(2016-08-30) Back To Life
Back To Life
Summary: The White Phoenix brings Professor Xavier back to life from the White Hot Room, where she mended him so he continue the fight for his dream.
Date: 2016-08-30
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In the White Hot Room.

He has been dead, unconscious, unable to grasp anything mentally or physically. Finally his mind becomes coheasive, he heard his own thoughts, "The Phoenix, what did she do? What did Scott do? I… Alive. Again. No. Not yet. Where am i? I can feel my toes, my fingers. What is this…. White Hot Room. Did she do this? Did Jean save me. Too bright. Cannot open my eyes. Must focus…. "

Then telepathically he reaches out for her, <Jean? Are you there? Can you hear my thoughts?>

Jean coalesces right infront of Xavier's spirit inside the White Hot Room once he reaches for her, dressed in the white and golden Phoenix uniform, her eyes a brilliant pupil-less white. "Professor…it was I, he…couldn't handle it. Much like myself the first time I tasted the Phoenix Force. Scott, he was about to do something…a wrongness." Phoenix describes it quite generally, "I brought you here to collect yourself, Professor, the world needs you…your dream must live."

Able to see her appearance. Hear her words, it now all makes sense. Xavier nods and says, "Thank you, Jean." Then he asks, "How long have i been /dead/?" Wich is an odd word for him to use even though it's common.

"Time is fleeting…long enough, I would say, I have only recently managed to find all of me," Jean explains, reaching to touch the Professor on the shoulder, a bitter sort of supportive touch, "unfortunately while I was dispersed, I lacked the focus to see all…the Phoenix Force was never meant to be so split, that is what brought Scott to do what had come to pass," Phoenix speaks with a certain detachment, despite the bitterness in her voice. "No longer, I am now whole…are you ready, Professor?" She asks without elaborating on what it is he should be ready for.

"So much was complicated and went awry during that time. I hope the strife has passed. It was hard on everyone.", he says in a regretful tone. Yet his blue eyes brighten when she asks of the return. His legs work now and will continue to until his spine is crushed again. He smiles, "I thought you would never ask. Please, take us home."

The Phoenix reaches to touch the Professor's chest, her white eyes leveled on his, "close your eyes," she says, and if he doesn't he'll get treated to a blinding white flash. Just about worse then a direct exposure to a flashbang.

When the brilliant light fades, Jean and the Professor are standing at the Mansion's Observatory, quite a fitting location, and Xavier looks rather whole and very much alive, as Jean smiles at him, "welcome back, Professor. I tried to keep the school running, but you of course, can take over the reins again…I'll leave it to you to announce your return as you see fit."

He looks and feels about the area. Reaching to touch minds. He takes a quick inventory… He then says, "No. You are now best best suited to maintain the role of headmistress. I see that Logan has taken over the X-Men as field leader and trailing director. And so many familiar, yet unfamiliar minds. Other reality origins… Interesting. There was another Secret War fought. So much change. I also see it is necessary to help out wayward students and team members to find their way home. That will be the role I take."

"I will gladly hold to the role," Jean says while inclining her head respectfully at Professor Xavier, "there are some who are not in the correct timeline or universe, it is chaos, and yet, chaos is life…" Jean muses, "the way I have handled it as to try and give a sense of family, of belonging to all who will have it. Rogue nearly left the X-Men when she was treated as an outsider, I was able to help her return. So while we do want everyone able to get back in their proper place, while they're here, we should make sure not to mistreat them."

He nods, "Agreed. I will make the rounds and greet everyone.

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