(2016-08-26) Lunch Date with a Mars vs Venus Moment
Lunch Date with a Mars vs. Venus Moment
Summary: MJ calls James Proudstar to invite him on the lunch date he suggested the previous week. After, because he didn't seem to get that this was a friendly date not a "first date" date, she told him about being a dimensional transplant and having been married in her original world. This did not go well.
Date: 2016-08-27
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NPCs: Oscar (chef at Eisenberg's
Scene Runner: Iron Spider Woman (more or less)
Social/Plot: Social

Location: MJ's Upper East Side apartment near the corner of Lexington and 79th street

Friday morning, August 26th. MJ woke up and did her normal morning routine of jogging to her gym where she worked out with various resistance machines and then swam about a thousand yards. She showered after rinsing off at the gym and jogging back home.

During breakfast she decided that she'd waited long enough for Proudstar to call her and dialed him up while she loaded her dishwasher. The conversation can be summed up thusly:

"Hi James, MJ here. Are you free today?"
"‘Kay, you’re taking me out to eat at Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop in the Flatiron District today then, okay?"
He replies with a pleasant "Okay."
"See you there around noon then!"

At that she hangs up the phone and after some window shopping she heads to the eatery on 5th Avenue between West 22nd and 23rd Streets.


Location: Xavier Estate outside of North Salem, NY

After the phone hangs up and the date and time is set James just stares at his phone again, checking the number to make sure that it matches with the business card she gave him of her personal private number. Sure the call about footwear for his date with Amanda could have been just to be a completionist and to make sure she didn't get any negative press but this was something else entirely…

It takes about two minutes before James' head clears and he says to himself, "I am going on a date with Mary Jane…" but it still sounds like someone else is saying it and so he says it again but the dawn of realization keys in, "I am going on a date with Mary Jane. Oh crap… what am I going to wear? What kind of place is this? A sandwich shop?" James leaps into action, practically literally diving over to his personal computer and rapidly bringing up the internet… which is pretty much all it's used for. No video games on his system. After a brief read trying to puzzle out their website he relaxes, "Oh thank the gods… No need to get fancied up." Which lasts for all of three seconds before he is diving into his closet and pulling out clothes…

Ten minutes before noon James arrives on the rooftop of the sandwich shop in question and he waits until there's a clear space before leaping down to the ground and landing easily. Running fingers through his hair to straighten it James has done his best for both sharp, and relaxed. A tight black tank-top leaves much of his muscular chest and practically all of those shoulders on delay with just a hint of six pack under the cloth. Relaxed and loose tan dockers cover his long legs, flowing and baggy to not scream 'I am a body builder, respect the muscles!' while still looking sharp enough. His boots of course are his boots. Those are worn everywhere practically.


Location: Flat Iron District

MJ is waiting by Eisenberg's when James arrives and jumps down from the rooftop and she grins when she sees him arrive. She is wearing a purple baby doll style shirt proclaiming "Thespians Do It On Stage" with black shorts and new powder blue and yellow New Balance sneakers. Sunglasses and a thin silk scarf with a camouflage pattern in shades of purple and blue are worn to "disguise" herself allowing her to avoid the paparazzi that frequent some parts of Fifth Avenue.

James wasn't expecting MJ to be there already and it shows because… James isn't an actor at all and the surprise on his face is rather genuine. Especially since he isn't wearing any sunglasses or anything to hide his face. So he smiles a bit shyly, and a bit ruefully at his entrance but rolls those massive shoulders of his in a slight shrug, "Uh, sorry I'm late. Got here as fast as I could." Flying. At two hundred miles an hour. Much faster than if he tried to drive here from Westchester to be sure. "Hope you haven't been waiting to long." He walks over towards the door and moves to open it for the beautiful redhead, giving view of his back for the first time. Across the whole of his back he has a huge native american style tattoo of a Thunderbird in black and purple. Some is hidden behind his shirt of course but it literally goes from shoulder to shoulder across his massive back.

"You aren't late so there's nothing to apologize for, James," MJ says as she picks up a duffel bag that the Gramarcy foot traffic had hidden from view. As she enters the narrow sandwich shop she grimaces for a moment and says, "I'm so sorry for not having thought about the tight squeeze here for you. Should we find another place or will this be okay?"

"I'll make do." James says with a wry smile, "As long as there's a corner I can pack myself into like a sardine, it shouldn't be a problem." He leans down, "Places only care if I'm blocking the door, or the servers usually and if it's to tight, we can get our meal to go and head to the park or something to relax and eat but since we're here… might as well stay." He suddenly clams up and smiles apologetically, "Sorry, I'm rambling. It happens sometimes… rarely… but it does happen… especially when I'm nervous. I should shut up now." And he shuts up, still holding the door for Mary Jane and trying not to keep running off at the mouth.

As she enters the shop, MJ removes her sunglasses and the scarf tucking the former into the front of her shirt after folding them and draping the other around her neck.

The man behind the counter says, "Miss Mary Jane, welcome back," and then asks, "Is the gentleman with you?" with a nod in Warpath's direction.

"Sure is Oscar!" MJ answers proudly before asking, "Do you still have that reinforced table and chair Lila bought you for her bouncer?" When he nods affirmatively she says, "We'll be sitting there, give us a few minutes and we aught to be able to place our order," as she grabs a menu for James and takes his hand to lead him down the narrow gauntlet between the bar stools and the table and chairs against the opposite wall.

It's times like this that prove James is used to moving through tight spaces, crowds, and otherwise locations where his size might be a hindrance… and it should be, but James is remarkably deft and dextrous, able to bend around people and move with all the grace of a ballerina… if a ballerina were over seven feet tall and of course, male. Lifting a two fingered salute to Oscar with his free hand not claimed by Mary Jane he rumbles, "Thanks, I'd hate to accidentally smash a chair or something." But then he is drawn off away from the counter itself by Mary Jane's hold on his other hand. Almost like she were the one who was the body builder, dragging him around like a child… well not quite.

"It's a good idea, taking a stranger to some place people know you well so you can easily call for backup should things go sideways." James says conversationally to Mary Jane as she leads him to the table and chairs she has chosen. "What do you suggest to eat here?" He rumbles curiously.

MJ's grip and pull are stronger than James might have expected, but she isn't being forceful… he can just tell due to experience and all.

"Its a date, no strategy talk," she says in a playfully bossy way. "Well, don't expect health food. They don't say that they've been "Raising New York's Cholesterol Since 1929" for nothing, James. Any of their favorites are amazing. I would recommend the pastrami and corned beef. Assuming you don't turn your nose up to slaw on a sandwich." She pauses and says, "Do you eat more than most also?"

"Actually… no." James answers the question, "Just the charm of being who I am I guess." In other words his physique is powered by mutation and not bound by the normal laws of metabolic energy consumption. "I /can/ eat a lot, but I don't have to." He chuckles, "So no worries about any dents to the pocket book on my account." He says just as playfully… because as an internationally famous model, she's hurting for money, right. "I'm an equal opportunity eater, I'll give anything a try at least once."

He smiles wryly as they get settled in, James will try to pull out a chair for her of course because he's apparently archaic that way. "Growing up where I did, I couldn't afford to turn my nose up at anything when it came to food, and we were better off than most having our own ranch and tiny version of a farm… I tell you what MJ, just be glad you never had to chase goats that got out of their pen or threw their lead line. It's a nightmare."

"That actually sounds like it was idyllic, James," MJ comments as thoughts of the nightmare childhood she experienced with hurtful words from her father and her mother having to hide bruises as often as not pass though her mind. "If it you'd called in time to come here on Monday I'd suggest the knockwurst and beans, but again anything is good," she says as she slides the menu closer to him. "Come on, you don't want me ordering for you do you?"

"It's only idyllic in the fairy tales MJ. Poverty is a bitch." James says with a bit of a shrug afterwards and then picks up the menu with one hand he flips it open with his thumb and reads through it. "I figure it's not a contest though, most everyone's got something that hurts them in the past. Those pains, how we deal with them, kind of make us who we are you know? From where I'm sitting things could have been a lot worse so there's always that." He considers the menu for another moment, "I'm going to get the pick two combo, brisket and pastrami. Fries and… a strawberry shake." He sets the menu down on the table again and then folds his fingers together and hmms, "I have no way to slouch in here. It's the easiest way to not give you a permanent crick in the neck is if I can sprawl." He notes with a concerned chuckle.

MJ's smile falters at first because she didn't get the poverty aspect initially. "I'm sorry James," she says, apologizing for seeming to make light of his childhood not for the childhood itself. She then smiles as he continues and nods agreeing with him about the baggage people share in their pasts.

She nods about his order and says, "I'll be right back then," and delivers the order to Oscar around the corner from the seating area they occupy, adding her own (cold borscht soup and a pastrami and roast beef with swiss and slaw on sourdough with bacon and avacado) and confirming with James that he wants whole wheat bread. When she orders James' shake she asks for a chocolate one for herself.

MJ returns to her seat when Oscar acknowledges the order. "So, you said you're a teacher up in Westchester county. What do you teach, James?"

"It's ok. I didn't have it as bad as many on the reservation. To others I can understand why it might seem to have been but we always find something that's better on the other side of the fence right?" James smiles towards her and then watches her head off to place the order because who /isn't/ watching Mary Jane walk when they have the opportunity. Of course who wouldn't watch her do just about everything. When she gets back and asks about teaching he smiles a little, "Mostly substitute work, I'm not a full time teacher at the Academy. I do teach equestrian skills, wilderness survival, hunting, and do the occasional field trip out into the wilderness. I try to do a different environment each time so the students get a wide variety of experiences but the courses are all elective, nothing required."

Equestrian. Horses. What girl doesn't love horses.

Grinning, MJ proves that she is /not/ a girl who doesn't love horses as she asks, "Wait, you could teach me to ride a horse?" with a level of excitement few see MJ expressing in public, what with her public image and all.

"Absolutely." James says with a smile that brightens up his whole face, making him look younger than his stoic features otherwise suggest. "We have a number of stallions, mares, and fillies at the Academy that are excellently trained and conditioned to unusual situations and circumstances." Which they must be considering where he teaches. "I can't ride anymore of course, while I am sure there are a few who could carry me without discomfort I like to run with them." Did he just say he runs /with/ the horses? Sure sounds like it. "But it's not just about learning how to ride, my class is also about how to care for the horse from hoof to tip of it's tail."

MJ nods as he explains the additional features of his class and doesn't blink about running with the horses (she is an Avenger and is married to old Web-head where she's from after all). "That only seems fair. Just /using/ an animal isn't right. If you let a child have a pet they have to help care for it also after all." No, she is not comparing horses kept for riding to a pet, its clear that she is comparing the responsibility of pet ownership to that she feels is required of a horse rider.

"To an extent but it's more than that." James rumbles after a moments thought and he gestures with his large hands as he speaks, animated about the subject of equines it seems. "A horse is smarter than the average pet, they can sense when a person is afraid of them or is lacking confidence and it'll make them skittish because the horse needs to trust it's rider as much as the rider needs to trust the horse. So in learning how to care for the animal, they know and understand it, and it helps to remove fear or nervousness and the horse knows so they will do more for their rider too." He smiles a little wryly, "It also helps to teach the students some discipline and that everything can't be solved the way they've grown accustomed to."

At that moment Oscar calls out, "MJ, order up!" preventing the redhead from addressing the 'grown accustomed to' if she'd had an inclination to do so.

MJ pops up out of her chair with a "Be right back" to James. as she goes all the way around the corner to pick up their order.

When she returns she shows evidence of having worked as a waitress in the past, balancing a tray on each hand and forearm: one with each of their orders with their milk shakes and her soup and not spilling a drop as she slides them both onto the table. "Here we go, James. You're going to love this," she promises.

"I'm already loving it." James says with a smile after watching Mary Jane pull expert balancing act like that with their food. "It's hard to imagine better company." He says with a smile and then moves his chair back a bit so he can lean forwards over the plate some when he is finagling his sandwich, it's a hell of a sandwich after all. "I'm surprised you haven't learned to ride already MJ. I'm sure you've done photoshoots that have had equines in them for some magazine or another." He takes a french fry and dips it into his shake before taking a bite.

MJ dips her sandwich into her beet soup and then takes a bite of it. She closes her eyes as she expresses her enjoyment with a drawn out "Mmmmm."

After swallowing that first bite she says, "Actually, I haven't ever been on a photo shoot with horses. Dogs, big cats, snakes, all yes. No horse. And I'm a city girl, born and bred, so no opportunity as I was growing up either."

"So all these exotic animals and never any horses." James muses thoughtfully and then picks up his sandwich to take a bite, chew, and swallow before he speaks again, setting his sandwich half on the plate while still keeping hold of it. "Well here's what I can do." James rumbles with a small smile, "I can take a pair of them out and we can meet away from the Academy and I'll teach you how to ride if you like. That way you won't have to worry about getting mobbed by the students for your autograph and such. If you're really wanting a trip away from it all I can arrange for some to be taken to the ranch some time if you ever want to go to Arizona and get out of the lime light." He rumbles a chuckle, "But it'd be more like a camping trip than a safari, there's no services out there except for basic electricity and running water."

MJ eats more of her soup and sandwich while James makes her offer. When he is done she dabs her lips with a napkin and smiles. "That sounds great. The riding especially. I'm afraid I have responsibilities here in New York which would prevent me from going to Arizona right now," she says without explaining her Avengers membership. "After we're done eating… before we go swim, is there a private place we can talk?" she asks sounding somewhat serious as she does.

"Swimming huh? We're moving right on to the second date?" James asks with a smile and takes another french fry and dipping it into his milkshake. "A private place we can talk?" James asks after eating more of his sandwich, "I don't have an apartment or anything here in the city. When I want privacy I usually head out to the lake on the grounds. Not many students go there but I don't know if that works for you." He frowns, "Umm… there is one very private place we could talk but… I'm not sure it's what you have in mind." He finishes his sandwich and then brushes his hands off with the napkin before he starts in on fries, dipping them in milkshake and lets the silence build as he considers what to say. "No not my room or anything like that." He assures, "It's kind of embarassing really." He rumbles and then leans forwards, saying softly so it doesn't carry. "I know you know what I am so if you really want some privacy I can take us straight up. I guarantee nobody will be around but I understand if you'd prefer to go somewhere else." He leans back and gets another french fry, "Which is totally fine. If you know of a place that works better, I'm good with it."

MJ chuckles and looks a little embarrassed. "Oh, I thought it was all one date, we can wait and do that another day," she says meaning the pool. She then thinks on the the suggestions he made while eating another bite of her sandwich.

After that bite is finished she says, "Well, I was thinking a rooftop or something like that," with another grin. "More immediate but just effectively just as private."

"You do realize that we're in the city with the highest super powered per normal ratio in the world right?" James asks with a wry smile, "Rooftops are among their favorite hangouts. I cannot guarantee any such privacy up on a rooftop." His smile widens, "And yes, we can go swimming. My whole day is yours until you're wanting to be rid of me MJ. I just misunderstood." He considers the woman for a few moments and then asks, "Are you wanting to get out of here now?" After he finishes another one of his rapidly dwindling fries he continues, "Because I am ok with that."

MJ takes the last bite of her sandwich and nods. "We can get the shakes transferred to to-go cups. And… I know how roof tops are used. If anyone comes to interrupt I'll ask you to tell them to move on," she says after finishing that last bite.

James nods, "I'll be polite, until it's time to not be polite." He smiles and then laughs at what he just said, "Wow… I totally pulled a Swayze…" He shakes his head, "Never would have imagined." Then James is standing up and he takes one last french fry with him before he takes a drink of his shake and offers a free hand to Mary Jane to 'help' her up, or maybe he just likes holding her hand. Probably the latter all things considered, or both. Bare minimum both. "So do you have a particular rooftop in mind, or just whatever is convenient?" He asks curiously.

MJ makes sure to collect her duffel bag and her own drink before she takes James' hand and lets him help her up. She calls out, "To-go cups, Oscar?" so that she's heard before they move towards the front of the eatery.

And the cups are ready for them. Oscar takes the shake glasses and transfers their contents into the cups before taking care of the payment… on that subject MJ looks to Warpath for a moment then pays because she actually did ask him after all.

"See you later, Miss Mary Jane," Oscar says as he hands her Discover card back to her and she blows him an air kiss before they depart.

Once outside, MJ says, "Any old roof top will do really I guess."

"I could have paid, or paid half at least." James says when she pays but he doesn't try to stop her from doing so, women's lib and all he isn't about to try and assert anything that might suggest she wasn't capable of doing so if she wished to. Once outside though he holds his cup with one hand and then takes a look around, "Alright, the easiest way to do this is also the roughest and please excuse me for this, it's not getting fresh I promise." And then he reaches down with his free arm to try and scoop her up off the ground so she can 'sit' on his strong forearm. "Hold onto my neck as tight as you can MJ." He rumbles and then waits for her to do so. He takes in her scent of course because at this range, and with his senses, there's no way he couldn't which will make tracking her easier in the future… should he ever have need to do so.

Once Mary Jane has taken hold he doesn't crouch or anything like that, they're just suddenly… gone. At least to those on the street. James isn't the fastest flier when it comes to super heroes, but he has acceleration and stopping down pat. They pull some G's on the way up as he accelerates to two hundred miles an hour and takes them over the rooftop so people looking up from where they were can't see where they've gone. It's almost like they teleported when in fact… not.

The wind rushes by as James flies them over a couple blocks and then down to a soft landing on a rooftop where he'll stay holding her until she's ready to let go and get to the ground on her own two feet. "Sorry about that… I don't like to broadcast if I can avoid it and that's the easiest way to get off a busy street." He rumbles apologetically.

MJ does not hold on as strongly as she can, not that it would be obvious to James because she has a fairly firm grip. She laughs as they go though the air as it is show like web-slinging without the arcing trajectory of that mode of transport. As James lands she slips off his arm onto the roof herself. "Its quite alright, James, I'm kind of used to being carried though the city in a man's arms," she says without any further explanation forthcoming.

If she was trying to catch James by surprise she succeeded and he just stands there with a blank questioning expression for a few moments, "I wasn't aware that you were dating another super." He says lamely after a few moments, "But unlike Angelica I don't really pay a lot of attention to celebrities and… stuff… like that." He looks at the milkshake he still has in one hand and then decides taking a drink of that is a better idea than trying to talk further… and to give him time to try and puzzle through how he feels about the revelation.

"Actually… I'm not dating anyone right now James," MJ starts with a statement that could really confuse James. She looks out over the city for a few moments and then asks, "So… are you familiar with any current abnormalities in the world, James?" somewhat cryptically.

"Of course." James says, "I have lost friends to different versions of themselves from other worlds in what used to be the multiverse." He reaches up and rakes a hand through his hair and sighs softly, "Are you another transplant Mary Jane?" He asks, getting to the point immediately because… subtle he is not. While he waits for her answer James finishes his milkshake to the point it's almost going to get noisy and then stops. Instead he moves to find a place to sit on the edge of the rooftop, completely unconcerned about falling of course, for multiple reasons.

MJ nods and pulls a chain around her neck out of her shirt the rings on it clattering against each other and, by placing it front and center, she makes the indention from them on her left ring finger obvious. "I'm a married woman in my world and its only been a few months since I last saw my husband, that's why I'm not really ready to date yet you see," she explains.

James is silent for a while as he considers that, "Why." He says simply after the silence. "Why even ask me out then?"

"Well," MJ says, "Firstly, you suggested this originally not me. Secondly, I was up front about not being ready for a serious relationship… even if I didn't explain why…" and at this she sounds apologetic and looks down at the rooftop for a moment and then looks up at James and smiles warmly as she says, "And finally, you're a fun guy. I enjoyed myself…. I hope you have… and I want to hang out more. What comes of it… well, I'm getting close to the point where I don't think that I need to wait for Peter any more. I'm just not quite there yet. And friends is not the curse that most guys make it out to be. Friendship is very important, James."

"That's not it." James says with a wave of his hand as if to throw away the whole suggestion that he is upset or annoyed. "You didn't have to say yes MJ." He points out, "You could have very easily said no, or never called me back or waited until you felt you were ready to go on a date. Instead you point out that you recognize I am a mutant associated with the Academy, you ask me to fly you up here and then tell me that you're really married to some guy named Peter." He shakes his head, "I'm getting very mixed signals here. If all you want is to be friends, then I am fine with that…" He pauses, "No, not really fine with it, because you are awesome in every way but you know what I mean." He frowns and pushes fingers through his hair, "Damnit, I'm not saying this right… words."

Looking down towards her James takes a moment and then says, "It feels really awkward now MJ. Do I consider this a date, or do I consider it just friends hanging out, or do I consider this a situation where I need to get in touch with," He holds his hands up and makes air quotes, "People," end quotes, "Because for all I know, you're an evil villain MJ who is pretending to be her alternate self instead of her real self."

MJ's smile fades. At first just a smaller smile, because she never said it was more than a friendly date… why do men always want to look at things in such black and white terms. Then a fairly neutral expression, because what is this about mixed signals its not like she was climbing all over him… or well, only when he picked her up first after all. And then it slowly turns into a frown as he's practically accusing her of literally being an evil, manipulative bitch.

She takes a deep breath before speaking, "Wow, you're harsher and less trusting than SHIELD, James. Or the Peter who's here even… but he's just a kid so I guess that's understandable." She stops speaking at that point and turns away from him to return her gaze over the local mirror of the city she has trained to protect. "They didn't prepare me for these kind of situations at my Academy, James, I'm sorry I'm flubbing this," she says and then quickly clarifies, "Not Xavier's, although there were a few membership overlaps."

"You're right." James says, "For good reason. I've been burnt in the past, the last woman I loved turned out to be a secret agent who was manipulating me in order to kidnap me and turn her over to her boss." He stands up from where he was lounging and clams up again for a few long moments, "You know the fun part of all of this? You latch onto what I said at the end. I said I don't know who you are, anything I thought I might knew, it's gone because it no longer applies… but if I really thought you were evil do you think I'd be up here in civilian clothes instead of trying to take you down and deliver you to the right authorities for that kind of thing?" He sets the remains of his milkshake down and crouches down on the balls of his feet rubbing his face with his large hands and pushing hair out of his face afterwards looking up towards her… well more eye to eye like that at least. "Friends hanging out isn't a date. I called it a date. You didn't say it wasn't a date. I think maybe even you called it a date. So yeah I get mixed signals when all the sudden it's not a date, and the girl I like and want to see more of is married and just wants to be my friend. That's fine and all but it's a lot of curve balls to throw at a guy you know?"

"Friends hanging out can be a date, James," MJ says in frustration (Why do men and boys never understand that?) she thinks to herself. "We can go on dates and not be dating you know." She sighs, "I'm sorry James. Should I delete your number from my phone?"

Clearly men and women have different definitions for some words, probably many words but James doesn't seem to be in the mood to press on on the finer definitions of what is and isn't a date. "No." He says finally, "I don't want you to delete my number. I guess this is my fault. Wanting, wishing for something that wasn't there, to be there… or even possible." James looks up into the sky, just letting the wind blow over his face for a few moments before he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "I'll be whatever you need me to be Mary Jane. If that's just a friend, then I'll be just a friend."

Looking back over and down towards her he straightens up and James says apologetically, "I am sorry MJ, this… all of this… has been rough on everyone. I've lost a fair amount of friends to all of this too. I know it's not my whole life and I'm not trying to belittle your loss so again, I'm sorry." He looks away, "But hell… you can't blame a guy for being a little annoyed that the ultra hot celebrity model that he thought was into him, isn't." He says with a small smile.

The smile returns, albeit a wan one, after letting him express himself. MJ thinks for a moment to correct him but realizes that this is the absolute worst moment to say that to him. Instead she avoids an actual mixed signal by not saying that. So she smiles at him and says, "You aren't belittling anything by mourning your losses also, James."

She says, "I'll be perfectly fine here if you need to go home. I'll understand entirely if you do."

Something clicks in James head after she says she'll be perfectly fine up here, on a rooftop and James says, "SHIELD." Mostly to himself but then he looks over towards her, a thoughtful expression meeting her wan smile and all of that. "I don't know how it is on your world, where you are from MJ but be careful. Don't trust them. They put Sentinels out in front of the School. Sentinels that were supposed to protect us and they attacked us instead." Walking over towards her he says seriously, "I'm not going to even try to tell you what to do with your life MJ but please, be careful… nothing is ever as it seems with them."

"That's good to know, James, thank you," MJ says, quite sincerely. "I'm not with them by the way," she adds to clarify.

James nods, "Ok." He then smiles ruefully, "I just realized you might have no idea what a Sentinel is…" He frowns and looks around, "At the very least, let me fly you home as way of an apology for ruining the day."

MJ smiles and says, "That's entirely unnecessary, James. But alright," as she lets him pick her up again. As he takes to the air she gives him directions to the rooftop of her building.

She gives him a friendly kiss on the cheek before thanking him for the flight home and slips out of his arms onto the roof. After assuring him she can get into the building from the roof she waves as he flies off.

She even uses her key to open the roof access and returns to her apartment like a normal person rather than activating her armor and wall crawling. Once home she collapses on the sofa and cries: both for hurting James Proudstar and over the loss of her husband who she now doesn't expect to ever see again despite his teenaged doppleganger's intention to find a solution to their displacement.

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