(2016-08-27) It Wasn't Meant To Be
It Wasn't Meant To Be
Summary: Peter Parker tracks Amanda down to try and hire her as a crime fighter. It doesn't go as planned.
Date: 2016-08-27
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The night before Peter was just browsing though this thing they had in this world called Youtube. It was astounding, though a bit too many cat video's it had lots of things he never even imagined. He learned, about hero's from all over he world, and a group of people… He believed they were called Mutants, though they have seemed to get a bum rap because some of them were really violent. Peter hoped he never ran into the one named Magneto, as even he would have issues dealing with someone like that. But then he started watching someone perform what looked to be street tricks, but then it was more, or at least it looked like more to him so he paid it close attention with a scientific mind figuring out how he would do it, and what tricks could preform those results.

He was stumped, and had to meet this person he knew what he had planned was kinda out of the ordinary, but he needed help.. New York needed help and he was just too busy trying to solve world problems to swing around as much as he used to. So he captured the best image he could, and set his research team to work on it. Listing it as a priority to find out the identity and location of the person was important as he needed a conversation with this person. It didn't take long as his company was well connected, though he wasn't sure if it was them or Shield that had found her he did et a name Amanda, and a location which he planned to follow up on though at that time of night it would of been a bit rude.

The next morning he got dressed up in his best suit, with the Tie MJ got for him, and set off. The drive wasn't far, but his driver had taken him to stop at a few places to eat as he was hungry so they ended up there early afternoon. He watched the place for a bit, before the driver left the car, and opened his door letting Peter out to straighten his suit, put on his sunglasses, and head towards the residence that he had received last night.

Amanda would be deeply insulted to hear that anyone ever thought her magic looked like simple street tricks, but the incident in Grand Central would have had to have been staged days ahead of time to come off looking that clean on an amateur video.

Nor is Amanda's face shown clearly enough in the video to narrow it down to a distinct residence but a little footwork tracking down people who were present during the incident got a better picture from another angle and at least a fifty percent match with Amanda Seton's driver's license photo. Finally a good private detective was able to track down a tentative building that she might live in.

Luckily for Peter, Amanda was going for a walk when he decided to come by and happened to be coming out of the building he had been directed to. She heads down to the corner so that she can cross the street.

Peter walks across the street, and almost doesn't recognize the lady coming out of the building. Glancing down at his phone with a photo on it he sighed to himself… Now for the hard part. He followed her quietly thinking about different ways of saying hello.. Greetings, and Salutations… No too formal, Sup… No being so easy going wouldn't get to the point either. He put a hand to his chin, as he now stood right behind her brooding on what to ask exactly, before he just shrugged, "Umm.. Excuse me Miss Sefton I presume?" inside he was happy… nailed it!

Looking at her with an analytical look he continued. "My name is Peter, I am from Parker industries.. If I might have a moment of your time." he stopped then looked down the street.. "Ugh… this formal talk is kinda difficult for me, you hungry.. There is a good lunch place not far from here. Call it perk of hearing me out." he added the last bit with a smile

Standing in front of you was a short boy who couldn't be over sixteen, though he was well dressed head to toe in what looked like an expensive suit in tie. He did look a bit fidgety in the garb, as he wasn't used to dressing up all the time, but he was getting better at it. His face would be recognizable as Peter Parker, CEO of Parker Industries, from the news, and the big face reveal as Spider-man. Though it is public knowledge that he is spider-man his thin, almost frail appearance did not make it seem like this is someone who would swing around, or could lift a car if he tried.

Amanda Sefton is slowing before Peter even speaks when she realizes someone is following her. She turns smoothly just as he begins to speak, ready to tell her tail he's made a mistake. She stops short of that when she sees Peter. His offer of lunch draws a quirked half-smile from the blonde. "I'm not sure that you could possibly need with my time, Mr. Parker, but I suppose having lunch won't cost me anything." She gestures for him to precede her, "Do lead the way."

Peter turns, hoping she won't run for it the moment he does he starts walking down the other way. There is a black car that seems to be tailing them as they walk, or at least as he walks down the sidewalk before Peter turns, and waves his hands.. "Shoo.. Shoo." though he smiles a bit, they were really protective of him at Parker Industries even if he was the CEO, and the reason the company has made such a profit year after year. Maybe it was because they didn't want anything to happen to their golden goose, but they all treated him well so he didn't seem to mind. After shooing of the black car he turned to Amanda, "I saw your video.. It was quite interesting. I was not expecting someone so reserved to be honest." he chuckles, as he kept walking. "I mean ya don't seem meek or nothing, at least not yet, but I was expecting ya know top hat, rabbits, maybe some fishnets." he looks over showing her a grin that is supposed to show he is kidding, but quickly follows.. "Why did you do what you did at Grand Central.. I am curious?"

Amanda Sefton follows along pleasantly enough until Peter starts talking again. She gives an exasperated sigh the minute he says he saw the video. She stops walking. "Look. I don't know what this is, but I'm not looking for fans. I'm not a magician. I'm really flattered that you went to the trouble of tracking me down, but I think maybe we're wasting each other's time." That's the point at which she starts to turn so she can walk back to the area of the park.

Peter turns, and watches her starting to walk away. "You know once I was told with great power comes great responsibility, and I lost a great deal before that made sense to me. If you have a gift there is much you can do, many you could help, but even if that is enough.. It is quite simple I am asking for your help. Not as Peter Parker, Ceo.. But as Spider-man." he chuckles, and shrugs. "Perhaps I was giving you a hard time, but one needs to see how you will react to these things. Will you over react, will you become violent, will you walk away, or joke back all of these things are information." he looks towards the place he was going to go eat at then points. "I am going there for a meal, I won't force you to go but if your interested in hearing more then you should come." With that he shakes his head, and walks away from her the way he said he was going. He doesn't look back as it is up to her not him if she wants to continue this conversation all he can do is make it clear.

Amanda Sefton pauses to look back at him about the time he gets to the point of asking for her help as Spider-man. She flashes him a frown, "I dislike that you interact with people by making them jump through hoops or pass your little tests, Mister Parker. It smacks of someone with no respect for me and my abilities."

She wanted to just walk away. She really did, but a cry for help is something she has a hard time ignoring. So even though it strikes her as rewarding him for his bad behavior, she does indeed follow him to the intended restaurant.

Peter chuckles, as he hears her walk behind him. "Oh.. Not everything is a test Miss Sefton, sometimes a question is just a question, but when your in the position I am I rather you upset at me because of my hoops then choose wrongly and have a psycho on the streets." he shrugs, "And I know little of you or your abilities so I can not have respect for them yet. I only had one video, and I am here on the chance you might be worth the time and effort though if you are right.. I will chalk it up to I rarely work with others."

As he enters the specific restaurant it is a Pizza place, and he takes a seat in the booth ordering a medium.. "Are you a vegetarian or anything?" waiting for her to finish what she may want or not want before he finishes the order waiting for the person taking the order to move away before he continues.

The problem is the world knows me as Spider-man, and New York counts on me to be there. When I was patrolling the streets crime was down to an all time low, and the law enforcement they had was enough to cover what was needed." he sighs, as he looks at the water on the table. "Currently I have been CEO as you may know, and we have been working on some pretty good things. Cybernetics for veterians, crops that would grow in the worse conditions.. Things to help the world, but as I have been doing this.. Crime has risen, cops are being over ran by crime, and good people are suffering. Do I stop to help them, do I ignore them, and continue on the greater good the one that can help more people through the whole world? I can not do both, and all their lives are equal so how do you choose?" he shakes his head. "I saw what you did, I think you have the potential though I am not sure all you can do or what it cost you so I do not know for sure. I need help if I can not keep up my work millions may suffer, but if I continue it all of New York suffers.. So I need to do the one thing that is hardest for me, I need to reach out and ask others for help."

Amanda Sefton shakes her head to the vegetarian question. She then proceeds to order a salad in defiance of that answer. After he stops talking she smiles indulgently, "In general, it's considered good manners to treat people with respect until they've proved they don't deserve it than the other way around. You might want to consider adopting that as a norm or let other people do all your talking for you. If you're expecting me to give you a run down of my abilities, I'm afraid that's not likely. I don't know you, Mister Parker. I'm a flight attendant. If I were any sort of psycho, I guarantee you I would have snapped by now in that job." She takes a breath then finishes, "I think it's wonderful that you want to help the world, but you're not the only hero around. You shouldn't think you need to do it all yourself or arrange to have it done."

Peter chuckles, at her answer, and nods. "Fair enough I don't think I could keep my cool around strangers in flight day after day so you have me there. But, there is a great amount of things that could be well hidden, and I have only so much time to discuss it before I need to move on to others." he looks at her. "I am not asking for an organized list, or well anything right now all of that could come after but it seems you don't yet understand." he smiles. "I have the power to do something, I have the ability to help both those people by arranging these things. You say it is not up to me, then who is it up to? Who is willing to go around finding these dimanonds in the rough try to bring them together, and get them on the streets fighting the good fight?" he waits for a moment before he continues. "You would be hired by Parker Industries, it would pay better then your older job, by my estimates almost double, and you would get to help people. Sure it wouldn't always be super-villians, but each crime stopped helps people know there is someone there to help them, looking out for them. It makes them feel safe."

Peter shrugs, "I get it if you want to remain low key, I can keep your identity secret, that isn't an issue, but those people need someone while there are others that maybe doing it, they are not organized.. They are not there for the people they are there for the city. I have the power, and responsibility to do more for them, and that is why I am here today."

Amanda Sefton listens calmly. The job offer draw a raised brow. "Are you offering to hire me to become a crime fighter, Mister Parker?" She pauses a moment then adds, "Who would decide who gets helped? How would the people who get helped be located? Why should anybody else give up their life to fight crime so you don't have to?"

Peter chuckles at that last question, but starts at the first one. "Well.. Yes, but not only that. I would need to know what you could do to place you in a more effective job position which puts us at an impasse." he shrugs at that, but then continues. "You think I don't want to be out there, every day I want to be out there. I liked what I was doing, and how it helped people. and even when I didn't have a home or a family I was still out there everyday doing what I could. I am not doing this so I don't have to, I am doing this because I must.. If I want to help out people in a wider scale I can not be swinging around rooftops all the time. Do not mistaken one for the other.. If I was still at were I was just a few months ago I would of taken this offer in a heartbeat, but I am on the other side of the desk so I can not."

Amanda Sefton indicates softly, "Well firstly, it's rather presumptuous of you to think I'm not already doing my part when I'm in town. You have a bigger picture to look at. So do I, Mister Parker. I'm not sure what situation you were in a few months ago, but I'm perfectly happy with my job. I don't need more money than I'm making. I already have a wonderful view of Central Park out my apartment window. And no. I don't think you want to be out there anymore. If you did, you would be. You found you have the money to do something different that makes a difference on a large scale instead of being out there helping on the small scale. You let that make the small scale less important to you. And now you feel guilty about that perhaps so you're trying to make up for it."

Peter shrugs, "Did I say you were not? This is the third time you have presumed Miss Sefton, I let it go because I do wish to work together, but I did not say you were not doing anything. I am not even sure how you got there from what I just said" he looks at her, "Why do you have such an issue with me, is it the suit, the money, I wish to help out to set things right, but you continue to fight me on this. That is fine." He stands up, and puts the money on the table. "You have no idea of what I want, or why I am doing this. It is quite apparent that you do not know me, and other then learn more about what we are doing you rather assume, and put words in my mouth." he shakes his head. "And shame on you for thinking I do not care about the people.. The names of the people I know not from business, but from working with them getting my own hands dirty time after time, or you want to talk about guilt? How bout the guilt in knowing that there are people who come back from fighting for our country without legs, or arms.. Things that you could fix give them back their lives, but you don't because you were stopping another crime? That person has to suffer because you couldn't step away, now multiply it by a thousand." he moves away from the table and looks back at her. "I hope you enjoy your view miss Sefton, know that when you look out of it and the cops drive by, that you could of known where they were going, and been there to help.. But you were just too darn stubborn to look past your assumptions of me to do it.. Good day." His tone is serious, but not angry, more sad as he wasn't upset that she didn't want to join him. He had already accepted that, but it was sad as he would have to find other people that would help. Some just didn't want to be a part of something, and there was little he could do about it. He gives the person at the door a smile as he opens the door for them, and then walks out himself without another word.

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