(2016-08-29) Appletini & Sazerac, Part 2 of 2
Appletini & Sazerac
Summary: MJ, having been stood up or pranked by other models, continues a conversation with a charming Cajun.
Date: 2016-08-29
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Social/Plot: Social

Location: A club somewhere in Manhattan

MJ and Remy are sitting in a corner booth, each with a cocktail (an Appletini and a Sazerac respectfully), he also has a beer. The last to poses in part 1 were:

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly. "Mmm… well chere? guess dat's jus' de risk y' gon' hafta take?" He winks at her impishly. "G'on wit' de obvioous. Den go from dere?" He pulls out his deck of cards and starts shuffling them up. Idle hands and all.

"Alright," MJ says. "The obvious. Did you grow up in New Orleans or the bayous around the city? And don't just tell me that, give me some stories about your childhood there." After asking she rests her cocktail glass on a coaster on the table and leans back into the booth seat.

Remy LeBeau chuckles quietly as he sips at the drink she ordered him. "Mmm.. y' have good taste chere." He licks across his teeth then sets the drink down. "Oui. Remy grew up in Nawlin's. Jus' a little street rat, makin' it any way 'e could." He smiles. "Wasn't so bad. Only life Remy knew so can't really complain. Made Remy de man 'e is today." He shrugs and takes another drink.

MJ smiles and hums a few bars of "One Jump Ahead (Street Rat)" from Aladdin before taking a sip of her Appletini.

"So, give me a story about life on the streets of Nawlins then, Cajun… or was it all roof tops and stealing bred for you and your fuzzy sidekick?" She pronounces the city name like a native and winks at her Aladdin and Abu reference.

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Oh. Maybe a few rooftops. Second story windows." He shrugs a bit. "Remy was up to no good as a kid. Jus' easier to survive. Made some friends. Found a bit o' fam'ly on the streets. Learned to play cards. Well." He pulls out the deck of cards and shuffles them up with a flourish. He fans them out on the table then flips them over like dominos falling while using only one finger to lift the last card. He smiles. "Remy jus' be a bit o' professional gambler now." Or something like that.

"Can you do card tricks like a stage magician also?" MJ asks after watching him shuffle and flip the cards like one might. Her expression is a mixture of rapt attention to the words mixed with a tinge of disappointment… over the lack of stories. She expresses this disappointment by saying, "Surely you had some sort of adventures… you sound like you were a modern day Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn… so what happened. How did you find your surrogate family maybe?"

Remy LeBeau chuckles. "Y' really interested in Remy's childhood." He sips at his drink again. "Well..Remy used'ta like fireworks when he was little. Mean a lot. Love'd 'em." He continues to shuffle up the cards as he talks, doing some tricks for MJ as she watches and listens. He pulls the Ace of Diamonds out of the middle of the deck, reshuffles and pulls it out again. Shuffles and it's on the bottom. Shuffles once more and the top four cards are Aces played out proper order of suit. "Well… ol' Remy couldn' been much more 'en eight… mebe ten. Done foun' hisself a warehouse full'a fireworks." He chuckles quietly.

"Boy… .you'd think Remy'd gotten richer'n all de kings in de worl'… alla those fireworks? And just li'l ol' Remy?"

MJ grins at the end of the story, having taken a sip of her cocktail as it was told. "I can picture that, nice. So, did you teach yourself your card tricks or did you have a mentor?"

Remy LeBeau smiles. "Oh… Remy learn cards in many ways, Chere. From many of de card sharps down in Nawlin's. On 'is own. An learnin' 'ow not t' get caught.. by bein' caught." He smiles wryly. "So…. those fireworks? Well. Remy didn' t'ink 'is plan through s'good." He sips his drink. "Foun' a case o' Roman Candles. Jus' couldn' wait. Took out a few. Figured it'd be okay… an' lit 'em." He shakes his head. "Remy was lucky t' get out wit' 'is skin. De warehouse? Not so lucky. It was like Mardi Gras, de Fourth o' July an' New Years celebrations from a whole decade wen' off almost at once.." He shakes his head. "They talk 'bout de great firework fire still sometime back 'ome.." He grins sheepishly.

"So… now y' know Remy dirty laundry… you're turn, chere. What 'bout you? Where y' from. What 'appen while you growin' up?"

"I was born in a small town in Pennsylvania called Montoursville. Its claim to fame was being the location of the Williamsport Regional Airport," she says, starting at the top of her public bio in both this and her home world.

She continues by stating, "I went to high school in Pittsburgh at first then finished in Manhattan where I also attended college. And of course I started acting and modeling during college."

After that explination, she looks at Remy and asks, "Are you going to sit there and still pretend you don't know who I am, Mr. LeBeau?"

She pauses then asks the unbelievable question, "Or do you really not know?"

Remy LeBeau smiles charmingly at MJ. "Chere… Remy ain' pullin' y' leg. Remy recognize who y'are, certainly. But fame? It's a title put on a person by others. Remy don' need t' be star struck t' see ya a beautiful woman. Or dat under it all y' just a human bein' like all de res'." He smiles. "Y' still get stood up by people y' call friends. Happen t' all'a us somehow, some way. Sooner 'r later." He shrugs. "So why should Remy make a big deal? Less y' rather Remy do so, course."

MJ smiles and tension seems to melt out of her at these words as some of her defenses - definitely not all of them - go down. "That is so kind of you. Usually people treat me differently once the find out who I am… either fangirling… or well, it would have been fanboying from you naturally… or well, there are other reactions but that one is both flattering and taxing some times. Its nice to be recognized but still treated like any other girl in the club," she says. She does not comment on him calling the other models her friends, as it is an extreme stretch of the word, but she'd rather keep the conversation on pleasant topics.

Remy LeBeau smiles over at her, reaching up to lightly brush at that crimson hair. "Chere. Y' more den gorgeous. But Remy don' need t' dwell on what y' already know, hmm?" He sips at his drink. "Y' got pe'ple that tell ya daily Remy's sure. But Remy willin' 't bet y' don' got pe'ple that just take ya for who y'are, hmm?" He looks at her seriously. "Wan' get out'a here? Go someplease quiet? Get treated like a human bein' not someone fans wanna run up and mob f' an autograph 'r selfie?"

"I'm not in the habit following strange men into quiet places," MJ says before finishing her cocktail. She smiles pleasantly at him and says, "I think you'd agree that you are, most definitely, a strange man, Remy LeBeau," with a friendly wink.

Remy LeBeau chuckles and smiles. "Oh, We all be strange. No offense taken, chere. Jus' tryin' t' be considerate but dat don' mean ol' Remy didn' end up puttin' 'is foot in 'is mouth an'way."

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