know about recent events?" he asked, not wanting to cause a panic.

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Depends on how recent you mean. I'm a flight attendant so I spend a lot of time in the air away from the news."

"Nevermind it, then," Simon said. "Just don't Google me as of a little while ago. I wasn't in my right mind." This being a new Simon and all… he found out what this universe's version of himself did. And he didn't like it. He's been trying to clear that up ever since.

Amanda Sefton ventures a guess, "You mean prior to June?" She's heard enough about what happened to know it probably happened the same time for everyone even if she doesn't know the details and she knows when she got here.

"Yeah," Simon said. "Wait. You, too?" he asked, suddenly a little flabbergasted. "My goodness. How common is it?"

Amanda Sefton shakes her head a little more vigorously than she meant to and grimaces a little again. "I have no idea. I believe it's supposed to be uncommon, but I couldn't say. My social circle is smaller of late than it was before."

"So is mine," Simon sighed. "So…" He gestured. "Man. I want to ask questions, but everything's so personal. You're a flight attendant?"

Amanda Sefton nods, "Senior flight attendant for American Airlines. I am very good at my job."

"Well, that's pretty great. I'm an actor, and I have a doctorate in electrical engineering. My job is, uh… super hero," Simon laughed.

Amanda Sefton admits, "I took a hiatus from the flight attendant job to do other things, like spend time playing hero at Muir Island, but no team has ever had me on call before."

"Hmmm… We're looking to get more Avengers, perhaps," Simon smiled. "But no pressure. Just… wherever you think your destiny takes you. The Avengers are here."

Amanda Sefton rattles off her phone number, "I'm not promising anything but if you ever need magical assistance and your own mystic isn't around, that's my number." She lifts her hand and places a hand over her mouth as she yawns. "Looks like sleepy is about to outweigh pained. Thanks for talking to me, Simon."

"I'm glad you're in more sleepy mode than pain," Simon grinned. He then gave her his number to boot. "Happy to shoot the breeze any time."

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