(2016-08-25) The Avengers Den
The Avengers Den
Summary: MJ and Simon chat in the Den at the Avengers' mansion.
Date: 2016-08-25
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Avengers Mansion, New York City. The mansion's den.


Sometimes when there's a problem, you call the professionals. Sometimes, you are one. There was a screwdriver and the housing for a light fixture on a table. Simon had his glasses off and was levitating up, up, and… replacing a light bulb. Punching monsters isn't all he does!

MJ, having come to the mansion to use the gym, comes into the den still towel drying her hair after a workout, swim and shower. Seeing Simon floating in the air changing a light bulb she grins.

"Hello," she says to him, "How are you this evening?"

As soon as he was addressed, Simon looked down at MJ and gave one of those million dollar smiles. "Hey, MJ. Looking good. Whew, smelling good, too. What shampoo is that?" A little silly, a little flirty, and why not? "How are you acclimating here? Doing well, I hope!"

"I use Key West Aloe coconut shampoo," MJ says without sounding like she's on a commercial as she approaches her floating friend and fellow Avenger. Flirting is good and she responds visually with the tilt of her hips than with her words as she says, "Yes, its nice having a place away from the public eye to so some of my workouts," even as her body language says 'feel free to keep flirting'.

"I could smell the coconut, now I'm detecting the aloe, too!" Having replaced the bulbs, Williams slowly floated down to take the fixture and screwdriver, and screws. Up he went to set things back. Once that was done he hovered to the light switch, and flick!

Let there be light! Well, more light, other lights were already on.

"Eureka!" Simon cheerfully bellowed. "How did your exercise go? More stretches and weightlifting over yoga pants and Pilates?" Mmm. Yoga pants.

MJ is wearing yoga pants actually and she smiles at the mention of her attire. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, arching her back as well, as she rubs her hair vigorously with the slightly damp towel.

"I did five thousand meters in the pool after some weight training," she says as she finishes toweling her hair.

"I'd ask how much you bench, but eh. We can all be pretty impressive." Was Simon staring? Hard to tell with solid red eyes that glow faintly. "Five thousand, whew, I'm surprised you're not all pruney!"

MJ laughs. "Oh, I was. A luxurious, warm shower and skin lotion does wonders to resolve that. And yes, I can't do that much in a public pool, would draw too much attention but I wanted an /actual/ workout," she explains. Then, he didn't ask, but she answers anyway: "I pushed myself on the weights. Did five reps at three hundred pounds at the end. I might be able to do more but I didn't want to risk hurting myself."

"Ah, I remember when I was practicing with two ton barbells," Simon said, almost wistfully. "Three hundred pounds yourself is nothing to sneeze at, especially outside the armor. Color me surprised," said the man with red eyes. "There's more to mild mannered MJ than I thought!"

MJ says, "Mild mannered? I must be slipping," with a playfully pseudo offended tone of voice before she smiles and says, "Yeah, the suit augments my strength a lot. Under perfect conditions I was able to lift around four tons in the suit. Still nothing compared to some of you big guys, but it helps."
Long distance to Scarlet Spider: Mary Jane Watson did her's based somewhat on Spider-Mans cause she couldn't find her desc from when she played one of the MVP clones in the armor a few years back. "Would seeing mine help?" (and he's in the lounge so you could go look at him)

"It's not a competition. Just… Mary Jane Watson, three hundred pounds?" Simon didn't exactly want to pry, but the young actress didn't look like she could lift that weight, herself!

MJ just grins at Simon for a bit, his surprise amusing her. She then explains, "Well, its honestly a lot of hard work to push myself into that weight range."

"I'm no physician, but I'll just guess there's more to you," Simon smiled. "So. The Avengers. We should… do something, I suppose." He set himself down a comfortable chair, with no fear of breaking it under his weight. He was too heavy for even MJ to lift!

MJ can't help herself but grin. "You could say that," she says knowing that at least one Avenger knows but that Nat in any world doles out information cautiously and on a need-to-know basis.

Wonder Man says, "Should we make a statement? Craft a press conference? Set up a food truck?" He laughed, red eyes glinting. "Gotta reassure the public that we're looking out for them.""

"We could do that, yes," MJ agrees and then, after throwing the towel over her shoulders and draping her damp hair over it to prevent her shirt from getting too wet in back, she asks, "How many of us could be there? Two just doesn't seem right for the Avengers."

"Well, we can account for you, me, Wanda, maybe Clint if he's just there for a press conference. Nat should stay out of the public eye…" He thought for a bit. "I hear Spider-Folk are around, besides you."

"Yes, there's young Peter of course," since Parker's identity as Spider-Man is public knowledge she doesn't feel like she's breaching any confidences by saying that, "And I haven't met the Spider-Girl that made an appearance on YouTube over the weekend." MJ hrms softly to herself and asks, "What about Natasha? Isn't she an Avenger also? Or does she not do public appeaances?"

"I just know Natasha works best when not being seen," Simon said. "If she'd like to support us, more power to her!"

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