(2016-08-27) Sparrow in the Birdhouse
Sparrow in the Birdhouse
Summary: Pete Wisdom texts Amanda and she calls him in response.
Date: 2016-08-27
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Amanda's phone receives a text… 'The sparrow's in the birdhouse, or some other ridiculous euphemism.'

Amanda Sefton digs out her phone and looks at it. That's Pete telling her he's in London and the man she handed over is safely stowed away. She stares at it silently for a moment then taps the button to dial back the number that texted her.

Pete Wisdom's voice comes clear through the phone, "I didn't realize you were such a big fan about bird rehabitation. How you doing, luv?"

Amanda Sefton is soft on her end of the phone. "Am I a good person, Pete?"

Pete Wisdom went silent for about twelve seconds. "That's not my call to make. I'm not a good person, myself." She could hear other voices, and a distinct, "Sod off, and put the sign on my door," from Pete. Then the sound of a door closing, and Pete sighed as he settled into his chair. "What happened?"

Amanda Sefton sighs softly, "Spider-man tried to hire me to be a crime fighter and I got offended by his presumption."

Pete Wisdom scoffs. "Well, you should be! Wearing ridiculous outfits and punching thugs in the face to save cats from trees. You've got bigger things to worry about."

Amanda Sefton says, "And James asked if there was a chance that the rifts were opening because of me instead of me just happening on them. I couldn't whether it was true or not."

Pete Wisdom sighed. "Sometimes, James is a little slow on the up-take. Don't ask a ranch hand to do detective work. He's a good kid. Wise. Not always smart." There was the popping of a cork, and a "Bugger!" from Pete, as he then fixed whatever it was he was doing. "I'm, in many fields, almost an authority on these other dimensions. And your experience vetoes any opinions that James, or Spider-Man, may have. You, yourself, are a victim of this interdimensional… what's that American word? Hootenanny. Pinning it on you's a *stupid* move."

Amanda Sefton lays back on her sofa as she asks, "But what if he's right? What if I'm not just tracking them? What if I'm helping to pull them open somehow?"

Pete Wisdom frowned, and she could hear Pete gulping. Then pouring another glass. "Don't think of things like that. You haven't even tapped into the Way, here, have you?" he asked.

Amanda Sefton considers that for a moment then asks, "I'm actually not sure. I mean if I am in her life and she tapped the Way, does that mean I have too? I didn't personally make that choice, but who says I even have the choice still."

Pete Wisdom says, "Well, what does the Way do? Do you feel it? Twice now I've seen you and tentacles. Part of me wants to ask you on a date in Japan."

Amanda Sefton explains quietly, "The Winding Way is an extra-dimensional source of magical power, but not always. Those who walk the Winding Way must endure times of disempowerment as well in order to move forward. Only the person at the very front of the path is never disempowered. Margali was on the Winding Way. Sometimes she could not do enough magic to make her eyes change color."

Pete Wisdom nods. "It is a source itself? And it comes from… somewhere? I've seen glimpses of Cytorrak's realm. Not a pretty place. I've seen Hell. I've also been on the Crystal Palace of the Omniverse itself. I'd say it was breathtaking if I wasn't sore about Dazzler's old flame coming back at the time. Interrupted party, you see." He cleared his throat. "So. Perhaps you should try a little shrouded scrying. Hide yourself while looking for other things. Know any places of power you can prep at?"

Amanda Sefton says, "I know one or two. None of the best ones are in America though. Stonehenge is very nice for that sort of thing."

Pete Wisdom says, "Stonehenge is a way to get to Otherworld. As a tourist location, by all means, come. But if you're gonna magic your way in there, bring me along. Anyway. There's all sorts of amazing magical spots in the US. Just… the people got so jaded, a lot of their power just sleeps."

Amanda Sefton pauses, "Perhaps so, but that doesn't make my statement less true. I'm glad you got home safe, Pete. Let me know if you need my help with the bird."

Pete Wisdom says, "Check out Chaco Canyon. Or… well, there's lots of sacred places that aren't touched, these days. You'll find spots, I'm sure. I…" a pause. "I miss you."

Amanda Sefton manages a soft laugh for that. "You just saw me yesterday Pete. How can you miss me?"

Pete Wisdom smiled in his chair. "How can I not, Amanda?" Awwww.

Amanda Sefton gives another soft laugh. This one is very affectionate. "That is a very sweet thing to say. Are you sure you're not just trying to make me feel better?"

Pete Wisdom responded, quite simply. "If I am, that shows I care enough to pretend that I miss you. And if I'm not just trying to make me feel better, it still shows I care. So. I win." Wisdom laughed, too. "Good night, Amanda."

Amanda Sefton smiles, "Thank you Pete. Have a good day when you get around to it."

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