(2016-08-28) Goodbye Peter
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Summary: MJ confronts Peter about the blackout after finding enough circumstantial evidence to support her believe he caused it.
Date: 2016-08-28
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Power Outage in New York
IC News Outlets (Posted 28 Aug 2016 to BB14 by Spiderman)

A snippet from the morning news: "… all across New York last night power went out for a few hours. While the cause is still a mystery the head of one power company said that there was a sharp increase in power usage last night that seemed to overload the system. Authorities are looking into the cause, but doubt they will figure out where exactly it came from, as the current power companies scramble to prevent it from happening again!"

Sunday, August MJ woke late in the morning since the power outage during the light took her alarm clock offline for a couple of hours. She watched the news while she ate breakfast and then decided to take action… especially since she suspected a cause of the blackout.

After a quick change into her armor, MJ departs her apartment camouflaged and slings though the city to the offices of the power company. She finds the CEO's office and, after rapping her knuckles against the window, is met by the surprised executive.

Thirty minutes later, after producing her Avenger credentials and being shown evidence that the cause of the blackout was in the same neighborhood as the Baxter Building, Iron Spider-Woman departs. She slings though the city to the offices of Parker Industries and raps on the window of Peter's office to get his attention from outside the building.

The lights are off inside of the office, though it looks like a hurricane hit the place on the inside from what can be seen from the windown. The only thing that looks untouched is the chair in the middle of the room that looks the same except for small scorch marks arond where it touches the floor. There isn't any movement for a while until from under a knocked over shelf a hand emerges pushing it up, and off his frame. He stands, and dusts himself off, as he looks around he was sure he heard the noise, but his door was still sealed as he looks around.

His gaze eventually spots the window, and he glares.. "Oh… I figured one of you would come, didn't tink it would be you though" he turns placing things back up. He looks like he is in a foul mood alread as he doesn't have that normal Peter smile that he usally has. The window seems to be unlocked for her to enter, though he doesn't tell her to directly, he eventually stops.. "Well.. are you going to tell me what you came out here for." he says as he finally takes a seat behind his desk.

He seems relaxed, and okay despite the chaos of the room he is inside, he even kicks his feet up on the desk as he has never before. Though he still has that look of displeasure on his face.

Finding the window open, MJ crawls into the office. She doesn't set foot on the floor, instead she leaps up to the ceiling and clings to it upside down.

"Peter, did you test it last night?" she asks. She doesn't bother explaining what 'it' is, she figures its self explanatory.

MJ looks ready for action as she watches Peter for signs of aggression from behind her masks's golden eyespots.

Peter looks at her for a long moment as he sits confrotably behind his desk, "Why Miss Watson, I would have no idea what your talking about…. I use lots of chairs every day." he smirks, and looks at the chair in the room, "Ah.. well yes that one moment, and I will tell you." he looks at the desk and pauses for another moment like he is waiting for something. He then looks at her and shakes his head.. "It looks like I have nothing to say to you Miss Watson as I don't like snoopers, and it says here you maybe recording this.. So I have no idea what you are talking about."

Apperently hidden in his desk he had something that monitered for listening devices, though the suit would give a positive without one it seems while it is going he is not willing to discuss what has happened. He stands quickly, aggressivly, and looks at her without approaching further. "You expect to what arrest me? You out of all people who I thought I could trust with my secrets." he turns and seems to take a breath.. "No, it is too soon." he tells himself, but then continues, "Once I am sure there are no other ears I will tell you what you wish to know."

MJ sighs. "Oh, Peter, what have you done to yourself," she asks rhetorically. She moves towards the still open window. "I'm not recording right now, just listening though the suit. I'm going to assume you used the chair yourself. I hope you're still the boy I met recently but until I know for sure… I just can't be sure /who/ you are, Peter."

As she ask, Peter stands and slams his hands on the table. Normally even when upset he would hold his power in, but as the table breaks under the sudden smash he adds.. "It didn't work… all that and it didn't even work." he scowls at the chair. "There is nothing there to copy, there is just what we are.." he looks at his broken desk and frowns. "No help for any of us.. just what we have here and now." he seems a bit sad, and angry. Though as she is leaving she would see something wierd, a small smirk of a smile almost like he had been playing a role. It is only for a moment, then it is gone before one might even realize, but the level of acting if it were true is beyond what you have ever seen Peter do. If it was acting he should of been on a stage because from all appearances to someone looking it, it seemed like he was honestly upset. Then again, maybe you were just seeing things from a wierd angel, and he wasn't smirking at all.. As everyone knew.. Peter was a crappy actor.

MJ hears what he says but she is at the window and with her back to him so performance or not she doesn't see the expression or anything else really. *thwip* She fires a webline but, before she departs, she says, "Good, because as I tried to tell you before… our memories make us who we are and I'm okay with who I am, I wish you were." As she jumps out the window her parting words are, "Goodbye Peter," which sound final but, at the same time, seem not to be directed to the sixteen year old she is departing the presence of at this time.

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