(2016-08-29) A Difference of Opinions
A Difference of Opinions
Summary: Serenity meets Nate Grey in the conservatory at Xavier's.
Date: 2016-08-29
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Though she does vacate the room when there is a music class, Serenity spends a lot of time in the conservatory. Having gone through her repertoire of classical a day ago and jazz and blues before that, she has moved onto rock. At the moment she's sitting on the piano bench with her guitar in her hands playing Guns 'N' Roses, specifically "Welcome to the Jungle."

Nate Grey has been wandering around, familiarizing himself with the place. The young nomad still isn't entirely sure what he's doing here - Douglock assured him he'd find family, but he didn't even quite understand what that meant. He'd never had a family.

He hears the sounds, though, and soon finds himself peeking his head into the conservatory, his left eye glowing softly. He holds himself back from scanning the girl, having found some don't take kindly to it. He didn't really understand why. He lets her finish, uninterrupted, as much as he can manage.

Serenity looks up from her guitar after the song is finished. She is immediately wary at the new face. "Are you a student here?" Her entire posture and body language reads tension. No telepathy needed.

Nate Grey considers his answer for a moment and shrugs, "I…don't know yet. I…Douglock brought me…he said that I…belonged here," he says. "That was very nice. Did you write that?" he asks, brushing his floppy hair back out of his face.

Serenity blinks once, "You don't recognize Guns 'N' Roses? Who doesn't recognize Guns 'N' Roses? That song is older than I am."

Nate Grey considers his answer and just shrugs, "I'm not from here. And I am younger than I look," he admits. "Douglock said there was a term for people like me, I just…I'm not sure what it was, it was two letters. It meant we were from other…worlds."

Serenity frowns, "I don't know anything about people being from other worlds. I try to avoid things like that, but…" She looks up, "You're younger than you look? How young?"

Nate Grey considers and looks a little nervous, "I…was grown in a lab. I don't know how long ago. A year? Two?' he shrugs. "I think it was then. Or maybe not. I don't know. My memory is…broken."

Serenity looks incredibly jealous when he says that, "Oh I wish mine was… There's too much noise in the world."

Nate Grey looks up darkly, "Noise means life. My world is dead. And happier for it," he says softly. He helped to end that world, after all, as much as it cost him to do it. Sanity, memory, family. Hope.

Serenity flinches a the look on Nate's face. "Not every noise means life. And when you can't forget any of them… some things are painful."

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