(2016-08-26) No Good Choices
No Good Choices
Summary: Pete answers Amanda's call for help and takes her captive off her hands.
Date: 2016-08-26
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Amanda Sefton is pacing through her apartment. She's replenished her stores of potions but that doesn't make getting another one in someone easy. Amanda rather dislikes having to force potions into people so she isn't looking forward to the guy in her roommate's bedroom waking up.

Considering she told him she'd rather talk to him in person, Pete was cautious. He also has a rather large suitcase with him, as he took the elevator up. The briefcase was secured, and he didn't bring it, cautious of a Keymaster/Gatekeeper scenario. He quietly knocked on Amanda's door.

Amanda Sefton hurries over and opens the door for him. When she sees it is Pete, she's obviously quite happy. "Oh it is good to see you, Pete Wisdom."

"Using my full name is cause for concern," Wisdom said as he stepped inside. "What's the issue?" he asked her, directly, after she shut the door.

Amanda Sefton walks down into the main room, "Currently asleep in my roommate's bedroom is the man who got away at Grand Central the other day. His sleep potion is going to run out any time now."

Pete Wisdom ahhhs, and he gave a firm nod. "Was he carrying any id? Did he attack you? Did he have anything magically resonant on his person?" The important questions!

Amanda Sefton shakes her head, "I didn't search him. I just drugged him. He didn't get a chance to attack me. I talked a certain cajun into picking a fight with him and getting him bounced from the nightclub. He then ambushed him so I could drug him. He's been asleep ever since. He has a magical resonance on him them."

Pete Wisdom lifted a hand to his face and groaned. "Is he here?" Pete asked. "Please tell me he isn't here. I need to search the man. Can you be there to unwind any protective spells that may go off while I search him?'

Amanda Sefton arches a brow at the reaction, "No. Remy is not here any longer. He was when the guy originally got here, but he's gone and James has come and gone since then as well." She crooks a finger and leads him to Betsy's room where the man is still thankfully sleeping.

Pete Wisdom says, "Proudstar? Mmm, boy was always a little strong on the moral side. Relativism is not the former Hellion's strong suit." Pete followed Amanda, before looking at the unconscious man. "Think you can unweave protections if they activate?"

Amanda Sefton nods, "I will do what I can, Pete. I cannot promise I can stop everything. It depends on what there is."

Pete Wisdom immediately took off the man's shoes. Shoes and socks are always a great place to hide things. Then the master spy began stripping the man down, careful and precise.

Amanda Sefton leans against the door frame and watches as Pete begins to strip the man down. As it turns out his feet are an interesting place to begin as he has mystic sigils tattooed onto the soles of his feet. Amanda can't see those from her angle so she just watches.

Would Pete be able to recognize them? "Sefton, take a peek at these sigils." True to a secure nature, Pete immediately stopped until those could be identified, verified, and if necessary, gotten rid of.

Amanda Sefton slowly walks over and frowns at the sigils, "Well those definitely look protective. So I am glad I didn't try using magic on him. That must have been what caused the jolt I felt during the teleport."

Pete Wisdom frowned, before reaching down to quite intentionally rub at a sigil, to try to break or smudge it. Leave it to Pete to have no fear of feet!

Since the sigils are properly tattooed in place, they cannot be smudged in that fashion. Amanda says, "If it make you feel better, I think they just protect against magic."

Frowning, Pete then deigned to remove the man's jacket and pants. Easier to root through pockets and try find hidden ones if they're not worn.

As Pete begins to remove the pants and jacket the man starts to wake up. Amanda mutters a curse under her breath then asks, "You want me to get a sleep potion for him or are you going to take care of it?"

Pete Wisdom lifted a finger, and quite casually jabbed the man through the head with an insubstantial hot-knife. "That should put him back under. Dealt with Shadow King Xavier that way. Don't worry, he's not dead. Will have a dehydration migraine combined with a serious headache."

Amanda Sefton frowns as the knife slides into the man's head. She moves forward to try and stop it too late and then he explains. "That's a dangerous way to deal with things."

"Not when you have the level of care and control that I do," Pete said as he continued to undress the man.

The man has another sigil tattooed on his chest and a wallet in his pocket that contains a driver's license that identifies him as Karl Lawson. Amanda murmurs, "I have occasionally thought I had that kind of control."

"Magic rarely, if ever, likes to be controlled. Greatest magician ever's a sodding plonker." Yes, Wisdom just dissed Merlin. "Any idea what these sigils mean? Or will we both have to consult our books?" Pete also checked Karl's hands, palms, behind his ears, back of his neck. Even under his teeth or tongue for capsules or more magical tattoos.

There are no further tattoos to be found but he's not clean. There's a medallion tucked into his underwear where he expected no one would be looking for it. "Very true. My magic doesn't often go wrong, but it's no easily controlled."

While Wisdom may have morals, he had few scruples. Underwear was no protection against Pete's investigating hands. "Are these all protective? Likely one's a tracker. Can you figure out which one, and send it into the next rift you come across?"

Amanda Sefton takes the medallion, "The feet are protective. This is a beacon and the on his chest is a summoning of some sort. That's the bit that makes me nervous."

"A summoning? Bugger all," said Pete, as he began to bind the man's wrists and ankles together with his own clothes. Shirt became a blindfold. "Any way you could analyze it? Without setting it off?"

Amanda Sefton notes, "You could use the ropes to bind him back up instead." She crouches down to study the summoning sigil then indicates softly, "It's incomplete. He needs something else to complete it. I am not sure. Could be either another sigil drawn to complete it or a ritual performed to complete it. Maybe both. Maybe either.

"There's a reason I didn't bring the briefcase. Now, the ball is in your court. Do you want to hand him to me and MI-13 for questioning? Or would you rather him handled by… nicer… people?" An honest offer. Pete knew that if he got to questioning the man, he'd find magical loopholes in the Geneva convention.

Amanda Sefton frowns, "Nicer people like who, Pete? You technically have no authority over a US citizen and I'm technically guilty of abduction and holding a man against his will."

"Technically, I can act within my jurisdiction, when it comes to interdimensional fuckery. And if he's got a summoning, then he's a definite suspect worthy of detainment and interrogation."

Pete Wisdom also finished tying up the man. Sure, there was rope, but this would be more shocking, and therefore may lead to results.

Amanda Sefton nods, "Well if I am reading this right he's intended to play host to something. Sigils are tricky though so I could be misreading something. My mother would be better for reading such things."

"Best not to call her," Pete said gravely. "Mm. Still. He's your prisoner."

Amanda Sefton nods, "Yes he is, but I really don't have much choice. I have to get him out of here, Pete. Betsy's going to be home in the morning and I need to clean this room before she gets back. It's her room."

"Well, hmmm. I can get him extracted. If you don't mind a little bit of home invasion," Pete suggested.

Amanda Sefton asks, "Can we move him to the balcony and get him extracted from there to keep things less invasive?"

Pete Wisdom says, "Yes. Yes, we can. And we'll ensure he will not be permanently harmed beyond ruination of those tattoos."

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