(2016-08-29) Appletini & Sazerac, Part 1 of 2
Appletini & Sazerac
Summary: MJ, victim of a prank by other models, ends up in a club alone and meets a charming Cajun.
Date: 2016-08-29
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NPCs: an unnamed bartender in the unnamed club
Scene Runner: n/a
Social/Plot: Social

Location: A club somewhere in Manhattan

It's a typical late summer evening. People are out enjoying themselves, celebrating. Drowning sorrows. Creating sorrows and memories alike.

Remy LeBeau has chosen to come to this rather hip gathering place. He sits at the bar with a shot glass beside him, currently a half full pint sitting beside him as he idly shuffles up a deck of cards in his hands. He's the sort who seems to like to keep his hands busy even while enjoying a moment out in public.

Monday evening around 6pm, twilight has settled over New York. With the shadows from the buildings it is already dark at street level but MJ is still wearing her sunglasses to obscure her identity and because it is not yet so dark that she cannot see with them.

Monday is an unusual night for a social outing but when some of her fellow models invited her to a trendy watering hole she didn't turn it down… in her profession any courtesy shared between peers is to be encouraged after all. She's dressed up for the evening compared to her normal day-to-day attire but definitely down from the trendy items she would wear on the cat walk… "casually vogue" would be MJ's description of her attire if anyone asked her to describe it.

Reaching the club she steps in and removes her sunglasses, her already dark adapted eyes allowing her to scan the club. Seeing that her work "friends" are absent she frowns… either they are aiming to be "fashionably late" (a habit MJ frowns upon), they've stood her up… or this was a prank. With the possibility of the later MJ considers leaving for a moment but decides not to, and is only a little wary of the chance that paparazzi may have been tipped to her intended presence here.

Remy LeBeau shuffles the cards in his hands while leaning on the bar. The soft sound of the cards as they blend together then slip evenly with each other only to be cut and re-shuffled can only be heard near him. But the motion? It's kind of like a sun catcher. If one is predisposed to seeing such random bits of movement it could well be a small little beacon of sorts.

The redhead is hard to miss. Then again Remy has a weakness for most women so he likely would have seen the model arrive anyway, but the crimson hair definately helped. He smiled to himself as he watched her.

Having decided to stay despite being stood up (alright, she'll admit it to herself, they pranked her and are likely hanging out somewhere else), MJ strides thought the club as if she owns the place and leans against the bar and orders a "sweet" Appletini with a Goldschl├Ąger rinse. While the bartender shakes her drink she remains attentive to him, that and her smile seems to earn her a cherry garnish in addition to the traditional apple slice.

She pays for her drink, giving the bartender a not overly generous tip and then turns to survey the room and find a place to sit, hopefully with an interesting companion.

Remy LeBeau watches the redhead cross to the bar. He sets the cards on the bar as she orders her drink. "Y' 'ave de look of a woman waitin' on friends, chere." He pauses to look at her thoughtfully. "Or.. is it dat y' hopin' t' find a frien' t'night?" He smiles charmingly at her.

MJ turns her attention to the Cajun and takes a sip of her cocktail before looking him over. After finishing the sip she sits down on the stool next to Remy and then speaks: "I was expecting some… co-workers," she won't call them friends, although she was ready to do so had they been here or if they show up shortly, "But they aren't here yet so I thought I'd enjoy a drink while I waited for them." She holds up her Appletini when she mentions it and then lowers it back down so one hand is holding the stem and the base is resting on the palm of the other.

Remy LeBeau smiles and nods. "Hope dey show up f' ya chere. Ain' mush fun t' be stood up." He shrugs a bit then offers, "Remy LeBeau" by way of introduction. He nods to the drink, "Good taste in drinks, too, chere." He glances around the club then back.

MJ smiles, both pleased to meet someone and a little surprised at his not already having recognized her (or having the good taste to not call attention to it, either way). She extends the hand the glass was resting on to offer it to him as she says, "Mary Jane," withholding her last name intentionally but introduces some formality into her reponse by continuing with, "Its a pleasure to meet you Mr. LeBeau."

Remy LeBeau smiles and shakes her hand warmly. "Pleasure's truly mine, chere. An' y' can jus' call me Remy. Remy does." He winks playfully. "He glances around. "Seem like a good place. Ain' been here b'fore but Remy likes it. Th' comp'ny is good at least." He winks at her.

"Alright, Remy. You may call me MJ," she says before taking another sip of her cocktail. "Its actually fairly new, just opened last month," she explains, "There was a restaurant here before that for a time," she hedges as she doesn't know how long the restaurant was open as it predated The Event on June first. "And yes, I would agree that the company here is good," she adds giving him a playful smirk over the wink.

Remy LeBeau smiles charmingly back at the redhead. "MJ.. 's a pretty nickname." He looks at her, "If y' friends show up, don' worry. Remy won' hang on t' ya." He pauses, "not that Remy'd mind keepin' y' roun' f' de evenin' Red." He smiles again. The question is whether he's laying it on too thick or otherwise. But he's at least interested in her.

MJ returns Remy's smile with one of her own and holds eye contact with him longer than most people are likely to due to the unusual aspect to them. "So, you seem to be a guy with an interesting story or few to tell, Remy. Care to share any of them?" MJ asks. "If it helps I'd get you a Sazerac to compensate you for your time…"

Remy LeBeau holds that gaze as long as MJ wishes to. He sips at his pint and chuckles. "Remy got lot o' sotries, Red. 'Fraid they're not all suitable for polite comp'ny…" He offers a wicked smile then shrugs. "But Remy also won' turn down a drink from a beautiful woman. Care t' get a booth t' trade some stories?"

MJ grins and waves the bartender over. She orders a Sazerac, with an absinthe rinse after getting a nod from Remy at her suggestion of it, for the Cajun. After the drink is delivered to him she stands and they move to a vacant corner booth. Although they enter on opposite sides, she gladly slides around to the middle of the arc of the seat to sit next to him.

"Interesting you said 'trade', Mr. LeBeau," she says, playfully dropping into a slightly formal phrasing, "When I believe I /bought/ one or two from you just now." She nods to the drink in his hand to indicate what she is referring to in half-jest.

Remy LeBeau gathers up his half finished beer plus the new drink. He follows MJ to the booth and settles in a proper space from her but not too far. He chuckles. "Oh.. Y'bought de firs' few oui.. but after dat?" He winks at her. "So… what y'wanna 'ear chere?"

"How would I know what's interesting about you to ask? I might get a dud for my money after all, Cajun," MJ replies giving him the /obvious/ pet name and returning his wink in kind and then takes a sip of her cocktail again.

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Mmm… well chere… guess dat's jus' de risk y' gon' hafta take?" He winks at her impishly. "G'on wit' de obvioous. Den go from dere?" He pulls out his deck of cards and starts shuffling them up. Idle hands and all.

"Alright," MJ says. "The obvious. Did you grow up in New Orleans or the bayous around the city? And don't just tell me that, give me some stories about your childhood there." After asking she rests her cocktail glass on a coaster on the table and leans back into the booth seat.

FADE: RL required the scene end for the day so it is continued in Appletini & Sazerac, Part-2

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